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People can contribute bird photos and sound recordings to Avibase by joining the Avibase Flickr group or submitting sound recordings to Xeno-Canto.

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List of species and subspecies for Flickr member 49224489@N05. Please note that the taxonomic names used here may differ from the tags used (e.g. synonyms). If you think that some of your photos are missing, please check that they are correctly tagged in Flickr (making sure that the scientific name is a single tag, enclosed by quotes, e.g. "Parus major"). If you change or add tags to your photos after they have been indexed, you may need to request a re-indexing of your photostream, which you can do on this page. Also note that new photos may not appear for a period of up to 48h.

Scientific nameCommon namePhotos indexed
1. Microcarbo melanoleucos Little Pied Cormorant1 photo
2. Egretta garzetta Little Egret1 photo
3. Ardea sumatrana Great-billed Heron1 photo
4. Platalea minor Black-faced Spoonbill1 photo
5. Dendrocygna guttata Spotted Whistling-Duck1 photo
6. Circus spilothorax Papuan Harrier1 photo
7. Accipiter badius Shikra1 photo
8. Accipiter badius cenchroides Shikra (cenchroides)1 photo
9. Accipiter hiogaster Variable Goshawk1 photo
10. Accipiter hiogaster hiogaster Variable Goshawk (hiogaster)1 photo
11. Accipiter poliocephalus Grey-headed Goshawk1 photo
12. Eulipoa wallacei Moluccan Scrubfowl1 photo
13. Ammoperdix griseogularis See-see Partridge1 photo
14. Chlamydotis macqueenii Macqueen's Bustard1 photo
15. Numenius minutus Little Curlew1 photo
16. Tringa guttifer Nordmann's Greenshank1 photo
17. Xenus cinereus Terek Sandpiper1 photo
18. Tringa brevipes Grey-tailed Tattler1 photo
19. Calidris tenuirostris Great Knot1 photo
20. Calidris acuminata Sharp-tailed Sandpiper1 photo
21. Phalaropus lobatus Red-necked Phalarope1 photo
22. Pluvialis fulva Pacific Golden-Plover1 photo
23. Vanellus leucurus White-tailed Lapwing1 photo
24. Glareola maldivarum Oriental Pratincole1 photo
25. Pterocles orientalis Black-bellied Sandgrouse2 photos
26. Pterocles orientalis arenarius Black-bellied Sandgrouse (arenarius)2 photos
27. Columba vitiensis Metallic Pigeon1 photo
28. Columba vitiensis halmaheira Metallic Pigeon (halmaheira)1 photo
29. Spilopelia senegalensis Laughing Dove1 photo
30. Macropygia amboinensis Amboyna Cuckoo-Dove1 photo
31. Macropygia amboinensis amboinensis Amboyna Cuckoo-Dove (amboinensis)1 photo
32. Reinwardtoena reinwardti Great Cuckoo-Dove1 photo
33. Reinwardtoena reinwardti reinwardti Great Cuckoo-Dove (reinwardti)1 photo
34. Chalcophaps indica Emerald Dove1 photo
35. Chalcophaps indica indica Emerald Dove (indica)1 photo
36. Ptilinopus magnificus Wompoo Fruit-Dove1 photo
37. Ptilinopus solomonensis Yellow-bibbed Fruit-Dove1 photo
38. Ptilinopus viridis Claret-breasted Fruit-Dove1 photo
39. Ptilinopus viridis viridis Claret-breasted Fruit-Dove (viridis)1 photo
40. Ducula myristicivora Spice Imperial-Pigeon1 photo
41. Ducula spilorrhoa Torresian Imperial-Pigeon1 photo
42. Goura cristata Western Crowned-Pigeon1 photo
43. Goura victoria Victoria Crowned-Pigeon1 photo
44. Lorius domicella Purple-naped Lory1 photo
45. Neopsittacus pullicauda Orange-billed Lorikeet1 photo
46. Probosciger aterrimus Palm Cockatoo1 photo
47. Cacatua sulphurea Yellow-crested Cockatoo1 photo
48. Cacatua galerita Sulphur-crested Cockatoo1 photo
49. Cacatua moluccensis Salmon-crested Cockatoo1 photo
50. Micropsitta pusio Buff-faced Pygmy-Parrot1 photo
51. Cyclopsitta diophthalma Double-eyed Fig-Parrot1 photo
52. Psittaculirostris desmarestii Large Fig-Parrot1 photo
53. Psittacella modesta Modest Tiger-Parrot1 photo
54. Geoffroyus geoffroyi Red-cheeked Parrot1 photo
55. Prioniturus mada Buru Racquet-tail1 photo
56. Alisterus amboinensis Moluccan King-Parrot1 photo
57. Alisterus amboinensis amboinensis Moluccan King-Parrot (amboinensis)1 photo
58. Cuculus canorus Common Cuckoo1 photo
59. Otus magicus Moluccan Scops-Owl2 photos
60. Otus sulaensis Sula Scops-Owl1 photo
61. Otus alfredi Flores Scops-Owl2 photos
62. Otus beccarii Papuan Scops-Owl2 photos
63. Athene noctua Little Owl1 photo
64. Ninox squamipila Seram Boobook1 photo
65. Uroglaux dimorpha Papuan Owl1 photo
66. Podargus papuensis Papuan Frogmouth1 photo
67. Podargus ocellatus Marbled Frogmouth1 photo
68. Aegotheles insignis Feline Owlet-Nightjar1 photo
69. Aegotheles albertisi Mountain Owlet-Nightjar1 photo
70. Eurostopodus archboldi Mountain Eared-Nightjar1 photo
71. Caprimulgus macrurus Large-tailed Nightjar1 photo
72. Todiramphus nigrocyaneus Blue-black Kingfisher1 photo
73. Todiramphus chloris Collared Kingfisher1 photo
74. Todiramphus chloris chloris Collared Kingfisher (chloris)1 photo
75. Todiramphus sanctus Sacred Kingfisher1 photo
76. Syma torotoro Yellow-billed Kingfisher1 photo
77. Tanysiptera riedelii Biak Paradise-Kingfisher1 photo
78. Tanysiptera carolinae Numfor Paradise-Kingfisher1 photo
79. Merops persicus Blue-cheeked Bee-eater1 photo
80. Merops persicus persicus Blue-cheeked Bee-eater (persicus)1 photo
81. Rhyticeros plicatus Blyth's Hornbill1 photo
82. Dendrocopos syriacus Syrian Woodpecker1 photo
83. Amblyornis inornata Vogelkop Bowerbird1 photo
84. Chlamydera cerviniventris Fawn-breasted Bowerbird1 photo
85. Philemon subcorniculatus Grey-necked Friarbird1 photo
86. Melipotes fumigatus Smoky Honeyeater1 photo
87. Origma murina Rusty Mouse-warbler1 photo
88. Petroica bivittata Alpine Robin1 photo
89. Lanius phoenicuroides Turkestan Shrike2 photos
90. Lanius minor Lesser Grey Shrike1 photo
91. Lanius excubitor Great Gray Shrike1 photo
92. Lanius excubitor homeyeri Great Gray Shrike (homeyeri)1 photo
93. Lanius pallidirostris Steppe Grey Shrike1 photo
94. Daphoenositta miranda Black Sittella1 photo
95. Pachycephala macrorhyncha Banda Sea Whistler1 photo
96. Pachycephala macrorhyncha macrorhyncha Banda Sea Whistler (macrorhyncha)1 photo
97. Cyanopica cyanus Azure-winged Magpie1 photo
98. Podoces pleskei Iranian Ground-Jay3 photos
99. Corvus cornix Hooded Crow1 photo
100. Corvus torquatus Collared Crow1 photo
101. Macgregoria pulchra Macgregor's Bird-of-paradise1 photo
102. Manucodia chalybatus Crinkle-collared Manucode1 photo
103. Paradigalla carunculata Long-tailed Paradigalla1 photo
104. Drepanornis bruijnii Pale-billed Sicklebill1 photo
105. Parotia sefilata Western Parotia1 photo
106. Ptiloris magnificus Magnificent Riflebird1 photo
107. Diphyllodes magnificus Magnificent Bird-of-paradise2 photos
108. Astrapia nigra Arfak Astrapia1 photo
109. Astrapia splendidissima Splendid Astrapia1 photo
110. Pteridophora alberti King-of-Saxony Bird-of-paradise1 photo
111. Seleucidis melanoleucus Twelve-wired Bird-of-paradise1 photo
112. Melloria quoyi Black Butcherbird1 photo
113. Oriolus szalayi Brown Oriole1 photo
114. Oriolus oriolus Eurasian Golden-Oriole1 photo
115. Coracina lineata Yellow-eyed Cuckooshrike1 photo
116. Coracina lineata maforensis Yellow-eyed Cuckooshrike (maforensis)1 photo
117. Rhipidura rufiventris Northern Fantail1 photo
118. Rhipidura rufiventris bouruensis Northern Fantail (bouruensis)1 photo
119. Rhipidura atra Black Fantail1 photo
120. Rhipidura hyperythra Chestnut-bellied Fantail1 photo
121. Rhipidura albolimbata Friendly Fantail1 photo
122. Myiagra alecto Shining Flycatcher1 photo
123. Hypocolius ampelinus Grey Hypocolius1 photo
124. Monticola saxatilis Rufous-tailed Rock-Thrush1 photo
125. Myophonus caeruleus Blue Whistling-Thrush1 photo
126. Ficedula parva Red-breasted flycatcher1 photo
127. Luscinia megarhynchos Common Nightingale1 photo
128. Luscinia svecica Bluethroat1 photo
129. Cercotrichas galactotes Rufous-tailed Scrub-Robin1 photo
130. Copsychus saularis Oriental Magpie-Robin1 photo
131. Oenanthe oenanthe Northern Wheatear2 photos
132. Oenanthe oenanthe libanotica Northern Wheatear (libanotica)2 photos
133. Oenanthe finschii Finsch's Wheatear1 photo
134. Oenanthe pleschanka Pied Wheatear1 photo
135. Oenanthe chrysopygia Afghan Wheatear1 photo
136. Oenanthe isabellina Isabelline Wheatear2 photos
137. Pastor roseus Rosy Starling2 photos
138. Gracupica nigricollis Black-collared Starling1 photo
139. Sitta europaea Wood Nuthatch1 photo
140. Sitta europaea rubiginosa Wood Nuthatch (rubiginosa)1 photo
141. Sitta neumayer Western Rock-Nuthatch1 photo
142. Sitta neumayer tschitscherini Western Rock-Nuthatch (tschitscherini)1 photo
143. Sitta tephronota Eastern Rock-Nuthatch1 photo
144. Tichodroma muraria Wallcreeper1 photo
145. Parus major Eurasian Great Tit1 photo
146. Parus major intermedius Eurasian Great Tit (intermedius)1 photo
147. Ptyonoprogne rupestris Eurasian Crag-Martin1 photo
148. Cecropis daurica Lesser Striated Swallow1 photo
149. Pycnonotus sinensis Light-vented Bulbul1 photo
150. Pycnonotus sinensis sinensis Light-vented Bulbul (sinensis)1 photo
151. Pycnonotus aurigaster Sooty-headed Bulbul1 photo
152. Helopsaltes fasciolatus Gray's Grasshopper-Warbler1 photo
153. Acrocephalus stentoreus Clamorous Reed-Warbler1 photo
154. Iduna rama Sykes's Warbler2 photos
155. Hippolais languida Upcher's Warbler1 photo
156. Cisticola exilis Golden-headed Cisticola1 photo
157. Scotocerca inquieta Streaked Scrub-Warbler1 photo
158. Scotocerca inquieta striata Streaked Scrub-Warbler (striata)1 photo
159. Prinia inornata Plain Prinia1 photo
160. Prinia inornata extensicauda Plain Prinia (extensicauda)1 photo
161. Phyllergates cucullatus Mountain Tailorbird1 photo
162. Phyllergates cucullatus dumasi Mountain Tailorbird (dumasi)1 photo
163. Phylloscopus collybita Common Chiffchaff1 photo
164. Phylloscopus collybita menzbieri Common Chiffchaff (menzbieri)1 photo
165. Phylloscopus neglectus Plain Leaf-Warbler2 photos
166. Phylloscopus poliocephalus Island Leaf-Warbler1 photo
167. Phylloscopus poliocephalus ceramensis Island Leaf-Warbler (ceramensis)1 photo
168. Phylloscopus maforensis Numfor Leaf-Warbler1 photo
169. Curruca althaea Hume's Whitethroat1 photo
170. Curruca crassirostris Eastern Orphean Warbler1 photo
171. Pterorhinus perspicillatus Masked Laughingthrush1 photo
172. Pterorhinus pectoralis Greater Necklaced Laughingthrush1 photo
173. Pterorhinus chinensis Black-throated Laughingthrush1 photo
174. Ammomanes deserti Desert Lark1 photo
175. Melanocorypha calandra Calandra Lark1 photo
176. Melanocorypha bimaculata Bimaculated Lark1 photo
177. Lullula arborea Wood Lark1 photo
178. Eremophila alpestris Horned Lark1 photo
179. Dicaeum erythrothorax Flame-breasted Flowerpecker1 photo
180. Dicaeum pectorale Olive-crowned Flowerpecker1 photo
181. Melanocharis versteri Fan-tailed Berrypecker1 photo
182. Passer hispaniolensis Spanish Sparrow1 photo
183. Passer montanus Eurasian Tree Sparrow1 photo
184. Petronia petronia Rock Sparrow1 photo
185. Carpospiza brachydactyla Pale Rock-Finch2 photos
186. Motacilla alba White Wagtail2 photos
187. Motacilla baicalensis Baikal Wagtail1 photo
188. Motacilla personata Masked Wagtail1 photo
189. Motacilla tschutschensis Eastern Yellow Wagtail1 photo
190. Motacilla tschutschensis tschutschensis Eastern Yellow Wagtail (tschutschensis)1 photo
191. Anthus campestris Tawny Pipit1 photo
192. Anthus campestris griseus Tawny Pipit (griseus)1 photo
193. Anthus similis Long-billed Pipit1 photo
194. Anthus similis decaptus Long-billed Pipit (decaptus)1 photo
195. Anthus hodgsoni Olive-backed Pipit1 photo
196. Anthus gutturalis Alpine Pipit1 photo
197. Lonchura striata White-rumped Munia1 photo
198. Lonchura striata swinhoei White-rumped Munia (swinhoei)1 photo
199. Lonchura montana Snow Mountain Munia1 photo
200. Serinus pusillus Fire-fronted Serin1 photo
201. Carduelis carduelis European Goldfinch1 photo
202. Carduelis carduelis paropanisi European Goldfinch (paropanisi)1 photo
203. Rhodopechys sanguineus Eastern Crimson-winged Finch1 photo
204. Bucanetes githagineus Trumpeter Finch2 photos
205. Bucanetes githagineus crassirostris Trumpeter Finch (crassirostris)1 photo
206. Rhodospiza obsoleta Desert Finch1 photo
207. Emberiza cia Rock Bunting1 photo
208. Emberiza buchanani Grey-necked Bunting1 photo
209. Emberiza hortulana Ortolan Bunting1 photo
210. Emberiza melanocephala Black-headed Bunting1 photo
211. Emberiza bruniceps Red-headed Bunting1 photo

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