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Contributing bird photos and recordings to Avibase

People can contribute bird photos and sound recordings to Avibase by joining the Avibase Flickr group or submitting sound recordings to Xeno-Canto.

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List of species and subspecies for Flickr member 131708321@N02. Please note that the taxonomic names used here may differ from the tags used (e.g. synonyms). If you think that some of your photos are missing, please check that they are correctly tagged in Flickr (making sure that the scientific name is a single tag, enclosed by quotes, e.g. "Parus major"). If you change or add tags to your photos after they have been indexed, you may need to request a re-indexing of your photostream, which you can do on this page. Also note that new photos may not appear for a period of up to 48h.

Scientific nameCommon namePhotos indexed
1. Struthio camelus African Ostrich4 photos
2. Rhea americana Greater Rhea5 photos
3. Dromaius novaehollandiae Emu1 photo
4. Casuarius casuarius Southern Cassowary2 photos
5. Crypturellus parvirostris Small-billed Tinamou1 photo
6. Rhynchotus rufescens Red-winged Tinamou1 photo
7. Nothoprocta ornata Ornate Tinamou2 photos
8. Nothoprocta pentlandii Andean Tinamou1 photo
9. Nothura maculosa Spotted Nothura2 photos
10. Tachybaptus dominicus Least Grebe1 photo
11. Podiceps nigricollis Black-necked Grebe4 photos
12. Spheniscus demersus Jackass Penguin3 photos
13. Gavia immer Common Loon1 photo
14. Phoebastria nigripes Black-footed Albatross5 photos
15. Phoebastria immutabilis Laysan Albatross1 photo
16. Thalassarche melanophris Black-browed Albatross3 photos
17. Thalassarche cauta Shy Albatross2 photos
18. Macronectes giganteus Antarctic Giant-Petrel2 photos
19. Fulmarus glacialis Northern Fulmar2 photos
20. Daption capense Cape Petrel1 photo
21. Pterodroma hasitata Black-capped Petrel2 photos
22. Pachyptila desolata Antarctic Prion1 photo
23. Procellaria aequinoctialis White-chinned Petrel2 photos
24. Calonectris borealis Cory's Shearwater2 photos
25. Ardenna creatopus Pink-footed Shearwater3 photos
26. Ardenna gravis Great Shearwater3 photos
27. Ardenna grisea Sooty Shearwater2 photos
28. Ardenna tenuirostris Short-tailed Shearwater2 photos
29. Puffinus puffinus Manx Shearwater1 photo
30. Puffinus lherminieri Audubon's Shearwater1 photo
31. Oceanites oceanicus Wilson's Storm-Petrel2 photos
32. Oceanodroma castro Band-rumped Storm-Petrel1 photo
33. Oceanodroma furcata Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel1 photo
34. Fregata magnificens Magnificent Frigatebird2 photos
35. Fregata aquila Ascension Frigatebird2 photos
36. Morus bassanus Northern Gannet2 photos
37. Sula nebouxii Blue-footed Booby3 photos
38. Sula leucogaster Brown Booby6 photos
39. Microcarbo africanus Long-tailed Cormorant1 photo
40. Microcarbo coronatus Crowned Cormorant1 photo
41. Microcarbo pygmaeus Pygmy Cormorant1 photo
42. Microcarbo melanoleucos Little Pied Cormorant1 photo
43. Phalacrocorax brasilianus Neotropic Cormorant1 photo
44. Phalacrocorax auritus Double-crested Cormorant2 photos
45. Phalacrocorax varius Pied Cormorant1 photo
46. Phalacrocorax sulcirostris Little Black Cormorant1 photo
47. Phalacrocorax carbo Great Cormorant2 photos
48. Phalacrocorax lucidus White-breasted Cormorant2 photos
49. Phalacrocorax pelagicus Pelagic Cormorant1 photo
50. Anhinga anhinga Anhinga2 photos
51. Anhinga novaehollandiae Australian Darter1 photo
52. Pelecanus onocrotalus Great White Pelican2 photos
53. Pelecanus rufescens Pink-backed Pelican1 photo
54. Pelecanus conspicillatus Australian Pelican1 photo
55. Pelecanus erythrorhynchos American White Pelican3 photos
56. Pelecanus occidentalis Brown Pelican4 photos
57. Balaeniceps rex Shoebill5 photos
58. Syrigma sibilatrix Whistling Heron2 photos
59. Egretta rufescens Reddish Egret2 photos
60. Egretta tricolor Tricolored Heron2 photos
61. Egretta caerulea Little Blue Heron2 photos
62. Egretta garzetta Little Egret1 photo
63. Egretta gularis Western Reef-Egret2 photos
64. Egretta thula Snowy Egret1 photo
65. Pilherodius pileatus Capped Heron1 photo
66. Ardea cinerea Grey Heron2 photos
67. Ardea herodias Great Blue Heron3 photos
68. Ardea cocoi Cocoi Heron2 photos
69. Ardea melanocephala Black-headed Heron1 photo
70. Ardea purpurea Purple Heron1 photo
71. Ardea alba Western Great Egret3 photos
72. Ardea intermedia Intermediate Egret1 photo
73. Bubulcus ibis Western Cattle Egret1 photo
74. Ardeola ralloides Squacco Heron1 photo
75. Ardeola bacchus Chinese Pond-Heron1 photo
76. Butorides virescens Green Heron1 photo
77. Butorides virescens virescens Green Heron (nominate)1 photo
78. Agamia agami Agami Heron1 photo
79. Nyctanassa violacea Yellow-crowned Night-Heron2 photos
80. Nycticorax nycticorax Black-crowned Night-Heron1 photo
81. Tigrisoma lineatum Rufescent Tiger-Heron2 photos
82. Ixobrychus involucris Stripe-backed Bittern2 photos
83. Botaurus lentiginosus American Bittern1 photo
84. Botaurus stellaris Great Bittern2 photos
85. Scopus umbretta Hamerkop4 photos
86. Eudocimus albus White Ibis5 photos
87. Phimosus infuscatus Whispering Ibis1 photo
88. Plegadis chihi White-faced Ibis1 photo
89. Theristicus caerulescens Plumbeous Ibis1 photo
90. Theristicus caudatus Buff-necked Ibis1 photo
91. Mesembrinibis cayennensis Green Ibis1 photo
92. Bostrychia hagedash Hadada Ibis2 photos
93. Threskiornis molucca Australian Ibis2 photos
94. Platalea leucorodia Eurasian Spoonbill2 photos
95. Platalea alba African Spoonbill3 photos
96. Platalea minor Black-faced Spoonbill1 photo
97. Platalea ajaja Roseate Spoonbill1 photo
98. Mycteria americana Wood Stork1 photo
99. Mycteria ibis Yellow-billed Stork2 photos
100. Anastomus lamelligerus African Openbill1 photo
101. Ciconia episcopus Woolly-necked Stork1 photo
102. Ciconia maguari Maguari Stork4 photos
103. Ciconia ciconia White Stork5 photos
104. Ephippiorhynchus senegalensis Saddle-billed Stork2 photos
105. Jabiru mycteria Jabiru9 photos
106. Leptoptilos crumenifer Marabou Stork3 photos
107. Coragyps atratus Black Vulture2 photos
108. Cathartes aura Turkey Vulture1 photo
109. Cathartes burrovianus Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture2 photos
110. Phoenicopterus roseus Greater Flamingo3 photos
111. Phoenicopterus chilensis Chilean Flamingo1 photo
112. Phoeniconaias minor Lesser Flamingo4 photos
113. Phoenicoparrus andinus Andean Flamingo1 photo
114. Phoenicoparrus jamesi Puna Flamingo1 photo
115. Chauna torquata Southern Screamer4 photos
116. Anseranas semipalmata Magpie Goose3 photos
117. Dendrocygna bicolor Fulvous Whistling-Duck2 photos
118. Dendrocygna arborea West Indian Whistling-Duck3 photos
119. Dendrocygna autumnalis Black-bellied Whistling-Duck3 photos
120. Oxyura jamaicensis Ruddy Duck2 photos
121. Cygnus olor Mute Swan1 photo
122. Cygnus atratus Black Swan2 photos
123. Coscoroba coscoroba Coscoroba Swan3 photos
124. Anser anser Greylag Goose2 photos
125. Anser caerulescens Snow Goose3 photos
126. Branta canadensis Canada Goose2 photos
127. Branta bernicla Dark-bellied Brant2 photos
128. Cereopsis novaehollandiae Cape Barren Goose1 photo
129. Chloephaga melanoptera Andean Goose2 photos
130. Alopochen aegyptiaca Egyptian Goose2 photos
131. Tadorna variegata Paradise Shelduck2 photos
132. Tadorna tadorna Common Shelduck1 photo
133. Plectropterus gambensis Spur-winged Goose1 photo
134. Aix sponsa Wood Duck3 photos
135. Aix galericulata Mandarin Duck1 photo
136. Chenonetta jubata Maned Duck2 photos
137. Amazonetta brasiliensis Brazilian Teal1 photo
138. Mareca americana American Wigeon2 photos
139. Mareca strepera Gadwall1 photo
140. Anas capensis Cape Teal1 photo
141. Anas crecca Common Teal2 photos
142. Anas carolinensis Green-winged Teal2 photos
143. Anas gracilis Grey Teal1 photo
144. Anas chlorotis New Zealand Teal1 photo
145. Anas aucklandica Auckland Teal1 photo
146. Anas platyrhynchos Mallard1 photo
147. Anas undulata Yellow-billed Duck1 photo
148. Anas superciliosa Pacific Black Duck1 photo
149. Anas acuta Northern Pintail2 photos
150. Spatula hottentota Hottentot Teal1 photo
151. Spatula smithii Cape Shoveler2 photos
152. Spatula clypeata Northern Shoveler1 photo
153. Aythya ferina Common Pochard1 photo
154. Aythya collaris Ring-necked Duck1 photo
155. Aythya nyroca Ferruginous Pochard1 photo
156. Aythya australis Hardhead1 photo
157. Aythya fuligula Tufted Duck3 photos
158. Aythya affinis Lesser Scaup1 photo
159. Histrionicus histrionicus Harlequin Duck2 photos
160. Clangula hyemalis Long-tailed Duck2 photos
161. Bucephala clangula Common Goldeneye1 photo
162. Bucephala islandica Barrow's Goldeneye3 photos
163. Bucephala albeola Bufflehead2 photos
164. Lophodytes cucullatus Hooded Merganser1 photo
165. Mergus serrator Red-breasted Merganser1 photo
166. Mergus merganser Common Merganser2 photos
167. Pandion haliaetus Osprey5 photos
168. Pandion cristatus Australian Osprey2 photos
169. Elanus caeruleus Black-shouldered Kite1 photo
170. Rostrhamus sociabilis Snail Kite3 photos
171. Milvus milvus Red Kite3 photos
172. Haliaeetus vocifer African Fish-Eagle2 photos
173. Haliaeetus leucocephalus Bald Eagle5 photos
174. Gypohierax angolensis Palm-nut Vulture1 photo
175. Gypaetus barbatus Lammergeier2 photos
176. Neophron percnopterus Egyptian Vulture1 photo
177. Gyps africanus White-backed Vulture1 photo
178. Gyps himalayensis Himalayan Griffon1 photo
179. Circaetus cinerascens Banded Snake-Eagle1 photo
180. Circus ranivorus African Marsh-Harrier1 photo
181. Circus buffoni Long-winged Harrier2 photos
182. Circus cyaneus Hen Harrier1 photo
183. Circus hudsonius American Harrier1 photo
184. Circus cinereus Cinereous Harrier1 photo
185. Melierax canorus Pale Chanting-Goshawk2 photos
186. Accipiter tachiro African Goshawk2 photos
187. Accipiter cooperii Cooper's Hawk3 photos
188. Geranospiza caerulescens Crane Hawk1 photo
189. Buteogallus anthracinus Common Black-hawk1 photo
190. Buteogallus urubitinga Great Black-Hawk1 photo
191. Buteogallus meridionalis Savanna Hawk1 photo
192. Busarellus nigricollis Black-collared Hawk2 photos
193. Geranoaetus melanoleucus Black-chested Buzzard-Eagle2 photos
194. Rupornis magnirostris Roadside Hawk4 photos
195. Buteo ridgwayi Ridgway's Hawk1 photo
196. Buteo swainsoni Swainson's Hawk2 photos
197. Geranoaetus albicaudatus White-tailed Hawk1 photo
198. Buteo albonotatus Zone-tailed Hawk1 photo
199. Buteo refectus Himalayan Buzzard1 photo
200. Polemaetus bellicosus Martial Eagle1 photo
201. Spizaetus melanoleucus Black-and-White Hawk-Eagle1 photo
202. Lophaetus occipitalis Long-crested Eagle3 photos
203. Sagittarius serpentarius Secretarybird2 photos
204. Caracara plancus Southern Caracara5 photos
205. Caracara cheriway Crested Caracara1 photo
206. Milvago chimango Chimango Caracara2 photos
207. Herpetotheres cachinnans Laughing Falcon2 photos
208. Falco tinnunculus Common Kestrel2 photos
209. Falco sparverius American Kestrel1 photo
210. Falco longipennis Australian Hobby1 photo
211. Falco peregrinus Peregrine Falcon3 photos
212. Alectura lathami Australian Brush-turkey4 photos
213. Ortalis vetula Plain Chachalaca2 photos
214. Ortalis wagleri Rufous-bellied Chachalaca3 photos
215. Ortalis poliocephala West Mexican Chachalaca3 photos
216. Penelope dabbenei Red-faced Guan3 photos
217. Penelope purpurascens Crested Guan1 photo
218. Penelope obscura Dusky-legged Guan3 photos
219. Penelope ochrogaster Chestnut-bellied Guan2 photos
220. Pipile jacutinga Black-fronted Piping-Guan2 photos
221. Crax fasciolata Bare-faced Curassow2 photos
222. Callipepla gambelii Gambel's Quail3 photos
223. Cyrtonyx montezumae Montezuma Quail2 photos
224. Meleagris gallopavo Wild Turkey3 photos
225. Lagopus muta Rock Ptarmigan1 photo
226. Lyrurus tetrix Black Grouse2 photos
227. Ammoperdix heyi Sand Partridge2 photos
228. Tetraogallus tibetanus Tibetan Snowcock1 photo
229. Tetraophasis obscurus Chestnut-throated Partridge2 photos
230. Alectoris chukar Chukar2 photos
231. Scleroptila afra Grey-winged Francolin2 photos
232. Dendroperdix sephaena Crested Francolin1 photo
233. Pternistis natalensis Natal Francolin1 photo
234. Pternistis capensis Cape Francolin2 photos
235. Pternistis nobilis Handsome Francolin1 photo
236. Pternistis afer Red-necked Spurfowl2 photos
237. Pternistis swainsonii Swainson's Spurfowl2 photos
238. Arborophila orientalis Grey-breasted Partridge1 photo
239. Arborophila campbelli Campbell's Partridge2 photos
240. Tragopan temminckii Temminck's Tragopan1 photo
241. Gallus gallus Red Junglefowl2 photos
242. Phasianus colchicus Common Pheasant6 photos
243. Numida meleagris Helmeted Guineafowl3 photos
244. Turnix sylvaticus Small Buttonquail1 photo
245. Turnix nanus Black-rumped Buttonquail1 photo
246. Turnix hottentottus Hottentot Buttonquail1 photo
247. Rallus elegans King Rail4 photos
248. Rallus limicola Virginia Rail3 photos
249. Aramides ypecaha Giant Wood-Rail3 photos
250. Aramides saracura Slaty-breasted Wood-Rail1 photo
251. Amaurornis phoenicurus White-breasted Waterhen2 photos
252. Zapornia flavirostra Black Crake1 photo
253. Zapornia parva Little Crake2 photos
254. Zapornia paykullii Band-bellied Crake1 photo
255. Porphyrio melanotus Australian Swamphen1 photo
256. Porphyrio mantelli North Island Takahe3 photos
257. Porphyrio hochstetteri South Island Takahe3 photos
258. Porphyrio martinica Purple Gallinule3 photos
259. Gallinula chloropus Common Moorhen5 photos
260. Gallinula galeata Common Gallinule1 photo
261. Porphyriops melanops Spot-flanked Gallinule2 photos
262. Fulica atra Common Coot1 photo
263. Fulica americana American Coot2 photos
264. Fulica americana americana American Coot [nominate, incl. caribbaea]2 photos
265. Eurypyga helias Sunbittern5 photos
266. Cariama cristata Red-legged Seriema6 photos
267. Chunga burmeisteri Black-legged Seriema1 photo
268. Balearica regulorum Grey Crowned-Crane5 photos
269. Antigone canadensis Sandhill Crane4 photos
270. Grus paradisea Blue Crane2 photos
271. Grus grus Common Crane2 photos
272. Grus americana Whooping Crane1 photo
273. Aramus guarauna Limpkin2 photos
274. Otis tarda Great Bustard1 photo
275. Lophotis ruficrista Red-crested Bustard3 photos
276. Lissotis melanogaster Black-bellied Bustard1 photo
277. Actophilornis africanus African Jacana1 photo
278. Irediparra gallinacea Comb-crested Jacana1 photo
279. Jacana jacana Wattled Jacana3 photos
280. Rostratula benghalensis Common Greater Painted-snipe1 photo
281. Gallinago delicata Wilson's Snipe2 photos
282. Gallinago paraguaiae South American Snipe1 photo
283. Limosa limosa Black-tailed Godwit2 photos
284. Limosa haemastica Hudsonian Godwit1 photo
285. Limosa lapponica Bar-tailed Godwit1 photo
286. Limosa fedoa Marbled Godwit1 photo
287. Numenius madagascariensis Far Eastern Curlew1 photo
288. Tringa totanus Common Redshank2 photos
289. Tringa stagnatilis Marsh Sandpiper1 photo
290. Tringa nebularia Common Greenshank1 photo
291. Tringa solitaria Solitary Sandpiper1 photo
292. Tringa glareola Wood Sandpiper2 photos
293. Xenus cinereus Terek Sandpiper2 photos
294. Actitis macularius Spotted Sandpiper1 photo
295. Tringa brevipes Grey-tailed Tattler1 photo
296. Tringa semipalmata Willet3 photos
297. Tringa semipalmata inornata Willet (Western)2 photos
298. Arenaria interpres Ruddy Turnstone2 photos
299. Arenaria melanocephala Black Turnstone1 photo
300. Limnodromus scolopaceus Long-billed Dowitcher2 photos
301. Calidris virgata Surfbird1 photo
302. Calidris canutus Red Knot2 photos
303. Calidris alba Sanderling4 photos
304. Calidris pusilla Semipalmated Sandpiper2 photos
305. Calidris mauri Western Sandpiper1 photo
306. Calidris minutilla Least Sandpiper2 photos
307. Calidris bairdii Baird's Sandpiper3 photos
308. Calidris maritima Purple Sandpiper3 photos
309. Calidris ptilocnemis Rock Sandpiper1 photo
310. Calidris alpina Dunlin4 photos
311. Calidris himantopus Stilt Sandpiper3 photos
312. Calidris subruficollis Buff-breasted Sandpiper2 photos
313. Calidris pugnax Ruff2 photos
314. Phalaropus tricolor Wilson's Phalarope1 photo
315. Phalaropus lobatus Red-necked Phalarope1 photo
316. Phalaropus fulicarius Red Phalarope1 photo
317. Thinocorus orbignyianus Grey-breasted Seedsnipe2 photos
318. Burhinus oedicnemus Eurasian Thick-knee1 photo
319. Burhinus vermiculatus Water Thick-knee1 photo
320. Burhinus grallarius Bush Thick-knee3 photos
321. Esacus magnirostris Beach Thick-knee1 photo
322. Charadrius dubius Little Ringed Plover1 photo
323. Charadrius wilsonia Wilson's Plover1 photo
324. Charadrius vociferus Killdeer2 photos
325. Charadrius pecuarius Kittlitz's Plover1 photo
326. Charadrius melodus Piping Plover3 photos
327. Charadrius pallidus Chestnut-banded Plover1 photo
328. Charadrius nivosus Snowy Plover2 photos
329. Charadrius marginatus White-fronted Plover1 photo
330. Charadrius mongolus Lesser Sand-Plover1 photo
331. Charadrius leschenaultii Greater Sand Plover1 photo
332. Oreopholus ruficollis Tawny-throated Dotterel1 photo
333. Vanellus vanellus Northern Lapwing3 photos
334. Vanellus crassirostris Long-toed Lapwing2 photos
335. Vanellus miles Masked Lapwing2 photos
336. Vanellus armatus Blacksmith Lapwing2 photos
337. Vanellus spinosus Spur-winged Lapwing1 photo
338. Vanellus senegallus Wattled Lapwing1 photo
339. Vanellus lugubris Senegal Lapwing3 photos
340. Vanellus coronatus Crowned Lapwing1 photo
341. Vanellus chilensis Southern Lapwing4 photos
342. Vanellus resplendens Andean Lapwing1 photo
343. Haematopus ostralegus Eurasian Oystercatcher1 photo
344. Haematopus moquini African Oystercatcher1 photo
345. Haematopus bachmani Black Oystercatcher1 photo
346. Haematopus palliatus American Oystercatcher1 photo
347. Haematopus unicolor Variable Oystercatcher1 photo
348. Himantopus himantopus Black-winged Stilt2 photos
349. Recurvirostra avosetta Pied Avocet1 photo
350. Recurvirostra americana American Avocet3 photos
351. Cursorius temminckii Temminck's Courser1 photo
352. Glareola pratincola Collared Pratincole3 photos
353. Stercorarius skua Great Skua1 photo
354. Stercorarius antarcticus Southern Skua1 photo
355. Stercorarius lonnbergi Brown Skua1 photo
356. Stercorarius maccormicki South Polar Skua1 photo
357. Stercorarius pomarinus Pomarine Jaeger1 photo
358. Stercorarius parasiticus Parasitic Jaeger1 photo
359. Stercorarius longicaudus Long-tailed Jaeger2 photos
360. Larus heermanni Heermann's Gull1 photo
361. Larus marinus Great Black-backed Gull2 photos
362. Larus hyperboreus Glaucous Gull1 photo
363. Larus smithsonianus American Herring Gull1 photo
364. Chroicocephalus ridibundus Black-headed Gull1 photo
365. Chroicocephalus philadelphia Bonaparte's Gull1 photo
366. Leucophaeus atricilla Laughing Gull2 photos
367. Hydrocoloeus minutus Little Gull2 photos
368. Rhodostethia rosea Ross's Gull3 photos
369. Xema sabini Sabine's Gull2 photos
370. Rissa tridactyla Black-legged Kittiwake1 photo
371. Gelochelidon nilotica Gull-billed Tern1 photo
372. Gelochelidon nilotica nilotica Gull-billed Tern (nominate)1 photo
373. Thalasseus maximus Royal Tern1 photo
374. Thalasseus sandvicensis Sandwich Tern1 photo
375. Sterna dougallii Roseate Tern1 photo
376. Sterna sumatrana Black-naped Tern1 photo
377. Sterna hirundo Common Tern4 photos
378. Sterna forsteri Forster's Tern1 photo
379. Sternula antillarum Least Tern3 photos
380. Sternula superciliaris Yellow-billed Tern1 photo
381. Onychoprion anaethetus Bridled Tern1 photo
382. Phaetusa simplex Large-billed Tern2 photos
383. Rynchops niger Black Skimmer4 photos
384. Uria aalge Common Murre4 photos
385. Alca torda Razorbill3 photos
386. Fratercula arctica Atlantic Puffin4 photos
387. Fratercula cirrhata Tufted Puffin1 photo
388. Pterocles orientalis Black-bellied Sandgrouse2 photos
389. Columba leuconota Snow Pigeon1 photo
390. Columba oenas Stock Pigeon3 photos
391. Columba palumbus Common Wood-Pigeon1 photo
392. Columba arquatrix African Olive-Pigeon2 photos
393. Patagioenas leucocephala White-crowned Pigeon1 photo
394. Patagioenas maculosa Spot-winged Pigeon2 photos
395. Patagioenas maculosa maculosa Spot-winged Pigeon (nominate)2 photos
396. Patagioenas fasciata Band-tailed Pigeon1 photo
397. Columba larvata Eastern Lemon Dove2 photos
398. Streptopelia turtur European Turtle-Dove2 photos
399. Spilopelia chinensis Spotted Dove1 photo
400. Streptopelia decipiens Mourning Collared-Dove1 photo
401. Streptopelia semitorquata Red-eyed Dove1 photo
402. Streptopelia decaocto Eurasian Collared-Dove1 photo
403. Turtur chalcospilos Emerald-spotted Wood-Dove1 photo
404. Chalcophaps indica Emerald Dove1 photo
405. Ocyphaps lophotes Crested Pigeon3 photos
406. Geopelia striata Zebra Dove1 photo
407. Geopelia placida Peaceful Dove1 photo
408. Leucosarcia melanoleuca Wonga Pigeon1 photo
409. Zenaida macroura Mourning Dove1 photo
410. Zenaida auriculata Eared Dove1 photo
411. Columbina inca Inca Dove1 photo
412. Columbina squammata Scaled Dove1 photo
413. Uropelia campestris Long-tailed Ground-Dove1 photo
414. Leptotila verreauxi White-tipped Dove2 photos
415. Treron vernans Pink-necked Green-Pigeon1 photo
416. Treron calvus African Green-Pigeon1 photo
417. Treron calvus calvus African Green-Pigeon (Guinean)1 photo
418. Ptilinopus magnificus Wompoo Fruit-Dove3 photos
419. Hemiphaga novaeseelandiae New Zealand Pigeon1 photo
420. Trichoglossus moluccanus Rainbow Lorikeet3 photos
421. Zanda funerea Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo2 photos
422. Calyptorhynchus banksii Red-tailed Black-Cockatoo1 photo
423. Callocephalon fimbriatum Gang-gang Cockatoo1 photo
424. Eolophus roseicapilla Galah2 photos
425. Cacatua galerita Sulphur-crested Cockatoo2 photos
426. Cacatua sanguinea Little Corella1 photo
427. Cacatua tenuirostris Long-billed Corella1 photo
428. Alisterus scapularis Australian King-Parrot2 photos
429. Polytelis swainsonii Superb Parrot1 photo
430. Platycercus elegans Crimson Rosella2 photos
431. Platycercus adscitus Pale-headed Rosella1 photo
432. Psephotus haematonotus Red-rumped Parrot1 photo
433. Cyanoramphus novaezelandiae Red-fronted Parakeet2 photos
434. Agapornis roseicollis Rosy-faced Lovebird3 photos
435. Anodorhynchus hyacinthinus Hyacinth Macaw2 photos
436. Ara chloropterus Red-and-green Macaw2 photos
437. Primolius auricollis Yellow-collared Macaw2 photos
438. Thectocercus acuticaudatus Blue-crowned Parakeet1 photo
439. Psittacara mitratus Mitred Parakeet1 photo
440. Psittacara leucophthalmus White-eyed Parakeet2 photos
441. Psittacara chloropterus Hispaniolan Parakeet1 photo
442. Aratinga auricapillus Golden-capped Parakeet1 photo
443. Eupsittula nana Olive-throated Parakeet1 photo
444. Eupsittula aurea Peach-fronted Parakeet3 photos
445. Cyanoliseus patagonus Burrowing Parakeet1 photo
446. Pyrrhura frontalis Maroon-bellied Parakeet1 photo
447. Psilopsiagon aymara Grey-hooded Parakeet1 photo
448. Forpus xanthopterygius Blue-winged Parrotlet2 photos
449. Forpus xanthopterygius xanthopterygius Blue-winged Parrotlet (nominate)2 photos
450. Forpus crassirostris Large-billed Parrotlet2 photos
451. Brotogeris tirica Plain Parakeet1 photo
452. Brotogeris chiriri Yellow-chevroned Parakeet1 photo
453. Pionus menstruus Blue-headed Parrot1 photo
454. Pionus maximiliani Scaly-headed Parrot1 photo
455. Amazona finschi Lilac-crowned Parrot1 photo
456. Alipiopsitta xanthops Yellow-faced Parrot2 photos
457. Amazona aestiva Blue-fronted Parrot1 photo
458. Colius striatus Speckled Mousebird2 photos
459. Colius colius White-backed Mousebird3 photos
460. Urocolius macrourus Blue-naped Mousebird1 photo
461. Urocolius indicus Red-faced Mousebird1 photo
462. Tauraco corythaix Knysna Turaco5 photos
463. Ruwenzorornis johnstoni Ruwenzori Turaco1 photo
464. Tauraco porphyreolophus Purple-crested Turaco4 photos
465. Corythaixoides concolor Grey Go-away-bird3 photos
466. Crinifer zonurus Eastern Grey Plantain-eater2 photos
467. Corythaeola cristata Great Blue Turaco2 photos
468. Cuculus canorus Common Cuckoo1 photo
469. Cacomantis variolosus Brush Cuckoo1 photo
470. Eudynamys scolopaceus Asian Koel1 photo
471. Eudynamys scolopaceus scolopaceus Asian Koel (Indian)1 photo
472. Scythrops novaehollandiae Channel-billed Cuckoo1 photo
473. Centropus superciliosus White-browed Coucal1 photo
474. Centropus burchellii Burchell's Coucal1 photo
475. Centropus burchellii burchellii Burchell's Coucal (nominate)1 photo
476. Coccyzus erythropthalmus Black-billed Cuckoo1 photo
477. Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed Cuckoo3 photos
478. Piaya cayana Squirrel Cuckoo1 photo
479. Coccyzus longirostris Hispaniolan Lizard-Cuckoo1 photo
480. Crotophaga ani Smooth-billed Ani1 photo
481. Guira guira Guira Cuckoo2 photos
482. Dromococcyx pavoninus Pavonine Cuckoo1 photo
483. Geococcyx californianus Greater Roadrunner2 photos
484. Opisthocomus hoazin Hoatzin2 photos
485. Tyto alba Barn Owl3 photos
486. Tyto alba furcata Barn Owl (furcata)1 photo
487. Tyto javanica Eastern Barn Owl1 photo
488. Tyto glaucops Ashy-faced Owl1 photo
489. Otus scops Eurasian Scops-Owl1 photo
490. Otus lettia Collared Scops-Owl2 photos
491. Megascops kennicottii Western Screech-Owl1 photo
492. Megascops choliba Tropical Screech-Owl1 photo
493. Bubo virginianus Great Horned Owl11 photos
494. Bubo africanus Spotted Eagle-Owl2 photos
495. Bubo scandiacus Snowy Owl5 photos
496. Strix seloputo Spotted Wood-Owl2 photos
497. Strix leptogrammica Brown Wood-Owl1 photo
498. Strix nebulosa Great Grey Owl1 photo
499. Pulsatrix koeniswaldiana Tawny-browed Owl1 photo
500. Glaucidium gnoma Mountain Pygmy-Owl4 photos
501. Glaucidium brasilianum Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl3 photos
502. Micrathene whitneyi Elf Owl1 photo
503. Athene cunicularia Burrowing Owl3 photos
504. Aegolius acadicus Northern Saw-whet Owl1 photo
505. Ninox strenua Powerful Owl2 photos
506. Ninox novaeseelandiae Morepork1 photo
507. Ninox scutulata Brown Hawk-owl1 photo
508. Steatornis caripensis Oilbird2 photos
509. Podargus strigoides Tawny Frogmouth1 photo
510. Aegotheles cristatus Australian Owlet-Nightjar2 photos
511. Nyctibius grandis Great Potoo1 photo
512. Nyctibius griseus Common Potoo1 photo
513. Chordeiles acutipennis Lesser Nighthawk1 photo
514. Chordeiles minor Common Nighthawk2 photos
515. Chordeiles nacunda Nacunda Nighthawk1 photo
516. Nyctidromus albicollis Pauraque1 photo
517. Collocalia esculenta Glossy Swiftlet1 photo
518. Aeronautes andecolus Andean Swift1 photo
519. Apus apus Common Swift1 photo
520. Apus affinis Little Swift1 photo
521. Apus nipalensis House Swift1 photo
522. Eupetomena macroura Swallow-tailed Hummingbird1 photo
523. Florisuga fusca Black Jacobin1 photo
524. Colibri delphinae Brown Violet-ear1 photo
525. Anthracothorax nigricollis Black-throated Mango1 photo
526. Stephanoxis lalandi Green-crested Plovercrest1 photo
527. Cynanthus latirostris Broad-billed Hummingbird3 photos
528. Thalurania glaucopis Violet-capped Woodnymph3 photos
529. Hylocharis chrysura Gilded Hummingbird2 photos
530. Chrysuronia versicolor Versicolored Emerald2 photos
531. Saucerottia beryllina Berylline Hummingbird1 photo
532. Amazilia tzacatl Rufous-tailed Hummingbird1 photo
533. Leucolia violiceps Violet-crowned Hummingbird1 photo
534. Lampornis clemenciae Blue-throated Hummingbird1 photo
535. Clytolaema rubricauda Brazilian Ruby2 photos
536. Heliodoxa rubinoides Fawn-breasted Brilliant1 photo
537. Eugenes fulgens Magnificent Hummingbird4 photos
538. Patagona gigas Giant Hummingbird2 photos
539. Pterophanes cyanopterus Great Sapphirewing1 photo
540. Coeligena torquata Collared Inca1 photo
541. Coeligena lutetiae Buff-winged Starfrontlet1 photo
542. Ensifera ensifera Sword-billed Hummingbird2 photos
543. Boissonneaua flavescens Buff-tailed Coronet2 photos
544. Boissonneaua matthewsii Chestnut-breasted Coronet1 photo
545. Boissonneaua jardini Velvet-purple Coronet2 photos
546. Urosticte benjamini Purple-bibbed Whitetip1 photo
547. Ocreatus underwoodii White-booted Racket-tail1 photo
548. Sappho sparganurus Red-tailed Comet1 photo
549. Aglaiocercus coelestis Violet-tailed Sylph1 photo
550. Heliactin bilophus Horned Sungem1 photo
551. Calothorax lucifer Lucifer Hummingbird1 photo
552. Archilochus alexandri Black-chinned Hummingbird1 photo
553. Calypte anna Anna's Hummingbird2 photos
554. Selasphorus heloisa Bumblebee Hummingbird2 photos
555. Selasphorus platycercus Broad-tailed Hummingbird2 photos
556. Apaloderma narina Narina Trogon1 photo
557. Apaloderma vittatum Bar-tailed Trogon2 photos
558. Priotelus roseigaster Hispaniolan Trogon1 photo
559. Trogon citreolus Citreoline Trogon2 photos
560. Trogon elegans Elegant Trogon2 photos
561. Trogon personatus Masked Trogon2 photos
562. Trogon rufus Black-throated Trogon1 photo
563. Trogon curucui Blue-crowned Trogon2 photos
564. Harpactes kasumba Red-naped Trogon1 photo
565. Harpactes erythrocephalus Red-headed Trogon2 photos
566. Alcedo atthis Common Kingfisher1 photo
567. Corythornis cristatus Malachite Kingfisher3 photos
568. Lacedo pulchella Banded Kingfisher1 photo
569. Dacelo novaeguineae Laughing Kookaburra3 photos
570. Dacelo leachii Blue-winged Kookaburra1 photo
571. Halcyon smyrnensis White-throated Kingfisher3 photos
572. Halcyon leucocephala Grey-headed Kingfisher1 photo
573. Halcyon senegalensis Woodland Kingfisher1 photo
574. Todiramphus sordidus Torresian Kingfisher1 photo
575. Todiramphus sanctus Sacred Kingfisher1 photo
576. Megaceryle torquata Ringed Kingfisher2 photos
577. Ceryle rudis Pied Kingfisher3 photos
578. Chloroceryle americana Green Kingfisher2 photos
579. Momotus mexicanus Russet-crowned Motmot1 photo
580. Momotus lessonii Lesson's Motmot1 photo
581. Todus angustirostris Narrow-billed Tody1 photo
582. Todus subulatus Broad-billed Tody2 photos
583. Nyctyornis amictus Red-bearded Bee-eater3 photos
584. Merops gularis Black Bee-eater1 photo
585. Merops bullockoides White-fronted Bee-eater2 photos
586. Merops pusillus Little Bee-eater2 photos
587. Merops oreobates Cinnamon-chested Bee-eater1 photo
588. Merops orientalis Little Green Bee-eater4 photos
589. Merops superciliosus Olive Bee-eater1 photo
590. Merops ornatus Rainbow Bee-eater1 photo
591. Coracias garrulus European Roller1 photo
592. Coracias caudatus Lilac-breasted Roller3 photos
593. Tockus rufirostris Southern Red-billed Hornbill2 photos
594. Tockus leucomelas Southern Yellow-billed Hornbill3 photos
595. Lophoceros alboterminatus Crowned Hornbill1 photo
596. Lophoceros nasutus African Grey Hornbill1 photo
597. Anthracoceros albirostris Oriental Pied-Hornbill2 photos
598. Bycanistes subcylindricus Black-and-white-casqued Hornbill1 photo
599. Bucorvus leadbeateri Southern Ground-Hornbill2 photos
600. Upupa epops Eurasian Hoopoe2 photos
601. Upupa africana African Hoopoe1 photo
602. Phoeniculus bollei White-headed Woodhoopoe2 photos
603. Galbula ruficauda Rufous-tailed Jacamar1 photo
604. Galbula pastazae Coppery-chested Jacamar1 photo
605. Notharchus tectus Pied Puffbird1 photo
606. Nystalus chacuru White-eared Puffbird1 photo
607. Monasa nigrifrons Black-fronted Nunbird1 photo
608. Psilopogon pyrolophus Fire-tufted Barbet2 photos
609. Psilopogon duvaucelii Blue-eared Barbet1 photo
610. Gymnobucco bonapartei Grey-throated Barbet1 photo
611. Gymnobucco bonapartei bonapartei Grey-throated Barbet (nominate)1 photo
612. Pogoniulus coryphaea Western Green-Tinkerbird1 photo
613. Tricholaema lacrymosa Spot-flanked Barbet1 photo
614. Lybius torquatus Black-collared Barbet2 photos
615. Trachyphonus vaillantii Crested Barbet1 photo
616. Semnornis ramphastinus Toucan Barbet1 photo
617. Andigena hypoglauca Grey-breasted Mountain-Toucan1 photo
618. Ramphastos dicolorus Red-breasted Toucan2 photos
619. Ramphastos toco Toco Toucan2 photos
620. Jynx torquilla Eurasian Wryneck2 photos
621. Picumnus cirratus White-barred Piculet2 photos
622. Picumnus temminckii Ochre-collared Piculet1 photo
623. Melanerpes candidus White Woodpecker3 photos
624. Melanerpes erythrocephalus Red-headed Woodpecker1 photo
625. Melanerpes formicivorus Acorn Woodpecker2 photos
626. Melanerpes flavifrons Yellow-fronted Woodpecker1 photo
627. Melanerpes striatus Hispaniolan Woodpecker1 photo
628. Melanerpes chrysogenys Golden-cheeked Woodpecker2 photos
629. Melanerpes carolinus Red-bellied Woodpecker2 photos
630. Sphyrapicus varius Yellow-bellied Sapsucker1 photo
631. Sphyrapicus nuchalis Red-naped Sapsucker1 photo
632. Dendrocopos medius Middle Spotted Woodpecker1 photo
633. Dendrocopos major Great Spotted Woodpecker1 photo
634. Veniliornis mixtus Checkered Woodpecker1 photo
635. Leuconotopicus borealis Red-cockaded Woodpecker1 photo
636. Leuconotopicus arizonae Arizona Woodpecker4 photos
637. Leuconotopicus villosus Hairy Woodpecker1 photo
638. Picoides tridactylus Eurasian Three-toed Woodpecker5 photos
639. Picoides dorsalis American Three-toed Woodpecker5 photos
640. Veniliornis passerinus Little Woodpecker1 photo
641. Colaptes melanochloros Green-barred Woodpecker3 photos
642. Colaptes auratus Northern Flicker4 photos
643. Colaptes campestris Campo Flicker3 photos
644. Micropternus brachyurus Rufous Woodpecker1 photo
645. Celeus flavescens Blond-crested Woodpecker1 photo
646. Dryocopus pileatus Pileated Woodpecker4 photos
647. Dryocopus lineatus Lineated Woodpecker2 photos
648. Campephilus rubricollis Red-necked Woodpecker2 photos
649. Campephilus melanoleucos Crimson-crested Woodpecker2 photos
650. Campephilus leucopogon Cream-backed Woodpecker1 photo
651. Picus vittatus Laced Woodpecker1 photo
652. Picus viridis Eurasian Green Woodpecker1 photo
653. Pitta sordida Hooded Pitta2 photos
654. Pitta reichenowi Green-breasted Pitta3 photos
655. Pitta versicolor Noisy Pitta3 photos
656. Pseudocalyptomena graueri Grauer's Broadbill1 photo
657. Corydon sumatranus Dusky Broadbill1 photo
658. Serilophus lunatus Silver-breasted Broadbill2 photos
659. Psarisomus dalhousiae Long-tailed Broadbill3 photos
660. Camptostoma obsoletum Southern Beardless-Tyrannulet1 photo
661. Elaenia cristata Plain-crested Elaenia2 photos
662. Serpophaga nigricans Sooty Tyrannulet2 photos
663. Serpophaga munda White-bellied Tyrannulet1 photo
664. Anairetes flavirostris Yellow-billed Tit-Tyrant1 photo
665. Tachuris rubrigastra Many-colored Rush-Tyrant2 photos
666. Culicivora caudacuta Sharp-tailed Grass-Tyrant2 photos
667. Corythopis delalandi Southern Antpipit1 photo
668. Todirostrum cinereum Common Tody-Flycatcher1 photo
669. Contopus sordidulus Western Wood-Pewee2 photos
670. Contopus hispaniolensis Hispaniolan Pewee1 photo
671. Sayornis saya Say's Phoebe1 photo
672. Sayornis nigricans Black Phoebe1 photo
673. Pyrocephalus rubinus Scarlet Flycatcher3 photos
674. Xolmis velatus White-rumped Monjita1 photo
675. Knipolegus lophotes Crested Black-Tyrant1 photo
676. Alectrurus tricolor Cock-tailed Tyrant2 photos
677. Alectrurus risora Strange-tailed Tyrant3 photos
678. Gubernetes yetapa Streamer-tailed Tyrant2 photos
679. Colonia colonus Long-tailed Tyrant1 photo
680. Machetornis rixosa Cattle Tyrant4 photos
681. Myiarchus swainsoni Swainson's Flycatcher1 photo
682. Myiarchus cinerascens Ash-throated Flycatcher1 photo
683. Myiarchus crinitus Great Crested Flycatcher1 photo
684. Deltarhynchus flammulatus Flammulated Flycatcher1 photo
685. Tyrannus melancholicus Tropical Kingbird2 photos
686. Tyrannus verticalis Western Kingbird2 photos
687. Tyrannus forficatus Scissor-tailed Flycatcher2 photos
688. Tyrannus savana Fork-tailed Flycatcher3 photos
689. Tyrannus tyrannus Eastern Kingbird2 photos
690. Pitangus sulphuratus Great Kiskadee3 photos
691. Xenopsaris albinucha White-naped Xenopsaris1 photo
692. Pachyramphus castaneus Chestnut-crowned Becard2 photos
693. Tityra cayana Black-tailed Tityra1 photo
694. Iodopleura isabellae White-browed Purpletuft1 photo
695. Querula purpurata Purple-throated Fruitcrow1 photo
696. Pyroderus scutatus Red-ruffed Fruitcrow1 photo
697. Rupicola peruvianus Andean Cock-of-the-rock1 photo
698. Phytotoma rutila White-tipped Plantcutter2 photos
699. Piprites chloris Wing-barred Piprites1 photo
700. Antilophia galeata Helmeted Manakin1 photo
701. Chiroxiphia caudata Swallow-tailed Manakin2 photos
702. Pipra fasciicauda Band-tailed Manakin2 photos
703. Mackenziaena leachii Large-tailed Antshrike1 photo
704. Thamnophilus caerulescens Variable Antshrike2 photos
705. Thamnophilus ruficapillus Rufous-capped Antshrike1 photo
706. Formicivora rufa Rusty-backed Antwren1 photo
707. Geositta poeciloptera Campo Miner1 photo
708. Geositta rufipennis Rufous-banded Miner1 photo
709. Furnarius rufus Rufous Hornero3 photos
710. Synallaxis spixi Chicli Spinetail1 photo
711. Cranioleuca pyrrhophia Stripe-crowned Spinetail1 photo
712. Certhiaxis cinnamomeus Yellow-chinned Spinetail1 photo
713. Limnornis curvirostris Curve-billed Reedhaunter2 photos
714. Anumbius annumbi Firewood-gatherer2 photos
715. Coryphistera alaudina Lark-like Brushrunner1 photo
716. Lochmias nematura Sharp-tailed Streamcreeper1 photo
717. Pseudoseisura lophotes Brown Cacholote1 photo
718. Drymornis bridgesii Scimitar-billed Woodcreeper3 photos
719. Xiphocolaptes major Great Rufous Woodcreeper2 photos
720. Dendrocolaptes platyrostris Planalto Woodcreeper4 photos
721. Lepidocolaptes angustirostris Narrow-billed Woodcreeper2 photos
722. Lepidocolaptes squamatus Scaled Woodcreeper1 photo
723. Campylorhamphus trochilirostris Red-billed Scythebill3 photos
724. Campylorhamphus falcularius Black-billed Scythebill1 photo
725. Formicarius rufipectus Rufous-breasted Antthrush1 photo
726. Grallaria nuchalis Chestnut-naped Antpitta1 photo
727. Grallaria ridgelyi Jocotoco Antpitta1 photo
728. Conopophaga lineata Rufous Gnateater1 photo
729. Melanopareia torquata Collared Crescent-chest5 photos
730. Psilorhamphus guttatus Spotted Bamboowren1 photo
731. Scytalopus novacapitalis Brasilia Tapaculo1 photo
732. Acropternis orthonyx Ocellated Tapaculo1 photo
733. Cormobates leucophaea White-throated Treecreeper1 photo
734. Climacteris picumnus Brown Treecreeper3 photos
735. Menura novaehollandiae Superb Lyrebird1 photo
736. Ailuroedus crassirostris Green Catbird2 photos
737. Ailuroedus crassirostris crassirostris Green Catbird (nominate)2 photos
738. Scenopoeetes dentirostris Tooth-billed Catbird1 photo
739. Sericulus chrysocephalus Regent Bowerbird4 photos
740. Ptilonorhynchus violaceus Satin Bowerbird7 photos
741. Malurus melanocephalus Red-backed Fairywren1 photo
742. Malurus cyaneus Superb Fairywren3 photos
743. Malurus lamberti Variegated Fairywren1 photo
744. Lichmera indistincta Brown Honeyeater1 photo
745. Meliphaga lewinii Lewin's Honeyeater2 photos
746. Gavicalis fasciogularis Mangrove Honeyeater1 photo
747. Notiomystis cincta Stitchbird1 photo
748. Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris Eastern Spinebill3 photos
749. Prosthemadera novaeseelandiae Tui4 photos
750. Pardalotus punctatus Spotted Pardalote1 photo
751. Pardalotus striatus Yellow-tipped Pardalote1 photo
752. Origma solitaria Origma1 photo
753. Neosericornis citreogularis Yellow-throated Scrubwren1 photo
754. Sericornis frontalis White-browed Scrubwren2 photos
755. Sericornis magnirostra Large-billed Scrubwren1 photo
756. Acanthiza pusilla Brown Thornbill1 photo
757. Gerygone mouki Brown Gerygone1 photo
758. Petroica longipes North Island Robin1 photo
759. Eopsaltria australis Yellow Robin1 photo
760. Irena puella Asian Fairy-bluebird1 photo
761. Chloropsis cochinchinensis Blue-winged Leafbird3 photos
762. Chloropsis cochinchinensis cochinchinensis Blue-winged Leafbird (cochinchinensis)1 photo
763. Chloropsis cochinchinensis auropectus Blue-winged Leafbird (auropectus)1 photo
764. Orthonyx temminckii Southern Logrunner3 photos
765. Pomatostomus temporalis Grey-crowned Babbler1 photo
766. Lanius meridionalis Southern Grey Shrike2 photos
767. Lanius collaris Southern Fiscal2 photos
768. Lanius nubicus Masked Shrike1 photo
769. Urolestes melanoleucus Magpie Shrike1 photo
770. Vireo solitarius Blue-headed Vireo1 photo
771. Vireo philadelphicus Philadelphia Vireo1 photo
772. Vireo gilvus Eastern Warbling-Vireo1 photo
773. Psophodes olivaceus Eastern Whipbird4 photos
774. Cinclosoma punctatum Spotted Quail-thrush1 photo
775. Corcorax melanoramphos White-winged Chough1 photo
776. Mohoua albicilla Whitehead1 photo
777. Falcunculus frontatus Eastern Shriketit2 photos
778. Pachycephala pectoralis Golden Whistler1 photo
779. Colluricincla harmonica Grey Shrike-thrush2 photos
780. Cyanocitta cristata Blue Jay4 photos
781. Cyanocitta stelleri Steller's Jay7 photos
782. Aphelocoma californica California Scrub-Jay1 photo
783. Aphelocoma woodhouseii Woodhouse's Scrub-Jay1 photo
784. Aphelocoma wollweberi Mexican Jay2 photos
785. Cyanolyca turcosa Turquoise Jay1 photo
786. Cyanocorax sanblasianus San Blas Jay2 photos
787. Cyanocorax chrysops Plush-crested Jay2 photos
788. Cyanocorax yncas Inca Jay2 photos
789. Garrulus glandarius Eurasian Jay5 photos
790. Garrulus glandarius glandarius Eurasian Jay (nominate)5 photos
791. Perisoreus canadensis Gray Jay1 photo
792. Cissa chinensis Green Magpie2 photos
793. Cyanopica cyanus Azure-winged Magpie1 photo
794. Pica pica Eurasian Magpie1 photo
795. Pica pica pica Eurasian Magpie (nominate)1 photo
796. Pica hudsonia Black-billed Magpie1 photo
797. Coloeus monedula Eurasian Jackdaw2 photos
798. Corvus frugilegus Rook2 photos
799. Corvus brachyrhynchos American Crow1 photo
800. Corvus corone Carrion Crow2 photos
801. Corvus cornix Hooded Crow1 photo
802. Corvus coronoides Australian Raven1 photo
803. Corvus albus Pied Crow1 photo
804. Corvus corax Common Raven1 photo
805. Cracticus torquatus Grey Butcherbird2 photos
806. Gymnorhina tibicen Australian Magpie1 photo
807. Strepera graculina Pied Currawong3 photos
808. Oriolus larvatus African Black-headed Oriole1 photo
809. Coracina novaehollandiae Black-faced Cuckooshrike2 photos
810. Pericrocotus speciosus Scarlet Minivet2 photos
811. Rhipidura albicollis White-throated Fantail2 photos
812. Rhipidura fuliginosa New Zealand Fantail1 photo
813. Rhipidura rufifrons Rufous Fantail3 photos
814. Dicrurus adsimilis Fork-tailed Drongo2 photos
815. Dicrurus remifer Lesser Racket-tailed Drongo1 photo
816. Dicrurus paradiseus Greater Racket-tailed Drongo5 photos
817. Trochocercus cyanomelas African Crested-Flycatcher2 photos
818. Terpsiphone viridis African Paradise-Flycatcher3 photos
819. Grallina cyanoleuca Magpie-lark1 photo
820. Aegithina tiphia Common Iora1 photo
821. Tchagra tchagra Southern Tchagra1 photo
822. Laniarius ferrugineus Southern Boubou2 photos
823. Laniarius erythrogaster Black-headed Gonolek1 photo
824. Telophorus zeylonus Bokmakierie Bushshrike2 photos
825. Bias musicus Black-and-white Shrike-flycatcher1 photo
826. Batis diops Ruwenzori Batis1 photo
827. Batis capensis Cape Batis1 photo
828. Batis molitor Chinspot Batis1 photo
829. Batis pririt Pririt Batis1 photo
830. Platysteira cyanea Brown-throated Wattle-eye1 photo
831. Prionops plumatus White Helmetshrike1 photo
832. Tephrodornis virgatus Large Woodshrike1 photo
833. Callaeas wilsoni North Island Kokako1 photo
834. Philesturnus rufusater Northern Saddleback3 photos
835. Dulus dominicus Palmchat1 photo
836. Ptiliogonys cinereus Grey Silky-flycatcher1 photo
837. Phainopepla nitens Phainopepla1 photo
838. Bombycilla garrulus Bohemian Waxwing2 photos
839. Bombycilla cedrorum Cedar Waxwing2 photos
840. Cinclus mexicanus American Dipper3 photos
841. Neocossyphus poensis White-tailed Ant-Thrush1 photo
842. Ixoreus naevius Varied Thrush2 photos
843. Hylocichla mustelina Wood Thrush1 photo
844. Turdus olivaceus Cape Thrush1 photo
845. Turdus merula Eurasian Blackbird3 photos
846. Turdus mandarinus Chinese Blackbird1 photo
847. Turdus kessleri White-backed Thrush1 photo
848. Turdus iliacus Redwing1 photo
849. Turdus philomelos Song Thrush3 photos
850. Turdus chiguanco Chiguanco Thrush1 photo
851. Turdus rufiventris Rufous-bellied Thrush2 photos
852. Turdus leucomelas Pale-breasted Thrush1 photo
853. Turdus amaurochalinus Creamy-bellied Thrush1 photo
854. Turdus grayi Clay-colored Thrush1 photo
855. Turdus migratorius American Robin1 photo
856. Brachypteryx leucophris Lesser Shortwing1 photo
857. Bradornis pallidus Pale Flycatcher1 photo
858. Sigelus silens Fiscal Flycatcher1 photo
859. Muscicapa dauurica Asian Brown Flycatcher1 photo
860. Muscicapa adusta Dusky Alseonax2 photos
861. Muscicapa caerulescens Ashy Alseonax1 photo
862. Ficedula mugimaki Mugimaki Flycatcher1 photo
863. Anthipes solitaris Rufous-browed Flycatcher2 photos
864. Ficedula westermanni Little Pied Flycatcher1 photo
865. Niltava grandis Large Niltava2 photos
866. Pogonocichla stellata White-starred Robin1 photo
867. Erithacus rubecula European Robin6 photos
868. Luscinia megarhynchos Common Nightingale1 photo
869. Luscinia svecica Bluethroat2 photos
870. Cossypha caffra Cape Robin-Chat1 photo
871. Cossypha dichroa Chorister Robin-Chat2 photos
872. Copsychus saularis Oriental Magpie-Robin1 photo
873. Copsychus malabaricus White-rumped Shama2 photos
874. Adelura frontalis Blue-fronted Redstart1 photo
875. Chaimarrornis leucocephalus White-capped Water-Redstart1 photo
876. Rhyacornis fuliginosa Plumbeous Water-Redstart1 photo
877. Myiomela leucura White-tailed Robin2 photos
878. Enicurus ruficapillus Chestnut-naped Forktail1 photo
879. Enicurus schistaceus Slaty-backed Forktail1 photo
880. Oenanthe leucopyga White-tailed Wheatear1 photo
881. Oenanthe monacha Hooded Wheatear1 photo
882. Oenanthe lugens Mourning Wheatear1 photo
883. Oenanthe melanura Blackstart2 photos
884. Myrmecocichla formicivora Southern Anteater-Chat1 photo
885. Onychognathus tristramii Tristram's Starling1 photo
886. Lamprotornis chalybaeus Greater Blue-eared Glossy-Starling1 photo
887. Lamprotornis australis Burchell's Glossy-Starling2 photos
888. Creatophora cinerea Wattled Starling2 photos
889. Gracupica nigricollis Black-collared Starling1 photo
890. Acridotheres tristis Common Myna1 photo
891. Acridotheres javanicus Javan Myna1 photo
892. Acridotheres cinereus Pale-bellied Myna1 photo
893. Buphagus erythrorhynchus Red-billed Oxpecker3 photos
894. Dumetella carolinensis Grey Catbird2 photos
895. Mimus saturninus Chalk-browed Mockingbird1 photo
896. Mimus patagonicus Patagonian Mockingbird1 photo
897. Toxostoma longirostre Long-billed Thrasher1 photo
898. Toxostoma bendirei Bendire's Thrasher1 photo
899. Toxostoma curvirostre Curve-billed Thrasher1 photo
900. Sitta europaea Wood Nuthatch3 photos
901. Sitta pygmaea Pygmy Nuthatch2 photos
902. Sitta canadensis Red-breasted Nuthatch1 photo
903. Sitta carolinensis White-breasted Nuthatch3 photos
904. Sitta neumayer Western Rock-Nuthatch1 photo
905. Sitta frontalis Velvet-fronted Nuthatch1 photo
906. Certhia familiaris Eurasian Tree-Creeper2 photos
907. Certhia americana Brown Creeper1 photo
908. Donacobius atricapilla Black-capped Donacobius3 photos
909. Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus Cactus Wren2 photos
910. Campylorhynchus megalopterus Grey-barred Wren1 photo
911. Pheugopedius felix Happy Wren1 photo
912. Troglodytes troglodytes Eurasian Wren3 photos
913. Troglodytes pacificus Pacific Wren1 photo
914. Troglodytes aedon House Wren1 photo
915. Troglodytes musculus Tropical Wren1 photo
916. Auriparus flaviceps Verdin1 photo
917. Polioptila caerulea Blue-grey Gnatcatcher2 photos
918. Polioptila dumicola Masked Gnatcatcher1 photo
919. Anthoscopus minutus Southern Penduline-Tit1 photo
920. Poecile atricapillus Black-capped Chickadee3 photos
921. Poecile gambeli Mountain Chickadee3 photos
922. Poecile sclateri Mexican Chickadee1 photo
923. Poecile hudsonicus Boreal Chickadee1 photo
924. Poecile rufescens Chestnut-backed Chickadee2 photos
925. Periparus ater Coal Tit3 photos
926. Melaniparus funereus Dusky Tit1 photo
927. Parus major Eurasian Great Tit2 photos
928. Cyanistes caeruleus Eurasian Blue Tit4 photos
929. Baeolophus wollweberi Bridled Titmouse2 photos
930. Baeolophus ridgwayi Juniper Titmouse2 photos
931. Baeolophus bicolor Tufted Titmouse1 photo
932. Baeolophus atricristatus Black-crested Titmouse1 photo
933. Aegithalos caudatus Long-tailed Tit5 photos
934. Psaltriparus minimus Bushtit1 photo
935. Tachycineta bicolor Tree Swallow4 photos
936. Tachycineta albiventer White-winged Swallow1 photo
937. Tachycineta thalassina Violet-green Swallow1 photo
938. Progne subis Purple Martin1 photo
939. Pygochelidon cyanoleuca Blue-and-white Swallow1 photo
940. Hirundo rustica Barn Swallow2 photos
941. Psalidoprocne pristoptera Blue Sawwing1 photo
942. Regulus regulus Goldcrest2 photos
943. Regulus ignicapilla Firecrest1 photo
944. Regulus satrapa Golden-crowned Kinglet5 photos
945. Pycnonotus flaviventris Black-crested Bulbul1 photo
946. Pycnonotus jocosus Red-whiskered Bulbul1 photo
947. Pycnonotus sinensis Light-vented Bulbul1 photo
948. Pycnonotus sinensis sinensis Light-vented Bulbul (nominate)1 photo
949. Pycnonotus tricolor Dark-capped Bulbul1 photo
950. Pycnonotus capensis Cape Bulbul2 photos
951. Pycnonotus xanthopygos White-spectacled Bulbul2 photos
952. Pycnonotus plumosus Olive-winged Bulbul1 photo
953. Phyllastrephus terrestris Terrestrial Brownbul2 photos
954. Ixos malaccensis Streaked Bulbul1 photo
955. Ixos mcclellandii Mountain Bulbul1 photo
956. Zosterops senegalensis Northern Yellow White-eye1 photo
957. Zosterops capensis Cape White-eye2 photos
958. Zosterops virens Green White-eye2 photos
959. Horornis flavolivaceus Aberrant Bush-Warbler2 photos
960. Locustella luteoventris Brown Bush-Warbler1 photo
961. Sphenoeacus afer Cape Grass-Warbler1 photo
962. Locustella naevia Common Grasshopper-Warbler1 photo
963. Locustella luscinioides Savi's Warbler2 photos
964. Acrocephalus schoenobaenus Sedge Warbler2 photos
965. Acrocephalus scirpaceus Eurasian Reed-Warbler1 photo
966. Cisticola chubbi Chubb's Cisticola1 photo
967. Cisticola tinniens Tinkling Cisticola1 photo
968. Cisticola juncidis Zitting Cisticola1 photo
969. Prinia inornata Plain Prinia1 photo
970. Prinia maculosa Karoo Prinia2 photos
971. Orthotomus ruficeps Ashy Tailorbird1 photo
972. Graueria vittata Grauer's Warbler1 photo
973. Eremomela gregalis Yellow-rumped Eremomela1 photo
974. Seicercus ruficapilla Yellow-throated Woodland-Warbler1 photo
975. Phylloscopus collybita Common Chiffchaff4 photos
976. Seicercus castaniceps Chestnut-crowned Warbler1 photo
977. Curruca subcoerulea Rufous-vented Warbler1 photo
978. Sylvia atricapilla Blackcap1 photo
979. Sylvia borin Garden Warbler1 photo
980. Curruca communis Common Whitethroat1 photo
981. Pnoepyga pusilla Pygmy Cupwing2 photos
982. Macronus ptilosus Fluffy-backed Tit-Babbler1 photo
983. Garrulax mitratus Spectacled Laughingthrush2 photos
984. Garrulax canorus Chinese Hwamei1 photo
985. Garrulax sannio White-browed Laughingthrush2 photos
986. Trochalopteron peninsulae Malayan Laughingthrush2 photos
987. Leiothrix argentauris Silver-eared Mesia1 photo
988. Lioparus chrysotis Golden-breasted Fulvetta2 photos
989. Alcippe peracensis Mountain Fulvetta1 photo
990. Heterophasia picaoides Long-tailed Sibia2 photos
991. Conostoma aemodium Great Parrotbill1 photo
992. Sinosuthora zappeyi Grey-hooded Parrotbill2 photos
993. Certhilauda brevirostris Agulhas Longbill1 photo
994. Calendulauda albescens Karoo Lark1 photo
995. Ammomanes deserti Desert Lark1 photo
996. Galerida cristata Crested Lark1 photo
997. Galerida magnirostris Large-billed Lark2 photos
998. Eremophila alpestris Horned Lark2 photos
999. Promerops cafer Cape Sugarbird4 photos
1000. Dicaeum trigonostigma Orange-bellied Flowerpecker1 photo
1001. Dicaeum ignipectus Fire-breasted Flowerpecker1 photo
1002. Dicaeum cruentatum Scarlet-backed Flowerpecker1 photo
1003. Hedydipna collaris Collared Sunbird3 photos
1004. Anthobaphes violacea Orange-breasted Sunbird3 photos
1005. Chalcomitra amethystina Amethyst Sunbird3 photos
1006. Chalcomitra senegalensis Scarlet-chested Sunbird1 photo
1007. Cinnyris venustus Variable Sunbird1 photo
1008. Cinnyris talatala White-breasted Sunbird2 photos
1009. Cinnyris osea Palestine Sunbird1 photo
1010. Cinnyris chalybeus Southern Double-collared Sunbird4 photos
1011. Cinnyris reichenowi Northern Double-collared Sunbird1 photo
1012. Cinnyris afer Greater Double-collared Sunbird1 photo
1013. Cinnyris regius Regal Sunbird3 photos
1014. Nectarinia kilimensis Bronze Sunbird1 photo
1015. Nectarinia famosa Malachite Sunbird3 photos
1016. Cinnyris erythrocercus Red-chested Sunbird1 photo
1017. Aethopyga saturata Black-throated Sunbird3 photos
1018. Aethopyga siparaja Crimson Sunbird1 photo
1019. Arachnothera magna Streaked Spiderhunter1 photo
1020. Passer domesticus House Sparrow1 photo
1021. Passer diffusus Southern Grey-headed Sparrow1 photo
1022. Passer montanus Eurasian Tree Sparrow1 photo
1023. Motacilla alba White Wagtail1 photo
1024. Motacilla capensis Cape Wagtail1 photo
1025. Motacilla flava Western Yellow Wagtail5 photos
1026. Motacilla flava flava Western Yellow Wagtail (nominate)1 photo
1027. Motacilla flava feldegg Western Yellow Wagtail (feldegg)1 photo
1028. Motacilla flava melanogrisea Western Yellow Wagtail (White-chinned)2 photos
1029. Motacilla cinerea Grey Wagtail2 photos
1030. Macronyx croceus Yellow-throated Longclaw2 photos
1031. Anthus cinnamomeus African Pipit2 photos
1032. Anthus rufulus Paddyfield Pipit1 photo
1033. Anthus similis Long-billed Pipit1 photo
1034. Anthus pratensis Meadow Pipit1 photo
1035. Anthus cervinus Red-throated Pipit1 photo
1036. Anthus roseatus Rosy Pipit2 photos
1037. Anthus petrosus Rock Pipit1 photo
1038. Anthus spragueii Sprague's Pipit1 photo
1039. Anthus nattereri Ochre-breasted Pipit1 photo
1040. Prunella strophiata Rufous-breasted Accentor1 photo
1041. Prunella modularis Hedge Accentor4 photos
1042. Ploceus capensis Cape Weaver2 photos
1043. Ploceus cucullatus Village Weaver2 photos
1044. Ploceus nigerrimus Vieillot's Black Weaver1 photo
1045. Ploceus nigerrimus nigerrimus Vieillot's Black Weaver (nominate)1 photo
1046. Ploceus weynsi Weyns's Weaver1 photo
1047. Ploceus philippinus Baya Weaver1 photo
1048. Quelea quelea Red-billed Quelea1 photo
1049. Euplectes capensis Yellow Bishop1 photo
1050. Pytilia melba Green-winged Pytilia1 photo
1051. Uraeginthus angolensis Blue-breasted Cordonbleu1 photo
1052. Coccopygia melanotis Swee Waxbill3 photos
1053. Estrilda astrild Common Waxbill2 photos
1054. Neochmia temporalis Red-browed Firetail2 photos
1055. Taeniopygia guttata Zebra Finch2 photos
1056. Spermestes cucullata Bronze Munia2 photos
1057. Vidua macroura Pin-tailed Whydah1 photo
1058. Fringilla coelebs Chaffinch3 photos
1059. Fringilla montifringilla Brambling1 photo
1060. Crithagra scotops Forest Canary1 photo
1061. Crithagra sulphurata Brimstone Canary1 photo
1062. Crithagra gularis Streaky-headed Seedeater1 photo
1063. Crithagra striolata Streaky Seedeater1 photo
1064. Crithagra totta Cape Siskin2 photos
1065. Chloris chloris European Greenfinch1 photo
1066. Spinus spinus Eurasian Siskin2 photos
1067. Spinus pinus Pine Siskin2 photos
1068. Spinus tristis American Goldfinch3 photos
1069. Spinus psaltria Lesser Goldfinch1 photo
1070. Carduelis carduelis European Goldfinch4 photos
1071. Acanthis flammea Common Redpoll2 photos
1072. Leucosticte nemoricola Plain Mountain-Finch1 photo
1073. Leucosticte brandti Black-headed Mountain-Finch2 photos
1074. Bucanetes githagineus Trumpeter Finch1 photo
1075. Haemorhous purpureus Purple Finch1 photo
1076. Haemorhous mexicanus House Finch4 photos
1077. Carpodacus dubius Chinese White-browed Rosefinch1 photo
1078. Pinicola enucleator Pine Grosbeak2 photos
1079. Loxia curvirostra Red Crossbill4 photos
1080. Pyrrhula pyrrhula Eurasian Bullfinch2 photos
1081. Hesperiphona vespertina Evening Grosbeak1 photo
1082. Emberiza citrinella Yellowhammer1 photo
1083. Schoeniclus spodocephala Black-faced Bunting2 photos
1084. Schoeniclus schoeniclus Reed Bunting3 photos
1085. Emberiza calandra Corn Bunting2 photos
1086. Plectrophenax nivalis Snow Bunting1 photo
1087. Calamospiza melanocorys Lark Bunting1 photo
1088. Melospiza melodia Song Sparrow2 photos
1089. Zonotrichia capensis Rufous-collared Sparrow2 photos
1090. Zonotrichia leucophrys White-crowned Sparrow1 photo
1091. Zonotrichia atricapilla Golden-crowned Sparrow1 photo
1092. Junco phaeonotus Yellow-eyed Junco1 photo
1093. Ammodramus savannarum Grasshopper Sparrow1 photo
1094. Xenospiza baileyi Sierra Madre Sparrow1 photo
1095. Passerella arborea American Tree Sparrow1 photo
1096. Spizella pusilla Field Sparrow1 photo
1097. Chondestes grammacus Lark Sparrow2 photos
1098. Amphispiza bilineata Black-throated Sparrow3 photos
1099. Peucaea aestivalis Bachman's Sparrow2 photos
1100. Peucaea botterii Botteri's Sparrow1 photo
1101. Oriturus superciliosus Striped Sparrow1 photo
1102. Pipilo erythrophthalmus Eastern Towhee1 photo
1103. Pipilo maculatus Spotted Towhee3 photos
1104. Kieneria fusca Canyon Towhee1 photo
1105. Arremonops rufivirgatus Olive Sparrow1 photo
1106. Atlapetes fulviceps Fulvous-headed Brush-Finch1 photo
1107. Atlapetes citrinellus Yellow-striped Brush-Finch1 photo
1108. Gubernatrix cristata Yellow Cardinal7 photos
1109. Paroaria coronata Red-crested Cardinal2 photos
1110. Paroaria capitata Yellow-billed Cardinal1 photo
1111. Vermivora cyanoptera Blue-winged Warbler3 photos
1112. Vermivora chrysoptera Golden-winged Warbler2 photos
1113. Leiothlypis peregrina Tennessee Warbler1 photo
1114. Leiothlypis luciae Lucy's Warbler1 photo
1115. Setophaga americana Northern Parula1 photo
1116. Setophaga pitiayumi Tropical Parula1 photo
1117. Setophaga petechia Mangrove Warbler3 photos
1118. Setophaga aestiva American Yellow Warbler1 photo
1119. Setophaga pensylvanica Chestnut-sided Warbler1 photo
1120. Setophaga magnolia Magnolia Warbler4 photos
1121. Setophaga caerulescens Black-throated Blue Warbler2 photos
1122. Setophaga coronata Myrtle Warbler1 photo
1123. Setophaga coronata coronata Myrtle Warbler (coronata)1 photo
1124. Setophaga coronata hooveri Myrtle Warbler (Hoover's)1 photo
1125. Setophaga nigrescens Black-throated Grey Warbler1 photo
1126. Setophaga graciae Grace's Warbler2 photos
1127. Setophaga discolor Prairie Warbler1 photo
1128. Setophaga striata Blackpoll Warbler1 photo
1129. Mniotilta varia Black-and-white Warbler1 photo
1130. Setophaga ruticilla American Redstart2 photos
1131. Protonotaria citrea Prothonotary Warbler1 photo
1132. Helmitheros vermivorum Worm-eating Warbler2 photos
1133. Limnothlypis swainsonii Swainson's Warbler1 photo
1134. Geothlypis trichas Common Yellowthroat3 photos
1135. Geothlypis aequinoctialis Masked Yellowthroat1 photo
1136. Microligea palustris Green-tailed Warbler1 photo
1137. Cardellina pusilla Wilson's Warbler3 photos
1138. Cardellina rubrifrons Red-faced Warbler2 photos
1139. Myioborus pictus Painted Redstart1 photo
1140. Myioborus miniatus Slate-throated Redstart1 photo
1141. Basileuterus belli Golden-browed Warbler1 photo
1142. Myiothlypis leucoblephara White-browed Warbler2 photos
1143. Icteria virens Yellow-breasted Chat1 photo
1144. Coereba flaveola Bananaquit2 photos
1145. Orchesticus abeillei Brown Tanager1 photo
1146. Cissopis leverianus Magpie Tanager1 photo
1147. Phaenicophilus palmarum Black-crowned Palm-Tanager2 photos
1148. Rhodinocichla rosea Rosy Thrush-Tanager2 photos
1149. Orthogonys chloricterus Olive-green Tanager1 photo
1150. Tachyphonus coronatus Ruby-crowned Tanager2 photos
1151. Trichothraupis melanops Black-goggled Tanager2 photos
1152. Habia rubica Red-crowned Ant-Tanager1 photo
1153. Piranga flava Lowland Hepatic-Tanager2 photos
1154. Piranga flava flava Lowland Hepatic-Tanager (nominate)2 photos
1155. Piranga hepatica Northern Hepatic-Tanager2 photos
1156. Piranga rubra Summer Tanager1 photo
1157. Piranga olivacea Scarlet Tanager5 photos
1158. Piranga ludoviciana Western Tanager2 photos
1159. Thraupis sayaca Sayaca Tanager5 photos
1160. Thraupis ornata Golden-chevroned Tanager1 photo
1161. Stephanophorus diadematus Diademed Tanager1 photo
1162. Euphonia chlorotica Purple-throated Euphonia2 photos
1163. Euphonia violacea Violaceous Euphonia1 photo
1164. Euphonia cyanocephala Golden-rumped Euphonia1 photo
1165. Euphonia pectoralis Chestnut-bellied Euphonia2 photos
1166. Tangara seledon Green-headed Tanager3 photos
1167. Stilpnia cayana Burnished-buff Tanager2 photos
1168. Dacnis cayana Blue Dacnis1 photo
1169. Tersina viridis Swallow Tanager4 photos
1170. Charitospiza eucosma Coal-crested Finch1 photo
1171. Coryphaspiza melanotis Black-masked Finch1 photo
1172. Phrygilus gayi Grey-hooded Sierra-Finch1 photo
1173. Donacospiza albifrons Long-tailed Reed-Finch1 photo
1174. Poospiza nigrorufa Black-and-rufous Warbling-Finch1 photo
1175. Microspingus lateralis Buff-throated Warbling-finch1 photo
1176. Microspingus cabanisi Gray-throated Warbling-Finch1 photo
1177. Compsospiza baeri Tucuman Mountain-Finch1 photo
1178. Microspingus melanoleucus Black-capped Warbling-Finch1 photo
1179. Microspingus cinereus Cinereous Warbling-Finch1 photo
1180. Sicalis flaveola Saffron Finch3 photos
1181. Emberizoides herbicola Wedge-tailed Grass-Finch2 photos
1182. Emberizoides ypiranganus Grey-cheeked Grass-Finch2 photos
1183. Embernagra platensis Great Pampa-Finch2 photos
1184. Sporophila collaris Rusty-collared Seedeater5 photos
1185. Sporophila leucoptera White-bellied Seedeater1 photo
1186. Diglossa baritula Cinnamon-bellied Flowerpiercer2 photos
1187. Pheucticus ludovicianus Rose-breasted Grosbeak3 photos
1188. Pheucticus melanocephalus Black-headed Grosbeak3 photos
1189. Cardinalis cardinalis Northern Cardinal5 photos
1190. Cardinalis sinuatus Pyrrhuloxia1 photo
1191. Saltator coerulescens Greyish Saltator2 photos
1192. Saltatricula atricollis Black-throated Saltator1 photo
1193. Pseudosaltator rufiventris Rufous-bellied Mountain-Tanager1 photo
1194. Cyanocompsa parellina Blue Bunting3 photos
1195. Passerina caerulea Blue Grosbeak2 photos
1196. Passerina amoena Lazuli Bunting4 photos
1197. Passerina cyanea Indigo Bunting3 photos
1198. Passerina versicolor Varied Bunting1 photo
1199. Cacicus solitarius Solitary Cacique1 photo
1200. Icterus pyrrhopterus Variable Oriole1 photo
1201. Icterus gularis Altamira Oriole2 photos
1202. Icterus cucullatus Hooded Oriole2 photos
1203. Icterus galbula Baltimore Oriole1 photo
1204. Icterus bullockii Bullock's Oriole3 photos
1205. Icterus spurius Orchard Oriole1 photo
1206. Icterus parisorum Scott's Oriole1 photo
1207. Agelasticus cyanopus Unicolored Blackbird1 photo
1208. Agelaius phoeniceus Red-winged Blackbird1 photo
1209. Leistes loyca Long-tailed Meadowlark2 photos
1210. Sturnella neglecta Western Meadowlark1 photo
1211. Amblyramphus holosericeus Scarlet-headed Blackbird3 photos
1212. Gnorimopsar chopi Chopi Blackbird1 photo
1213. Quiscalus mexicanus Great-tailed Grackle1 photo
1214. Quiscalus major Boat-tailed Grackle1 photo
1215. Quiscalus quiscula Common Grackle1 photo
1216. Euphagus cyanocephalus Brewer's Blackbird1 photo
1217. Agelaioides badius Bay-winged Cowbird2 photos
1218. Molothrus bonariensis Shiny Cowbird1 photo
1219. Molothrus aeneus Bronzed Cowbird1 photo
1220. Molothrus ater Brown-headed Cowbird2 photos
1221. Molothrus oryzivorus Giant Cowbird1 photo

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