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Avibase on ulatuslik andmebaas infosüsteem kõigist lindude maailma, mis sisaldavad üle 21 miljoni sissekande umbes 10.000 liikide ja 22000 alamliik linnud, sealhulgas levitamisega seotud teavet, taksonoomia, sünonüümid mitmes keeles ja palju muud. See sait on haldaja Denis Lepage ja hallataval Bird Uuringud Kanadas, Kanada kaasosanik on BirdLife International. Avibase on lõpetamata toodanguna, kuna 1992 ja nüüd on mul hea meel pakkuda seda teenust linnuvaatlejate ja teadusringkondade poolt.

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I am excited to announce a new important addition to Avibase, called myAvibase. This is a new section of the site that provides tools for planning your next birding trip and manage your own personal checklists. You can use maps and graphs to quickly see how many species can be found in a given region and at various times of year, for instance. If you import your own sightings in myAvibase, you can also view how many new species (lifers) you could add to your lifelist on your next trip and decide when and where you should go. For some additional details on the types of reports available, please click here.

People who participate in eBird can very simply import their lifelist from their eBird account with a click of a button. MyAvibase also offers more features, such as the ability to chose which taxonomy you want to follow (Clements, IOC, etc.) as well as the ability to compare your lifelist the various lists to each other. Best of all, myAvibase is available for free!. (Please understand however that I am unable to provide personalized support, and may not be able to respond to your requests for assistance).

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