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Contributing bird photos and recordings to Avibase

People can contribute bird photos and sound recordings to Avibase by joining the Avibase Flickr group or submitting sound recordings to Xeno-Canto.

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List of species and subspecies for Flickr member 42772629@N02. Please note that the taxonomic names used here may differ from the tags used (e.g. synonyms). If you think that some of your photos are missing, please check that they are correctly tagged in Flickr (making sure that the scientific name is a single tag, enclosed by quotes, e.g. "Parus major"). If you change or add tags to your photos after they have been indexed, you may need to request a re-indexing of your photostream, which you can do on this page. Also note that new photos may not appear for a period of up to 48h.

Scientific nameCommon namePhotos indexed
1. Pelecanus occidentalis Brown Pelican1 photo
2. Ardea alba Western Great Egret1 photo
3. Butorides virescens Green Heron1 photo
4. Butorides virescens virescens Green Heron (virescens)1 photo
5. Tigrisoma mexicanum Bare-throated Tiger-Heron1 photo
6. Platalea ajaja Roseate Spoonbill1 photo
7. Phoenicopterus ruber American Flamingo2 photos
8. Cairina moschata Muscovy Duck1 photo
9. Spatula clypeata Northern Shoveler1 photo
10. Rostrhamus sociabilis Snail Kite1 photo
11. Rupornis magnirostris Roadside Hawk1 photo
12. Aramus guarauna Limpkin1 photo
13. Himantopus mexicanus Black-necked Stilt1 photo
14. Recurvirostra americana American Avocet1 photo
15. Streptopelia decaocto Eurasian Collared-Dove2 photos
16. Coccyzus minor Mangrove Cuckoo1 photo
17. Dromococcyx phasianellus Pheasant Cuckoo3 photos
18. Amazilia tzacatl Rufous-tailed Hummingbird1 photo
19. Lampornis calolaemus Purple-throated Mountain-gem1 photo
20. Trogon melanocephalus Black-headed Trogon1 photo
21. Trogon violaceus Guianan Trogon1 photo
22. Trogon caligatus Gartered Trogon1 photo
23. Chloroceryle americana Green Kingfisher1 photo
24. Eumomota superciliosa Turquoise-browed Motmot1 photo
25. Galbula ruficauda Rufous-tailed Jacamar1 photo
26. Melanerpes pygmaeus Yucatan Woodpecker1 photo
27. Sphyrapicus varius Yellow-bellied Sapsucker1 photo
28. Todirostrum cinereum Common Tody-Flycatcher1 photo
29. Myiarchus tyrannulus Brown-crested Flycatcher1 photo
30. Tityra semifasciata Masked Tityra1 photo
31. Manacus candei White-collared Manakin1 photo
32. Thamnophilus doliatus Barred Antshrike2 photos
33. Setophaga petechia Mangrove Warbler1 photo
34. Setophaga virens Black-throated Green Warbler1 photo
35. Setophaga dominica Yellow-throated Warbler1 photo
36. Ramphocelus passerinii Passerini's Tanager1 photo
37. Icterus galbula Baltimore Oriole1 photo

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