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Contributing bird photos and recordings to Avibase

People can contribute bird photos and sound recordings to Avibase by joining the Avibase Flickr group or submitting sound recordings to Xeno-Canto.

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List of species and subspecies for Flickr member 41470083@N06. Please note that the taxonomic names used here may differ from the tags used (e.g. synonyms). If you think that some of your photos are missing, please check that they are correctly tagged in Flickr (making sure that the scientific name is a single tag, enclosed by quotes, e.g. "Parus major"). If you change or add tags to your photos after they have been indexed, you may need to request a re-indexing of your photostream, which you can do on this page. Also note that new photos may not appear for a period of up to 48h.

Scientific nameCommon namePhotos indexed
1. Tinamus major Great Tinamou1 photo
2. Podiceps grisegena Red-necked Grebe1 photo
3. Podiceps auritus Horned Grebe4 photos
4. Podiceps nigricollis Black-necked Grebe2 photos
5. Gavia stellata Red-throated Loon3 photos
6. Morus bassanus Northern Gannet3 photos
7. Phalacrocorax auritus Double-crested Cormorant1 photo
8. Anhinga anhinga Anhinga2 photos
9. Pelecanus occidentalis Brown Pelican3 photos
10. Egretta tricolor Tricolored Heron2 photos
11. Egretta caerulea Little Blue Heron2 photos
12. Egretta thula Snowy Egret4 photos
13. Ardea herodias Great Blue Heron5 photos
14. Ardea alba Western Great Egret4 photos
15. Bubulcus ibis Western Cattle Egret2 photos
16. Butorides striata Striated Heron2 photos
17. Butorides virescens Green Heron3 photos
18. Butorides virescens virescens Green Heron (nominate)3 photos
19. Nyctanassa violacea Yellow-crowned Night-Heron4 photos
20. Nycticorax nycticorax Black-crowned Night-Heron4 photos
21. Cochlearius cochlearius Boat-billed Heron1 photo
22. Tigrisoma mexicanum Bare-throated Tiger-Heron2 photos
23. Tigrisoma lineatum Rufescent Tiger-Heron1 photo
24. Botaurus lentiginosus American Bittern1 photo
25. Botaurus pinnatus Pinnated Bittern1 photo
26. Eudocimus albus White Ibis3 photos
27. Plegadis chihi White-faced Ibis1 photo
28. Mycteria americana Wood Stork1 photo
29. Cathartes burrovianus Lesser Yellow-headed Vulture1 photo
30. Phoenicopterus ruber American Flamingo4 photos
31. Dendrocygna arborea West Indian Whistling-Duck1 photo
32. Oxyura jamaicensis Ruddy Duck1 photo
33. Cygnus buccinator Trumpeter Swan1 photo
34. Cygnus columbianus Whistling Swan1 photo
35. Anser albifrons Greater White-fronted Goose2 photos
36. Anser caerulescens Snow Goose1 photo
37. Anser rossii Ross's Goose1 photo
38. Branta canadensis Canada Goose8 photos
39. Branta hutchinsii Cackling Goose2 photos
40. Branta bernicla Dark-bellied Brant2 photos
41. Aix sponsa Wood Duck1 photo
42. Mareca penelope Eurasian Wigeon1 photo
43. Anas platyrhynchos Mallard7 photos
44. Anas fulvigula Mottled Duck2 photos
45. Spatula cyanoptera Cinnamon Teal1 photo
46. Spatula clypeata Northern Shoveler3 photos
47. Aythya valisineria Canvasback1 photo
48. Aythya americana Redhead1 photo
49. Aythya collaris Ring-necked Duck2 photos
50. Aythya fuligula Tufted Duck2 photos
51. Aythya affinis Lesser Scaup1 photo
52. Clangula hyemalis Long-tailed Duck2 photos
53. Melanitta perspicillata Surf Scoter2 photos
54. Melanitta fusca Velvet Scoter1 photo
55. Bucephala albeola Bufflehead2 photos
56. Lophodytes cucullatus Hooded Merganser3 photos
57. Mergus serrator Red-breasted Merganser2 photos
58. Pandion haliaetus Osprey7 photos
59. Elanoides forficatus Swallow-tailed Kite3 photos
60. Ictinia mississippiensis Mississippi Kite2 photos
61. Haliaeetus leucocephalus Bald Eagle1 photo
62. Accipiter cooperii Cooper's Hawk3 photos
63. Geranospiza caerulescens Crane Hawk1 photo
64. Buteogallus anthracinus Common Black-hawk4 photos
65. Buteogallus gundlachii Cuban Black-Hawk2 photos
66. Buteogallus meridionalis Savanna Hawk3 photos
67. Rupornis magnirostris Roadside Hawk1 photo
68. Buteo platypterus Broad-winged Hawk1 photo
69. Buteo jamaicensis Red-tailed Hawk1 photo
70. Spizaetus tyrannus Black Hawk-Eagle1 photo
71. Phalcoboenus carunculatus Carunculated Caracara2 photos
72. Caracara cheriway Crested Caracara3 photos
73. Milvago chimachima Yellow-headed Caracara5 photos
74. Falco sparverius American Kestrel2 photos
75. Falco femoralis Aplomado Falcon2 photos
76. Falco columbarius Merlin4 photos
77. Falco rufigularis Bat Falcon1 photo
78. Crax rubra Great Curassow1 photo
79. Callipepla gambelii Gambel's Quail1 photo
80. Colinus cristatus Crested Bobwhite2 photos
81. Odontophorus guttatus Spotted Wood-Quail1 photo
82. Cyrtonyx montezumae Montezuma Quail1 photo
83. Bonasa umbellus Ruffed Grouse1 photo
84. Rallus longirostris Mangrove Rail1 photo
85. Rallus elegans King Rail2 photos
86. Aramides cajaneus Grey-necked Wood-Rail1 photo
87. Porphyrio martinicus Purple Gallinule2 photos
88. Gallinula chloropus Common Moorhen3 photos
89. Gallinula galeata Common Gallinule3 photos
90. Fulica americana American Coot8 photos
91. Fulica americana americana American Coot [nominate, incl. caribbaea]8 photos
92. Eurypyga helias Sunbittern1 photo
93. Heliornis fulica Sungrebe1 photo
94. Jacana jacana Wattled Jacana1 photo
95. Limosa limosa Black-tailed Godwit2 photos
96. Limosa fedoa Marbled Godwit6 photos
97. Tringa melanoleuca Greater Yellowlegs1 photo
98. Tringa solitaria Solitary Sandpiper1 photo
99. Actitis macularius Spotted Sandpiper2 photos
100. Tringa semipalmata Willet1 photo
101. Arenaria interpres Ruddy Turnstone4 photos
102. Limnodromus griseus Short-billed Dowitcher1 photo
103. Calidris canutus Red Knot3 photos
104. Calidris alba Sanderling3 photos
105. Calidris pusilla Semipalmated Sandpiper7 photos
106. Calidris minutilla Least Sandpiper1 photo
107. Calidris alpina Dunlin2 photos
108. Attagis gayi latreillii Rufous-bellied Seedsnipe (latreillii)1 photo
109. Pluvialis squatarola Grey Plover3 photos
110. Charadrius semipalmatus Semipalmated Plover1 photo
111. Charadrius vociferus Killdeer6 photos
112. Charadrius melodus Piping Plover3 photos
113. Vanellus chilensis Southern Lapwing3 photos
114. Vanellus resplendens Andean Lapwing1 photo
115. Haematopus palliatus American Oystercatcher6 photos
116. Himantopus mexicanus Black-necked Stilt13 photos
117. Recurvirostra americana American Avocet2 photos
118. Larus delawarensis Ring-billed Gull2 photos
119. Larus marinus Great Black-backed Gull1 photo
120. Larus glaucoides Iceland Gull4 photos
121. Chroicocephalus philadelphia Bonaparte's Gull2 photos
122. Thalasseus maximus Royal Tern1 photo
123. Thalasseus sandvicensis Sandwich Tern2 photos
124. Sterna forsteri Forster's Tern3 photos
125. Chlidonias niger Black Tern3 photos
126. Zenaida macroura Mourning Dove1 photo
127. Zenaida aurita Zenaida Dove2 photos
128. Zenaida asiatica White-winged Dove1 photo
129. Columbina passerina Common Ground-Dove1 photo
130. Columbina talpacoti Ruddy Ground-Dove1 photo
131. Geotrygon caniceps Grey-headed Quail-Dove1 photo
132. Geotrygon chrysia Key West Quail-Dove2 photos
133. Starnoenas cyanocephala Blue-headed Quail-Dove1 photo
134. Psittacara euops Cuban Parakeet1 photo
135. Pyrilia pulchra Rose-faced Parrot1 photo
136. Pionus chalcopterus Bronze-winged Parrot1 photo
137. Amazona leucocephala Cuban Parrot3 photos
138. Amazona leucocephala leucocephala Cuban Parrot (Cuban)1 photo
139. Amazona amazonica Orange-winged Parrot1 photo
140. Coccyzus minor Mangrove Cuckoo1 photo
141. Piaya cayana Squirrel Cuckoo1 photo
142. Coccyzus merlini Great Lizard-Cuckoo1 photo
143. Crotophaga major Greater Ani1 photo
144. Crotophaga ani Smooth-billed Ani1 photo
145. Crotophaga sulcirostris Groove-billed Ani1 photo
146. Geococcyx californianus Greater Roadrunner1 photo
147. Opisthocomus hoazin Hoatzin2 photos
148. Megascops asio Eastern Screech-Owl1 photo
149. Megascops choliba Tropical Screech-Owl1 photo
150. Margarobyas lawrencii Bare-legged Owl1 photo
151. Megascops albogularis White-throated Screech-Owl2 photos
152. Bubo virginianus Great Horned Owl1 photo
153. Bubo scandiacus Snowy Owl1 photo
154. Strix occidentalis Spotted Owl1 photo
155. Glaucidium costaricanum Costa Rican Pygmy Owl1 photo
156. Glaucidium siju Cuban Pygmy-Owl1 photo
157. Aegolius acadicus Northern Saw-whet Owl6 photos
158. Nyctibius griseus Common Potoo1 photo
159. Nyctidromus albicollis Pauraque1 photo
160. Antrostomus cubanensis Cuban Nightjar1 photo
161. Glaucis aeneus Bronzy Hermit1 photo
162. Phaethornis yaruqui White-whiskered Hermit1 photo
163. Phaethornis guy Green Hermit1 photo
164. Phaethornis longirostris Long-billed Hermit1 photo
165. Campylopterus hemileucurus Violet Sabrewing2 photos
166. Florisuga mellivora White-necked Jacobin7 photos
167. Florisuga mellivora mellivora White-necked Jacobin (nominate)2 photos
168. Colibri delphinae Brown Violet-ear1 photo
169. Colibri thalassinus Mexican Violet-ear8 photos
170. Colibri coruscans Sparkling Violet-ear1 photo
171. Anthracothorax nigricollis Black-throated Mango6 photos
172. Klais guimeti Violet-headed Hummingbird1 photo
173. Lophornis ornatus Tufted Coquette1 photo
174. Lophornis delattrei Rufous-crested Coquette1 photo
175. Discosura conversii Green Thorntail6 photos
176. Chlorostilbon ricordii Cuban Emerald3 photos
177. Cynanthus latirostris Broad-billed Hummingbird1 photo
178. Thalurania colombica Blue-crowned Woodnymph1 photo
179. Thalurania fannyae Green-crowned Woodnymph5 photos
180. Panterpe insignis Fiery-throated Hummingbird2 photos
181. Juliamyia julie Violet-bellied Hummingbird1 photo
182. Amazilia brevirostris White-chested Emerald2 photos
183. Amazilia franciae Andean Emerald1 photo
184. Amazilia tobaci Copper-rumped Hummingbird1 photo
185. Amazilia edward Snowy-breasted Hummingbird1 photo
186. Amazilia tzacatl Rufous-tailed Hummingbird1 photo
187. Amazilia violiceps Violet-crowned Hummingbird1 photo
188. Amazilia violiceps ellioti Violet-crowned Hummingbird (Northern)1 photo
189. Eupherusa eximia Stripe-tailed Hummingbird1 photo
190. Elvira cupreiceps Coppery-headed Emerald1 photo
191. Lampornis castaneoventris White-throated Mountain-gem7 photos
192. Adelomyia melanogenys Speckled Hummingbird3 photos
193. Heliodoxa imperatrix Empress Brilliant1 photo
194. Heliodoxa jacula Green-crowned Brilliant2 photos
195. Eugenes fulgens Magnificent Hummingbird2 photos
196. Oreotrochilus chimborazo Ecuadorian Hillstar1 photo
197. Patagona gigas Giant Hummingbird1 photo
198. Aglaeactis cupripennis Shining Sunbeam1 photo
199. Pterophanes cyanopterus Great Sapphirewing2 photos
200. Coeligena torquata Collared Inca2 photos
201. Coeligena lutetiae Buff-winged Starfrontlet1 photo
202. Ensifera ensifera Sword-billed Hummingbird5 photos
203. Boissonneaua flavescens Buff-tailed Coronet3 photos
204. Boissonneaua matthewsii Chestnut-breasted Coronet3 photos
205. Boissonneaua jardini Velvet-purple Coronet3 photos
206. Heliangelus exortis Tourmaline Sunangel1 photo
207. Eriocnemis luciani Sapphire-vented Puffleg2 photos
208. Eriocnemis mosquera Golden-breasted Puffleg1 photo
209. Urosticte benjamini Purple-bibbed Whitetip2 photos
210. Ocreatus underwoodii Booted Racket-tail3 photos
211. Lesbia victoriae Black-tailed Trainbearer2 photos
212. Ramphomicron microrhynchum Purple-backed Thornbill1 photo
213. Aglaiocercus kingii Long-tailed Sylph1 photo
214. Aglaiocercus coelestis Violet-tailed Sylph4 photos
215. Heliomaster longirostris Long-billed Starthroat1 photo
216. Calliphlox mitchellii Purple-throated Woodstar1 photo
217. Archilochus colubris Ruby-throated Hummingbird2 photos
218. Chaetocercus mulsant White-bellied Woodstar3 photos
219. Selasphorus rufus Rufous Hummingbird2 photos
220. Selasphorus flammula Volcano Hummingbird1 photo
221. Selasphorus scintilla Scintillant Hummingbird1 photo
222. Pharomachrus mocinno Resplendent Quetzal3 photos
223. Priotelus temnurus Cuban Trogon1 photo
224. Trogon massena Slaty-tailed Trogon2 photos
225. Trogon melanurus Black-tailed Trogon1 photo
226. Trogon comptus White-eyed Trogon1 photo
227. Trogon viridis Green-backed Trogon2 photos
228. Trogon chionurus White-tailed Trogon1 photo
229. Trogon elegans Elegant Trogon1 photo
230. Trogon personatus Masked Trogon5 photos
231. Trogon rufus Black-throated Trogon2 photos
232. Trogon violaceus Guianan Trogon2 photos
233. Trogon caligatus Gartered Trogon1 photo
234. Megaceryle torquata Ringed Kingfisher2 photos
235. Chloroceryle amazona Amazon Kingfisher1 photo
236. Chloroceryle americana Green Kingfisher3 photos
237. Electron platyrhynchum Broad-billed Motmot3 photos
238. Eumomota superciliosa Turquoise-browed Motmot2 photos
239. Baryphthengus martii Rufous Motmot2 photos
240. Todus multicolor Cuban Tody1 photo
241. Malacoptila panamensis White-whiskered Puffbird1 photo
242. Capito squamatus Orange-fronted Barbet1 photo
243. Eubucco bourcierii Red-headed Barbet1 photo
244. Aulacorhynchus caeruleogularis Blue-throated Toucanet1 photo
245. Aulacorhynchus haematopygus Crimson-rumped Toucanet2 photos
246. Pteroglossus azara Ivory-billed Aracari1 photo
247. Pteroglossus torquatus Collared Aracari2 photos
248. Pteroglossus erythropygius Pale-mandibled Aracari2 photos
249. Ramphastos sulfuratus Keel-billed Toucan1 photo
250. Ramphastos brevis Choco Toucan1 photo
251. Melanerpes formicivorus Acorn Woodpecker2 photos
252. Melanerpes pucherani Black-cheeked Woodpecker2 photos
253. Melanerpes carolinus Red-bellied Woodpecker1 photo
254. Melanerpes superciliaris West Indian Woodpecker2 photos
255. Melanerpes aurifrons Golden-fronted Woodpecker1 photo
256. Sphyrapicus varius Yellow-bellied Sapsucker3 photos
257. Xiphidiopicus percussus Cuban Green Woodpecker2 photos
258. Picoides pubescens Downy Woodpecker1 photo
259. Picoides arizonae Arizona Woodpecker1 photo
260. Picoides villosus Hairy Woodpecker1 photo
261. Veniliornis nigriceps Bar-bellied Woodpecker1 photo
262. Colaptes rubiginosus Golden-olive Woodpecker2 photos
263. Colaptes rivolii Crimson-mantled Woodpecker2 photos
264. Colaptes auratus Northern Flicker4 photos
265. Colaptes fernandinae Fernandina's Flicker1 photo
266. Celeus loricatus Cinnamon Woodpecker1 photo
267. Celeus grammicus Scaly-breasted Woodpecker1 photo
268. Dryocopus pileatus Pileated Woodpecker13 photos
269. Campephilus guatemalensis Pale-billed Woodpecker2 photos
270. Campephilus melanoleucos Crimson-crested Woodpecker1 photo
271. Campephilus gayaquilensis Guayaquil Woodpecker1 photo
272. Zimmerius vilissimus Paltry Tyrannulet1 photo
273. Zimmerius chrysops Golden-faced Tyrannulet1 photo
274. Zimmerius viridiflavus Peruvian Tyrannulet1 photo
275. Elaenia gigas Mottle-backed Elaenia1 photo
276. Anairetes parulus Tufted Tit-Tyrant1 photo
277. Todirostrum cinereum Common Tody-Flycatcher2 photos
278. Pyrrhomyias cinnamomeus Cinnamon Flycatcher1 photo
279. Contopus sordidulus Western Wood-Pewee1 photo
280. Empidonax flavescens Yellowish Flycatcher1 photo
281. Empidonax atriceps Black-capped Flycatcher1 photo
282. Sayornis phoebe Eastern Phoebe2 photos
283. Sayornis saya Say's Phoebe1 photo
284. Pyrocephalus rubinus Vermilion Flycatcher1 photo
285. Fluvicola pica Pied Water-Tyrant1 photo
286. Fluvicola nengeta Masked Water-Tyrant1 photo
287. Arundinicola leucocephala White-headed Marsh-Tyrant1 photo
288. Tyrannus savana Fork-tailed Flycatcher1 photo
289. Tyrannus dominicensis Grey Kingbird2 photos
290. Tyrannus caudifasciatus Loggerhead Kingbird2 photos
291. Tyrannus cubensis Giant Kingbird1 photo
292. Myiodynastes maculatus Streaked Flycatcher2 photos
293. Myiozetetes granadensis Grey-capped Flycatcher1 photo
294. Pitangus sulphuratus Great Kiskadee1 photo
295. Tityra semifasciata Masked Tityra2 photos
296. Cotinga nattererii Blue Cotinga1 photo
297. Querula purpurata Purple-throated Fruitcrow1 photo
298. Rupicola peruvianus Andean Cock-of-the-rock1 photo
299. Rupicola peruvianus sanguinolentus Andean Cock-of-the-rock (sanguinolentus)1 photo
300. Cymbilaimus lineatus Fasciated Antshrike4 photos
301. Thamnophilus doliatus Barred Antshrike2 photos
302. Thamnistes anabatinus Russet Antshrike [excl. rufescens]2 photos
303. Cinclodes albidiventris Chestnut-winged Cinclodes1 photo
304. Cranioleuca erythrops Red-faced Spinetail2 photos
305. Philydor erythropterum Chestnut-winged Foliage-gleaner1 photo
306. Xenops rutilus Streaked Xenops1 photo
307. Nasica longirostris Long-billed Woodcreeper1 photo
308. Xiphocolaptes promeropirhynchus Strong-billed Woodcreeper1 photo
309. Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae Northern Barred-Woodcreeper1 photo
310. Dendroplex picus Straight-billed Woodcreeper1 photo
311. Xiphorhynchus susurrans Cocoa Woodcreeper1 photo
312. Lepidocolaptes lacrymiger Montane Woodcreeper2 photos
313. Grallaria rufula Rufous Antpitta1 photo
314. Grallaria quitensis Tawny Antpitta1 photo
315. Lanius ludovicianus Loggerhead Shrike2 photos
316. Vireo carmioli Yellow-winged Vireo1 photo
317. Vireo griseus White-eyed Vireo1 photo
318. Vireo gundlachii Cuban Vireo2 photos
319. Vireo solitarius Blue-headed Vireo2 photos
320. Vireo altiloquus Black-whiskered Vireo1 photo
321. Cyanocitta cristata Blue Jay1 photo
322. Corvus nasicus Cuban Crow1 photo
323. Corvus corax Common Raven2 photos
324. Phainopepla nitens Phainopepla1 photo
325. Bombycilla cedrorum Cedar Waxwing6 photos
326. Cinclus leucocephalus White-capped Dipper3 photos
327. Sialia sialis Eastern Bluebird7 photos
328. Myadestes townsendi Townsend's Solitaire1 photo
329. Catharus frantzii Ruddy-capped Nightingale-Thrush1 photo
330. Catharus fuscescens Veery1 photo
331. Catharus minimus Grey-cheeked Thrush1 photo
332. Catharus guttatus Hermit Thrush4 photos
333. Turdus plumbeus Red-legged Thrush1 photo
334. Turdus nigrescens Sooty Thrush1 photo
335. Turdus fuscater Great Thrush1 photo
336. Turdus serranus Glossy-black Thrush1 photo
337. Turdus fumigatus Cocoa Thrush1 photo
338. Turdus grayi Clay-colored Thrush2 photos
339. Turdus nudigenis Yellow-eyed Thrush1 photo
340. Turdus migratorius American Robin7 photos
341. Mimus polyglottos Northern Mockingbird2 photos
342. Toxostoma rufum Brown Thrasher3 photos
343. Toxostoma curvirostre Curve-billed Thrasher2 photos
344. Sitta pusilla Brown-headed Nuthatch1 photo
345. Sitta canadensis Red-breasted Nuthatch4 photos
346. Sitta carolinensis White-breasted Nuthatch6 photos
347. Certhia americana Brown Creeper2 photos
348. Campylorhynchus brunneicapillus Cactus Wren1 photo
349. Cistothorus platensis Grass Wren1 photo
350. Cistothorus palustris Marsh Wren4 photos
351. Ferminia cerverai Zapata Wren1 photo
352. Cantorchilus nigricapillus Bay Wren1 photo
353. Thryothorus ludovicianus Carolina Wren2 photos
354. Troglodytes troglodytes Eurasian Wren4 photos
355. Troglodytes aedon House Wren2 photos
356. Polioptila caerulea Blue-grey Gnatcatcher2 photos
357. Polioptila lembeyei Cuban Gnatcatcher2 photos
358. Poecile carolinensis Carolina Chickadee3 photos
359. Baeolophus bicolor Tufted Titmouse4 photos
360. Tachycineta bicolor Tree Swallow1 photo
361. Stelgidopteryx serripennis Northern Rough-winged Swallow1 photo
362. Stelgidopteryx ruficollis Southern Rough-winged Swallow1 photo
363. Regulus satrapa Golden-crowned Kinglet5 photos
364. Eremophila alpestris Horned Lark1 photo
365. Passer domesticus House Sparrow1 photo
366. Anthus spinoletta Water Pipit1 photo
367. Anthus rubescens American Pipit1 photo
368. Spinus pinus Pine Siskin3 photos
369. Spinus tristis American Goldfinch1 photo
370. Spinus psaltria Lesser Goldfinch1 photo
371. Haemorhous purpureus Purple Finch2 photos
372. Haemorhous cassinii Cassin's Finch2 photos
373. Calcarius lapponicus Lapland Longspur1 photo
374. Calcarius pictus Smith's Longspur2 photos
375. Passerella iliaca Red Fox Sparrow1 photo
376. Melospiza lincolnii Lincoln's Sparrow1 photo
377. Melospiza georgiana Swamp Sparrow2 photos
378. Zonotrichia capensis Rufous-collared Sparrow3 photos
379. Zonotrichia leucophrys White-crowned Sparrow4 photos
380. Zonotrichia albicollis White-throated Sparrow10 photos
381. Junco hyemalis Dark-eyed Junco3 photos
382. Junco phaeonotus Yellow-eyed Junco1 photo
383. Passerculus sandwichensis Savannah Sparrow2 photos
384. Ammospiza nelsoni Nelson's Sparrow4 photos
385. Ammodramus savannarum Grasshopper Sparrow2 photos
386. Spizella passerina Chipping Sparrow2 photos
387. Spizella pallida Clay-colored Sparrow1 photo
388. Amphispiza bilineata Black-throated Sparrow1 photo
389. Aimophila ruficeps Rufous-crowned Sparrow2 photos
390. Torreornis inexpectata varonai Zapata Sparrow (varonai)1 photo
391. Pipilo chlorurus Green-tailed Towhee1 photo
392. Pipilo erythrophthalmus Eastern Towhee3 photos
393. Arremonops conirostris Black-striped Sparrow1 photo
394. Atlapetes pallidinucha papallactae Pale-naped Brush-Finch (papallactae)1 photo
395. Pezopetes capitalis Large-footed Finch1 photo
396. Paroaria gularis Red-capped Cardinal1 photo
397. Leiothlypis ruficapilla Nashville Warbler1 photo
398. Setophaga americana Northern Parula2 photos
399. Setophaga pitiayumi Tropical Parula3 photos
400. Oreothlypis gutturalis Flame-throated Warbler2 photos
401. Setophaga petechia Mangrove Warbler3 photos
402. Setophaga petechia gundlachi Mangrove Warbler (Cuba)1 photo
403. Setophaga pensylvanica Chestnut-sided Warbler3 photos
404. Setophaga magnolia Magnolia Warbler1 photo
405. Setophaga tigrina Cape May Warbler2 photos
406. Setophaga caerulescens Black-throated Blue Warbler1 photo
407. Setophaga coronata Yellow-rumped Warbler5 photos
408. Setophaga coronata coronata Yellow-rumped Warbler (coronata)4 photos
409. Setophaga coronata hooveri Yellow-rumped Warbler (Hoover's)4 photos
410. Setophaga coronata auduboni Yellow-rumped Warbler (Audubon's)1 photo
411. Setophaga nigrescens Black-throated Grey Warbler1 photo
412. Setophaga virens Black-throated Green Warbler3 photos
413. Setophaga fusca Blackburnian Warbler2 photos
414. Setophaga dominica Yellow-throated Warbler1 photo
415. Setophaga pinus Pine Warbler1 photo
416. Setophaga discolor Prairie Warbler2 photos
417. Setophaga palmarum Palm Warbler3 photos
418. Setophaga palmarum palmarum Palm Warbler (Western)2 photos
419. Setophaga palmarum hypochrysea Palm Warbler (Yellow)1 photo
420. Setophaga cerulea Cerulean Warbler1 photo
421. Mniotilta varia Black-and-white Warbler3 photos
422. Setophaga ruticilla American Redstart1 photo
423. Protonotaria citrea Prothonotary Warbler2 photos
424. Helmitheros vermivorum Worm-eating Warbler1 photo
425. Seiurus aurocapilla Ovenbird3 photos
426. Geothlypis formosa Kentucky Warbler1 photo
427. Geothlypis trichas Common Yellowthroat3 photos
428. Teretistris fernandinae Yellow-headed Warbler1 photo
429. Teretistris fornsi Oriente Warbler3 photos
430. Setophaga citrina Hooded Warbler1 photo
431. Cardellina canadensis Canada Warbler4 photos
432. Myioborus pictus Painted Redstart1 photo
433. Myioborus torquatus Collared Redstart1 photo
434. Myiothlypis chlorophrys Chocó Warbler1 photo
435. Myiothlypis nigrocristata Black-crested Warbler1 photo
436. Basileuterus rufifrons Rufous-capped Warbler1 photo
437. Basileuterus melanogenys Black-cheeked Warbler1 photo
438. Coereba flaveola Bananaquit2 photos
439. Conirostrum sitticolor Blue-backed Conebill1 photo
440. Chlorospingus pileatus Sooty-capped Bush-Tanager2 photos
441. Heterospingus xanthopygius Scarlet-browed Tanager1 photo
442. Habia fuscicauda Red-throated Ant-Tanager1 photo
443. Piranga bidentata Flame-colored Tanager1 photo
444. Ramphocelus dimidiatus Crimson-backed Tanager1 photo
445. Ramphocelus carbo Silver-beaked Tanager1 photo
446. Ramphocelus passerinii Passerini's Tanager2 photos
447. Ramphocelus flammigerus Flame-rumped Tanager1 photo
448. Spindalis zena Western Spindalis1 photo
449. Tangara episcopus Blue-grey Tanager2 photos
450. Tangara palmarum Palm Tanager2 photos
451. Pipraeidea bonariensis Blue-and-yellow Tanager1 photo
452. Buthraupis montana Hooded Mountain-Tanager1 photo
453. Anisognathus igniventris Scarlet-bellied Mountain-Tanager1 photo
454. Anisognathus flavinucha Bolivian Mountain-tanager2 photos
455. Anisognathus notabilis Black-chinned Mountain-Tanager1 photo
456. Pipraeidea melanonota Fawn-breasted Tanager1 photo
457. Euphonia violacea Violaceous Euphonia1 photo
458. Euphonia laniirostris Thick-billed Euphonia1 photo
459. Euphonia gouldi Olive-backed Euphonia1 photo
460. Euphonia xanthogaster Orange-bellied Euphonia1 photo
461. Chlorochrysa phoenicotis Glistening-green Tanager1 photo
462. Tangara florida Emerald Tanager1 photo
463. Tangara arthus Golden Tanager5 photos
464. Tangara icterocephala Silver-throated Tanager2 photos
465. Tangara parzudakii Flame-faced Tanager2 photos
466. Tangara guttata Speckled Tanager1 photo
467. Tangara rufigula Rufous-throated Tanager1 photo
468. Tangara gyrola Bay-headed Tanager1 photo
469. Stilpnia vitriolina Scrub Tanager1 photo
470. Stilpnia larvata Golden-hooded Tanager2 photos
471. Tangara dowii Spangle-cheeked Tanager1 photo
472. Tangara nigroviridis Beryl-spangled Tanager2 photos
473. Stilpnia heinei Black-capped Tanager1 photo
474. Chlorophanes spiza Green Honeycreeper5 photos
475. Cyanerpes lucidus Shining Honeycreeper2 photos
476. Cyanerpes caeruleus Purple Honeycreeper2 photos
477. Cyanerpes cyaneus Red-legged Honeycreeper2 photos
478. Tersina viridis Swallow Tanager1 photo
479. Melopyrrha nigra Cuban Bullfinch1 photo
480. Melopyrrha nigra nigra Cuban Bullfinch (nominate)1 photo
481. Phonipara canora Cuban Grassquit1 photo
482. Tiaris olivaceus Yellow-faced Grassquit1 photo
483. Diglossa plumbea Slaty Flowerpiercer2 photos
484. Diglossa lafresnayii Glossy Flowerpiercer1 photo
485. Diglossa humeralis Black Flowerpiercer1 photo
486. Diglossa cyanea Masked Flowerpiercer2 photos
487. Pheucticus chrysogaster Golden-bellied Grosbeak1 photo
488. Pheucticus melanocephalus Black-headed Grosbeak1 photo
489. Cardinalis cardinalis Northern Cardinal3 photos
490. Passerina caerulea Blue Grosbeak1 photo
491. Passerina cyanea Indigo Bunting4 photos
492. Psarocolius decumanus Crested Oropendola1 photo
493. Cacicus uropygialis Scarlet-rumped Cacique2 photos
494. Icterus chrysater Yellow-backed Oriole2 photos
495. Icterus mesomelas Yellow-tailed Oriole4 photos
496. Icterus gularis Altamira Oriole2 photos
497. Icterus cucullatus Hooded Oriole1 photo
498. Icterus galbula Baltimore Oriole1 photo
499. Icterus melanopsis Cuban Oriole2 photos
500. Agelaius assimilis Red-shouldered Blackbird1 photo
501. Ptiloxena atroviolacea Cuban Blackbird1 photo
502. Quiscalus mexicanus Great-tailed Grackle1 photo
503. Quiscalus major Boat-tailed Grackle1 photo
504. Quiscalus niger Greater Antillean Grackle1 photo

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