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Contributing bird photos and recordings to Avibase

People can contribute bird photos and sound recordings to Avibase by joining the Avibase Flickr group or submitting sound recordings to Xeno-Canto.

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List of species and subspecies for Flickr member 50295515@N08. Please note that the taxonomic names used here may differ from the tags used (e.g. synonyms). If you think that some of your photos are missing, please check that they are correctly tagged in Flickr (making sure that the scientific name is a single tag, enclosed by quotes, e.g. "Parus major"). If you change or add tags to your photos after they have been indexed, you may need to request a re-indexing of your photostream, which you can do on this page. Also note that new photos may not appear for a period of up to 48h.

Scientific nameCommon namePhotos indexed
1. Dromaius novaehollandiae Emu3 photos
2. Aptenodytes patagonicus King Penguin1 photo
3. Pygoscelis papua Gentoo Penguin1 photo
4. Thalassarche melanophris Black-browed Albatross1 photo
5. Thalassarche cauta Shy Albatross7 photos
6. Thalassarche bulleri Buller's Albatross1 photo
7. Pelecanoides urinatrix Common Diving-Petrel1 photo
8. Phaethon rubricauda Red-tailed Tropicbird2 photos
9. Phalacrocorax varius Pied Cormorant1 photo
10. Pelecanus conspicillatus Australian Pelican1 photo
11. Egretta novaehollandiae White-faced Heron1 photo
12. Ardea pacifica Pacific Heron1 photo
13. Ardea modesta Eastern Great Egret2 photos
14. Nycticorax caledonicus Rufous Night-Heron2 photos
15. Cereopsis novaehollandiae Cape Barren Goose3 photos
16. Elanus axillaris Black-winged Kite1 photo
17. Milvus migrans Black Kite3 photos
18. Haliastur sphenurus Whistling Kite2 photos
19. Haliaeetus leucogaster White-bellied Fish-Eagle2 photos
20. Accipiter novaehollandiae Grey Goshawk1 photo
21. Accipiter cirrocephalus Collared Sparrowhawk2 photos
22. Aquila audax Wedge-tailed Eagle3 photos
23. Aquila audax fleayi Wedge-tailed Eagle (fleayi)4 photos
24. Falco berigora Brown Falcon4 photos
25. Alectura lathami Australian Brush-turkey1 photo
26. Porphyrio porphyrio Purple Swamphen1 photo
27. Porphyrio melanotus melanotus Australian Swamphen (melanotus)1 photo
28. Tribonyx mortierii Tasmanian Native-hen1 photo
29. Charadrius ruficapillus Red-capped Plover1 photo
30. Thinornis cucullatus Hooded Plover2 photos
31. Elseyornis melanops Black-fronted Dotterel2 photos
32. Haematopus longirostris Pied Oystercatcher5 photos
33. Larus pacificus Pacific Gull1 photo
34. Thalasseus bengalensis Lesser Crested-Tern2 photos
35. Anous minutus Black Noddy1 photo
36. Spilopelia chinensis Spotted Dove1 photo
37. Trichoglossus moluccanus Rainbow Lorikeet2 photos
38. Zanda funerea Yellow-tailed Black-Cockatoo1 photo
39. Eolophus roseicapilla Galah1 photo
40. Lophochroa leadbeateri Pink Cockatoo2 photos
41. Cacatua galerita Sulphur-crested Cockatoo1 photo
42. Platycercus eximius Eastern Rosella1 photo
43. Neophema chrysogaster Orange-bellied Parrot4 photos
44. Lathamus discolor Swift Parrot5 photos
45. Melopsittacus undulatus Budgerigar1 photo
46. Cacomantis pallidus Pallid Cuckoo3 photos
47. Chrysococcyx basalis Horsfield's Bronze-Cuckoo1 photo
48. Ninox connivens Barking Owl1 photo
49. Podargus strigoides Tawny Frogmouth1 photo
50. Todiramphus pyrrhopygius Red-backed Kingfisher1 photo
51. Chlamydera guttata Western Bowerbird2 photos
52. Malurus lamberti Variegated Fairywren2 photos
53. Ptilotula keartlandi Grey-headed Honeyeater1 photo
54. Ptilotula ornata Yellow-plumed Honeyeater2 photos
55. Phylidonyris pyrrhopterus Crescent Honeyeater2 photos
56. Phylidonyris novaehollandiae New Holland Honeyeater2 photos
57. Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris Eastern Spinebill1 photo
58. Manorina melanocephala Noisy Miner1 photo
59. Manorina flavigula Yellow-throated Miner2 photos
60. Acanthagenys rufogularis Spiny-cheeked Honeyeater2 photos
61. Anthochaera chrysoptera Brush Wattlebird2 photos
62. Epthianura albifrons White-fronted Chat1 photo
63. Pardalotus quadragintus Forty-spotted Pardalote2 photos
64. Sericornis humilis Brown Scrubwren1 photo
65. Acanthiza uropygialis Chestnut-rumped Thornbill1 photo
66. Microeca fascinans Jacky-winter1 photo
67. Eopsaltria australis Yellow Robin1 photo
68. Cinclosoma cinnamomeum Cinnamon Quail-thrush4 photos
69. Struthidea cinerea Apostlebird1 photo
70. Oreoica gutturalis Crested Bellbird1 photo
71. Pachycephala rufiventris Rufous Whistler1 photo
72. Cracticus torquatus Grey Butcherbird5 photos
73. Cracticus nigrogularis Pied Butcherbird1 photo
74. Strepera graculina Pied Currawong1 photo
75. Artamus leucorynchus White-breasted Woodswallow1 photo
76. Artamus minor Little Woodswallow1 photo
77. Rhipidura leucophrys Willie-wagtail1 photo
78. Zoothera lunulata Bassian Thrush1 photo
79. Hirundo neoxena Welcome Swallow1 photo
80. Dicaeum hirundinaceum Mistletoebird1 photo
81. Stagonopleura bella Beautiful Firetail3 photos
82. Taeniopygia guttata Zebra Finch2 photos
83. Taeniopygia castanotis Chestnut-eared Finch2 photos

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