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Siberian Stonechat (Caucasian)
Saxicola maurus [variegatus or hemprichii] (= Saxicola maurus variegatus) (Gmelin, SG, 1774)
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  Saxicola maurus variegatus

  (Gmelin, SG, 1774)

  ReisedurchRussland 4, p. 105, pl. 20, fig. 3

  Parus Variegatus

Avibase ID:

Taxomic Serial Number:
TSN: 921209

Geographic range:

  • Saxicola maurus variegatus: Mountains of e Turkey to Transcaucasia and Iran
  • Saxicola maurus hemprichii: Steppes of lower Volga and mouth of Ural River to e Caucasus
Source: Clements checklist 2012

  Siberian Stonechat (Caucasian)
  Tarier de Sibérie (variegatus)
  Kaspische Roodborsttapuit
  Svartstrupe, underarten variegatus
  pŕhľaviar kaspický

Authorities recognizing this taxonomic concept:

Avibase taxonomic concepts (current):
   Siberian Stonechat (Caucasian) ( Saxicola maurus [variegatus or hemprichii])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 01 (August 2013):
   Siberian Stonechat (Caucasian) ( Saxicola maurus variegatus)
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 02 (May 2014):
   Siberian Stonechat (Caucasian) ( Saxicola maurus [variegatus or hemprichii])
Avibase taxonomic concepts v. 03 (March 2015):
   Siberian Stonechat (Caucasian) ( Saxicola maurus [variegatus or hemprichii])

Taxonomic status:

Species status: subspecies group (sometimes a species)

This taxon is a subspecies of Saxicola maurus

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Other synonyms

German: Schwarzkehlchen-variegata
English: Caspian Stonechat, Caucasian Stonechat, Common stonechat, Siberian Stonechat (Caucasian), West Caspian Common Stonechat
Estonian: kaspia kaelustäks
French: Tarier de Sibérie (variegatus), Tarier du Caucase, Tarier pâtre oriental
Latin: Saxicola maura variegata, Saxicola maura variegatus, Saxicola maurus [variegatus or hemprichii], Saxicola maurus variegata, Saxicola maurus variegatus, Saxicola rubicola variegata, Saxicola rubicola variegatus, Saxicola torquata variegata, Saxicola torquata variegatus, Saxicola torquatus variegatus, Saxicola variegatus
Dutch: Kaspische Roodborsttapuit
Norwegian: Svartstrupe (variegatus), Svartstrupe, underarten variegatus
Slovak: pŕhľaviar kaspický



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