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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Japan checklist 68516554426
Hokkaido checklist 433002804
Honshu checklist 5810044117
Honshu (North) checklist 5660540115
Chubu checklist 436052506
Aichi checklist 281041305
Fukui checklist 220031001
Gifu checklist 231031102
Ishikawa checklist 345031501
Hegura-jima checklist 21502401
Niigata checklist 247041301
Nagano checklist 227031003
Shizuoka checklist 273051804
Toyama checklist 219031001
Yamanashi checklist 225041105
Kanto checklist 400052518
Chiba checklist 300031303
Gumma checklist 212031002
Ibaraki checklist 297021205
Kanagawa checklist 280041106
Saitama checklist 22303903
Tochigi checklist 21403901
Tokyo checklist 340062006
Tohoku checklist 395031802
Akita checklist 256031101
Aomori checklist 24303902
Fukushima checklist 230031101
Iwate checklist 233031000
Miyagi checklist 267031001
Yamagata checklist 364031300
Tobishima Island checklist 33300900
Honshu (South) checklist 4731536010
Kansai checklist 333052204
Hyogo checklist 23103903
Kyoto checklist 257031404
Mie checklist 255031201
Nara checklist 203031001
Osaka checklist 264041502
Shiga checklist 230031401
Wakayama checklist 223051202
Chugoku checklist 265031302
Hiroshima checklist 22403902
Okayama checklist 209031000
Shimane checklist 23403902
Tottori checklist 20603901
Yamaguchi checklist 214031200
Izu Islands checklist 7501600
Kyushu and Shikoku checklist 4762038112
Kyushu checklist 395203017
Fukuoka checklist 283031804
Kumamoto checklist 249031503
Kagoshima checklist 337152414
Amami Islands checklist 1410200
Miyazaki checklist 256041802
Nagasaki checklist 280041903
Tsushima Island checklist 1500000
Oita checklist 220041402
Saga checklist 241031601
Shikoku checklist 253001502
Ehime checklist 192031000
Kochi checklist 205031101
Kagawa checklist 189031101
Tokushima checklist 193031100
Ryu Kyu checklist 4646038111
Okinawa checklist 437303715
Okinawa Island checklist 329202410
Kume Island checklist 3300200
Kerama Island checklist 500100
Ie Island checklist 2100100
Yaeyama Islands checklist 345002500
Iriomote Island checklist 215001200
Ishigaki Island checklist 209001300
Yonaguni Island checklist 233001100
Daito Islands checklist 14200211
Amami Islands checklist 110nullnull0
Ikema Island checklist 800200
Senkaku Island checklist 1300100
Izena Island checklist 700010
Iheya Island checklist 7100010
Kume Island checklist 3300200
Miyako Island checklist 13200601
Tokashiki Island checklist 9400301
Nakanougan Island checklist 1900000
Kamiyama Island checklist 900000
Taketomi Island checklist 2400000
Kohama Island checklist 3300200
Kuro Island checklist 4200100
Arugusuku Island checklist 200nullnull0
Hateruma Island checklist 800100
Zamami Island checklist 2700010
Aka Island checklist 500100
Aguni Island checklist 1500000
Yagashi Island checklist 700010
Kudaka Island checklist 400000
Bonin Islands checklist 16941730
Iwo-Jima checklist 1300100

Japan has 22 endemic species: The following species are endemic to the region of Japan. You can search the web for site locations and information about them by clicking on the species name. (b) denotes a breeding endemic, and † an extinct species.

Short-tailed Albatross (b)
Bannerman's Shearwater (b)
Matsudaira's Storm-Petrel (b)
Ijima's Leaf-Warbler (b)
Japanese Wagtail (b)
Yellow Bunting (b)
Ryukyu Serpent-Eagle
Copper Pheasant
Okinawa Rail
Amami Woodcock
Bonin Pigeon
Ryukyu Pigeon
Japanese Woodpecker
Okinawa Woodpecker
Bonin White-eye
Lidth's Jay
Ryukyu Minivet
Amami Thrush
Bonin Thrush
Izu Thrush
Ryukyu Robin
Bonin Grosbeak


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