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Contributing bird photos and recordings to Avibase

People can contribute bird photos and sound recordings to Avibase by joining the Avibase Flickr group or submitting sound recordings to Xeno-Canto.

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List of species and subspecies for Flickr member 23702777@N04. Please note that the taxonomic names used here may differ from the tags used (e.g. synonyms). If you think that some of your photos are missing, please check that they are correctly tagged in Flickr (making sure that the scientific name is a single tag, enclosed by quotes, e.g. "Parus major"). If you change or add tags to your photos after they have been indexed, you may need to request a re-indexing of your photostream, which you can do on this page. Also note that new photos may not appear for a period of up to 48h.

Scientific nameCommon namePhotos indexed
1. Tinamus major Great Tinamou1 photo
2. Falcipennis canadensis Spruce Grouse4 photos
3. Bonasa umbellus Ruffed Grouse4 photos
4. Coccyzus erythropthalmus Black-billed Cuckoo2 photos
5. Coccyzus americanus Yellow-billed Cuckoo2 photos
6. Coccyzus merlini Great Lizard-Cuckoo1 photo
7. Crotophaga ani Smooth-billed Ani1 photo
8. Megascops albogularis White-throated Screech-Owl1 photo
9. Strix nebulosa Great Grey Owl1 photo
10. Riccordia ricordii Cuban Emerald1 photo
11. Amazilia luciae Honduran Emerald3 photos
12. Microchera albocoronata Snowcap1 photo
13. Todus multicolor Cuban Tody4 photos
14. Xiphidiopicus percussus Cuban Green Woodpecker1 photo
15. Myiobius barbatus Bearded Flycatcher1 photo
16. Contopus caribaeus Cuban Pewee2 photos
17. Myiarchus sagrae La Sagra's Flycatcher1 photo
18. Tyrannus forficatus Scissor-tailed Flycatcher3 photos
19. Tyrannus caudifasciatus Loggerhead Kingbird1 photo
20. Vireo gundlachii Cuban Vireo1 photo
21. Vireo altiloquus Black-whiskered Vireo2 photos
22. Phainopepla nitens Phainopepla2 photos
23. Ixoreus naevius Varied Thrush1 photo
24. Turdus plumbeus Western Red-legged Thrush2 photos
25. Troglodytes troglodytes Eurasian Wren1 photo
26. Ammodramus savannarum Grasshopper Sparrow2 photos
27. Setophaga pinus Pine Warbler1 photo
28. Setophaga cerulea Cerulean Warbler1 photo
29. Mniotilta varia Black-and-white Warbler1 photo
30. Geothlypis trichas Common Yellowthroat1 photo
31. Teretistris fornsi Oriente Warbler3 photos
32. Spindalis zena Western Spindalis2 photos
33. Tiaris olivaceus Yellow-faced Grassquit2 photos
34. Agelaius humeralis Tawny-shouldered Blackbird1 photo
35. Ptiloxena atroviolacea Cuban Blackbird1 photo

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