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Scientific nameStatus
Gubernatrix genus
Gubernatrix cristata
Gubernatrix cristata x Diuca diuca hybrid
Gubernatrix cristata x Paroaria coronata hybrid
Paroaria genus
Paroaria coronata
Paroaria dominicana
Paroaria dominicana [var. humberti]
Paroaria [gularis or nigrogenis] split
Paroaria gularis
Paroaria gularis gularis ssp.
Paroaria gularis cervicalis ssp.
Paroaria nigrogenis
Paroaria baeri
Paroaria baeri baeri ssp.
Paroaria baeri xinguensis ssp.
Paroaria capitata
Paroaria capitata capitata ssp.
Paroaria capitata fuscipes ssp.
Paroaria [coronata x dominicana] hybrid
Paroaria [coronata x nigrogenis] hybrid
Coereba genus
Coereba flaveola
Coereba flaveola flaveola ssp.
Coereba flaveola minima ssp.

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