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You can use this page to compare any 2 historical versions of a published checklist. For example, you can use this tool to see what changes have occurred between the 6th and the 7th edition of the AOU checklist, or between the 48th and the 49th supplement. New (Jan 2013): Cross-checklists comparisons are now available! For example you can now compare any version of Clements and the IOC checklists (cross-checklists comparisons are only available for global checklists). You can now also restrict the list of changes to a geographic region (e.g. a country, a province or a site) to see only changes affecting birds in a specific area.

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Scientific nameCommon nameAlt. nameFamily name Scientific nameCommon nameAlt. nameFamily name View
Eudyptes chrysocome Rockhopper Penguin Gorfou sauteur Spheniscidae
Eudyptes chrysocome Rockhopper Penguin Spheniscidae
Eudyptes moseleyi Tristan Penguin Spheniscidae
Pterodroma aterrima Mascarene Petrel Pétrel de Bourbon Procellariidae Pseudobulweria aterrima Mascarene Petrel Procellariidae
Pterodroma becki Beck's Petrel Pétrel de Beck Procellariidae Pseudobulweria becki Beck's Petrel Procellariidae
Pterodroma rostrata Tahiti Petrel Pétrel de Tahiti Procellariidae Pseudobulweria rostrata Tahiti Petrel Procellariidae
Pterodroma macgillivrayi Fiji Petrel Pétrel des Fidji Procellariidae Pseudobulweria macgillivrayi Fiji Petrel Procellariidae
Pterodroma leucoptera Gould's Petrel Pétrel de Gould Procellariidae
Pterodroma leucoptera Gould's Petrel Procellariidae
Pterodroma brevipes Collared Petrel Procellariidae
Puffinus bryani Bryan's Shearwater Procellariidae
Oceanites maorianus New Zealand Storm-Petrel Océanite de Nouvelle-Zélande Hydrobatidae Fregetta maoriana New Zealand Storm-Petrel Hydrobatidae
Threskiornis molucca Australian Ibis Ibis à cou noir Threskiornithidae Threskiornis moluccus Australian Ibis Threskiornithidae
Leptoptilos crumeniferus Marabou Stork Marabout d'Afrique Ciconiidae Leptoptilos crumenifer Marabou Stork Ciconiidae
Haliaeetus sanfordi Solomon Sea-Eagle Pygargue de Sanford Accipitridae Haliaeetus sanfordi Sanford's Sea-Eagle Accipitridae
Accipiter soloensis Chinese Goshawk Épervier de Horsfield Accipitridae Accipiter soloensis Chinese Sparrowhawk Accipitridae
Leucopternis plumbeus Plumbeous Hawk Buse plombée Accipitridae Cryptoleucopteryx plumbea Plumbeous Hawk Accipitridae
Leucopternis schistaceus Slate-colored Hawk Buse ardoisée Accipitridae Buteogallus schistaceus Slate-colored Hawk Accipitridae
Leucopternis princeps Barred Hawk Buse barrée Accipitridae Morphnarchus princeps Barred Hawk Accipitridae
Leucopternis lacernulatus White-necked Hawk Buse lacernulée Accipitridae Buteogallus lacernulatus White-necked Hawk Accipitridae
Leucopternis albicollis White Hawk Buse blanche Accipitridae Pseudastur albicollis White Hawk Accipitridae
Leucopternis occidentalis Gray-backed Hawk Buse à dos gris Accipitridae Pseudastur occidentalis Gray-backed Hawk Accipitridae
Leucopternis polionotus Mantled Hawk Buse mantelée Accipitridae Pseudastur polionotus Mantled Hawk Accipitridae
Harpyhaliaetus solitarius Solitary Eagle Buse solitaire Accipitridae Buteogallus solitarius Solitary Eagle Accipitridae
Harpyhaliaetus coronatus Crowned Eagle Buse couronnée Accipitridae Buteogallus coronatus Crowned Eagle Accipitridae
Buteo plagiatus Gray Hawk Accipitridae
Buteo nitidus Gray Hawk Buse cendrée Accipitridae
Buteo nitidus Gray-lined Hawk Accipitridae
Buteo magnirostris Roadside Hawk Buse à gros bec Accipitridae Rupornis magnirostris Roadside Hawk Accipitridae
Buteo leucorrhous White-rumped Hawk Buse cul-blanc Accipitridae Parabuteo leucorrhous White-rumped Hawk Accipitridae
Buteo albicaudatus White-tailed Hawk Buse à queue blanche Accipitridae Geranoaetus albicaudatus White-tailed Hawk Accipitridae
Buteo polyosoma Variable Hawk Buse tricolore Accipitridae Geranoaetus polyosoma Variable Hawk Accipitridae
Aquila pomarina Lesser Spotted Eagle Aigle pomarin Accipitridae Clanga pomarina Lesser Spotted Eagle Accipitridae
Aquila hastata Indian Spotted Eagle Aigle lancéolé Accipitridae Clanga hastata Indian Spotted Eagle Accipitridae
Aquila clanga Greater Spotted Eagle Aigle criard Accipitridae Clanga clanga Greater Spotted Eagle Accipitridae
Hieraaetus morphnoides Little Eagle Aigle nain Accipitridae
Hieraaetus morphnoides Little Eagle Accipitridae
Hieraaetus weiskei Pygmy Eagle Accipitridae
Dendragapus falcipennis Siberian Grouse Tétras de Sibérie Phasianidae Falcipennis falcipennis Siberian Grouse Phasianidae
Lophura edwardsi Edwards's Pheasant Phasianidae
Lophura edwardsi Edwards's Pheasant Faisan d'Edwards Phasianidae
Lophura hatinhensis Vietnamese Pheasant Faisan du Vietnam Phasianidae
Aramidopsis plateni Platen's Rail Râle de Platen Rallidae Aramidopsis plateni Snoring Rail Rallidae
Aramides cajanea Gray-necked Wood-Rail Râle de Cayenne Rallidae Aramides cajaneus Gray-necked Wood-Rail Rallidae
Gymnocrex rosenbergii Bare-faced Rail Râle de Rosenberg Rallidae Gymnocrex rosenbergii Blue-faced Rail Rallidae
Porphyrio martinica Purple Gallinule Talève violacée Rallidae Porphyrio martinicus Purple Gallinule Rallidae
Synthliboramphus hypoleucus Xantus's Murrelet Guillemot de Xantus Alcidae
Synthliboramphus hypoleucus Guadalupe Murrelet Alcidae
Synthliboramphus scrippsi Scripps's Murrelet Alcidae
Columba torringtoni Ceylon Wood-Pigeon Pigeon de Ceylan Columbidae Columba torringtoniae Sri Lanka Wood-Pigeon Columbidae
Streptopelia bitorquata Island Collared-Dove Tourterelle à double collier Columbidae
Streptopelia bitorquata Island Collared-Dove Columbidae
Streptopelia dusumieri Philippine Collared-Dove Columbidae
Claravis godefrida Purple-winged Ground-Dove Colombe de Geoffroy Columbidae Claravis geoffroyi Purple-winged Ground-Dove Columbidae
Treron pompadora Pompadour Green-Pigeon Colombar pompadour Columbidae
Treron pompadora Sri Lanka Green-Pigeon Columbidae
Treron chloropterus Andaman Green-Pigeon Columbidae
Treron axillaris Philippine Green-Pigeon Columbidae
Treron aromaticus Buru Green-Pigeon Columbidae
Treron phayrei Ashy-headed Green-Pigeon Columbidae
Treron affinis Gray-fronted Green-Pigeon Columbidae
Ptilinopus subgularis Maroon-chinned Fruit-Dove Ptilope à mentonnière Columbidae
Ptilinopus subgularis Banggai Fruit-Dove Columbidae
Ptilinopus epia Maroon-chinned Fruit-Dove Columbidae
Ptilinopus mangoliensis Sula Fruit-Dove Columbidae
Alectroenas nitidissima Mauritius Blue-Pigeon Founingo hollandais Columbidae Alectroenas nitidissimus Mauritius Blue-Pigeon Columbidae
Alectroenas pulcherrima Seychelles Blue-Pigeon Founingo rougecap Columbidae Alectroenas pulcherrimus Seychelles Blue-Pigeon Columbidae
Ducula perspicillata White-eyed Imperial-Pigeon Carpophage à lunettes Columbidae
Ducula perspicillata Spectacled Imperial-Pigeon Columbidae
Ducula neglecta Seram Imperial-Pigeon Columbidae
Ducula luctuosa White Imperial-Pigeon Carpophage luctuose Columbidae Ducula luctuosa Silver-tipped Imperial-Pigeon Columbidae
Gymnophaps mada Long-tailed Mountain-Pigeon Carpophage mada Columbidae
Gymnophaps mada Buru Mountain-Pigeon Columbidae
Gymnophaps stalkeri Seram Mountain-Pigeon Columbidae
Prioniturus discurus Blue-crowned Racquet-tail Palette à couronne bleue Psittacidae
Prioniturus discurus Blue-crowned Racquet-tail Psittacidae
Prioniturus mindorensis Mindoro Racquet-tail Psittacidae
Prioniturus flavicans Yellowish-breasted Racquet-tail Palette de Cassin Psittacidae Prioniturus flavicans Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail Psittacidae
Coracopsis vasa Vasa Parrot Perroquet vaza Psittacidae Mascarinus vasa Greater Vasa-Parrot Psittacidae
Coracopsis nigra Black Parrot Perroquet noir Psittacidae
Mascarinus niger Lesser Vasa-Parrot Psittacidae
Mascarinus barklyi Seychelles Parrot Psittacidae
Psittacula wardi Seychelles Parrot Perruche des Seychelles Psittacidae Psittacula wardi Seychelles Parakeet Psittacidae
Pyrrhura cruentata Blue-throated Parakeet Conure tiriba Psittacidae Pyrrhura cruentata Ochre-marked Parakeet Psittacidae
Amazona aestiva Blue-fronted Parrot Amazone à front bleu Psittacidae Amazona aestiva Turquoise-fronted Parrot Psittacidae
Amazona oratrix Yellow-headed Parrot Psittacidae
Amazona oratrix Yellow-headed Parrot Amazone à tête jaune Psittacidae
Amazona auropalliata Yellow-naped Parrot Psittacidae
Amazona auropalliata Yellow-naped Parrot Amazone à nuque d'or Psittacidae
Amazona mercenaria Scaly-naped Parrot Amazone mercenaire Psittacidae Amazona mercenarius Scaly-naped Parrot Psittacidae
Amazona vinacea Vinaceous Parrot Amazone vineuse Psittacidae Amazona vinacea Vinaceous-breasted Parrot Psittacidae
Tyto inexspectata Minahassa Owl Effraie de Minahassa Tytonidae Tyto inexspectata Minahassa Masked-Owl Tytonidae
Tyto nigrobrunnea Taliabu Owl Effraie de Taliabu Tytonidae Tyto nigrobrunnea Taliabu Masked-Owl Tytonidae
Tyto manusi Manus Owl Effraie de Manus Tytonidae Tyto manusi Manus Masked-Owl Tytonidae
Tyto rosenbergii Sulawesi Owl Effraie des Célèbes Tytonidae Tyto rosenbergii Sulawesi Masked-Owl Tytonidae
Otus megalotis Philippine Scops-Owl Petit-duc de Luçon Strigidae
Otus megalotis Philippine Scops-Owl Strigidae
Otus nigrorum Negros Scops-Owl Strigidae
Otus everetti Everett's Scops-Owl Strigidae
Mimizuku gurneyi Mindanao Eagle-Owl Petit-duc de Gurney Strigidae Otus gurneyi Giant Scops-Owl Strigidae
Strix aluco Tawny Owl Chouette hulotte Strigidae
Strix aluco Tawny Owl Strigidae
Strix nivicola Himalayan Owl Strigidae
Strix nivicola Himalayan Owl Chouette des neiges Strigidae
Ninox squamipila Moluccan Hawk-Owl Ninoxe des Moluques Strigidae
Ninox squamipila Hantu Hawk-Owl Strigidae
Ninox hypogramma Halmahera Hawk-Owl Strigidae
Ninox forbesi Tanimbar Hawk-Owl Strigidae
Ninox jacquinoti Solomon Hawk-Owl Ninoxe de Jacquinot Strigidae Ninox jacquinoti Solomons Hawk-Owl Strigidae
Rigidipenna inexpectata Solomon Islands Frogmouth Podarge des Salomon Podargidae Rigidipenna inexpectata Solomons Frogmouth Podargidae
Eurostopodus temminckii Malaysian Nightjar Engoulevent de Temminck Caprimulgidae Lyncornis temminckii Malaysian Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Eurostopodus macrotis Great Eared-Nightjar Engoulevent oreillard Caprimulgidae Lyncornis macrotis Great Eared-Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus carolinensis Chuck-will's-widow Engoulevent de Caroline Caprimulgidae Antrostomus carolinensis Chuck-will's-widow Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus rufus Rufous Nightjar Engoulevent roux Caprimulgidae Antrostomus rufus Rufous Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus cubanensis Greater Antillean Nightjar Engoulevent peut-on-voir Caprimulgidae Antrostomus cubanensis Greater Antillean Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus salvini Tawny-collared Nightjar Engoulevent de Salvin Caprimulgidae Antrostomus salvini Tawny-collared Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus badius Yucatan Nightjar Engoulevent maya Caprimulgidae Antrostomus badius Yucatan Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus sericocaudatus Silky-tailed Nightjar Engoulevent à queue de soie Caprimulgidae Antrostomus sericocaudatus Silky-tailed Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus ridgwayi Buff-collared Nightjar Engoulevent de Ridgway Caprimulgidae Antrostomus ridgwayi Buff-collared Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus vociferus Eastern Whip-poor-will Engoulevent bois-pourri Caprimulgidae Antrostomus vociferus Eastern Whip-poor-will Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus arizonae Mexican Whip-poor-will Engoulevent d'Arizona Caprimulgidae Antrostomus arizonae Mexican Whip-poor-will Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus noctitherus Puerto Rican Nightjar Engoulevent de Porto Rico Caprimulgidae Antrostomus noctitherus Puerto Rican Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus saturatus Dusky Nightjar Engoulevent montagnard Caprimulgidae Antrostomus saturatus Dusky Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Caprimulgus enarratus Collared Nightjar Engoulevent à nuque rousse Caprimulgidae Gactornis enarratus Collared Nightjar Caprimulgidae
Aerodramus infuscatus Moluccan Swiftlet Salangane des Moluques Apodidae
Aerodramus infuscatus Halmahera Swiftlet Apodidae
Aerodramus sororum Sulawesi Swiftlet Apodidae
Aerodramus ceramensis Seram Swiftlet Apodidae
Apus salimali Salim Ali's Swift Martinet de Salim Ali Apodidae Apus salimalii Salim Ali's Swift Apodidae
Chlorostilbon aureoventris Glittering-bellied Emerald Émeraude splendide Trochilidae Chlorostilbon lucidus Glittering-bellied Emerald Trochilidae
Eriocnemis alinae Emerald-bellied Puffleg Érione d'Aline Trochilidae Eriocnemis aline Emerald-bellied Puffleg Trochilidae
Stellula calliope Calliope Hummingbird Colibri calliope Trochilidae Selasphorus calliope Calliope Hummingbird Trochilidae
Ceyx argentatus Silvery Kingfisher Martin-pêcheur argenté Alcedinidae
Ceyx argentatus Southern Silvery-Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Ceyx flumenicolus Northern Silvery-Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Ceyx lepidus Variable Kingfisher Martin-pêcheur gracieux Alcedinidae Ceyx lepidus Variable Dwarf-Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Ceyx erithaca Black-backed Kingfisher Martin-pêcheur pourpré Alcedinidae Ceyx erithaca Black-backed Dwarf-Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Ceyx rufidorsa Rufous-backed Kingfisher Martin-pêcheur à dos roux Alcedinidae Ceyx rufidorsa Rufous-backed Dwarf-Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Ceyx melanurus Philippine Kingfisher Martin-pêcheur flamboyant Alcedinidae Ceyx melanurus Philippine Dwarf-Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Ceyx fallax Sulawesi Kingfisher Martin-pêcheur multicolore Alcedinidae Ceyx fallax Sulawesi Dwarf-Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Cittura cyanotis Lilac Kingfisher Martin-chasseur oreillard Alcedinidae Cittura cyanotis Lilac-cheeked Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Pelargopsis melanorhyncha Black-billed Kingfisher Martin-chasseur à bec noir Alcedinidae Pelargopsis melanorhyncha Great-billed Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Halcyon smyrnensis White-throated Kingfisher Martin-chasseur de Smyrne Alcedinidae
Halcyon smyrnensis White-throated Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Halcyon gularis Brown-breasted Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Actenoides princeps Scaly Kingfisher Martin-chasseur royal Alcedinidae Actenoides princeps Scaly-breasted Kingfisher Alcedinidae
Merops viridis Blue-throated Bee-eater Guêpier à gorge bleue Meropidae
Merops viridis Blue-throated Bee-eater Meropidae
Merops americanus Rufous-crowned Bee-eater Meropidae
Eurystomus azureus Purple Roller Rolle azuré Coraciidae Eurystomus azureus Azure Roller Coraciidae
Penelopides panini Tarictic Hornbill Calao tarictic Bucerotidae Penelopides panini Visayan Hornbill Bucerotidae
Bucorvus abyssinicus Abyssinian Ground-Hornbill Bucorve d'Abyssinie Bucerotidae Bucorvus abyssinicus Abyssinian Ground-Hornbill Bucorvidae
Bucorvus leadbeateri Southern Ground-Hornbill Bucorve du Sud Bucerotidae Bucorvus leadbeateri Southern Ground-Hornbill Bucorvidae
Pogoniulus coryphaeus Western Tinkerbird Barbion montagnard Lybiidae Pogoniulus coryphaea Western Tinkerbird Lybiidae
Capito wallacei Scarlet-banded Barbet Cabézon du Loreto Capitonidae
Capito wallacei Scarlet-banded Barbet Capitonidae
Capito fitzpatricki Sira Barbet Capitonidae
Indicator willcocksi Willcock's Honeyguide Indicateur de Willcocks Indicatoridae Indicator willcocksi Willcocks's Honeyguide Indicatoridae
Dinopium javanense Common Flameback Pic à dos rouge Picidae
Dinopium javanense Common Flameback Picidae
Dinopium everetti Spot-throated Flameback Picidae
Chrysocolaptes lucidus Greater Flameback Pic sultan Picidae
Chrysocolaptes lucidus Buff-spotted Flameback Picidae
Chrysocolaptes haematribon Luzon Flameback Picidae
Chrysocolaptes xanthocephalus Yellow-faced Flameback Picidae
Chrysocolaptes erythrocephalus Red-headed Flameback Picidae
Chrysocolaptes strictus Javan Flameback Picidae
Chrysocolaptes guttacristatus Greater Flameback Picidae
Mulleripicus funebris Sooty Woodpecker Pic en deuil Picidae
Mulleripicus funebris Northern Sooty-Woodpecker Picidae
Mulleripicus fuliginosus Southern Sooty-Woodpecker Picidae
Pitta guajana Banded Pitta Brève azurine Pittidae
Pitta guajana Javan Banded-Pitta Pittidae
Pitta irena Malayan Banded-Pitta Pittidae
Pitta schwaneri Bornean Banded-Pitta Pittidae
Hemitriccus zosterops White-eyed Tody-Tyrant Todirostre zostérops Tyrannidae
Hemitriccus zosterops White-eyed Tody-Tyrant Tyrannidae
Hemitriccus griseipectus White-bellied Tody-Tyrant Tyrannidae
Hemitriccus griseipectus White-bellied Tody-Tyrant Todirostre à ventre blanc Tyrannidae
Schiffornis turdina Thrush-like Schiffornis Antriade turdoïde Tityridae
Schiffornis turdina Brown-winged Schiffornis Tityridae
Schiffornis stenorhyncha Rufous-winged Schiffornis Tityridae
Schiffornis veraepacis Northern Schiffornis Tityridae
Schiffornis olivacea Olivaceous Schiffornis Tityridae
Schiffornis aenea Foothill Schiffornis Tityridae
Frederickena unduligera Undulated Antshrike Batara ondé Thamnophilidae Frederickena unduliger Undulated Antshrike Thamnophilidae
Myrmotherula hauxwelli Plain-throated Antwren Myrmidon de Hauxwell Thamnophilidae Isleria hauxwelli Plain-throated Antwren Thamnophilidae
Myrmotherula guttata Rufous-bellied Antwren Myrmidon moucheté Thamnophilidae Isleria guttata Rufous-bellied Antwren Thamnophilidae
Myrmeciza laemosticta Dull-mantled Antbird Alapi tabac Thamnophilidae
Myrmeciza laemosticta Dull-mantled Antbird Thamnophilidae
Myrmeciza palliata Magdalena Antbird Thamnophilidae
Willisornis poecilinotus Scale-backed Antbird Fourmilier zébré Thamnophilidae
Willisornis poecilinotus Common Scale-backed Antbird Thamnophilidae
Willisornis vidua Xingu Scale-backed Antbird Thamnophilidae
Cranioleuca antisiensis Line-cheeked Spinetail Synallaxe grimpeur Furnariidae
Cranioleuca antisiensis Line-cheeked Spinetail Furnariidae
Cranioleuca curtata Ash-browed Spinetail Furnariidae
Cranioleuca curtata Ash-browed Spinetail Synallaxe à sourcils gris Furnariidae
Premnornis guttuligera Rusty-winged Barbtail Anabasitte à gouttelettes Furnariidae Premnornis guttuliger Rusty-winged Barbtail Furnariidae
Xenops milleri Rufous-tailed Xenops Sittine à queue rousse Furnariidae Microxenops milleri Rufous-tailed Xenops Furnariidae
Grallaria urraoensis Urrao Antpitta Grallariidae
Hylopezus macularius Spotted Antpitta Grallaire tachetée Grallariidae
Hylopezus macularius Spotted Antpitta Grallariidae
Hylopezus whittakeri Alta Floresta Antpitta Grallariidae
Scytalopus panamensis Pale-throated Tapaculo Mérulaxe du Panama Rhinocryptidae Scytalopus panamensis Tacarcuna Tapaculo Rhinocryptidae
Ailuroedus melanotis Spotted Catbird Jardinier oreillard Ptilonorhynchidae
Ailuroedus melanotis Spotted Catbird Ptilonorhynchidae
Ailuroedus crassirostris Green Catbird Jardinier vert Ptilonorhynchidae
Ailuroedus crassirostris Green Catbird Ptilonorhynchidae
Malurus grayi Broad-billed Fairywren Mérion à bec large Maluridae
Chenorhamphus grayi Broad-billed Fairywren Maluridae
Chenorhamphus campbelli Campbell's Fairywren Maluridae
Myza celebensis Dark-eared Honeyeater Méliphage des Célèbes Meliphagidae Myza celebensis Dark-eared Myza Meliphagidae
Myza sarasinorum Greater Streaked Honeyeater Méliphage à points Meliphagidae Myza sarasinorum White-eared Myza Meliphagidae
Lanius collaris Common Fiscal Pie-grièche fiscale Laniidae
Lanius humeralis Northern Fiscal Laniidae
Lanius collaris Southern Fiscal Laniidae
Hylophilus brunneiceps Brown-headed Greenlet Vireonidae
Hylophilus brunneiceps Brown-headed Greenlet Viréon brunâtre Vireonidae
Hylophilus hypoxanthus Dusky-capped Greenlet Vireonidae
Hylophilus hypoxanthus Dusky-capped Greenlet Viréon à ventre jaune Vireonidae
Cinclosoma castaneothorax Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush Cinclosome à poitrine cannelle Cinclosomatidae
Cinclosoma castaneothorax Chestnut-breasted Quail-thrush Cinclosomatidae
Cinclosoma marginatum Western Quail-thrush Cinclosomatidae
Cinclosoma cinnamomeum Cinnamon Quail-thrush Cinclosome cannelle Cinclosomatidae
Cinclosoma cinnamomeum Cinnamon Quail-thrush Cinclosomatidae
Cinclosoma alisteri Nullarbor Quail-thrush Cinclosomatidae
Ifrita kowaldi Blue-capped Ifrita Ifrita de Kowald Eupetidae Ifrita kowaldi Blue-capped Ifrita Monarchidae
Pachycare flavogriseum Dwarf Whistler Pachycare nain Pachycephalidae Pachycare flavogriseum Goldenface Acanthizidae
Pachycephala griseiceps Gray-headed Whistler Siffleur à tête grise Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala simplex Gray Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala simplex Gray Whistler Siffleur sobre Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala pectoralis Golden Whistler Siffleur doré Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala pectoralis Golden Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala fulvotincta Rusty-breasted Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala macrorhyncha Yellow-throated Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala mentalis Black-chinned Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala citreogaster Bismarck Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala orioloides Oriole Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala feminina Rennell Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala vitiensis White-throated Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala graeffii Fiji Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala melanura Black-tailed Whistler Siffleur à queue noire Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala melanura Black-tailed Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala caledonica New Caledonian Whistler Pachycephalidae
Pachycephala caledonica New Caledonian Whistler Siffleur calédonien Pachycephalidae
Colluricincla sanghirensis Sangihe Shrike-Thrush Pitohui de Sangihe Pachycephalidae Coracornis sanghirensis Sangihe Whistler Pachycephalidae
Colluricincla tenebrosa Morningbird Pitohui des Palau Pachycephalidae Pachycephala tenebrosa Morningbird Pachycephalidae
Pitohui kirhocephalus Variable Pitohui Pitohui variable Pachycephalidae Pitohui kirhocephalus Variable Pitohui Oriolidae
Pitohui dichrous Hooded Pitohui Pitohui bicolore Pachycephalidae Pitohui dichrous Hooded Pitohui Oriolidae
Pitohui incertus White-bellied Pitohui Pitohui à ventre clair Pachycephalidae Colluricincla incerta White-bellied Pitohui Pachycephalidae
Pitohui ferrugineus Rusty Pitohui Pitohui rouilleux Pachycephalidae Colluricincla ferruginea Rusty Pitohui Pachycephalidae
Pitohui cristatus Crested Pitohui Pitohui huppé Pachycephalidae Ornorectes cristatus Crested Pitohui Pachycephalidae
Pitohui nigrescens Black Pitohui Pitohui noir Pachycephalidae Melanorectes nigrescens Black Pitohui Pachycephalidae
Turnagra capensis Piopio Piopio de Nouvelle-Zélande Petroicidae Turnagra capensis Piopio Oriolidae
Nucifraga multipunctata Spotted Nutcracker Cassenoix du Cachemire Corvidae Nucifraga multipunctata Kashmir Nutcracker Corvidae
Semioptera wallacii Wallace's Standardwing Paradisier de Wallace Paradisaeidae Semioptera wallacii Standardwing Bird-of-paradise Paradisaeidae
Epimachus albertisi Black-billed Sicklebill Paradisier d'Albertis Paradisaeidae Drepanornis albertisi Black-billed Sicklebill Paradisaeidae
Epimachus bruijnii Pale-billed Sicklebill Paradisier à bec blanc Paradisaeidae Drepanornis bruijnii Pale-billed Sicklebill Paradisaeidae
Parotia carolae Carola's Parotia Paradisier de Carola Paradisaeidae
Parotia carolae Carola's Parotia Paradisaeidae
Parotia berlepschi Bronze Parotia Paradisaeidae
Astrapia stephaniae Princess Stephanie's Astrapia Paradisier de Stéphanie Paradisaeidae Astrapia stephaniae Stephanie's Astrapia Paradisaeidae
Artamus monachus White-backed Woodswallow Langrayen à tête noire Artamidae Artamus monachus Ivory-backed Woodswallow Artamidae
Oriolus bouroensis Buru Oriole Loriot de Buru Oriolidae
Oriolus bouroensis Buru Oriole Oriolidae
Oriolus decipiens Tanimbar Oriole Oriolidae
Coracina maxima Ground Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur terrestre Campephagidae Coracina maxima Ground Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina larvata Sunda Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de la Sonde Campephagidae Coracina larvata Sunda Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina macei Large Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Macé Campephagidae Coracina macei Large Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina javensis Javan Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Java Campephagidae Coracina javensis Javan Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina schistacea Slaty Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur schistacé Campephagidae Coracina schistacea Slaty Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina personata Wallacean Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur wallacéen Campephagidae Coracina personata Wallacean Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina atriceps Moluccan Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur des Moluques Campephagidae Coracina atriceps Moluccan Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina fortis Buru Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Buru Campephagidae Coracina fortis Buru Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina caledonica Melanesian Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur calédonien Campephagidae
Coracina caledonica South Melanesian Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina welchmani North Melanesian Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina novaehollandiae Black-faced Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à masque noir Campephagidae Coracina novaehollandiae Black-faced Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina caeruleogrisea Stout-billed Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à gros bec Campephagidae Coracina caeruleogrisea Stout-billed Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina temminckii Cerulean Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Temminck Campephagidae Coracina temminckii Cerulean Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina striata Bar-bellied Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur barré Campephagidae Coracina striata Bar-bellied Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina dobsoni Andaman Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur des Andaman Campephagidae Coracina dobsoni Andaman Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina bicolor Pied Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur bicolore Campephagidae Coracina bicolor Pied Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina lineata Barred Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur linéolé Campephagidae Coracina lineata Barred Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina boyeri Boyer's Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Boyer Campephagidae Coracina boyeri Boyer's Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina leucopygia White-rumped Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à croupion blanc Campephagidae Coracina leucopygia White-rumped Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina papuensis White-bellied Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur choucari Campephagidae
Coracina papuensis White-bellied Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina ingens Manus Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina longicauda Hooded Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à longue queue Campephagidae Coracina longicauda Hooded Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina parvula Halmahera Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur d'Halmahera Campephagidae Celebesia parvula Halmahera Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina abbotti Pygmy Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur d'Abbott Campephagidae Celebesia abbotti Pygmy Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina analis New Caledonian Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de montagne Campephagidae Analisoma analis New Caledonian Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina pectoralis White-breasted Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à ventre blanc Campephagidae Coracina pectoralis White-breasted Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina caesia Gray Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur gris Campephagidae Coracina caesia Gray Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina azurea Blue Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur bleu Campephagidae Cyanograucalus azureus Blue Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina graueri Grauer's Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Grauer Campephagidae Coracina graueri Grauer's Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina cinerea Ashy Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur malgache Campephagidae Coracina cinerea Ashy Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina typica Mauritius Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Maurice Campephagidae Lalage typica Mauritius Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina newtoni Reunion Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur cuisenier Campephagidae Lalage newtoni Reunion Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina coerulescens Blackish Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur noir Campephagidae Analisoma coerulescens Blackish Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina tenuirostris Cicadabird Échenilleur cigale Campephagidae
Edolisoma tenuirostre Common Cicadabird Campephagidae
Edolisoma admiralitatis Manus Cicadabird Campephagidae
Edolisoma salomonis Makira Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina dohertyi Sumba Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Sumba Campephagidae Edolisoma dohertyi Pale-shouldered Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina sula Sula Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur des Sula Campephagidae Edolisoma sula Sula Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina dispar Kai Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur des Kaï Campephagidae Edolisoma dispar Kai Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina mindanensis Black-bibbed Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à menton noir Campephagidae Edolisoma mindanense Black-bibbed Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina morio Sulawesi Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur morio Campephagidae Edolisoma morio Sulawesi Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina ceramensis Pale-gray Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur pâle Campephagidae Edolisoma ceramense Pale Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina incerta Papuan Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à épaulettes noires Campephagidae Edolisoma incertum Papuan Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina schisticeps Gray-headed Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Gray Campephagidae Edolisoma schisticeps Gray-headed Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina melas New Guinea Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur mélanure Campephagidae Edolisoma melan Black Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina montana Black-bellied Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à ventre noir Campephagidae Edolisoma montanum Black-bellied Cicadabird Campephagidae
Coracina holopolia Solomon Islands Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur des Salomon Campephagidae Edolisoma holopolium Solomons Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina mcgregori McGregor's Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de McGregor Campephagidae Malindangia mcgregori McGregor's Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina ostenta White-winged Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à ailes blanches Campephagidae Analisoma ostenta White-winged Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina polioptera Indochinese Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur indochinois Campephagidae Lalage polioptera Indochinese Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina melaschistos Black-winged Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur ardoisé Campephagidae Lalage melaschistos Black-winged Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina fimbriata Lesser Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur frangé Campephagidae Lalage fimbriata Lesser Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Coracina melanoptera Black-headed Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à tête noire Campephagidae Lalage melanoptera Black-headed Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Campochaera sloetii Golden Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur doré Campephagidae Campochaera sloetii Golden Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Lalage sueurii White-winged Triller Échenilleur de Lesueur Campephagidae
Lalage sueurii White-shouldered Triller Campephagidae
Lalage tricolor White-winged Triller Campephagidae
Lalage leucomela Varied Triller Échenilleur varié Campephagidae
Lalage leucomela Varied Triller Campephagidae
Lalage conjuncta Mussau Triller Campephagidae
Campephaga petiti Petit's Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur de Petit Campephagidae Campephaga petiti Petit's Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Campephaga flava Black Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à épaulettes jaunes Campephagidae Campephaga flava Black Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Campephaga phoenicea Red-shouldered Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à épaulettes rouges Campephagidae Campephaga phoenicea Red-shouldered Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Campephaga quiscalina Purple-throated Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur pourpré Campephagidae Campephaga quiscalina Purple-throated Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Campephaga lobata Ghana Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur à barbillons Campephagidae Lobotos lobatus Ghana Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Campephaga oriolina Oriole Cuckoo-shrike Échenilleur loriot Campephagidae Lobotos oriolinus Oriole Cuckooshrike Campephagidae
Rhipidura superciliaris Blue Fantail Rhipidure bleu Rhipiduridae
Rhipidura superciliaris Mindanao Blue-Fantail Rhipiduridae
Rhipidura samarensis Visayan Blue-Fantail Rhipiduridae
Rhipidura cyaniceps Blue-headed Fantail Rhipidure à tête bleue Rhipiduridae
Rhipidura cyaniceps Blue-headed Fantail Rhipiduridae
Rhipidura albiventris Visayan Fantail Rhipiduridae
Rhipidura sauli Tablas Fantail Rhipiduridae
Chaetorhynchus papuensis Papuan Drongo Drongo papou Dicruridae Chaetorhynchus papuensis Pygmy Drongo-Fantail Rhipiduridae
Dicrurus hottentottus Hair-crested Drongo Drongo à crinière Dicruridae
Dicrurus hottentottus Hair-crested Drongo Dicruridae
Dicrurus bracteatus Spangled Drongo Dicruridae
Dicrurus bracteatus Spangled Drongo Drongo pailleté Dicruridae
Monarcha rubiensis Rufous Monarch Monarque roux Monarchidae Symposiachrus rubiensis Rufous Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha castus Loetoe Monarch Monarque des Tanimbar Monarchidae Carterornis castus Loetoe Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha mundus Black-bibbed Monarch Monarque à menton noir Monarchidae Symposiachrus mundus Black-bibbed Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha sacerdotum Flores Monarch Monarque de Florès Monarchidae Symposiachrus sacerdotum Flores Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha everetti White-tipped Monarch Monarque d'Everett Monarchidae Symposiachrus everetti White-tipped Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha loricatus Black-tipped Monarch Monarque de Buru Monarchidae Symposiachrus loricatus Black-tipped Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha boanensis Black-chinned Monarch Monarque de Boano Monarchidae Symposiachrus boanensis Black-chinned Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha leucurus White-tailed Monarch Monarque des Kaï Monarchidae Symposiachrus leucurus White-tailed Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha julianae Black-backed Monarch Monarque de Kofiau Monarchidae Symposiachrus julianae Black-backed Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha brehmii Biak Monarch Monarque de Brehm Monarchidae Symposiachrus brehmii Biak Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha menckei White-breasted Monarch Monarque des Saint-Matthias Monarchidae Symposiachrus menckei White-breasted Monarch Monarchidae
Monarcha viduus White-collared Monarch Monarque à col blanc Monarchidae Symposiachrus vidua White-collared Monarch Monarchidae
Lamprolia victoriae Silktail Monarque queue-de-soie Monarchidae Lamprolia victoriae Silktail Rhipiduridae
Monticola sharpei Forest Rock-Thrush Monticole de forêt Muscicapidae
Monticola sharpei Forest Rock-Thrush Muscicapidae
Monticola bensoni Benson's Rock-Thrush Monticole de Benson Muscicapidae
Monticola erythronota Amber Mountain Rock-Thrush Monticole de l'Ambre Muscicapidae
Zoothera schistacea Slaty-backed Thrush Grive schistacée Turdidae Geokichla schistacea Slaty-backed Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera dumasi Buru Thrush Grive de Dumas Turdidae Geokichla dumasi Buru Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera joiceyi Seram Thrush Grive de Céram Turdidae Geokichla joiceyi Seram Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera interpres Chestnut-capped Thrush Grive de Kuhl Turdidae Geokichla interpres Chestnut-capped Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera leucolaema Enggano Thrush Grive d'Enggano Turdidae Geokichla leucolaema Enggano Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera erythronota Rusty-backed Thrush Grive à dos roux Turdidae Geokichla erythronota Rusty-backed Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera mendeni Red-and-black Thrush Grive de Menden Turdidae Geokichla mendeni Red-and-black Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera dohertyi Chestnut-backed Thrush Grive de Doherty Turdidae Geokichla dohertyi Chestnut-backed Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera wardii Pied Thrush Grive de Ward Turdidae Geokichla wardii Pied Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera cinerea Ashy Thrush Grive cendrée Turdidae Geokichla cinerea Ashy Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera peronii Orange-banded Thrush Grive de Péron Turdidae Geokichla peronii Orange-banded Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera citrina Orange-headed Thrush Grive à tête orange Turdidae Geokichla citrina Orange-headed Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera sibirica Siberian Thrush Grive de Sibérie Turdidae Geokichla sibirica Siberian Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera piaggiae Abyssinian Ground-Thrush Grive de Piaggia Turdidae Geokichla piaggiae Abyssinian Ground-Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera tanganjicae Kivu Ground-Thrush Grive du Kivu Turdidae Geokichla tanganjicae Kivu Ground-Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera crossleyi Crossley's Ground-Thrush Grive de Crossley Turdidae Geokichla crossleyi Crossley's Ground-Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera gurneyi Orange Ground-Thrush Grive de Gurney Turdidae Geokichla gurneyi Orange Ground-Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera oberlaenderi Oberlaender's Ground-Thrush Grive d'Oberlaender Turdidae Geokichla oberlaenderi Oberlaender's Ground-Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera camaronensis Black-eared Ground-Thrush Grive du Cameroun Turdidae Geokichla camaronensis Black-eared Ground-Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera princei Gray Ground-Thrush Grive olivâtre Turdidae Geokichla princei Gray Ground-Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera guttata Spotted Ground-Thrush Grive tachetée Turdidae Geokichla guttata Spotted Ground-Thrush Turdidae
Zoothera spiloptera Spot-winged Thrush Grive à ailes tachetées Turdidae Geokichla spiloptera Spot-winged Thrush Turdidae
Psophocichla litsipsirupa Groundscraper Thrush Merle litsitsirupa Turdidae Psophocichla litsitsirupa Groundscraper Thrush Turdidae
Turdus libonyanus Kurrichane Thrush Merle kurrichane Turdidae Turdus libonyana Kurrichane Thrush Turdidae
Turdus hauxwelli Hauxwell's Thrush Merle de Hauxwell Turdidae
Turdus hauxwelli Hauxwell's Thrush Turdidae
Turdus sanchezorum Varzea Thrush Turdidae
Muscicapa latirostris Asian Brown Flycatcher Muscicapidae
Muscicapa dauurica Asian Brown Flycatcher Gobemouche brun Muscicapidae
Muscicapa siamensis Brown-streaked Flycatcher Gobemouche de Williamson Muscicapidae
Muscicapa williamsoni Brown-streaked Flycatcher Muscicapidae
Ficedula dumetoria Rufous-chested Flycatcher Gobemouche à poitrine rousse Muscicapidae
Ficedula dumetoria Rufous-chested Flycatcher Muscicapidae
Ficedula riedeli Tanimbar Flycatcher Muscicapidae
Copsychus luzoniensis White-browed Shama Shama bridé Muscicapidae
Copsychus luzoniensis White-browed Shama Muscicapidae
Copsychus superciliaris Visayan Shama Muscicapidae
Saxicola torquatus Stonechat Tarier pâtre Muscicapidae
Saxicola rubicola European Stonechat Muscicapidae
Saxicola torquatus African Stonechat Muscicapidae
Saxicola maurus Siberian Stonechat Muscicapidae
Sitta castanea Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch Sittelle à ventre marron Sittidae
Sitta castanea Indian Nuthatch Sittidae
Sitta cinnamoventris Chestnut-bellied Nuthatch Sittidae
Sitta neglecta Burmese Nuthatch Sittidae
Thryophilus sernai Antioquia Wren Troglodytidae
Calyptocichla serina Golden Greenbul Bulbul doré Pycnonotidae Calyptocichla serinus Golden Greenbul Pycnonotidae
Phyllastrephus albigula Usambara Bulbul Bulbul des Usambara Pycnonotidae Phyllastrephus albigula Usambara Greenbul Pycnonotidae
Alophoixus affinis Golden Bulbul Bulbul à queue d'or Pycnonotidae
Alophoixus affinis Seram Golden-Bulbul Pycnonotidae
Alophoixus mystacalis Buru Golden-Bulbul Pycnonotidae
Alophoixus longirostris Northern Golden-Bulbul Pycnonotidae
Zosterops chloris Yellow-bellied White-eye Zostérops à ventre citron Zosteropidae Zosterops chloris Lemon-bellied White-eye Zosteropidae
Zosterops rendovae Solomon Islands White-eye Zostérops des Salomon Zosteropidae Zosterops kulambangrae Solomons White-eye Zosteropidae
Locustella pleskei Pleske's Warbler Locustelle de Pleske Locustellidae Locustella pleskei Pleske's Grasshopper-Warbler Locustellidae
Locustella fasciolata Gray's Warbler Locustelle fasciée Locustellidae Locustella fasciolata Gray's Grasshopper-Warbler Locustellidae
Locustella amnicola Sakhalin Warbler Locustelle amnicole Locustellidae Locustella amnicola Sakhalin Grasshopper-Warbler Locustellidae
Acrocephalus aedon Thick-billed Warbler Rousserolle à gros bec Acrocephalidae Iduna aedon Thick-billed Warbler Acrocephalidae
Hippolais caligata Booted Warbler Hypolaïs bottée Acrocephalidae Iduna caligata Booted Warbler Acrocephalidae
Hippolais rama Sykes's Warbler Hypolaïs rama Acrocephalidae Iduna rama Sykes's Warbler Acrocephalidae
Hippolais pallida Eastern Olivaceous Warbler Hypolaïs pâle Acrocephalidae Iduna pallida Eastern Olivaceous Warbler Acrocephalidae
Hippolais opaca Western Olivaceous Warbler Hypolaïs obscure Acrocephalidae Iduna opaca Western Olivaceous Warbler Acrocephalidae
Chloropeta natalensis African Yellow Warbler Chloropète jaune Acrocephalidae Iduna natalensis African Yellow-Warbler Acrocephalidae
Chloropeta similis Mountain Yellow Warbler Chloropète de montagne Acrocephalidae Iduna similis Mountain Yellow-Warbler Acrocephalidae
Chloropeta gracilirostris Papyrus Yellow Warbler Chloropète aquatique Acrocephalidae Calamonastides gracilirostris Papyrus Yellow-Warbler Acrocephalidae
Phylloscopus reguloides Blyth's Leaf-Warbler Phylloscopidae
Phylloscopus reguloides Blyth's Leaf-Warbler Pouillot de Blyth Phylloscopidae
Phylloscopus goodsoni Hartert's Leaf-Warbler Phylloscopidae
Phylloscopus goodsoni Hartert's Leaf-Warbler Pouillot de Goodson Phylloscopidae
Phylloscopus ogilviegranti Kloss's Leaf-Warbler Phylloscopidae
Phylloscopus ogilviegranti Kloss's Leaf-Warbler Pouillot d'Ogilvie-Grant Phylloscopidae
Phylloscopus davisoni Davison's Leaf-Warbler Phylloscopidae
Phylloscopus davisoni Davison's Leaf-Warbler Pouillot de Davison Phylloscopidae
Jabouilleia danjoui Short-tailed Scimitar-Babbler Pellorneidae
Jabouilleia danjoui Short-tailed Scimitar-Babbler Pomatorhin à queue courte Pellorneidae
Jabouilleia naungmungensis Naung Mung Scimitar-babbler Pomatorhin de Naung Mung Pellorneidae
Turdinus marmorata Marbled Wren-Babbler Turdinule marbrée Pellorneidae Turdinus marmoratus Marbled Wren-Babbler Pellorneidae
Robsonius rabori Rusty-faced Babbler Turdinule de Luçon Pellorneidae
Robsonius rabori Rusty-faced Babbler Pellorneidae
Robsonius sorsogonensis Gray-banded Babbler Pellorneidae
Robsonius sorsogonensis Gray-banded Babbler Turdinule du Sorsogon Pellorneidae
Sterrhoptilus pygmaeus Visayan Pygmy-Babbler Timalie de Samar Zosteropidae Dasycrotapha pygmaea Visayan Pygmy-Babbler Zosteropidae
Garrulax mitratus Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush Garrulaxe mitré Leiothrichidae
Garrulax mitratus Chestnut-capped Laughingthrush Leiothrichidae
Garrulax treacheri Chestnut-hooded Laughingthrush Leiothrichidae
Liocichla phoenicea Red-faced Liocichla Garrulaxe à ailes rouges Leiothrichidae
Liocichla phoenicea Red-faced Liocichla Leiothrichidae
Liocichla ripponi Scarlet-faced Liocichla Leiothrichidae
Rhabdornis inornatus Stripe-breasted Rhabdornis Rhabdornis à tête brune Sturnidae
Rhabdornis inornatus Stripe-breasted Rhabdornis Sturnidae
Rhabdornis rabori Visayan Rhabdornis Sturnidae
Dicaeum erythrothorax Flame-breasted Flowerpecker Dicée à gorge blanche Dicaeidae
Dicaeum erythrothorax Buru Flowerpecker Dicaeidae
Dicaeum schistaceiceps Halmahera Flowerpecker Dicaeidae
Hypogramma hypogrammicum Purple-naped Sunbird Souimanga strié Nectariniidae Arachnothera hypogrammicum Purple-naped Spiderhunter Nectariniidae
Arachnothera longirostra Little Spiderhunter Petit Arachnothère Nectariniidae
Arachnothera longirostra Little Spiderhunter Nectariniidae
Arachnothera dilutior Pale Spiderhunter Nectariniidae
Arachnothera flammifera Orange-tufted Spiderhunter Nectariniidae
Arachnothera affinis Streaky-breasted Spiderhunter Nectariniidae
Arachnothera affinis Streaky-breasted Spiderhunter Arachnothère à poitrine grise Nectariniidae
Arachnothera everetti Bornean Spiderhunter Nectariniidae
Passer domesticus House Sparrow Moineau domestique Passeridae
Passer domesticus House Sparrow Passeridae
Passer italiae Italian Sparrow Passeridae
Nigrita fusconotus White-breasted Negrofinch Nigrette à ventre blanc Estrildidae Nigrita fusconotus White-breasted Nigrita Estrildidae
Nigrita bicolor Chestnut-breasted Negrofinch Nigrette à ventre roux Estrildidae Nigrita bicolor Chestnut-breasted Nigrita Estrildidae
Nigrita luteifrons Pale-fronted Negrofinch Nigrette à front jaune Estrildidae Nigrita luteifrons Pale-fronted Nigrita Estrildidae
Nigrita canicapillus Gray-headed Negrofinch Nigrette à calotte grise Estrildidae Nigrita canicapillus Gray-headed Nigrita Estrildidae
Carpodacus purpureus Purple Finch Roselin pourpré Fringillidae Haemorhous purpureus Purple Finch Fringillidae
Carpodacus cassinii Cassin's Finch Roselin de Cassin Fringillidae Haemorhous cassinii Cassin's Finch Fringillidae
Carpodacus mexicanus House Finch Roselin familier Fringillidae Haemorhous mexicanus House Finch Fringillidae
Carpodacus rubicilla Great Rosefinch Roselin tacheté Fringillidae
Carpodacus rubicilla Great Rosefinch Fringillidae
Carpodacus severtzowi Spotted Rosefinch Roselin de Servertzov Fringillidae
Carpodacus severtzovi Spotted Rosefinch Fringillidae
Pyrrhula pyrrhula Eurasian Bullfinch Bouvreuil pivoine Fringillidae
Pyrrhula pyrrhula Eurasian Bullfinch Fringillidae
Pyrrhula murina Azores Bullfinch Fringillidae
Emberiza striolata House Bunting Bruant striolé Emberizidae
Emberiza striolata Striolated Bunting Emberizidae
Emberiza sahari House Bunting Emberizidae
Amphispiza belli Sage Sparrow Bruant de Bell Emberizidae Artemisiospiza belli Sage Sparrow Emberizidae
Atlapetes rufinucha Rufous-naped Brush-Finch Tohi à nuque rousse Emberizidae Atlapetes rufinucha Bolivian Brush-Finch Emberizidae
Arremon perijanus Phelps's Brush-Finch Tohi de Phelps Emberizidae Arremon perijanus Perija Brush-Finch Emberizidae
Gubernatrix cristata Yellow Cardinal Commandeur huppé Emberizidae Gubernatrix cristata Yellow Cardinal Thraupidae
Paroaria coronata Red-crested Cardinal Paroare huppé Emberizidae Paroaria coronata Red-crested Cardinal Thraupidae
Paroaria dominicana Red-cowled Cardinal Paroare dominicain Emberizidae Paroaria dominicana Red-cowled Cardinal Thraupidae
Paroaria gularis Red-capped Cardinal Paroare rougecap Emberizidae Paroaria gularis Red-capped Cardinal Thraupidae
Paroaria nigrogenis Masked Cardinal Paroare masqué Emberizidae Paroaria nigrogenis Masked Cardinal Thraupidae
Paroaria baeri Crimson-fronted Cardinal Paroare de Baer Emberizidae Paroaria baeri Crimson-fronted Cardinal Thraupidae
Paroaria capitata Yellow-billed Cardinal Paroare à bec jaune Emberizidae Paroaria capitata Yellow-billed Cardinal Thraupidae
Myiothlypis bivittatus Two-banded Warbler Paruline rubanée Parulidae Myiothlypis bivittata Two-banded Warbler Parulidae
Myiothlypis signatus Pale-legged Warbler Paruline à pattes pâles Parulidae Myiothlypis signata Pale-legged Warbler Parulidae
Myiothlypis nigrocristatus Black-crested Warbler Paruline à cimier noir Parulidae Myiothlypis nigrocristata Black-crested Warbler Parulidae
Myiothlypis conspicillatus White-lored Warbler Paruline à lores blancs Parulidae Myiothlypis conspicillata White-lored Warbler Parulidae
Myiothlypis coronatus Russet-crowned Warbler Paruline à diadème Parulidae Myiothlypis coronata Russet-crowned Warbler Parulidae
Basileuterus culicivorus Golden-crowned Warbler Parulidae
Basileuterus culicivorus Golden-crowned Warbler Paruline à couronne dorée Parulidae
Basileuterus hypoleucus White-bellied Warbler Paruline à ventre blanc Parulidae
Myiothlypis leucoblepharus White-browed Warbler Paruline à paupières blanches Parulidae Myiothlypis leucoblephara White-browed Warbler Parulidae
Myiothlypis flaveolus Flavescent Warbler Paruline flavescente Parulidae Myiothlypis flaveola Flavescent Warbler Parulidae
Coereba flaveola Bananaquit Sucrier à ventre jaune Coerebidae Coereba flaveola Bananaquit Thraupidae
Charitospiza eucosma Coal-crested Finch Charitospize charbonnier Emberizidae Charitospiza eucosma Coal-crested Finch Thraupidae
Coryphaspiza melanotis Black-masked Finch Coryphaspize à joues noires Emberizidae Coryphaspiza melanotis Black-masked Finch Thraupidae
Coryphospingus pileatus Pileated Finch Araguira gris Emberizidae Coryphospingus pileatus Pileated Finch Thraupidae
Coryphospingus cucullatus Red-crested Finch Araguira rougeâtre Emberizidae Coryphospingus cucullatus Red-crested Finch Thraupidae
Rhodospingus cruentus Crimson-breasted Finch Rhodospingue ponceau Emberizidae Rhodospingus cruentus Crimson-breasted Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus atriceps Black-hooded Sierra-Finch Phrygile à tête noire Emberizidae Phrygilus atriceps Black-hooded Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus punensis Peruvian Sierra-Finch Phrygile du Pérou Emberizidae Phrygilus punensis Peruvian Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus gayi Gray-hooded Sierra-Finch Phrygile à tête grise Emberizidae Phrygilus gayi Gray-hooded Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus patagonicus Patagonian Sierra-Finch Phrygile de Patagonie Emberizidae Phrygilus patagonicus Patagonian Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus fruticeti Mourning Sierra-Finch Phrygile petit-deuil Emberizidae Phrygilus fruticeti Mourning Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus unicolor Plumbeous Sierra-Finch Phrygile gris-de-plomb Emberizidae Phrygilus unicolor Plumbeous Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus dorsalis Red-backed Sierra-Finch Phrygile à dos roux Emberizidae Phrygilus dorsalis Red-backed Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus erythronotus White-throated Sierra-Finch Phrygile bicolore Emberizidae Phrygilus erythronotus White-throated Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus plebejus Ash-breasted Sierra-Finch Phrygile plébéien Emberizidae Phrygilus plebejus Ash-breasted Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus carbonarius Carbonated Sierra-Finch Phrygile charbonnier Emberizidae Phrygilus carbonarius Carbonated Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Phrygilus alaudinus Band-tailed Sierra-Finch Phrygile à queue barrée Emberizidae Phrygilus alaudinus Band-tailed Sierra-Finch Thraupidae
Melanodera melanodera White-bridled Finch Mélanodère à sourcils blancs Emberizidae Melanodera melanodera White-bridled Finch Thraupidae
Melanodera xanthogramma Yellow-bridled Finch Mélanodère à sourcils jaunes Emberizidae Melanodera xanthogramma Yellow-bridled Finch Thraupidae
Haplospiza rustica Slaty Finch Haplospize ardoisé Emberizidae Haplospiza rustica Slaty Finch Thraupidae
Haplospiza unicolor Uniform Finch Haplospize unicolore Emberizidae Haplospiza unicolor Uniform Finch Thraupidae
Acanthidops bairdii Peg-billed Finch Bec-en-cheville gris Emberizidae Acanthidops bairdi Peg-billed Finch Thraupidae
Lophospingus pusillus Black-crested Finch Lophospingue à huppe noire Emberizidae Lophospingus pusillus Black-crested Finch Thraupidae
Lophospingus griseocristatus Gray-crested Finch Lophospingue gris Emberizidae Lophospingus griseocristatus Gray-crested Finch Thraupidae
Donacospiza albifrons Long-tailed Reed Finch Donacospize des marais Emberizidae Donacospiza albifrons Long-tailed Reed Finch Thraupidae
Rowettia goughensis Gough Island Finch Rowettie de Gough Emberizidae Rowettia goughensis Gough Island Finch Thraupidae
Nesospiza acunhae Nightingale Finch Nésospize de Tristan da Cunha Emberizidae Nesospiza acunhae Nightingale Finch Thraupidae
Nesospiza wilkinsi Wilkins's Finch Nésospize de Wilkins Emberizidae Nesospiza wilkinsi Wilkins's Finch Thraupidae
Diuca speculifera White-winged Diuca-Finch Diuca leucoptère Emberizidae Diuca speculifera White-winged Diuca-Finch Thraupidae
Diuca diuca Common Diuca-Finch Diuca gris Emberizidae Diuca diuca Common Diuca-Finch Thraupidae
Idiopsar brachyurus Short-tailed Finch Idiopsar à queue courte Emberizidae Idiopsar brachyurus Short-tailed Finch Thraupidae
Piezorhina cinerea Cinereous Finch Piézorhin cendré Emberizidae Piezorhina cinerea Cinereous Finch Thraupidae
Xenospingus concolor Slender-billed Finch Xénospingue uniforme Emberizidae Xenospingus concolor Slender-billed Finch Thraupidae
Incaspiza pulchra Great Inca-Finch Chipiu remarquable Emberizidae Incaspiza pulchra Great Inca-Finch Thraupidae
Incaspiza personata Rufous-backed Inca-Finch Chipiu costumé Emberizidae Incaspiza personata Rufous-backed Inca-Finch Thraupidae
Incaspiza ortizi Gray-winged Inca-Finch Chipiu d'Ortiz Emberizidae Incaspiza ortizi Gray-winged Inca-Finch Thraupidae
Incaspiza laeta Buff-bridled Inca-Finch Chipiu à moustaches Emberizidae Incaspiza laeta Buff-bridled Inca-Finch Thraupidae
Incaspiza watkinsi Little Inca-Finch Chipiu de Watkins Emberizidae Incaspiza watkinsi Little Inca-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza thoracica Bay-chested Warbling-Finch Chipiu à poitrine baie Emberizidae Poospiza thoracica Bay-chested Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza boliviana Bolivian Warbling-Finch Chipiu de Bolivie Emberizidae Poospiza boliviana Bolivian Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza alticola Plain-tailed Warbling-Finch Chipiu alticole Emberizidae Poospiza alticola Plain-tailed Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza hypochondria Rufous-sided Warbling-Finch Chipiu à flancs roux Emberizidae Poospiza hypochondria Rufous-sided Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza ornata Cinnamon Warbling-Finch Chipiu cannelle Emberizidae Poospiza ornata Cinnamon Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza erythrophrys Rusty-browed Warbling-Finch Chipiu à sourcils roux Emberizidae Poospiza erythrophrys Rusty-browed Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza nigrorufa Black-and-rufous Warbling-Finch Chipiu noiroux Emberizidae Poospiza nigrorufa Black-and-rufous Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza lateralis Buff-throated Warbling-Finch Chipiu à croupion roux Emberizidae Poospiza lateralis Buff-throated Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza cabanisi Gray-throated Warbling-Finch Chipiu de Cabanis Emberizidae Poospiza cabanisi Gray-throated Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza rubecula Rufous-breasted Warbling-Finch Chipiu rougegorge Emberizidae Poospiza rubecula Rufous-breasted Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Compsospiza garleppi Cochabamba Mountain-Finch Chipiu de Cochabamba Emberizidae Compsospiza garleppi Cochabamba Mountain-Finch Thraupidae
Compsospiza baeri Tucuman Mountain-Finch Chipiu du Tucuman Emberizidae Compsospiza baeri Tucuman Mountain-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza caesar Chestnut-breasted Mountain-Finch Chipiu césar Emberizidae Poospiza caesar Chestnut-breasted Mountain-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza hispaniolensis Collared Warbling-Finch Chipiu à col noir Emberizidae Poospiza hispaniolensis Collared Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza torquata Ringed Warbling-Finch Chipiu sanglé Emberizidae Poospiza torquata Ringed Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza melanoleuca Black-capped Warbling-Finch Chipiu à capuchon Emberizidae Poospiza melanoleuca Black-capped Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Poospiza cinerea Cinereous Warbling-Finch Chipiu à tête cendrée Emberizidae Poospiza cinerea Cinereous Warbling-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis citrina Stripe-tailed Yellow-Finch Sicale citrin Emberizidae Sicalis citrina Stripe-tailed Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis lutea Puna Yellow-Finch Sicale jaune Emberizidae Sicalis lutea Puna Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis uropygialis Bright-rumped Yellow-Finch Sicale à croupion jaune Emberizidae Sicalis uropygialis Bright-rumped Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis luteocephala Citron-headed Yellow-Finch Sicale à tête jaune Emberizidae Sicalis luteocephala Citron-headed Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis auriventris Greater Yellow-Finch Grand Sicale Emberizidae Sicalis auriventris Greater Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis olivascens Greenish Yellow-Finch Sicale olivâtre Emberizidae Sicalis olivascens Greenish Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis lebruni Patagonian Yellow-Finch Sicale de Patagonie Emberizidae Sicalis lebruni Patagonian Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis columbiana Orange-fronted Yellow-Finch Sicale à béret Emberizidae Sicalis columbiana Orange-fronted Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis flaveola Saffron Finch Sicale bouton-d'or Emberizidae Sicalis flaveola Saffron Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis luteola Grassland Yellow-Finch Sicale des savanes Emberizidae Sicalis luteola Grassland Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis raimondii Raimondi's Yellow-Finch Sicale de Raimondi Emberizidae Sicalis raimondii Raimondi's Yellow-Finch Thraupidae
Sicalis taczanowskii Sulphur-throated Finch Sicale de Taczanowski Emberizidae Sicalis taczanowskii Sulphur-throated Finch Thraupidae
Emberizoides herbicola Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch Grand Tardivole Emberizidae Emberizoides herbicola Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch Thraupidae
Emberizoides duidae Duida Grass-Finch Tardivole du Duida Emberizidae Emberizoides duidae Duida Grass-Finch Thraupidae
Emberizoides ypiranganus Lesser Grass-Finch Petit Tardivole Emberizidae Emberizoides ypiranganus Lesser Grass-Finch Thraupidae
Embernagra platensis Great Pampa-Finch Embernagre à cinq couleurs Emberizidae Embernagra platensis Great Pampa-Finch Thraupidae
Embernagra longicauda Pale-throated Pampa-Finch Embernagre du Brésil Emberizidae Embernagra longicauda Pale-throated Pampa-Finch Thraupidae
Volatinia jacarina Blue-black Grassquit Jacarini noir Emberizidae Volatinia jacarina Blue-black Grassquit Thraupidae
Sporophila frontalis Buffy-fronted Seedeater Sporophile à front blanc Emberizidae Sporophila frontalis Buffy-fronted Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila falcirostris Temminck's Seedeater Sporophile de Temminck Emberizidae Sporophila falcirostris Temminck's Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila schistacea Slate-colored Seedeater Sporophile ardoisé Emberizidae Sporophila schistacea Slate-colored Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila intermedia Gray Seedeater Sporophile intermédiaire Emberizidae Sporophila intermedia Gray Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila plumbea Plumbeous Seedeater Sporophile gris-de-plomb Emberizidae Sporophila plumbea Plumbeous Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila americana Wing-barred Seedeater Sporophile à ailes blanches Emberizidae Sporophila americana Wing-barred Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila murallae Caqueta Seedeater Sporophile du Caqueta Emberizidae Sporophila murallae Caqueta Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila corvina Variable Seedeater Sporophile variable Emberizidae Sporophila corvina Variable Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila torqueola White-collared Seedeater Sporophile à col blanc Emberizidae Sporophila torqueola White-collared Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila collaris Rusty-collared Seedeater Sporophile à col fauve Emberizidae Sporophila collaris Rusty-collared Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila bouvronides Lesson's Seedeater Sporophile faux-bouvron Emberizidae Sporophila bouvronides Lesson's Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila lineola Lined Seedeater Sporophile bouveron Emberizidae Sporophila lineola Lined Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila luctuosa Black-and-white Seedeater Sporophile noir et blanc Emberizidae Sporophila luctuosa Black-and-white Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila nigricollis Yellow-bellied Seedeater Sporophile à ventre jaune Emberizidae Sporophila nigricollis Yellow-bellied Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila ardesiaca Dubois's Seedeater Sporophile de Dubois Emberizidae Sporophila ardesiaca Dubois's Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila caerulescens Double-collared Seedeater Sporophile à col double Emberizidae Sporophila caerulescens Double-collared Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila albogularis White-throated Seedeater Sporophile à gorge blanche Emberizidae Sporophila albogularis White-throated Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila leucoptera White-bellied Seedeater Sporophile à ventre blanc Emberizidae Sporophila leucoptera White-bellied Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila peruviana Parrot-billed Seedeater Sporophile perroquet Emberizidae Sporophila peruviana Parrot-billed Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila simplex Drab Seedeater Sporophile simple Emberizidae Sporophila simplex Drab Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila nigrorufa Black-and-tawny Seedeater Sporophile noir et roux Emberizidae Sporophila nigrorufa Black-and-tawny Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila bouvreuil Capped Seedeater Sporophile bouvreuil Emberizidae
Sporophila bouvreuil Copper Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila pileata Pearly-bellied Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila minuta Ruddy-breasted Seedeater Sporophile petit-louis Emberizidae Sporophila minuta Ruddy-breasted Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila hypoxantha Tawny-bellied Seedeater Sporophile à ventre fauve Emberizidae Sporophila hypoxantha Tawny-bellied Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila ruficollis Dark-throated Seedeater Sporophile à gorge sombre Emberizidae Sporophila ruficollis Dark-throated Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila palustris Marsh Seedeater Sporophile des marais Emberizidae Sporophila palustris Marsh Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila castaneiventris Chestnut-bellied Seedeater Sporophile à ventre châtain Emberizidae Sporophila castaneiventris Chestnut-bellied Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila hypochroma Rufous-rumped Seedeater Sporophile à croupion roux Emberizidae Sporophila hypochroma Rufous-rumped Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila cinnamomea Chestnut Seedeater Sporophile cannelle Emberizidae Sporophila cinnamomea Chestnut Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila melanogaster Black-bellied Seedeater Sporophile à ventre noir Emberizidae Sporophila melanogaster Black-bellied Seedeater Thraupidae
Sporophila telasco Chestnut-throated Seedeater Sporophile télasco Emberizidae Sporophila telasco Chestnut-throated Seedeater Thraupidae
Oryzoborus nuttingi Nicaraguan Seed-Finch Sporophile de Nutting Emberizidae Oryzoborus nuttingi Nicaraguan Seed-Finch Thraupidae
Oryzoborus crassirostris Large-billed Seed-Finch Sporophile crassirostre Emberizidae Oryzoborus crassirostris Large-billed Seed-Finch Thraupidae
Oryzoborus atrirostris Black-billed Seed-Finch Sporophile à bec noir Emberizidae Oryzoborus atrirostris Black-billed Seed-Finch Thraupidae
Oryzoborus maximiliani Great-billed Seed-Finch Sporophile de Maximilien Emberizidae Oryzoborus maximiliani Great-billed Seed-Finch Thraupidae
Oryzoborus angolensis Chestnut-bellied Seed-Finch Sporophile curio Emberizidae Oryzoborus angolensis Chestnut-bellied Seed-Finch Thraupidae
Oryzoborus funereus Thick-billed Seed-Finch Sporophile à bec fort Emberizidae Oryzoborus funereus Thick-billed Seed-Finch Thraupidae
Melopyrrha nigra Cuban Bullfinch Sporophile négrito Emberizidae Melopyrrha nigra Cuban Bullfinch Thraupidae
Dolospingus fringilloides White-naped Seedeater Sporophile à nuque blanche Emberizidae Dolospingus fringilloides White-naped Seedeater Thraupidae
Catamenia analis Band-tailed Seedeater Cataménie maculée Emberizidae Catamenia analis Band-tailed Seedeater Thraupidae
Catamenia inornata Plain-colored Seedeater Cataménie terne Emberizidae Catamenia inornata Plain-colored Seedeater Thraupidae
Catamenia homochroa Paramo Seedeater Cataménie du paramo Emberizidae Catamenia homochroa Paramo Seedeater Thraupidae
Tiaris obscurus Dull-colored Grassquit Sporophile obscur Emberizidae Tiaris obscurus Dull-colored Grassquit Thraupidae
Tiaris canorus Cuban Grassquit Sporophile petit-chanteur Emberizidae Tiaris canorus Cuban Grassquit Thraupidae
Tiaris olivaceus Yellow-faced Grassquit Sporophile grand-chanteur Emberizidae Tiaris olivaceus Yellow-faced Grassquit Thraupidae
Tiaris bicolor Black-faced Grassquit Sporophile cici Emberizidae Tiaris bicolor Black-faced Grassquit Thraupidae
Tiaris fuliginosus Sooty Grassquit Sporophile fuligineux Emberizidae Tiaris fuliginosus Sooty Grassquit Thraupidae
Loxipasser anoxanthus Yellow-shouldered Grassquit Sporophile mantelé Emberizidae Loxipasser anoxanthus Yellow-shouldered Grassquit Thraupidae
Loxigilla portoricensis Puerto Rican Bullfinch Sporophile de Porto Rico Emberizidae Loxigilla portoricensis Puerto Rican Bullfinch Thraupidae
Loxigilla violacea Greater Antillean Bullfinch Sporophile petit-coq Emberizidae Loxigilla violacea Greater Antillean Bullfinch Thraupidae
Loxigilla noctis Lesser Antillean Bullfinch Sporophile rougegorge Emberizidae Loxigilla noctis Lesser Antillean Bullfinch Thraupidae
Loxigilla barbadensis Barbados Bullfinch Sporophile de Barbade Emberizidae Loxigilla barbadensis Barbados Bullfinch Thraupidae
Diglossa baritula Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer Percefleur cannelle Emberizidae Diglossa baritula Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa plumbea Slaty Flowerpiercer Percefleur ardoisé Emberizidae Diglossa plumbea Slaty Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa sittoides Rusty Flowerpiercer Percefleur rouilleux Emberizidae Diglossa sittoides Rusty Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa venezuelensis Venezuelan Flowerpiercer Percefleur du Venezuela Emberizidae Diglossa venezuelensis Venezuelan Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa albilatera White-sided Flowerpiercer Percefleur à flancs blancs Emberizidae Diglossa albilatera White-sided Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa gloriosissima Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer Percefleur à ventre marron Emberizidae Diglossa gloriosissima Chestnut-bellied Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa lafresnayii Glossy Flowerpiercer Percefleur de Lafresnaye Emberizidae Diglossa lafresnayii Glossy Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa gloriosa Merida Flowerpiercer Percefleur de Mérida Emberizidae Diglossa gloriosa Merida Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa mystacalis Moustached Flowerpiercer Percefleur moustachu Emberizidae Diglossa mystacalis Moustached Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa humeralis Black Flowerpiercer Percefleur noir Emberizidae Diglossa humeralis Black Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa brunneiventris Black-throated Flowerpiercer Percefleur à gorge noire Emberizidae Diglossa brunneiventris Black-throated Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa carbonaria Gray-bellied Flowerpiercer Percefleur charbonnier Emberizidae Diglossa carbonaria Gray-bellied Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa duidae Scaled Flowerpiercer Percefleur des tépuis Emberizidae Diglossa duidae Scaled Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa major Greater Flowerpiercer Grand Percefleur Emberizidae Diglossa major Greater Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa indigotica Indigo Flowerpiercer Percefleur indigo Emberizidae Diglossa indigotica Indigo Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa glauca Deep-blue Flowerpiercer Percefleur glauque Emberizidae Diglossa glauca Deep-blue Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa caerulescens Bluish Flowerpiercer Percefleur bleuté Emberizidae Diglossa caerulescens Bluish Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Diglossa cyanea Masked Flowerpiercer Percefleur masqué Emberizidae Diglossa cyanea Masked Flowerpiercer Thraupidae
Euneornis campestris Orangequit Pique-orange de Jamaïque Emberizidae Euneornis campestris Orangequit Thraupidae
Melanospiza richardsoni St. Lucia Black Finch Moisson pied-blanc Emberizidae Melanospiza richardsoni St. Lucia Black Finch Thraupidae
Geospiza magnirostris Large Ground-Finch Géospize à gros bec Emberizidae Geospiza magnirostris Large Ground-Finch Thraupidae
Geospiza fortis Medium Ground-Finch Géospize à bec moyen Emberizidae Geospiza fortis Medium Ground-Finch Thraupidae
Geospiza fuliginosa Small Ground-Finch Géospize fuligineux Emberizidae Geospiza fuliginosa Small Ground-Finch Thraupidae
Geospiza difficilis Sharp-beaked Ground-Finch Géospize à bec pointu Emberizidae Geospiza difficilis Sharp-beaked Ground-Finch Thraupidae
Geospiza scandens Common Cactus-Finch Géospize des cactus Emberizidae Geospiza scandens Common Cactus-Finch Thraupidae
Geospiza conirostris Large Cactus-Finch Géospize à bec conique Emberizidae Geospiza conirostris Large Cactus-Finch Thraupidae
Platyspiza crassirostris Vegetarian Finch Géospize crassirostre Emberizidae Platyspiza crassirostris Vegetarian Finch Thraupidae
Camarhynchus psittacula Large Tree-Finch Géospize psittacin Emberizidae Camarhynchus psittacula Large Tree-Finch Thraupidae
Camarhynchus pauper Medium Tree-Finch Géospize modeste Emberizidae Camarhynchus pauper Medium Tree-Finch Thraupidae
Camarhynchus parvulus Small Tree-Finch Géospize minuscule Emberizidae Camarhynchus parvulus Small Tree-Finch Thraupidae
Camarhynchus pallidus Woodpecker Finch Géospize pique-bois Emberizidae Camarhynchus pallidus Woodpecker Finch Thraupidae
Camarhynchus heliobates Mangrove Finch Géospize des mangroves Emberizidae Camarhynchus heliobates Mangrove Finch Thraupidae
Certhidea olivacea Green Warbler-Finch Géospize olive Emberizidae Certhidea olivacea Green Warbler-Finch Thraupidae
Certhidea fusca Gray Warbler-Finch Géospize gris Emberizidae Certhidea fusca Gray Warbler-Finch Thraupidae
Pinaroloxias inornata Cocos Finch Spizin de Cocos Emberizidae Pinaroloxias inornata Cocos Finch Thraupidae
Porphyrospiza caerulescens Blue Finch Porphyrin à bec jaune Emberizidae Porphyrospiza caerulescens Blue Finch Thraupidae


 Taxon removed. This color indicates that the taxonomic concept is only present in the first checklist. The species was either removed entirely from the list, or may have been replaced by another taxon concept (eg, following a species split or a species lump).
 Taxon added. This color indicates that the taxonomic concept is only present in the second checklist. The species was either entirely new to the checklist, or it may replace another concept (eg, following a species split or a species lump).
 Name changed. This color indicates that the taxonomic concept is the same between the 2 versions (ie, that the names refers to the same population), but that the scientific, common or family name has been modified.

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