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This checklist includes all bird species found in Indiana , based on the best information available at this time. It is based on a wide variety of sources that I collated over many years. I am pleased to offer these checklists as a service to birdwatchers. If you find any error, please do not hesitate to .

The taxonomic order and nomenclature follows Avibase taxonomic concepts (current). If you prefer to view the list based on a different authority, click on one of the list available below. Globally threatened species (status in red) were identified by Birdlife International in Birdlife Data Zone (species).

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Country or region: Indiana [map]

Number of species: 434
Number of globally threatened species: 12
Number of extinct species: 2
Number of introduced species: 19
Date last reviewed: 2015-04-08
Last modified: 2022-04-14
See also: http://www.indianaaudubon.org/Birds/IndianaBirdRecordsCommittee/IndianaBirdChecklists/tabid/120/Default.aspx
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Bird sp.Aves sp.


dabbling duck sp.Anatidae sp. (dabbling duck sp.)
Goose sp.Anserinae sp.
Waterfowl sp.Anatidae sp. (waterfowl sp.)
Duck sp.Anatidae sp. (duck sp.)
Fulvous Whistling-Duck (syn. helva)Dendrocygna bicolor (helva)Rare/Accidental
Fulvous Whistling-DuckDendrocygna bicolorRare/Accidental
Black-bellied Whistling-DuckDendrocygna autumnalisRare/Accidental
Black-bellied Whistling-Duck (fulgens)Dendrocygna autumnalis fulgensRare/Accidental
Ruddy or Andean DuckOxyura [jamaicensis or ferruginea]
Ruddy DuckOxyura jamaicensis
Ruddy Duck [jamaicensis or rubida]Oxyura jamaicensis [jamaicensis or rubida]
Ruddy Duck (jamaicensis)Oxyura jamaicensis jamaicensis
Swan sp.Cygnus
Mute SwanCygnus olorIntroduced species
Trumpeter SwanCygnus buccinator
Tundra or Bewick's SwanCygnus [columbianus or bewickii]
Whistling SwanCygnus columbianus
Trumpeter or Tundra SwanCygnus [buccinator or columbianus]
Branta sp.Branta
Canada or Cackling GooseBranta [canadensis or hutchinsii]
Canada GooseBranta canadensis
Canada Goose [canadensis, interior or parvipes]Branta canadensis [canadensis, interior or parvipes]
Canada Goose [canadensis/interior]Branta canadensis [canadensis or interior]
Canada Goose (canadensis)Branta canadensis canadensis
Canada Goose (parvipes)Branta canadensis parvipes
Canada Goose [moffitti/maxima]Branta canadensis [moffitti or maxima]
Canada Goose (maxima)Branta canadensis maxima
Cackling GooseBranta hutchinsii
Cackling Goose [hutchinsii]Branta hutchinsii [hutchinsii or taverneri]
Cackling Goose (hutchinsii)Branta hutchinsii hutchinsii
Barnacle GooseBranta leucopsisRare/Accidental
Dark-bellied, Pale-bellied or Black BrantBranta [bernicla, hrota or nigricans]Rare/Accidental
Dark-bellied or Pale-bellied BrantBranta [bernicla or hrota]Rare/Accidental
Pale-bellied BrantBranta hrotaRare/Accidental
Snow x Canada Goose (hybrid)Anser caerulescens x Branta canadensisRare/Accidental
Greater White-fronted x Canada Goose (hybrid)Anser albifrons x Branta canadensisRare/Accidental
Barnacle x Cackling Goose (hybrid)Branta [leucopsis x hutchinsii]Rare/Accidental
Greater White-fronted GooseAnser albifrons
Greater White-fronted Goose [gambelli, frontalis or sponsa]Anser albifrons [gambelli, frontalis or sponsa]
Greater White-fronted Goose [Western]Anser albifrons [gambelli or frontalis]
Snow GooseAnser caerulescens
Ross's GooseAnser rossii
Snow or Ross's GooseAnser [caerulescens or rossii]
Snow x Ross's Goose (hybrid)Anser [caerulescens x rossii]Rare/Accidental
Greater White-fronted x Snow Goose (hybrid)Anser [caerulescens x albifrons]Rare/Accidental
Greater White-fronted x Cackling Goose (hybrid)Anser albifrons x Branta hutchinsiiRare/Accidental
Long-tailed DuckClangula hyemalisVulnerable
Common EiderSomateria mollissimaRare/Accidental Near-threatened
King EiderSomateria spectabilisRare/Accidental
King or Common EiderSomateria [spectabilis or mollissima]
Melanitta sp.Melanitta
Common or Black ScoterMelanitta [nigra or americana]
Black ScoterMelanitta americanaNear-threatened
Surf ScoterMelanitta perspicillata
Velvet, White-winged or Siberian ScoterMelanitta [fusca, deglandi or stejnegeri]
White-winged or Siberian ScoterMelanitta [deglandi or stejnegeri]
White-winged ScoterMelanitta deglandi
White-winged Scoter (deglandi)Melanitta deglandi deglandi
Dark-winged scoter sp.Melanitta [perspicillata or nigra]
Surf/Black ScoterMelanitta [perspicillata or americana]
Common GoldeneyeBucephala clangula
Common Goldeneye (americana)Bucephala clangula americana
Barrow's GoldeneyeBucephala islandicaRare/Accidental
BuffleheadBucephala albeola
Hooded MerganserLophodytes cucullatus
Merganser sp. (Mergus)Mergus (Merganser)
Red-breasted MerganserMergus serrator
Red-breasted Merganser (serrator)Mergus serrator serrator
Common MerganserMergus merganser
Common Merganser (americanus)Mergus merganser americanus
Common or Red-breasted MerganserMergus [merganser or serrator]
Harlequin DuckHistrionicus histrionicusRare/Accidental
Merganser sp.Mergellus, Lophodytes or Mergus
Common Goldeneye x Hooded Merganser (hybrid)Bucephala clangula x Lophodytes cucullatusRare/Accidental
Aythya sp.Aythya
CanvasbackAythya valisineria
RedheadAythya americana
Ring-necked DuckAythya collaris
Greater ScaupAythya marila
Greater Scaup (nearctica)Aythya marila nearctica
Lesser ScaupAythya affinis
Greater or Lesser ScaupAythya [marila or affinis]
Blue-winged TealSpatula discors
Cinnamon TealSpatula cyanopteraRare/Accidental
Northern ShovelerSpatula clypeata
Blue-winged or Cinnamon TealSpatula [discors or cyanoptera]
Blue-winged x Cinnamon Teal (hybrid)Spatula [discors x cyanoptera]Rare/Accidental
Blue-winged Teal x Northern Shoveler (hybrid)Spatula [discors x clypeata]Rare/Accidental
Eurasian WigeonMareca penelopeRare/Accidental
American WigeonMareca americana
GadwallMareca strepera
Gadwall (strepera)Mareca strepera strepera
American x Eurasian Wigeon (hybrid)Mareca [penelope x americana]Rare/Accidental
Anas sp.Anas
Common or Green-winged TealAnas [crecca or carolinensis]
Green-winged TealAnas carolinensis
Mallard, Mexican, Laysan, Hawaiian or Mottled Duck [incl. oustaleti]Anas platyrhynchos [sensu lato, incl. oustaleti]
Mallard, Mexican, Laysan, Hawaiian or Mottled DuckAnas platyrhynchos [sensu lato]
Mallard or Mexican Duck [incl. maculosa, oustaleti]Anas [platyrhynchos or diazi, incl. maculosa, oustaleti]
Mallard or Mexican Duck [incl. oustaleti]Anas [platyrhynchos or diazi, incl. oustaleti]
Mallard or Mexican DuckAnas [platyrhynchos or diazi]
Mallard [incl. oustaleti]Anas platyrhynchos [incl. oustaleti]
MallardAnas platyrhynchos
Mallard [platyrhynchos or conboschas]Anas platyrhynchos [platyrhynchos or conboschas]
Mallard (platyrhynchos)Anas platyrhynchos platyrhynchos
Mottled or Mexican DuckAnas [fulvigula or diazi]Rare/Accidental
Mottled DuckAnas fulvigulaRare/Accidental
Mottled Duck (maculosa)Anas fulvigula maculosa
American Black DuckAnas rubripes
Northern or Eaton's PintailAnas [acuta or eatoni]
Northern PintailAnas acuta
Northern Pintail (syn. tzitzihoa)Anas acuta (tzitzihoa)
Teal sp.Anas sp. (Teal sp.)
American Black Duck or MallardAnas [rubripes or platyrhynchos]
Mallard or Mottled DuckAnas [platyrhynchos or fulvigula]
Mallard x Wood Duck (hybrid)Anas platyrhynchos x Aix sponsaRare/Accidental
Mallard x American Black Duck (hybrid)Anas [platyrhynchos x rubripes]
Gadwall x Mallard (hybrid)Mareca strepera x Anas platyrhynchosRare/Accidental
Mallard x Mottled Duck (hybrid)Anas [platyrhynchos x fulvigula]Rare/Accidental
Common x Blue-winged Teal (hybrid)Anas crecca x Spatula discorsRare/Accidental
Gadwall x Northern Shoveler (hybrid)Mareca strepera x Spatula clypeataRare/Accidental
Wood DuckAix sponsa

GALLIFORMES: Odontophoridae

Northern or Black-throated BobwhiteColinus [virginianus or nigrogularis]
Northern BobwhiteColinus virginianusNear-threatened
Northern Bobwhite [Eastern group]Colinus virginianus [virginianus]
Northern Bobwhite [virginianus, marilandicus, mexicanus]Colinus virginianus [virginianus, marilandicus, mexicanus]
Northern Bobwhite (mexicanus)Colinus virginianus mexicanus

GALLIFORMES: Phasianidae

Common or Green PheasantPhasianus [colchicus or versicolor]Introduced species
Common PheasantPhasianus colchicusIntroduced species
Wild TurkeyMeleagris gallopavo
Ruffed GrouseBonasa umbellus
Greater or Lesser Prairie-chickenTympanuchus [cupido or pallidicinctus]Extirpated
Greater Prairie-chickenTympanuchus cupidoRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Greater Prairie-Chicken [pinnatus or attwateri]Tympanuchus cupido [pinnatus or attwateri]Extirpated
Greater Prairie-Chicken (pinnatus)Tympanuchus cupido pinnatusExtirpated
Grey PartridgePerdix perdixExtirpated
Grey Partridge [perdix, italica or sphagnetorum]Perdix perdix [perdix, italica or sphagnetorum]Extirpated
Grey Partridge [perdix or italica]Perdix perdix [perdix or italica]Extirpated
Grey Partridge (perdix)Perdix perdix perdixExtirpated


Pied-billed GrebePodilymbus podiceps
Pied-billed Grebe (podiceps)Podilymbus podiceps podiceps
Western or Clark's GrebeAechmophorus [occidentalis or clarkii]
Western GrebeAechmophorus occidentalis
Western Grebe (occidentalis)Aechmophorus occidentalis occidentalis
Red-necked GrebePodiceps grisegena
Red-necked Grebe (holbollii)Podiceps grisegena holbollii
Horned GrebePodiceps auritusVulnerable
Horned Grebe (cornutus)Podiceps auritus cornutus
Black-necked or Colombian GrebePodiceps [nigricollis or andinus]
Black-necked GrebePodiceps nigricollis
Black-necked Grebe (californicus)Podiceps nigricollis californicus
Horned or Black-necked GrebePodiceps [auritus or nigricollis]
Grebe sp.Podicipedidae sp.


Pigeon sp.Columbidae sp.
Rock PigeonColumba liviaIntroduced species
Rock Pigeon (Domestic type)Columba livia [var. domestica]Introduced species
Eurasian or Burmese Collared-DoveStreptopelia [decaocto or xanthocycla]Introduced species
Eurasian Collared-DoveStreptopelia decaoctoIntroduced species
Passenger PigeonEctopistes migratoriusRare/Accidental Extinct
Band-tailed PigeonPatagioenas fasciataRare/Accidental
Band-tailed Pigeon [fasciata or monilis]Patagioenas fasciata [fasciata or monilis]Rare/Accidental
Band-tailed Pigeon [fasciata or vioscae]Patagioenas fasciata [fasciata or vioscae]Rare/Accidental
Band-tailed Pigeon [Northern]Patagioenas fasciata [fasciata]Rare/Accidental
Band-tailed Pigeon [fasciata, letonai or parva]Patagioenas fasciata [fasciata, letonai or parva]Rare/Accidental
Band-tailed Pigeon (fasciata)Patagioenas fasciata fasciataRare/Accidental
Mourning or Socorro DoveZenaida [macroura or graysoni]
Mourning DoveZenaida macroura
Mourning Dove [Mainland]Zenaida macroura [carolinensis]
Mourning Dove (carolinensis)Zenaida macroura carolinensis
White-winged or West Peruvian DoveZenaida [asiatica or meloda]Rare/Accidental
White-winged DoveZenaida asiaticaRare/Accidental
White-winged Dove (asiatica)Zenaida asiatica asiaticaRare/Accidental
Common Ground-DoveColumbina passerinaRare/Accidental
Common Ground-Dove (passerina)Columbina passerina passerinaRare/Accidental


Unidentified NighthawkCaprimulgidae sp.
Common or Antillean NighthawkChordeiles [minor or gundlachii]
Common NighthawkChordeiles minor
Common Nighthawk (chapmani)Chordeiles minor chapmani
Chuck-will's-widowAntrostomus carolinensisNear-threatened
Eastern or Mexican Whip-poor-willAntrostomus [vociferus or arizonae]
Eastern Whip-poor-willAntrostomus vociferusNear-threatened


swift sp.Apodidae sp.
Chimney SwiftChaetura pelagicaVulnerable

APODIFORMES: Trochilidae

Unidentified HummingbirdTrochilidae sp.
Mexican or Lesser Violet-earColibri [thalassinus or cyanotus]Rare/Accidental
Mexican Violet-earColibri thalassinusRare/Accidental
Ruby-throated HummingbirdArchilochus colubris
Black-chinned HummingbirdArchilochus alexandriRare/Accidental
Ruby-throated or Black-chinned HummingbirdArchilochus [colubris or alexandri]
Anna's HummingbirdCalypte annaRare/Accidental
Selasphorus sp.Selasphorus
Calliope HummingbirdSelasphorus calliopeRare/Accidental
Calliope Hummingbird (syn. calliope)Selasphorus calliope (calliope)Rare/Accidental
Rufous HummingbirdSelasphorus rufusRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Rufous or Allen's HummingbirdSelasphorus [rufus or sasin]
Anna's x Calliope Hummingbird (hybrid)Calypte anna x Selasphorus calliopeRare/Accidental
Black-chinned x Anna's Hummingbird (hybrid)Archilochus alexandri x Calypte annaRare/Accidental


cuckoo sp. (Cuculidae sp.)Cuculidae sp.
Groove-billed AniCrotophaga sulcirostrisRare/Accidental
Groove-billed Ani (sulcirostris)Crotophaga sulcirostris sulcirostrisRare/Accidental
Coccyzus sp.Coccyzus
Black-billed CuckooCoccyzus erythropthalmus
Yellow-billed CuckooCoccyzus americanus
Yellow-billed Cuckoo (americanus)Coccyzus americanus americanus
Yellow-billed/Black-billed CuckooCoccyzus [americanus or erythropthalmus]


Rail sp.Rallidae sp.
rail or crake sp.Rallidae sp. (rail or crake sp.)
Yellow or Swinhoe's RailCoturnicops [noveboracensis or exquisitus]Rare/Accidental
Yellow RailCoturnicops noveboracensisRare/Accidental
Yellow Rail (noveboracensis)Coturnicops noveboracensis noveboracensisRare/Accidental
Black or Junin RailLaterallus [jamaicensis or tuerosi]Rare/Accidental
Black RailLaterallus jamaicensisEndangered
Black Rail [Northern]Laterallus jamaicensis [jamaicensis]
Black Rail (jamaicensis)Laterallus jamaicensis jamaicensisRare/Accidental
Clapper, Plain-flanked or King RailRallus [longirostris, crepitans, obsoletus, wetmorei, elegans or tenuirostris]
Mangrove, Clapper or Ridgway's Rail, King or Mexican RailRallus [longirostris, crepitans, obsoletus, elegans or tenuirostris]
King, Mexican or Ridgway's RailRallus [elegans, tenuirostris or obsoletus]
King or Mexican RailRallus [elegans or tenuirostris]
King or Mexican Rail [incl. rhizophorae, nayaritensis]Rallus [elegans or tenuirostris, incl. rhizophorae, nayaritensis]
King RailRallus elegansNear-threatened
King Rail (elegans)Rallus elegans elegans
Virginia, Bogota, Ecuadorian or Austral RailRallus [limicola, aequatorialis or semiplumbeus]
Virginia or Ecuadorian Rail [incl. peruvianus, antarcticus]Rallus [limicola, aequatorialis, incl. peruvianus, antarcticus]
Virginia or Ecuadorian RailRallus [limicola or aequatorialis]
Virginia RailRallus limicola
Virginia Rail (limicola)Rallus limicola limicola
SoraPorzana carolina
Purple GallinulePorphyrio martinicaRare/Accidental
Common, Tristan, Gough Island Moorhen or Common GallinuleGallinula [chloropus, galeata, nesiotis or comeri]
Common Moorhen or Common GallinuleGallinula [chloropus or galeata]
Common GallinuleGallinula galeata
Common Gallinule [American, incl. garmani]Gallinula galeata [galeata, incl. garmani]
Common Gallinule [American]Gallinula galeata [galeata]
Common Gallinule (cachinnans)Gallinula galeata cachinnans
American, Hawaiian, Slate-colored or Caribbean CootFulica [americana, alai, ardesiaca]
American, Hawaiian, or Slate-colored Coot [excl. caribaea]Fulica [americana, alai or ardesiaca, excl. caribaea]
American or Hawaiian Coot [incl. peruviana]Fulica [americana or alai, incl. peruviana]
American or Hawaiian CootFulica [americana or alai]
American Coot [incl. peruviana]Fulica americana [incl. peruviana]
American Coot [incl. peruviana, excl. caribaea]Fulica americana [incl. peruviana, excl. caribaea]
American CootFulica americana
American Coot [excl. caribaea]Fulica americana [excl. caribaea]
American Coot (americana)Fulica americana americana
American Coot (americana, syn. {americana or grenadensis})Fulica americana americana {americana or grenadensis}
American Coot (americana, sensu stricto)Fulica americana americana (americana)
gallinule, moorhen or coot sp.Porphyrio, Gallinula or Fulica sp.


crane sp.Gruidae sp.
Sandhill CraneAntigone canadensis
Sandhill Crane (canadensis)Antigone canadensis canadensis
Sandhill Crane [Greater]Antigone canadensis [tabida or rowani]
Sandhill Crane (rowani)Antigone canadensis rowani
Common CraneGrus grusRare/Accidental
Common Crane [grus or lilfordi]Grus grus [grus or lilfordi]Rare/Accidental
Common Crane [grus or archibaldi]Grus grus [grus or archibaldi]Rare/Accidental
Common Crane (grus)Grus grus grusRare/Accidental
Hooded CraneGrus monachaRare/Accidental Vulnerable
Whooping CraneGrus americanaEndangered


Gavia sp.Gavia
Red-throated LoonGavia stellata
Red-throated Loon (syn. stellata)Gavia stellata (stellata)
Arctic or Pacific LoonGavia [arctica or pacifica]Rare/Accidental
Pacific LoonGavia pacificaRare/Accidental
Common LoonGavia immer
Common Loon (syn. immer)Gavia immer (immer)
Yellow-billed LoonGavia adamsiiRare/Accidental Near-threatened


Band-rumped, Cape Verde or Monteiro Storm-PetrelOceanodroma [castro, jabejabe or monteiroi]Rare/Accidental
Band-rumped or Cape Verde Storm-PetrelOceanodroma [castro or jabejabe]Rare/Accidental
Band-rumped Storm-PetrelOceanodroma castroRare/Accidental


Wood StorkMycteria americanaRare/Accidental


American White PelicanPelecanus erythrorhynchos
Brown or Peruvian PelicanPelecanus [occidentalis or thagus]Rare/Accidental
Brown PelicanPelecanus occidentalisRare/Accidental
Brown Pelican [occidentalis]Pelecanus occidentalis [occidentalis]Rare/Accidental
Brown Pelican (carolinensis)Pelecanus occidentalis carolinensisRare/Accidental


American BitternBotaurus lentiginosus
Least BitternIxobrychus exilis
Least Bittern (exilis)Ixobrychus exilis exilis
Least Bittern (exilis, sensu stricto)Ixobrychus exilis exilis (exilis)
Least Bittern (Pale form)Ixobrychus exilis [pale form]
Black-crowned Night-HeronNycticorax nycticorax
Black-crowned Night-Heron [nycticorax or hoactli]Nycticorax nycticorax [nycticorax or hoactli]
Black-crowned Night-Heron (hoactli)Nycticorax nycticorax hoactli
Yellow-crowned Night-HeronNyctanassa violacea
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron [violacea]Nyctanassa violacea [violacea]
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron [violacea or cayanensis]Nyctanassa violacea [violacea or cayanensis]
Yellow-crowned Night-Heron (violacea)Nyctanassa violacea violacea
Striated, Green or Galapagos HeronButorides [striata, virescens or sundevalli]
Striated or Green Heron [excl. sundevalli]Butorides [striata or virescens, excl. sundevalli]
Green HeronButorides virescens
Green Heron [virescens, maculata or bahamaensis]Butorides virescens [virescens, maculata or bahamaensis]
Green Heron [Eastern]Butorides virescens [virescens or maculata]
Green Heron (virescens)Butorides virescens virescens
Western Cattle or Eastern Cattle EgretBubulcus [ibis or coromandus]
Western Cattle EgretBubulcus ibis
Western Cattle Egret (ibis)Bubulcus ibis ibis
Eastern Cattle EgretBubulcus coromandusRare/Accidental
Great Blue HeronArdea herodias
Great Blue Heron [herodias]Ardea herodias [herodias]
Great Blue Heron [herodias, fannini, cognata]Ardea herodias [herodias, fannini, cognata]
Great Blue Heron [herodias or wardi]Ardea herodias [herodias or wardi]
Great Blue Heron (herodias)Ardea herodias herodias
Great Blue Heron (herodias, sensu stricto)Ardea herodias herodias (herodias)
Great Blue Heron (occidentalis)Ardea herodias occidentalisEndangered
Western Great or Eastern Great EgretArdea [alba or modesta]
Western Great EgretArdea alba
Western Great Egret (egretta)Ardea alba egretta
Reddish EgretEgretta rufescensRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Reddish Egret (rufescens)Egretta rufescens rufescensRare/Accidental
Tricolored HeronEgretta tricolorRare/Accidental
Tricolored Heron [Louisiana]Egretta tricolor [ruficollis or occidentalis]Rare/Accidental
Tricolored Heron (ruficollis)Egretta tricolor ruficollisRare/Accidental
Little Blue HeronEgretta caerulea
Snowy EgretEgretta thula
Snowy Egret (thula)Egretta thula thula
Snowy Egret x Little Blue Heron (hybrid)Egretta [thula x caerulea]Rare/Accidental
Unidentified Heron or EgretArdeidae sp.
Black-crowned or Yellow-crowned Night-HeronNycticorax nycticorax or Nyctanassa violacea
White egret sp.Egretta or Bubulcus sp.

PELECANIFORMES: Threskiornithidae

Roseate SpoonbillPlatalea ajajaRare/Accidental
White IbisEudocimus albusRare/Accidental
Glossy or White-faced IbisPlegadis [falcinellus or chihi]Rare/Accidental
Glossy IbisPlegadis falcinellusRare/Accidental
White-faced IbisPlegadis chihiRare/Accidental
Glossy x White-faced Ibis (hybrid)Plegadis [falcinellus x chihi]Rare/Accidental
Threskiornithidae sp.Threskiornithidae sp. (ibis sp.)


Fregata sp.Fregata
Magnificent FrigatebirdFregata magnificensRare/Accidental
Magnificent Frigatebird (rothschildi)Fregata magnificens rothschildiRare/Accidental
Magnificent Frigatebird (rothschildi, sensu stricto)Fregata magnificens rothschildi (rothschildi)Rare/Accidental
Ascension or Magnificent FrigatebirdFregata [aquila or magnificens]Rare/Accidental


Northern GannetMorus bassanusRare/Accidental
Brown BoobySula leucogasterRare/Accidental
Brown Booby [White-bellied]Sula leucogaster [leucogaster]Rare/Accidental
Brown Booby (leucogaster)Sula leucogaster leucogasterRare/Accidental

PELECANIFORMES: Phalacrocoracidae

Neotropic CormorantPhalacrocorax brasilianusRare/Accidental
Neotropic Cormorant (mexicanus)Phalacrocorax brasilianus mexicanusRare/Accidental
Double-crested CormorantPhalacrocorax auritus
Double-crested Cormorant [Dark-crested]Phalacrocorax auritus [auritus or floridanus]
Double-crested Cormorant (auritus)Phalacrocorax auritus auritus
Double-crested or Olivaceous CormorantPhalacrocorax [auritus or brasilianus]
cormorant sp.Phalacrocoracidae sp.
Shorebird sp.Charadriiformes sp.

CHARADRIIFORMES: Recurvirostridae

American AvocetRecurvirostra americana
Black-winged, Black, Ceylon, White-headed, Black-necked, Hawaiian or White-backed StiltHimantopus [himantopus or novaezelandiae]
Black-winged, White-headed, White-backed, Ceylon, Black-necked or Hawaiian StiltHimantopus [himantopus, ceylonensis, leucocephalus, mexicanus or melanurus]
Black-winged, White-headed, White-backed or Ceylon StiltHimantopus [himantopus, ceylonensis or leucocephalus]
Black-winged, Black-necked, Ceylon or Hawaiian StiltHimantopus [himantopus, ceylonensis or mexicanus]
Black-necked, Hawaiian or White-backed StiltHimantopus [mexicanus, knudseni or melanurus]
Black-necked or White-backed StiltHimantopus [mexicanus or melanurus]
Black-necked or Hawaiian StiltHimantopus [mexicanus or knudseni]
Black-necked StiltHimantopus mexicanus


Unidentified PloverCharadriidae sp.
Pluvialis sp.Pluvialis
American or Pacific Golden-PloverPluvialis [dominica or fulva]
American Golden-PloverPluvialis dominica
Grey PloverPluvialis squatarola
Grey Plover (cynosurae)Pluvialis squatarola cynosurae
Common Ringed or Semipalmated PloverCharadrius [hiaticula or semipalmatus]
Semipalmated PloverCharadrius semipalmatus
Wilson's PloverCharadrius wilsoniaRare/Accidental
Wilson's Plover [wilsonia]Charadrius wilsonia [wilsonia or rufinucha]Rare/Accidental
Wilson's Plover (wilsonia)Charadrius wilsonia wilsoniaRare/Accidental
KilldeerCharadrius vociferus
Killdeer (vociferus)Charadrius vociferus vociferus
Piping PloverCharadrius melodusNear-threatened
Kentish, Red-capped, Chestnut-banded, Snowy, White-fronted or Javan PloverCharadrius [alexandrinus, nivosus, pallidus, ruficapillus, marginatus or javanicus]
Kentish, Red-capped, Snowy, White-fronted or Javan PloverCharadrius [alexandrinus, nivosus, ruficapillus, marginatus or javanicus]Rare/Accidental
Kentish, White-fronted, Javan, Chestnut-banded or Snowy PloverCharadrius [alexandrinus, nivosus, pallidus, marginatus or javanicus]
Kentish, Chestnut-banded or Snowy PloverCharadrius [alexandrinus, nivosus or pallidus]
Kentish, Snowy or Javan PloverCharadrius [alexandrinus, nivosus or javanicus]Rare/Accidental
Kentish or Snowy PloverCharadrius [alexandrinus or nivosus]Rare/Accidental
Kentish or Snowy Plover [excl. dealbatus]Charadrius [alexandrinus or nivosus, excl. dealbatus]Rare/Accidental
Snowy PloverCharadrius nivosusRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Snowy Plover (nivosus)Charadrius nivosus nivosusRare/Accidental
Lesser Sand-PloverCharadrius mongolusRare/Accidental
Lesser Sand-Plover [Mongolian]Charadrius mongolus [mongolus or stegmanni]Rare/Accidental
Lesser Sand-Plover (mongolus)Charadrius mongolus mongolusRare/Accidental
Mountain PloverCharadrius montanusRare/Accidental Near-threatened


Large shorebird sp.Scolopacidae sp. (large shorebird sp.)
Upland SandpiperBartramia longicauda
Eskimo CurlewNumenius borealisExtirpated Critically endangered (possibly extinct)
Whimbrel or Hudsonian CurlewNumenius [phaeopus or hudsonicus]Rare/Accidental
Hudsonian CurlewNumenius hudsonicus
Hudsonian Curlew (hudsonicus)Numenius hudsonicus hudsonicus
Long-billed CurlewNumenius americanusRare/Accidental
Long-billed Curlew (americanus)Numenius americanus americanusRare/Accidental
Limosa sp.Limosa
Black-tailed GodwitLimosa limosaRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Black-tailed Godwit [limosa or islandica]Limosa limosa [limosa or islandica]Rare/Accidental
Black-tailed Godwit (limosa)Limosa limosa limosaRare/Accidental
Black-tailed Godwit (islandica)Limosa limosa islandicaRare/Accidental
Hudsonian GodwitLimosa haemastica
Marbled GodwitLimosa fedoa
Marbled Godwit (fedoa)Limosa fedoa fedoa
Ruddy TurnstoneArenaria interpres
Ruddy Turnstone (morinella)Arenaria interpres morinella
Calidris sp.Calidris
Red KnotCalidris canutusRare/Accidental Near-threatened
SanderlingCalidris alba
Sanderling (rubida)Calidris alba rubida
Semipalmated SandpiperCalidris pusillaNear-threatened
Western SandpiperCalidris mauriRare/Accidental
Red-necked StintCalidris ruficollisRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Least SandpiperCalidris minutilla
White-rumped SandpiperCalidris fuscicollis
Baird's SandpiperCalidris bairdii
Pectoral SandpiperCalidris melanotos
Sharp-tailed SandpiperCalidris acuminataRare/Accidental
Purple or Rock SandpiperCalidris [maritima or ptilocnemis]
Purple SandpiperCalidris maritimaRare/Accidental
DunlinCalidris alpina
Dunlin [pacifica, arcticola or hudsonia]Calidris alpina [pacifica, arcticola or hudsonia]
Dunlin (hudsonia)Calidris alpina hudsonia
Curlew SandpiperCalidris ferrugineaRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Stilt SandpiperCalidris himantopus
Buff-breasted SandpiperCalidris subruficollisNear-threatened
RuffCalidris pugnaxRare/Accidental
Peep sp.Calidris sp. (peep sp.)
Semipalmated or Western SandpiperCalidris [pusilla or mauri]
Short-billed or Long-billed DowitcherLimnodromus [griseus or scolopaceus]
Short-billed DowitcherLimnodromus griseus
Short-billed Dowitcher (hendersoni)Limnodromus griseus hendersoni
Long-billed DowitcherLimnodromus scolopaceus
American WoodcockScolopax minor
Common, South American, Wilson's, Magellanic or Puna SnipeGallinago [gallinago or paraguaiae]
Common or Wilson's SnipeGallinago [gallinago or delicata]
Wilson's SnipeGallinago delicata
Spotted SandpiperActitis macularius
Tringa sp.Tringa
Spotted RedshankTringa erythropusRare/Accidental
Greater YellowlegsTringa melanoleuca
Lesser YellowlegsTringa flavipes
Solitary SandpiperTringa solitaria
Solitary Sandpiper (solitaria)Tringa solitaria solitaria
Solitary Sandpiper (cinnamomea)Tringa solitaria cinnamomea
Grey-tailed or Wandering TattlerTringa [incana or brevipes]Rare/Accidental
Wandering TattlerTringa incanaRare/Accidental
WilletTringa semipalmata
Willet (inornata)Tringa semipalmata inornata
Greater or Lesser YellowlegsTringa [melanoleuca or flavipes]
Phalaropus sp.Phalaropus
Red-necked PhalaropePhalaropus lobatus
Red PhalaropePhalaropus fulicariusRare/Accidental
Wilson's PhalaropePhalaropus tricolor
Red-necked or Red PhalaropePhalaropus [lobatus or fulicarius]


Marbled or Long-billed MurreletBrachyramphus [marmoratus or perdix]Rare/Accidental
Long-billed MurreletBrachyramphus perdixRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Ancient MurreletSynthliboramphus antiquusRare/Accidental
Ancient Murrelet (antiquus)Synthliboramphus antiquus antiquusRare/Accidental
Common or Thick-billed MurreUria [aalge or lomvia]Rare/Accidental
Thick-billed MurreUria lomviaRare/Accidental
Thick-billed Murre (lomvia)Uria lomvia lomviaRare/Accidental


Pomarine JaegerStercorarius pomarinusRare/Accidental
Parasitic JaegerStercorarius parasiticusRare/Accidental
Long-tailed JaegerStercorarius longicaudusRare/Accidental
Long-tailed Jaeger (pallescens)Stercorarius longicaudus pallescensRare/Accidental
Pomarine, Parasitic or Long-tailed JaegerStercorarius [pomarinus, parasiticus or longicaudus]
Parasitic or Long-tailed JaegerStercorarius [parasiticus or longicaudus]
Pomarine or Parasitic JaegerStercorarius [pomarinus or parasiticus]


Unidentified GullLarinae sp.
Unidentified TernSterninae sp.
Black SkimmerRynchops nigerRare/Accidental
Black Skimmer (niger)Rynchops niger nigerRare/Accidental
Black Skimmer [South American]Rynchops niger [cinerascens or intercedens]Rare/Accidental
Black-legged KittiwakeRissa tridactylaRare/Accidental Vulnerable
Black-legged Kittiwake (tridactyla)Rissa tridactyla tridactylaRare/Accidental
Sabine's GullXema sabiniRare/Accidental
Black-headed GullChroicocephalus ridibundusRare/Accidental
Black-headed Gull (syn. ridibundus)Chroicocephalus ridibundus (ridibundus)Rare/Accidental
Bonaparte's GullChroicocephalus philadelphia
Little GullHydrocoloeus minutusRare/Accidental
Ross's GullRhodostethia roseaRare/Accidental
Laughing GullLeucophaeus atricilla
Laughing Gull (megalopterus)Leucophaeus atricilla megalopterus
Franklin's GullLeucophaeus pipixcan
Larus sp.Larus
Black-tailed GullLarus crassirostrisRare/Accidental
Mew or Short-billed GullLarus [canus or brachyrhynchus]Rare/Accidental
Mew or Short-billed Gull [excl. kamtschatschensis]Larus [canus or brachyrhynchus, excl. kamtschatschensis]
Short-billed GullLarus brachyrhynchus
Ring-billed GullLarus delawarensis
California GullLarus californicusRare/Accidental
Great Black-backed or Kelp GullLarus [marinus or dominicanus]Rare/Accidental
Great Black-backed GullLarus marinusRare/Accidental
Kelp GullLarus dominicanusRare/Accidental
Kelp Gull [dominicanus]Larus dominicanus [dominicanus]Rare/Accidental
Kelp Gull [dominicanus or antipodus]Larus dominicanus [dominicanus or antipodus]Rare/Accidental
Kelp Gull (dominicanus)Larus dominicanus dominicanusRare/Accidental
Glaucous GullLarus hyperboreusRare/Accidental
Glaucous Gull (leuceretes)Larus hyperboreus leuceretesRare/Accidental
Iceland GullLarus glaucoides
Iceland Gull [glaucoides or kumlieni]Larus glaucoides [glaucoides or kumlieni]Rare/Accidental
Iceland Gull (glaucoides)Larus glaucoides glaucoides
Iceland Gull (kumlieni)Larus glaucoides kumlieni
Iceland Gull (thayeri)Larus glaucoides thayeriRare/Accidental
Iceland Gull (thayeri or kumlieni)Larus glaucoides [thayeri or kumlieni]
Herring Gull [sensu lato]Larus [argentatus (sensu lato) or glaucoides]
Herring, Yellow-legged, Vega, Lesser Black-backed or Heuglin's GullLarus [argentatus, cachinnans, vegae, fuscus or heuglini]
Herring, Yellow-legged or Vega GullLarus [argentatus, cachinnans or vegae]
European, American Herring or Vega GullLarus [argentatus, smithsonianus or vegae]
European or American Herring GullLarus [argentatus or smithsonianus]
American Herring GullLarus smithsonianus
Herring Gull [incl. cachinnans, michahellis, heuglini, vegae, mongolicus, thayeri]Larus [argentatus, cachinnans, michahellis, heuglini, vegae, mongolicus, thayeri]
Herring Gull [incl. cachinnans, michahellis, heuglini, vegae, mongolicus]Larus [argentatus, cachinnans, michahellis, heuglini, vegae, mongolicus]
Herring Gull [incl. heuglini and vegae]Larus argentatus [incl. heuglini, vegae]
Herring Gull [incl. vegae]Larus argentatus [incl. vegae]
American Herring Gull [incl. vegae, mongolicus]Larus smithsonianus [incl. vegae and mongolicus]
Slaty-backed GullLarus schistisagusRare/Accidental
Lesser Black-backed or Siberian Gull [incl. barabensis]Larus [fuscus or heuglini, incl. barabensis]
Lesser Black-backed or Siberian GullLarus [fuscus or heuglini]
Lesser Black-backed GullLarus fuscus
Lesser Black-backed Gull [fuscus]Larus fuscus [fuscus or intermedius]
Lesser Black-backed Gull (fuscus)Larus fuscus fuscus
Lesser Black-backed Gull (graellsii)Larus fuscus graellsii
White-winged Gull sp.Larus sp. (white-winged gull sp.)
Herring or Thayer's GullLarus [argentatus or thayeri]
Herring x Glaucous Gull (hybrid)Larus [argentatus x hyperboreus]Rare/Accidental
Glaucous x Great Black-backed Gull (hybrid)Larus [hyperboreus x marinus]Rare/Accidental
Herring x Kelp Gull (hybrid)Larus [argentatus x dominicanus]Rare/Accidental
Herring x Lesser Black-backed Gull (hybrid)Larus [argentatus x fuscus]Rare/Accidental
Thayer's x Iceland Gull (hybrid)Larus [thayeri x glaucoides]Rare/Accidental
Herring x Great Black-backed Gull (hybrid)Larus [argentatus x marinus]Rare/Accidental
Laughing x Ring-billed Gull (hybrid)Leucophaeus atricilla x Larus delawarensisRare/Accidental
Sooty TernOnychoprion fuscatusRare/Accidental
Sooty Tern (fuscatus)Onychoprion fuscatus fuscatusRare/Accidental
Little, Saunders's or Least TernSternula [albifrons, antillarum or saundersi]
Little or Least TernSternula [albifrons or antillarum]
Least TernSternula antillarumRare/Accidental
Least Tern (athalassos)Sternula antillarum athalassos
Gull-billed or Australian TernGelochelidon [nilotica or macrotarsa]Rare/Accidental
Gull-billed TernGelochelidon niloticaRare/Accidental
Gull-billed Tern [aranea or vanrossemi]Gelochelidon nilotica [aranea or vanrossemi]Rare/Accidental
Gull-billed Tern (aranea)Gelochelidon nilotica araneaRare/Accidental
Caspian TernHydroprogne caspia
Caspian Tern (syn. caspia)Hydroprogne caspia (caspia)
White-winged TernChlidonias leucopterusRare/Accidental
Black TernChlidonias niger
Black Tern (surinamensis)Chlidonias niger surinamensis
Sterna sp.Sterna
Roseate Tern (dougallii)Sterna dougallii dougalliiRare/Accidental
Roseate TernSterna dougalliiRare/Accidental
Common TernSterna hirundo
Common Tern [hirundo, tibetana or minussensis]Sterna hirundo [hirundo, tibetana or minussensis]
Common Tern [hirundo or minussensis]Sterna hirundo [hirundo or minussensis]
Common Tern (hirundo)Sterna hirundo hirundo
Arctic TernSterna paradisaeaRare/Accidental
Forster's TernSterna forsteri
Common or Forster's TernSterna [hirundo or forsteri]
Royal or West African Crested TernThalasseus [maximus or albididorsalis]Rare/Accidental
Royal TernThalasseus maximusRare/Accidental


Cathartes sp.Cathartes
Turkey VultureCathartes aura
Turkey Vulture [Northern group]Cathartes aura [aura, septentrionalis or meridionalis]
Turkey Vulture (septentrionalis)Cathartes aura septentrionalis
Black VultureCoragyps atratus
Black Vulture (syn. atratus)Coragyps atratus (atratus)
Unidentified VultureCathartidae sp.


Osprey or Australian OspreyPandion [haliaetus or cristatus]
OspreyPandion haliaetus
Osprey (carolinensis)Pandion haliaetus carolinensis


Unidentified RaptorAccipitridae sp.
Black-shouldered, Black-winged or White-tailed KiteElanus [caeruleus, axillaris or leucurus]Rare/Accidental
White-tailed KiteElanus leucurusRare/Accidental
White-tailed Kite (majusculus)Elanus leucurus majusculusRare/Accidental
Swallow-tailed KiteElanoides forficatusRare/Accidental
Swallow-tailed Kite (forficatus)Elanoides forficatus forficatusRare/Accidental
Golden EagleAquila chrysaetos
Golden Eagle (canadensis)Aquila chrysaetos canadensis
Hen or American HarrierCircus [cyaneus or hudsonius]
American HarrierCircus hudsonius
Accipiter sp.Accipiter
Sharp-shinned, White-breasted, Plain-breasted or Rufous-thighed HawkAccipiter [striatus, chionogaster, ventralis or erythronemius]
Sharp-shinned or White-breasted HawkAccipiter [striatus or chionogaster]
Sharp-shinned Hawk [incl. madrensis]Accipiter striatus [incl. madrensis]
Sharp-shinned HawkAccipiter striatus
Sharp-shinned Hawk [Northern]Accipiter striatus [velox]
Sharp-shinned Hawk (velox)Accipiter striatus velox
Cooper's HawkAccipiter cooperii
Northern GoshawkAccipiter gentilisRare/Accidental
Northern Goshawk [American]Accipiter gentilis [atricapillus, apache or laingi]
Northern Goshawk [atricapillus or apache]Accipiter gentilis [atricapillus or apache]Rare/Accidental
Northern Goshawk (atricapillus)Accipiter gentilis atricapillus
Sharp-shinned/Cooper's HawkAccipiter [striatus or cooperii]
Bald EagleHaliaeetus leucocephalus
Bald Eagle (washingtoniensis)Haliaeetus leucocephalus washingtoniensis
Bald Eagle (washingtoniensis, sensu stricto)Haliaeetus leucocephalus washingtoniensis (washingtoniensis)
Mississippi KiteIctinia mississippiensis
Buteo sp.Buteo
Red-shouldered HawkButeo lineatus
Red-shouldered Hawk [lineatus, alleni or texanus]Buteo lineatus [lineatus, alleni or texanus]
Red-shouldered Hawk (lineatus)Buteo lineatus lineatus
Broad-winged HawkButeo platypterus
Broad-winged Hawk (platypterus)Buteo platypterus platypterus
Swainson's HawkButeo swainsoniRare/Accidental
Red-tailed HawkButeo jamaicensis
Red-tailed Hawk [excl. harlani]Buteo jamaicensis [excl. harlani]
Red-tailed Hawk [alascensis or calurus]Buteo jamaicensis [alascensis or calurus]
Red-tailed Hawk [borealis, calurus, abieticola, fuertesi and suttoni]Buteo jamaicensis [borealis, calurus, abieticola, fuertesi and suttoni]
Red-tailed Hawk [borealis or kriderii]Buteo jamaicensis [borealis or kriderii]
Red-tailed Hawk (borealis)Buteo jamaicensis borealis
Red-tailed Hawk (borealis, syn. abieticola)Buteo jamaicensis borealis (abieticola)
Red-tailed Hawk (kriderii)Buteo jamaicensis kriderii
Red-tailed Hawk [calurus or abieticola]Buteo jamaicensis [calurus or abieticola]
Red-tailed Hawk [calurus or socorroensis]Buteo jamaicensis [calurus or socorroensis]
Red-tailed Hawk (calurus)Buteo jamaicensis calurus
Red-tailed Hawk (harlani)Buteo jamaicensis harlani
Ferruginous HawkButeo regalisRare/Accidental
Rough-legged HawkButeo lagopus
Rough-legged Hawk (sanctijohannis)Buteo lagopus sanctijohannis
Broad-winged or Red-shouldered HawkButeo [platypterus or lineatus]
Rough-legged x Red-tailed Hawk (hybrid)Buteo [lagopus x jamaicensis]Rare/Accidental
Golden or Bald EagleAquila chrysaetos or Haliaeetus leucocephalus
Eagle sp.Haliaeetus or Aquila sp.
owl sp.Strigiformes sp.


Barn Owl [incl. javanica, detorta, excl. delicatula]Tyto alba [incl. javanica, detorta, excl. delicatula]
Barn Owl [incl. javanica, excl. delicatula]Tyto alba [incl. javanica, excl. delicatula]
Barn, Eastern Barn, Cape Verde Barn or Andaman Masked Owl [excl. insularis]Tyto [alba, javanica, detorta or deroepstorffi, excl. insularis]
Barn, Eastern Barn or Cape Verde Barn Owl [excl. insularis]Tyto [alba, javanica or detorta, excl. insularis]
Barn or Eastern Barn Owl [excl. insularis]Tyto [alba or javanica, excl. insularis]
Barn Owl [excl. insularis]Tyto alba [excl. insularis group]
Barn or Cape Verde Barn Owl [excl. stertens]Tyto [alba or detorta, excl. stertens]
Barn Owl [excl. stertens]Tyto alba [excl. stertens]
Barn, Ashy-faced, Eastern Barn, Cape Verde Barn Owl or Andaman Masked-OwlTyto [alba or glaucops]
Barn, Cape Verde Barn Owl, Andaman Masked-Owl or Eastern Barn OwlTyto [alba, javanica, detorta or deroepstorffi]
Barn, Eastern Barn, or Cape Verde Barn OwlTyto [alba, javanica or detorta]
Barn or Eastern Barn OwlTyto [alba or javanica]
Barn OwlTyto alba
Barn Owl [American]Tyto alba [furcata, bargei, punctatissima, insularis or nigrescens]
Barn Owl [furcata]Tyto alba [furcata]
Barn Owl [pratincola or lucayana]Tyto alba [pratincola or lucayana]
Barn Owl (pratincola)Tyto alba pratincola
Barn Owl [tuidara, pratincola, guatemalae, bondi, contempta, hellmayri]Tyto alba [tuidara, pratincola, guatemalae, bondi, contempta, hellmayri]
Eastern Barn Owl [incl. stertens]Tyto javanica [incl. stertens]
Eastern Barn OwlTyto javanica
Pearly Owl [incl. sumbaensis]Tyto delicatula [incl. sumbaensis]


Burrowing OwlAthene cuniculariaRare/Accidental
Burrowing Owl [hypugaea or rostrata]Athene cunicularia [hypugaea or rostrata]Rare/Accidental
Burrowing Owl (hypugaea)Athene cunicularia hypugaeaRare/Accidental
Northern or Unspotted Saw-whet OwlAegolius [acadicus or ridgwayi]
Northern Saw-whet OwlAegolius acadicus
Northern Saw-whet Owl (acadicus)Aegolius acadicus acadicus
Northern Saw-whet Owl (acadicus, sensu stricto)Aegolius acadicus acadicus (acadicus)
Long-eared or Abyssinian OwlAsio [otus or abyssinicus]
Long-eared OwlAsio otus
Long-eared Owl [wilsonianus or tuftsi]Asio otus [wilsonianus or tuftsi]
Long-eared Owl (wilsonianus)Asio otus wilsonianus
Short-eared OwlAsio flammeus
Short-eared Owl (flammeus)Asio flammeus flammeus
Eastern, Balsas, Western, Pacific Screech-Owl or Oaxaca Screech OwlMegascops [asio, kennicottii, cooperi, lambi or seductus]
Eastern, Western, Pacific Screech-Owl or Oaxaca Screech OwlMegascops [asio, kennicottii, cooperi or lambi]
Eastern or Oaxaca Screech OwlMegascops [asio or lambi]
Eastern or Western Screech OwlMegascops [asio or kennicottii]
Eastern Screech-OwlMegascops asio
Eastern Screech-Owl [Northern]Megascops asio [asio]
Eastern Screech-Owl [asio or naevius]Megascops asio [asio or naevius]
Northern Barred, Fulvous or Cinereous OwlStrix [varia, sartorii or fulvescens]
Northern Barred or Mexican Barred OwlStrix [varia or sartorii]
Northern Barred OwlStrix varia
Northern Barred Owl [varia or georgica]Strix varia [varia or georgica]
Northern Barred Owl (varia)Strix varia varia
Great Horned or Magellanic Horned OwlBubo [virginianus or magellanicus]
Great Horned OwlBubo virginianus
Great Horned Owl (virginianus)Bubo virginianus virginianus
Snowy OwlBubo scandiacusVulnerable


Unidentified WoodpeckerPicidae sp.
Pileated WoodpeckerDryocopus pileatus
Pileated Woodpecker (abieticola)Dryocopus pileatus abieticola
Northern or Gilded FlickerColaptes [auratus or chrysoides]
Northern FlickerColaptes auratus
Northern Flicker [Yellow-shafted morph]Colaptes auratus [auratus or chrysocaulosus]
Northern Flicker [Yellow-shafted]Colaptes auratus [auratus]
Northern Flicker (auratus)Colaptes auratus auratus
Yellow-bellied, Red-breasted or Red-naped SapsuckerSphyrapicus [varius, nuchalis or ruber]
Yellow-bellied or Red-naped SapsuckerSphyrapicus [varius or nuchalis]
Yellow-bellied SapsuckerSphyrapicus varius
Red-headed WoodpeckerMelanerpes erythrocephalus
Red-bellied WoodpeckerMelanerpes carolinus
Black-backed WoodpeckerPicoides arcticusRare/Accidental
Downy WoodpeckerDryobates pubescens
Downy Woodpecker [Eastern]Dryobates pubescens [pubescens or medianus]
Hairy WoodpeckerLeuconotopicus villosus
Hairy Woodpecker [Eastern]Leuconotopicus villosus [villosus]
Hairy Woodpecker (audubonii)Leuconotopicus villosus audubonii
Downy or Hairy WoodpeckerDryobates pubescens or Leuconotopicus villosus


Belted KingfisherMegaceryle alcyon
Belted Kingfisher (syn. alcyon)Megaceryle alcyon (alcyon)
Diurnal raptor sp.Falconiformes sp.


Southern, Crested or Guadalupe CaracaraCaracara [plancus, cheriway or lutosa]Rare/Accidental
Southern or Crested CaracaraCaracara [plancus or cheriway]Rare/Accidental
Crested CaracaraCaracara cheriwayRare/Accidental
Crested Caracara (audubonii)Caracara cheriway auduboniiRare/Accidental
Falco sp.Falco
American KestrelFalco sparverius
American Kestrel [sparverius]Falco sparverius [sparverius]
American Kestrel [sparverius, peninsularis, tropicalis, nicaraguensis or paulus]Falco sparverius [sparverius, peninsularis, tropicalis, nicaraguensis or paulus]
American Kestrel [sparverius, peninsularis, tropicalis or nicaraguensis]Falco sparverius [sparverius, peninsularis, tropicalis or nicaraguensis]
American Kestrel (sparverius)Falco sparverius sparverius
MerlinFalco columbarius
Merlin [North American]Falco columbarius [columbarius, suckleyi or richardsonii]
Merlin [Merlin]Falco columbarius [columbarius or suckleyi]
Merlin (columbarius)Falco columbarius columbarius
Merlin (richardsonii)Falco columbarius richardsonii
GyrfalconFalco rusticolusRare/Accidental
Prairie FalconFalco mexicanusRare/Accidental
Peregrine or Cape Verde Peregrine Falcon [incl. babylonicus]Falco [peregrinus or madens, incl. babylonicus]
Peregrine or Barbary FalconFalco [peregrinus, madens or pelegrinoides]
Peregrine or Cape Verde Peregrine FalconFalco [peregrinus or madens]
Peregrine FalconFalco peregrinus
Peregrine Falcon (anatum)Falco peregrinus anatum
Peregrine Falcon [Tundra]Falco peregrinus [tundrius or calidus]
Peregrine Falcon (tundrius)Falco peregrinus tundrius
Unidentified Large FalconFalco sp. (large falcon sp.)
Unidentified Small FalconFalco sp. (small falcon sp.)


Monk or Cliff ParakeetMyiopsitta [monachus or luchsi]Introduced species
Monk ParakeetMyiopsitta monachusIntroduced species
Carolina ParakeetConuropsis carolinensisRare/Accidental Extinct
Carolina Parakeet (ludoviciana)Conuropsis carolinensis ludovicianaExtirpated
Passerine sp.Passeriformes sp.


flycatcher sp. (Tyrannidae sp.)Tyrannidae sp.
Great KiskadeePitangus sulphuratusRare/Accidental
Great Kiskadee (texanus)Pitangus sulphuratus texanusRare/Accidental
Western KingbirdTyrannus verticalisRare/Accidental
Scissor-tailed FlycatcherTyrannus forficatusRare/Accidental
Fork-tailed FlycatcherTyrannus savanaRare/Accidental
Eastern KingbirdTyrannus tyrannus
Grey KingbirdTyrannus dominicensisRare/Accidental
Grey Kingbird (dominicensis)Tyrannus dominicensis dominicensisRare/Accidental
Myiarchus sp.Myiarchus
Great Crested FlycatcherMyiarchus crinitus
Vermilion, Galapagos or San Cristobal FlycatcherPyrocephalus [rubinus, nanus or dubius]Rare/Accidental
Scarlet or Vermilion FlycatcherPyrocephalus [rubinus or obscurus]Rare/Accidental
Vermilion FlycatcherPyrocephalus obscurusRare/Accidental
Vermilion Flycatcher [mexicanus]Pyrocephalus obscurus [mexicanus]Rare/Accidental
Vermilion Flycatcher (mexicanus)Pyrocephalus obscurus mexicanusRare/Accidental
Eastern PhoebeSayornis phoebe
Say's PhoebeSayornis sayaRare/Accidental
Say's Phoebe (saya)Sayornis saya sayaRare/Accidental
Say's Phoebe (saya, syn. {saya or yukonensis})Sayornis saya saya {saya or yukonensis}Rare/Accidental
Say's Phoebe (saya, sensu stricto)Sayornis saya saya (saya)Rare/Accidental
Empidonax sp.Empidonax
Yellow-bellied FlycatcherEmpidonax flaviventris
Acadian FlycatcherEmpidonax virescens
Alder FlycatcherEmpidonax alnorum
Willow or Alder FlycatcherEmpidonax [traillii or alnorum]
Willow FlycatcherEmpidonax traillii
Willow Flycatcher (traillii)Empidonax traillii traillii
Least FlycatcherEmpidonax minimus
Contopus sp.Contopus
Olive-sided FlycatcherContopus cooperiNear-threatened
Western Wood-PeweeContopus sordidulusRare/Accidental
Eastern Wood-PeweeContopus virens
Western or Eastern Wood-PeweeContopus [sordidulus or virens]


Vireo sp.Vireo
Bell's VireoVireo bellii
Bell's Vireo [Eastern]Vireo bellii [bellii or medius]
Bell's Vireo (bellii)Vireo bellii bellii
White-eyed, Mangrove, Thick-billed or Old Providence VireoVireo [griseus, pallens, crassirostris or approximans]
White-eyed or Mangrove VireoVireo [griseus or pallens]
White-eyed VireoVireo griseus
White-eyed Vireo [White-eyed]Vireo griseus [griseus]
White-eyed Vireo (griseus)Vireo griseus griseus
White-eyed Vireo (griseus, syn. noveboracensis)Vireo griseus griseus (noveboracensis)
Blue-headed, Cassin's or Plumbeous VireoVireo [solitarius, cassinii or plumbeus]
Blue-headed VireoVireo solitarius
Blue-headed Vireo (solitarius)Vireo solitarius solitarius
Yellow-throated VireoVireo flavifrons
Philadelphia VireoVireo philadelphicus
Red-eyed, Yellow-green or Noronha VireoVireo [olivaceus, chivi, gracilirostris or flavoviridis]
Red-eyed, Chivi or Noronha VireoVireo [olivaceus, chivi or gracilirostris]
Red-eyed or Chivi VireoVireo [olivaceus or chivi]
Red-eyed Vireo [incl. agilis]Vireo olivaceus [incl. agilis]
Red-eyed VireoVireo olivaceus
Red-eyed Vireo [incl. forreri, insulanus, hypoleucos]Vireo olivaceus [incl. forreri, insulanus, hypoleucos]
Red-eyed or Noronha Vireo [incl. forreri, insulanus, hypoleucos]Vireo [olivaceus or gracilirostris, incl. forreri, insulanus]
Red-eyed Vireo [incl. forreri, insulanus]Vireo olivaceus [incl. forreri, insulanus]
Eastern, Western or Cape Warbling-Vireo or Brown-capped VireoVireo [gilvus, swainsoni, victoriae or leucophrys]
Eastern, Western or Cape Warbling-Vireo or Brown-capped Vireo [excl. leucophrys]Vireo [gilvus, swainsoni, victoriae, excl. leucophrys]
Eastern, Western or Cape Warbling-VireoVireo [gilvus, swainsoni or victoriae]
Eastern, Western or Cape Warbling-Vireo [incl. eleanorae]Vireo [gilvus or swainsoni, incl. eleanorae]
Eastern Warbling-VireoVireo gilvus
Warbling or Philadelphia VireoVireo [gilvus or philadelphicus]
Red-eyed or Philadelphia VireoVireo [olivaceus or philadelphicus]


Lanius sp.Lanius
Loggerhead ShrikeLanius ludovicianusNear-threatened
Loggerhead Shrike (migrans)Lanius ludovicianus migrans
Great Gray, Northern, Southern or Steppe Grey ShrikeLanius [excubitor, borealis, meridionalis or pallidirostris]
Northern or Southern Grey Shrike [excl. pallidirostris]Lanius [excubitor, borealis or meridionalis, excl. pallidirostris]
Great Gray or Northern ShrikeLanius [excubitor or borealis]
Northern ShrikeLanius borealis
Northern Shrike (borealis)Lanius borealis borealis
Northern Shrike (borealis, sensu stricto)Lanius borealis borealis (borealis)


Eurasian, Black-billed or Arabian MagpiePica [pica, asirensis or hudsonia]Rare/Accidental
Black-billed MagpiePica hudsoniaRare/Accidental
American CrowCorvus brachyrhynchos
American Crow [excl. caurinus]Corvus brachyrhynchos [excl. caurinus]
Fish CrowCorvus ossifragusRare/Accidental
Common RavenCorvus coraxRare/Accidental
Common Raven (principalis)Corvus corax principalisRare/Accidental
American or Fish CrowCorvus [brachyrhynchos or ossifragus]
Unidentified CrowCorvus sp. (Crow sp.)
California, Woodhouse's, Sumichrast's or Island Scrub-JayAphelocoma [californica, woodhouseii, sumichrasti or insularis]Rare/Accidental
California, Woodhouse's or Sumichrast's Scrub-JayAphelocoma [californica, woodhouseii or sumichrasti]Rare/Accidental
Woodhouse's or Sumichrast's Scrub-JayAphelocoma [woodhouseii or sumichrasti]Rare/Accidental
Woodhouse's Scrub-JayAphelocoma woodhouseiiRare/Accidental
Florida, Island, Western, Woodhouse's or Sumichrast's Scrub-JayAphelocoma [coerulescens, insularis or californica]Rare/Accidental
Blue JayCyanocitta cristata
Blue Jay (cristata)Cyanocitta cristata cristata
Blue Jay (bromia)Cyanocitta cristata bromia


House, Italian or Spanish SparrowPasser [domesticus, italiae or hispaniolensis]Introduced species
House or Italian SparrowPasser [domesticus or italiae]Introduced species
House SparrowPasser domesticusIntroduced species
House Sparrow [domesticus]Passer domesticus [domesticus]Introduced species
House Sparrow (domesticus)Passer domesticus domesticusIntroduced species
Eurasian Tree SparrowPasser montanusRare/Accidental
Eurasian Tree Sparrow (montanus)Passer montanus montanusRare/Accidental


Water, Rock or American PipitAnthus [spinoletta, rubescens or petrosus]
Water or American PipitAnthus [spinoletta or rubescens]
American PipitAnthus rubescens
American Pipit [rubescens, pacificus, geophilus or alticola]Anthus rubescens [rubescens, pacificus, geophilus or alticola]
American Pipit [rubescens, pacificus or geophilus]Anthus rubescens [rubescens, pacificus or geophilus]
American Pipit (rubescens)Anthus rubescens rubescens


Finch sp.Fringillidae sp.
BramblingFringilla montifringillaRare/Accidental
Evening GrosbeakHesperiphona vespertinaVulnerable
Evening Grosbeak (type 3)Hesperiphona vespertina [type 3]
Pine GrosbeakPinicola enucleatorRare/Accidental
Pine Grosbeak [leucura, alascensis or eschatosa]Pinicola enucleator [leucura, alascensis or eschatosa]Rare/Accidental
Pine Grosbeak (leucura)Pinicola enucleator leucuraRare/Accidental
Pine Grosbeak (eschatosa)Pinicola enucleator eschatosaRare/Accidental
Purple FinchHaemorhous purpureus
Purple Finch (purpureus)Haemorhous purpureus purpureus
House FinchHaemorhous mexicanusIntroduced species
House Finch [mexicanus]Haemorhous mexicanus [mexicanus]Introduced species
House Finch [mexicanus, excl. amplus]Haemorhous mexicanus [mexicanus, excl. amplus]Introduced species
Purple or House FinchHaemorhous [purpureus or mexicanus]
Hoary RedpollAcanthis hornemanniRare/Accidental
Hoary Redpoll (exilipes)Acanthis hornemanni exilipesRare/Accidental
Common, Hoary or Lesser RedpollAcanthis [flammea, cabaret or hornemanni]
Common or Lesser RedpollAcanthis [flammea or cabaret]
Common RedpollAcanthis flammea
Common Redpoll (flammea)Acanthis flammea flammea
Common Redpoll [Greenland]Acanthis flammea [rostrata or islandica]
Common Redpoll (rostrata)Acanthis flammea rostrata
Loxia sp.Loxia
Red or Scottish CrossbillLoxia [curvirostra or scotica]
Red or South Hills CrossbillLoxia [curvirostra or sinesciuris]
Red CrossbillLoxia curvirostra
Red Crossbill (pusilla)Loxia curvirostra pusilla
Red Crossbill (pusilla, sensu stricto)Loxia curvirostra pusilla (pusilla)
Red Crossbill (Ponderosa Pine or type 2)Loxia curvirostra [type 2]
Red Crossbill (Western Hemlock or type 3)Loxia curvirostra [type 3]
Red Crossbill (Douglas-fir or type 4)Loxia curvirostra [type 4]
White-winged or Hispaniolan CrossbillLoxia [leucoptera or megaplaga]
White-winged CrossbillLoxia leucoptera
White-winged Crossbill (leucoptera)Loxia leucoptera leucoptera
Spinus sp.Spinus
Pine SiskinSpinus pinus
Pine Siskin [Northern]Spinus pinus [pinus]
Pine Siskin (pinus)Spinus pinus pinus
American GoldfinchSpinus tristis


Calcarius sp.Calcarius
Lapland LongspurCalcarius lapponicus
Lapland Longspur [lapponicus or subcalcaratus]Calcarius lapponicus [lapponicus or subcalcaratus]
Lapland Longspur (subcalcaratus)Calcarius lapponicus subcalcaratus
Smith's LongspurCalcarius pictus
Thick-billed LongspurRhynchophanes mccowniiRare/Accidental
Snow or McKay's BuntingPlectrophenax [nivalis or hyperboreus]
Snow BuntingPlectrophenax nivalis
Snow Bunting (nivalis)Plectrophenax nivalis nivalis
longspur sp.Calcarius or Rhynchophanes sp.


Sparrow sp.Emberizidae sp.

PASSERIFORMES: Passerellidae

Spizella sp.Spizella
Chipping SparrowSpizella passerina
Chipping Sparrow (passerina)Spizella passerina passerina
Clay-colored SparrowSpizella pallida
Field or Worthen's SparrowSpizella [pusilla or wortheni]
Field SparrowSpizella pusilla
Field Sparrow (pusilla)Spizella pusilla pusilla
American Tree Sparrow or Spizella sp.Spizella or Spizelloides sp.
American Tree SparrowSpizelloides arborea
American Tree Sparrow (arborea)Spizelloides arborea arborea
Lark SparrowChondestes grammacus
Lark Sparrow (grammacus)Chondestes grammacus grammacus
Lark BuntingCalamospiza melanocorysRare/Accidental
Bachman's SparrowPeucaea aestivalisRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Bachman's Sparrow (illinoensis)Peucaea aestivalis illinoensis
Cassin's SparrowPeucaea cassiniiRare/Accidental
Ammodramus sp.Ammodramus
Grasshopper SparrowAmmodramus savannarum
Grasshopper Sparrow (pratensis)Ammodramus savannarum pratensis
Green-tailed TowheePipilo chlorurusRare/Accidental
Eastern, Spotted or Socorro TowheePipilo [erythrophthalmus, maculatus or socorroensis]
Eastern or Spotted Towhee [excl. socorroensis]Pipilo [erythrophthalmus or maculatus, excl. socorroensis]
Eastern TowheePipilo erythrophthalmus
Eastern Towhee [Red-eyed]Pipilo erythrophthalmus [erythrophthalmus or canaster]
Eastern Towhee (erythrophthalmus)Pipilo erythrophthalmus erythrophthalmus
Spotted or Socorro TowheePipilo [maculatus or socorroensis]Rare/Accidental
Spotted TowheePipilo maculatusRare/Accidental
Spotted Towhee [excl. consobrinus]Pipilo maculatus [excl. consobrinus]
Spotted Towhee [maculatus, incl. oaxacae, vulcanorum]Pipilo maculatus [maculatus, incl. oaxacae, vulcanorum]
Spotted Towhee [Rocky Mts.]Pipilo maculatus [maculatus]
Spotted Towhee (arcticus)Pipilo maculatus arcticus
Dark-eyed, Guadalupe, Yellow-eyed or Baird's JuncoJunco [hyemalis, insularis, phaeonotus or bairdi]
Dark-eyed or Guadalupe Junco [excl. caniceps]Junco [hyemalis or insularis, excl. caniceps]
Dark-eyed or Guadalupe JuncoJunco [hyemalis or insularis]
Dark-eyed Junco [excl. mutabilis]Junco hyemalis [excl. mutabilis]
Dark-eyed JuncoJunco hyemalis
Dark-eyed Junco [Slate-colored, Oregon or aikeni]Junco hyemalis [hyemalis, oreganus or aikeni]
Dark-eyed Junco [hyemalis, carolinensis or cismontanus]Junco hyemalis [hyemalis, carolinensis or cismontanus]
Dark-eyed Junco [hyemalis or carolinensis]Junco hyemalis [hyemalis or carolinensis]
Dark-eyed Junco (hyemalis)Junco hyemalis hyemalis
Dark-eyed Junco [Oregon, incl. mutabilis]Junco hyemalis [oreganus, incl. mutabilis]
Dark-eyed Junco (cismontanus)Junco hyemalis cismontanus
Dark-eyed Junco [Oregon]Junco hyemalis [oreganus]
Dark-eyed Junco (mearnsi)Junco hyemalis mearnsi
Zonotrichia sp.Zonotrichia
Harris's SparrowZonotrichia querulaNear-threatened
White-crowned SparrowZonotrichia leucophrys
White-crowned Sparrow [Dark-lored]Zonotrichia leucophrys [leucophrys or oriantha]
White-crowned Sparrow (leucophrys)Zonotrichia leucophrys leucophrys
White-crowned Sparrow (gambelii)Zonotrichia leucophrys gambelii
White-throated SparrowZonotrichia albicollis
Golden-crowned SparrowZonotrichia atricapillaRare/Accidental
Red Fox, Sooty Fox, Slate-colored Fox or Thick-billed Fox SparrowPasserella [iliaca, unalaschcensis, schistacea or megarhyncha]
Red Fox SparrowPasserella iliaca
Red Fox Sparrow (iliaca)Passerella iliaca iliaca
Slate-colored Fox Sparrow [incl. fulva]Passerella schistacea [incl. fulva]
Slate-colored Fox SparrowPasserella schistacea
Ammospiza sp.Ammospiza
Saltmarsh or Nelson's SparrowAmmospiza [caudacuta or nelsoni]
Nelson's SparrowAmmospiza nelsoni
Nelson's Sparrow [Interior]Ammospiza nelsoni [nelsoni or altera]
Nelson's Sparrow (altera)Ammospiza nelsoni altera
LeConte's SparrowAmmospiza leconteii
Vesper SparrowPooecetes gramineus
Vesper Sparrow (gramineus)Pooecetes gramineus gramineus
Savannah, San Benito, Belding's or Large-billed SparrowPasserculus [sandwichensis, sanctorum, guttatus or rostratus]
Savannah, San Benito, Belding's or Large-billed Sparrow [excl. princeps]Passerculus [sandwichensis, sanctorum, guttatus or rostratus, excl. princeps]
Savannah, San Benito or Belding's SparrowPasserculus [sandwichensis, sanctorum or guttatus]
Savannah, San Benito or Belding's Sparrow [excl. princeps]Passerculus [sandwichensis, sanctorum or guttatus, excl. princeps]
Savannah or San Benito SparrowPasserculus [sandwichensis or sanctorum]
Savannah or San Benito [excl. princeps]Passerculus [sandwichensis or sanctorum, excl. princeps]
Savannah SparrowPasserculus sandwichensis
Savannah Sparrow [sandwichensis]Passerculus sandwichensis [sandwichensis or savanna]
Savannah Sparrow [Eastern]Passerculus sandwichensis [savanna]
Henslow's SparrowCentronyx henslowii
Henslow's Sparrow (henslowii)Centronyx henslowii henslowii
Song SparrowMelospiza melodia
Song Sparrow [melodia, , juddi, euphonia, atlantica or montana]Melospiza melodia [melodia, , juddi, euphonia, atlantica or montana]
Song Sparrow [melodia, juddi, euphonia or atlantica]Melospiza melodia [melodia, juddi, euphonia or atlantica]
Song Sparrow [melodia, juddi or euphonia]Melospiza melodia [melodia, juddi or euphonia]
Lincoln's SparrowMelospiza lincolnii
Lincoln's Sparrow [lincolnii or alticola]Melospiza lincolnii [lincolnii or alticola]
Lincoln's Sparrow (lincolnii)Melospiza lincolnii lincolnii
Swamp SparrowMelospiza georgiana
Swamp Sparrow (georgiana)Melospiza georgiana georgiana
Grasshopper or Henslow's SparrowAmmodramus savannarum or Centronyx bairdii
Grasshopper or Baird's SparrowAmmodramus savannarum or Centronyx henslowii


OvenbirdSeiurus aurocapilla
Worm-eating WarblerHelmitheros vermivorum
Northern WaterthrushParkesia noveboracensis
Louisiana WaterthrushParkesia motacilla
Northern or Louisiana WaterthrushParkesia [noveboracensis or motacilla]
Blue-winged WarblerVermivora cyanoptera
Golden-winged WarblerVermivora chrysopteraNear-threatened
Blue or Golden-winged WarblerVermivora [cyanoptera or chrysoptera]
Lawrence's Warbler (hybrid)Vermivora [cyanoptera x chrysoptera] (F2)Rare/Accidental
Golden-winged x Blue-winged Warbler (hybrid)Vermivora [cyanoptera x chrysoptera] (F1)
Blue-winged x Golden-winged Warbler (hybrid)Vermivora [cyanoptera x chrysoptera]Rare/Accidental
Black-and-white WarblerMniotilta varia
Prothonotary WarblerProtonotaria citrea
Swainson's WarblerLimnothlypis swainsoniiRare/Accidental
Tennessee WarblerLeiothlypis peregrina
Orange-crowned WarblerLeiothlypis celata
Orange-crowned Warbler [Gray-headed]Leiothlypis celata [celata or orestera]
Orange-crowned Warbler (celata)Leiothlypis celata celata
Nashville WarblerLeiothlypis ruficapilla
Nashville Warbler (ruficapilla)Leiothlypis ruficapilla ruficapilla
Oporornis sp.Oporornis
Connecticut WarblerOporornis agilis
Kentucky WarblerGeothlypis formosa
Mourning WarblerGeothlypis philadelphia
Common YellowthroatGeothlypis trichas
Common Yellowthroat [Eastern]Geothlypis trichas [trichas]
Common Yellowthroat (trichas)Geothlypis trichas trichas
Setophaga sp.Setophaga
Dendroica sp. (Setophaga)Setophaga (Dendroica)
Northern ParulaSetophaga americana
Mangrove or American Yellow WarblerSetophaga [petechia or aestiva]
Mangrove or American Yellow Warbler [excl. erithachorides]Setophaga [petechia or aestiva, excl. erithachorides]
American Yellow WarblerSetophaga aestiva
American Yellow Warbler (aestiva)Setophaga aestiva aestiva
Chestnut-sided WarblerSetophaga pensylvanica
Magnolia WarblerSetophaga magnolia
Cape May WarblerSetophaga tigrina
Black-throated Blue WarblerSetophaga caerulescens
Black-throated Blue Warbler (caerulescens)Setophaga caerulescens caerulescens
Myrtle, Audubon's or Goldman's WarblerSetophaga [coronata, auduboni or goldmani]
Myrtle WarblerSetophaga coronata
Audubon's or Goldman's WarblerSetophaga [auduboni or goldmani]
Audubon's WarblerSetophaga auduboni
Audubon's Warbler (auduboni)Setophaga auduboni auduboni
Black-throated Grey WarblerSetophaga nigrescensRare/Accidental
Townsend's WarblerSetophaga townsendiRare/Accidental
Black-throated Green WarblerSetophaga virens
Black-throated Green Warbler (syn. virens)Setophaga virens (virens)
Blackburnian WarblerSetophaga fusca
Yellow-throated or Bahama WarblerSetophaga [dominica or flavescens]
Yellow-throated WarblerSetophaga dominica
Yellow-throated Warbler (albilora)Setophaga dominica albilora
Pine WarblerSetophaga pinus
Kirtland's WarblerSetophaga kirtlandiiRare/Accidental Near-threatened
Prairie WarblerSetophaga discolor
Prairie Warbler (discolor)Setophaga discolor discolor
Palm WarblerSetophaga palmarum
Palm Warbler (palmarum)Setophaga palmarum palmarum
Palm Warbler (hypochrysea)Setophaga palmarum hypochrysea
Bay-breasted WarblerSetophaga castanea
Blackpoll WarblerSetophaga striataNear-threatened
Cerulean WarblerSetophaga ceruleaNear-threatened
American RedstartSetophaga ruticilla
Hooded WarblerSetophaga citrina
Bay-breasted/Blackpoll WarblerSetophaga [castanea or striata]
Cerulean Warbler x Northern Parula (hybrid)Setophaga [cerulea x americana]Rare/Accidental
Wilson's WarblerCardellina pusilla
Wilson's Warbler (pusilla)Cardellina pusilla pusilla
Canada WarblerCardellina canadensis
Warbler sp.Parulinae sp.
Connecticut, MacGillivray's or Mourning WarblerOporornis or Geothlypis sp. (Mourning-type)


Unidentified blackbirdIcterinae sp.
Yellow-breasted ChatIcteria virens
Yellow-breasted Chat (virens)Icteria virens virens
Yellow-headed BlackbirdXanthocephalus xanthocephalus
BobolinkDolichonyx oryzivorus
Eastern or Western MeadowlarkSturnella [magna, neglecta or lilianae]
Eastern or Lilian's MeadowlarkSturnella [magna or lilianae]Near-threatened
Eastern Meadowlark [excl. auropectoralis, saundersi]Sturnella magna [excl. auropectoralis, saundersi]
Eastern MeadowlarkSturnella magna
Eastern Meadowlark [magna]Sturnella magna [magna]
Eastern Meadowlark (magna)Sturnella magna magna
Eastern Meadowlark (argutula)Sturnella magna argutula
Western MeadowlarkSturnella neglecta
Icterus sp.Icterus
Baltimore, Black-backed or Bullock's OrioleIcterus [galbula or abeillei]
Baltimore or Bullock's OrioleIcterus [galbula or bullockii]
Baltimore OrioleIcterus galbula
Bullock's OrioleIcterus bullockiiRare/Accidental
Bullock's Oriole (bullockii)Icterus bullockii bullockiiRare/Accidental
Orchard or Fuertes's OrioleIcterus [spurius or fuertesi]
Orchard OrioleIcterus spurius
Orchard Oriole (spurius)Icterus spurius spurius
Audubon's OrioleIcterus graduacaudaRare/Accidental
Audubon's Oriole [Audubon's]Icterus graduacauda [graduacauda or audubonii]Rare/Accidental
Audubon's Oriole (audubonii)Icterus graduacauda auduboniiRare/Accidental
Red-winged or Red-shouldered BlackbirdAgelaius [phoeniceus or assimilis]
Red-winged BlackbirdAgelaius phoeniceus
Red-winged Blackbird [Red-winged]Agelaius phoeniceus [phoeniceus]
Red-winged Blackbird (phoeniceus)Agelaius phoeniceus phoeniceus
Brown-headed CowbirdMolothrus ater
Brown-headed Cowbird (ater)Molothrus ater ater
Bronzed or Brown-headed CowbirdMolothrus [aeneus or ater]
Rusty BlackbirdEuphagus carolinusVulnerable
Brewer's BlackbirdEuphagus cyanocephalus
Rusty or Brewer's BlackbirdEuphagus [carolinus or cyanocephalus]
Boat-tailed or Great-tailed GrackleQuiscalus [mexicanus or major]
Great-tailed GrackleQuiscalus mexicanusRare/Accidental
Common GrackleQuiscalus quisculaNear-threatened
Common Grackle (versicolor)Quiscalus quiscula versicolor


Rose-breasted GrosbeakPheucticus ludovicianus
Black-headed GrosbeakPheucticus melanocephalusRare/Accidental
DickcisselSpiza americana
Blue GrosbeakPasserina caerulea
Blue Grosbeak (caerulea)Passerina caerulea caerulea
Lazuli BuntingPasserina amoenaRare/Accidental
Indigo BuntingPasserina cyanea
Painted BuntingPasserina cirisRare/Accidental
Piranga sp.Piranga
Summer TanagerPiranga rubra
Summer Tanager (rubra)Piranga rubra rubra
Scarlet TanagerPiranga olivacea
Western TanagerPiranga ludovicianaRare/Accidental
Summer or Scarlet TanagerPiranga [rubra or olivacea]
Northern CardinalCardinalis cardinalis
Northern Cardinal [Common]Cardinalis cardinalis [cardinalis, excl. carneus]
Northern Cardinal [cardinalis or coccineus]Cardinalis cardinalis [cardinalis or coccineus]
Northern Cardinal [cardinalis, floridanus, magnirostris or canicaudus]Cardinalis cardinalis [cardinalis, floridanus, magnirostris or canicaudus]
Northern Cardinal (cardinalis)Cardinalis cardinalis cardinalis


Tufted or Black-crested TitmouseBaeolophus [bicolor or atricristatus]
Tufted TitmouseBaeolophus bicolor
Tufted Titmouse [incl. sennetti, paloduro]Baeolophus bicolor [incl. sennetti, paloduro]
Poecile sp.Poecile
Carolina ChickadeePoecile carolinensis
Carolina Chickadee (extimus)Poecile carolinensis extimus
Black-capped ChickadeePoecile atricapillus
Black-capped Chickadee (atricapillus)Poecile atricapillus atricapillus
Boreal, Siberian or Chestnut-backed ChickadeePoecile [hudsonicus, cinctus or rufescens]Rare/Accidental
Boreal ChickadeePoecile hudsonicusRare/Accidental
Boreal Chickadee (hudsonicus)Poecile hudsonicus hudsonicusRare/Accidental
Carolina or Black-capped ChickadeePoecile [carolinensis or atricapillus]
Carolina x Black-capped Chickadee (hybrid)Poecile [carolinensis x atricapillus]Rare/Accidental


Horned, Przewalski's or Temminck's LarkEremophila [alpestris, teleschowi or bilopha]
Horned or Przewalski's LarkEremophila [alpestris or teleschowi]
Horned LarkEremophila alpestris
Horned Lark [Horned]Eremophila alpestris [alpestris]


Unidentified swallowHirundinidae sp.
Cliff SwallowPetrochelidon pyrrhonota
Cliff Swallow [pyrrhonota, tachina or ganieri]Petrochelidon pyrrhonota [pyrrhonota, tachina or ganieri]
Cliff Swallow [pyrrhonota or ganieri]Petrochelidon pyrrhonota [pyrrhonota or ganieri]
Cliff Swallow [pyrrhonota or ganieri, excl. hypopolia]Petrochelidon pyrrhonota [pyrrhonota or ganieri, excl. hypopolia]
Cliff Swallow (pyrrhonota)Petrochelidon pyrrhonota pyrrhonota
Cliff Swallow (ganieri)Petrochelidon pyrrhonota ganieri
Cinnamon-throated, Chestnut-collared, Cave or Ecuadorian SwallowPetrochelidon [fulva or rufocollaris]Rare/Accidental
Cinnamon-throated or Cave SwallowPetrochelidon [fulva or pallida]Rare/Accidental
Cave SwallowPetrochelidon pallidaRare/Accidental
Barn SwallowHirundo rustica
Barn Swallow (erythrogaster)Hirundo rustica erythrogaster
Barn Swallow (erythrogaster, sensu stricto)Hirundo rustica erythrogaster (erythrogaster)
Sand or Pale MartinRiparia [riparia or diluta]
Sand MartinRiparia riparia
Sand Martin [riparia or innominata]Riparia riparia [riparia or innominata]
Sand Martin (riparia)Riparia riparia riparia
Tree SwallowTachycineta bicolor
Purple, Caribbean, Cuban, Sinaloa, Grey-breasted, Galapagos, Southern or Elegant MartinProgne [subis, dominicensis, cryptoleuca, sinaloae, chalybea, modesta, murphyi or elegans]
Purple, Caribbean, Cuban or Sinaloa MartinProgne [subis, dominicensis, cryptoleuca or sinaloae]
Purple MartinProgne subis
Purple Martin [Northern]Progne subis [subis or arboricola]
Purple Martin (subis)Progne subis subis
Northern or Ridgway's Rough-winged SwallowStelgidopteryx [serripennis or ridgwayi]
Northern Rough-winged SwallowStelgidopteryx serripennis
Northern Rough-winged Swallow [serripennis, psammochroa, fulvipennis, burleighi]Stelgidopteryx serripennis [serripennis, psammochroa, fulvipennis, burleighi]
Southern or Northern Rough-winged SwallowStelgidopteryx [ruficollis or serripennis]


Ruby-crowned KingletCorthylio calendula
Ruby-crowned Kinglet [calendula or grinnelli]Corthylio calendula [calendula or grinnelli]
Ruby-crowned Kinglet (calendula)Corthylio calendula calendula
Regulus sp.Regulus
Golden-crowned KingletRegulus satrapa
Golden-crowned Kinglet (satrapa)Regulus satrapa satrapa
Ruby-crowned or Golden-crowned KingletCorthylio calendula or Regulus satrapa

PASSERIFORMES: Bombycillidae

Bohemian WaxwingBombycilla garrulusRare/Accidental
Bohemian Waxwing (pallidiceps)Bombycilla garrulus pallidiceps
Cedar WaxwingBombycilla cedrorum
Cedar Waxwing (cedrorum)Bombycilla cedrorum cedrorum


Eurasian Tree-Creeper, Brown Creeper, Hodgson's or Sichuan Tree-CreeperCerthia [familiaris, hodgsoni, tianquanensis or americana]
Brown CreeperCerthia americana


Sitta sp.Sitta
Red-breasted NuthatchSitta canadensis
White-breasted NuthatchSitta carolinensis
White-breasted Nuthatch (carolinensis)Sitta carolinensis carolinensis
Pygmy or Brown-headed NuthatchSitta [pygmaea or pusilla]Rare/Accidental

PASSERIFORMES: Troglodytidae

Rock WrenSalpinctes obsoletusRare/Accidental
Rock Wren [Northern]Salpinctes obsoletus [obsoletus]Rare/Accidental
Rock Wren [obsoletus, pulverius, proximus]Salpinctes obsoletus [obsoletus, pulverius, proximus]Rare/Accidental
Rock Wren (obsoletus)Salpinctes obsoletus obsoletusRare/Accidental
Eurasian, Winter or Pacific WrenTroglodytes [troglodytes, hiemalis or pacificus]
Winter or Pacific WrenTroglodytes [hiemalis or pacificus]
Eastern Winter WrenTroglodytes hiemalis
Eastern Winter Wren (hiemalis)Troglodytes hiemalis hiemalis
House, Brown-throated, Cozumel, Antillean House, Tropical, Cobb's or Clarion WrenTroglodytes [aedon, tanneri, brunneicollis, martinicensis, musculus, beani or cobbi]
House, Clarion, Brown-throated or Antillean House WrenTroglodytes [aedon, tanneri, brunneicollis or martinicensis]
House or Clarion WrenTroglodytes [aedon or tanneri]
House WrenTroglodytes aedon
House, Brown-throated or Antillean House, Tropical, Cozumel or Cobb's WrenTroglodytes [aedon, brunneicollis, martinicensis, musculus, beani or cobbi]
House, Brown-throated or Antillean House, Tropical or Cozumel WrenTroglodytes [aedon, brunneicollis, martinicensis, musculus or beani]
House, Brown-throated or Antillean House or Tropical WrenTroglodytes [aedon, brunneicollis, martinicensis or musculus]
House, Brown-throated or Antillean House WrenTroglodytes [aedon, brunneicollis or martinicensis]
House or Brown-throated WrenTroglodytes [aedon or brunneicollis]
House, Cobb's or Clarion WrenTroglodytes [aedon, cobbi or tanneri]
House or Cobb's WrenTroglodytes [aedon or cobbi]
House, Tropical or Brown-throated WrenTroglodytes [aedon, musculus or brunneicollis]
House or Tropical WrenTroglodytes [aedon or musculus]
Grass or Sedge WrenCistothorus [platensis or stellaris]
Sedge WrenCistothorus stellaris
Marsh WrenCistothorus palustris
Marsh Wren [Eastern]Cistothorus palustris [palustris]
Marsh Wren [Interior Western]Cistothorus palustris [plesius]
Marsh Wren (iliacus)Cistothorus palustris iliacus
Carolina or White-browed WrenThryothorus [ludovicianus or albinucha]
Carolina WrenThryothorus ludovicianus
Carolina Wren [Northern]Thryothorus ludovicianus [ludovicianus]
Carolina Wren (ludovicianus)Thryothorus ludovicianus ludovicianus
Bewick's or Socorro WrenThryomanes bewickii or Troglodytes sissoniiRare/Accidental
Bewick's WrenThryomanes bewickiiRare/Accidental
Bewick's Wren [Bewick's]Thryomanes bewickii [excl. brevicaudus, leucophrys]
Bewick's Wren [Eastern]Thryomanes bewickii [bewickii or altus]
Bewick's Wren (altus)Thryomanes bewickii altus
Unidentified WrenTroglodytidae sp.

PASSERIFORMES: Polioptilidae

Blue-grey GnatcatcherPolioptila caerulea
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher [Eastern]Polioptila caerulea [caerulea]
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher (caerulea)Polioptila caerulea caerulea
Blue-grey Gnatcatcher (caerulea, sensu stricto)Polioptila caerulea caerulea (caerulea)


Grey CatbirdDumetella carolinensis
Northern, Tropical or San Andres MockingbirdMimus [polyglottos or gilvus]
Northern MockingbirdMimus polyglottos
Northern Mockingbird (polyglottos)Mimus polyglottos polyglottos
Northern Mockingbird (polyglottos, sensu stricto)Mimus polyglottos polyglottos (polyglottos)
Sage ThrasherOreoscoptes montanusRare/Accidental
Brown ThrasherToxostoma rufum
Brown Thrasher (longicauda)Toxostoma rufum longicauda


Common StarlingSturnus vulgarisIntroduced species
Common Starling (vulgaris)Sturnus vulgaris vulgarisIntroduced species


Northern, Somali or Seebohm's WheatearOenanthe [oenanthe, seebohmi or phillipsi]Rare/Accidental
Northern or Seebohm's WheatearOenanthe [oenanthe or seebohmi]Rare/Accidental
Northern WheatearOenanthe oenantheRare/Accidental
Northern Wheatear (leucorhoa)Oenanthe oenanthe leucorhoaRare/Accidental


Thrush sp.Turdidae sp.
Eastern BluebirdSialia sialis
Eastern Bluebird [sialis, grata or bermudensis]Sialia sialis [sialis, grata or bermudensis]
Eastern Bluebird [sialis or bermudensis]Sialia sialis [sialis or bermudensis]
Eastern Bluebird [sialis or bermudensis, excl. episcopus]Sialia sialis [sialis or bermudensis, excl. episcopus]
Eastern Bluebird [sialis or grata]Sialia sialis [sialis or grata]
Eastern Bluebird (sialis)Sialia sialis sialis
Eastern Bluebird (sialis, sensu stricto)Sialia sialis sialis (sialis)
Mountain BluebirdSialia currucoidesRare/Accidental
Townsend's SolitaireMyadestes townsendiRare/Accidental
Townsend's Solitaire (townsendi)Myadestes townsendi townsendiRare/Accidental
Varied ThrushIxoreus naevius
Wood ThrushHylocichla mustelina
Catharus sp.Catharus
VeeryCatharus fuscescens
Veery (salicicola)Catharus fuscescens salicicola
Grey-cheeked or Bicknell's ThrushCatharus [minimus or bicknelli]
Grey-cheeked ThrushCatharus minimus
Grey-cheeked Thrush (minimus)Catharus minimus minimus
Grey-cheeked Thrush (aliciae)Catharus minimus aliciae
Swainson's ThrushCatharus ustulatus
Swainson's Thrush [Olive-backed]Catharus ustulatus [swainsoni]
Swainson's Thrush (swainsoni)Catharus ustulatus swainsoni
Hermit ThrushCatharus guttatus
Hermit Thrush [Northern or Eastern]Catharus guttatus [faxoni]
Hermit Thrush (faxoni)Catharus guttatus faxoni
American RobinTurdus migratorius
American Robin [American]Turdus migratorius [excl. confinis]
American Robin [Eastern or Western]Turdus migratorius [migratorius or propinquus]
American Robin [Eastern]Turdus migratorius [migratorius or achrusterus]
American Robin (migratorius)Turdus migratorius migratorius


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