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Contributing bird photos and recordings to Avibase

People can contribute bird photos and sound recordings to Avibase by joining the Avibase Flickr group or submitting sound recordings to Xeno-Canto.

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List of species and subspecies for Flickr member 31565070@N00. Please note that the taxonomic names used here may differ from the tags used (e.g. synonyms). If you think that some of your photos are missing, please check that they are correctly tagged in Flickr (making sure that the scientific name is a single tag, enclosed by quotes, e.g. "Parus major"). If you change or add tags to your photos after they have been indexed, you may need to request a re-indexing of your photostream, which you can do on this page. Also note that new photos may not appear for a period of up to 48h.

Scientific nameCommon namePhotos indexed
1. Tachybaptus ruficollis Little Grebe1 photo
2. Podiceps cristatus Great Crested Grebe1 photo
3. Phalacrocorax carbo Great Cormorant1 photo
4. Ardea cinerea Grey Heron2 photos
5. Ardea intermedia Intermediate Egret1 photo
6. Bostrychia hagedash Hadada Ibis1 photo
7. Ciconia nigra Black Stork1 photo
8. Alopochen aegyptiaca Egyptian Goose1 photo
9. Tadorna ferruginea Ruddy Shelduck2 photos
10. Mareca americana American Wigeon2 photos
11. Anas crecca Common Teal4 photos
12. Anas platyrhynchos Mallard2 photos
13. Spatula clypeata Northern Shoveler2 photos
14. Aythya ferina Common Pochard3 photos
15. Lophodytes cucullatus Hooded Merganser1 photo
16. Milvus milvus Red Kite1 photo
17. Gyps africanus White-backed Vulture1 photo
18. Buteo buteo Common Buzzard1 photo
19. Meleagris gallopavo Wild Turkey1 photo
20. Rallus aquaticus Water Rail1 photo
21. Gallinula chloropus Common Moorhen2 photos
22. Gallinula galeata Common Gallinule2 photos
23. Fulica atra Common Coot2 photos
24. Actophilornis africanus African Jacana1 photo
25. Limosa lapponica Bar-tailed Godwit5 photos
26. Numenius phaeopus Whimbrel2 photos
27. Tringa totanus Common Redshank1 photo
28. Tringa nebularia Common Greenshank2 photos
29. Actitis hypoleucos Common Sandpiper2 photos
30. Arenaria interpres Ruddy Turnstone3 photos
31. Calidris alba Sanderling2 photos
32. Calidris pusilla Semipalmated Sandpiper2 photos
33. Calidris alpina Dunlin3 photos
34. Calidris pugnax Ruff1 photo
35. Burhinus vermiculatus Water Thick-knee1 photo
36. Pluvialis squatarola Grey Plover1 photo
37. Charadrius pecuarius Kittlitz's Plover2 photos
38. Charadrius alexandrinus Kentish Plover1 photo
39. Charadrius alexandrinus alexandrinus Kentish Plover (alexandrinus)1 photo
40. Vanellus armatus Blacksmith Lapwing1 photo
41. Himantopus himantopus Black-winged Stilt1 photo
42. Larus marinus Great Black-backed Gull1 photo
43. Larus argentatus European Herring Gull1 photo
44. Chroicocephalus ridibundus Black-headed Gull1 photo
45. Sterna hirundo Common Tern2 photos
46. Columba palumbus Common Wood-Pigeon2 photos
47. Streptopelia turtur European Turtle-Dove1 photo
48. Spilopelia senegalensis Laughing Dove1 photo
49. Streptopelia decaocto Eurasian Collared-Dove2 photos
50. Cuculus canorus Common Cuckoo1 photo
51. Alcedo atthis Common Kingfisher8 photos
52. Merops pusillus Little Bee-eater1 photo
53. Merops apiaster European Bee-eater4 photos
54. Coracias caudatus Lilac-breasted Roller1 photo
55. Bucorvus leadbeateri Southern Ground-Hornbill2 photos
56. Upupa epops Eurasian Hoopoe1 photo
57. Lybius torquatus Black-collared Barbet2 photos
58. Trachyphonus vaillantii Crested Barbet2 photos
59. Jynx torquilla Eurasian Wryneck1 photo
60. Dryobates minor Lesser Spotted Woodpecker1 photo
61. Garrulus glandarius Eurasian Jay2 photos
62. Garrulus glandarius glandarius Eurasian Jay (glandarius)2 photos
63. Pica pica Eurasian Magpie1 photo
64. Pica pica pica Eurasian Magpie (pica)1 photo
65. Corvus corone Carrion Crow1 photo
66. Corvus cornix Hooded Crow1 photo
67. Corvus albus Pied Crow1 photo
68. Turdus merula Eurasian Blackbird5 photos
69. Turdus philomelos Song Thrush1 photo
70. Ficedula hypoleuca European Pied Flycatcher2 photos
71. Erithacus rubecula European Robin6 photos
72. Luscinia svecica Bluethroat4 photos
73. Phoenicurus ochruros Black Redstart6 photos
74. Saxicola rubicola European Stonechat1 photo
75. Saxicola torquatus African Stonechat1 photo
76. Oenanthe oenanthe Northern Wheatear3 photos
77. Lamprotornis chalybaeus Greater Blue-eared Glossy-Starling2 photos
78. Sturnus vulgaris Common Starling1 photo
79. Certhia brachydactyla Short-toed Tree-Creeper3 photos
80. Periparus ater Coal Tit1 photo
81. Parus major Eurasian Great Tit2 photos
82. Cyanistes caeruleus Eurasian Blue Tit4 photos
83. Aegithalos caudatus Long-tailed Tit2 photos
84. Riparia riparia Sand Martin1 photo
85. Hirundo albigularis White-throated Swallow1 photo
86. Cecropis abyssinica Lesser Striped-Swallow3 photos
87. Delichon urbicum Northern House-Martin1 photo
88. Regulus ignicapilla Firecrest1 photo
89. Pycnonotus tricolor Dark-capped Bulbul3 photos
90. Locustella luscinioides Savi's Warbler1 photo
91. Acrocephalus scirpaceus Eurasian Reed-Warbler1 photo
92. Acrocephalus arundinaceus Great Reed-Warbler1 photo
93. Cisticola juncidis Zitting Cisticola1 photo
94. Sylvia atricapilla Blackcap2 photos
95. Curruca melanocephala Sardinian Warbler5 photos
96. Curruca cantillans Eastern Subalpine Warbler1 photo
97. Passer domesticus House Sparrow1 photo
98. Passer griseus Grey-headed Sparrow1 photo
99. Motacilla alba White Wagtail1 photo
100. Motacilla aguimp African Pied Wagtail1 photo
101. Motacilla flava Western Yellow Wagtail3 photos
102. Motacilla cinerea Grey Wagtail2 photos
103. Anthus pratensis Meadow Pipit3 photos
104. Ploceus cucullatus Village Weaver1 photo
105. Euplectes albonotatus White-winged Widowbird1 photo
106. Uraeginthus angolensis Blue-breasted Cordonbleu2 photos
107. Estrilda melpoda Orange-cheeked Waxbill1 photo
108. Estrilda astrild Common Waxbill3 photos
109. Fringilla coelebs Chaffinch3 photos
110. Serinus serinus European Serin2 photos
111. Chloris chloris European Greenfinch4 photos
112. Spinus spinus Eurasian Siskin1 photo
113. Linaria cannabina Eurasian Linnet2 photos
114. Emberiza cia Rock Bunting2 photos

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