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Avibase это всеобъемлющая информационная система и база данных про птиц со всего мира, в которую занесено 12 миллионов записей про 10000 видов и 22000 подвидов, в том числе про систематику, названия птиц на разных языках и т. д. Сайт содержится Денисом Лэпадж и размещается на серверах Bird Studies Canada, который является канадским партнером Birdlife International Avibase работает с 1992 года и я искренно рекомендую его как сервис для людей, которые интересуются птицами, а также для научного сообщества

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I am excited to announce a new important addition to Avibase, called myAvibase. This is a new section of the site that provides tools for planning your next birding trip and manage your own personal checklists. You can use maps and graphs to quickly see how many species can be found in a given region and at various times of year, for instance. If you import your own sightings in myAvibase, you can also view how many new species (lifers) you could add to your lifelist on your next trip and decide when and where you should go. For some additional details on the types of reports available, please click here.

People who participate in eBird can very simply import their lifelist from their eBird account with a click of a button. MyAvibase also offers more features, such as the ability to chose which taxonomy you want to follow (Clements, IOC, etc.) as well as the ability to compare your lifelist the various lists to each other. Best of all, myAvibase is available for free!. (Please understand however that I am unable to provide personalized support, and may not be able to respond to your requests for assistance).

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2014-08-04: The AOU checklist 55th supplement has now been made available and incorporated into Avibase. Here is the summary of main changes implemented: Changes in this supplement include the following: (1) three species (Ciconia maguari, Phylloscopus collybita, and Sporophila lineola) are added to the main list on the basis of new distributional information; (2) four species (Thalassarche salvini, Rallus tenuirostris, Phylloscopus examinandus, and Junco insularis) are added to the main list as a result of splits from species already on the list; (3) two species (Rallus obsoletus and R. crepitans) are added to the main list and one species (Rallus longirostris) is lost because of the split of that species; (4) three species names are changed (to Ninox japonica, Gymnopithys bicolor, and Sporophila corvina) because of splits from extralimital species. There were several additional changes affecting scientific and common names. The full supplement can be accessed here in html or PDF format.
2014-07-30: Birdlife International recently published their latest global taxonomy (version 7) and updated IUCN ranks. The taxonomy is largely based on the work from del Hoyo and Collar’s upcoming HBW and BirdLife International Illustrated Checklist of the Birds of the World, Volume 1 (2014), which so covers all non-passerines. Volume 2, due in 2016, will in turn cover all passerines. The approach is a significant departure from earlier work in that it implemented the approach suggested by Tobias et al. (2010) for assessing species limits, leading to several hundred new species being identified. The new Birdlife total now stands at 10,425 species, which is still less than the 10,680 from the IOC checklist, although Birdlife has not applied their new approach to passerines yet. I have now completed integrating Birdlife’s new taxonomy into Avibase, as well as the new IUCN statuses. For a complete comparison of the recent taxonomic changes affecting the Birdlife checklist, you can look at this table here. For a complete list of IUCN designation changes, you can download the Birdlife Taxonomic Checklist v. 7.0 which also contains a file highlighting changes (33 status changes, 53 taxa no longer recognized, and 447 newly recognized taxa).
2014-07-28: I have completed a review of the checklist of Panama.

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