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Contributing bird photos and recordings to Avibase

People can contribute bird photos and sound recordings to Avibase by joining the Avibase Flickr group or submitting sound recordings to Xeno-Canto.

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List of species and subspecies for Flickr member 50456488@N08. Please note that the taxonomic names used here may differ from the tags used (e.g. synonyms). If you think that some of your photos are missing, please check that they are correctly tagged in Flickr (making sure that the scientific name is a single tag, enclosed by quotes, e.g. "Parus major"). If you change or add tags to your photos after they have been indexed, you may need to request a re-indexing of your photostream, which you can do on this page. Also note that new photos may not appear for a period of up to 48h.

Scientific nameCommon namePhotos indexed
1. Nothura maculosa Spotted Nothura1 photo
2. Rollandia rolland White-tufted Grebe1 photo
3. Podiceps major Great Grebe1 photo
4. Pseudobulweria rostrata Tahiti Petrel5 photos
5. Ardenna pacifica Wedge-tailed Shearwater3 photos
6. Ardenna creatopus Pink-footed Shearwater3 photos
7. Puffinus subalaris Galapagos Shearwater1 photo
8. Oceanodroma melania Black Storm-Petrel1 photo
9. Sula granti Nazca Booby2 photos
10. Sula sula Red-footed Booby1 photo
11. Sula leucogaster Brown Booby1 photo
12. Vultur gryphus Andean Condor1 photo
13. Anas flavirostris Yellow-billed Teal1 photo
14. Rupornis magnirostris Roadside Hawk1 photo
15. Geranoaetus polyosoma Red-backed Hawk1 photo
16. Caracara plancus Southern Caracara1 photo
17. Spiziapteryx circumcincta Spot-winged Falconet1 photo
18. Fulica leucoptera White-winged Coot1 photo
19. Himantopus mexicanus Black-necked Stilt1 photo
20. Himantopus melanurus White-backed Stilt1 photo
21. Stercorarius pomarinus Pomarine Jaeger1 photo
22. Sterna hirundo Common Tern1 photo
23. Columbina picui Picui Ground-Dove1 photo
24. Leptosittaca branickii Golden-plumed Parakeet1 photo
25. Myiopsitta monachus Monk Parakeet1 photo
26. Colibri thalassinus Mexican Violet-ear1 photo
27. Adelomyia melanogenys Speckled Hummingbird1 photo
28. Heliodoxa rubinoides Fawn-breasted Brilliant1 photo
29. Urochroa bougueri Rufous-gaped Hillstar1 photo
30. Coeligena torquata Collared Inca1 photo
31. Boissonneaua flavescens Buff-tailed Coronet1 photo
32. Heliangelus exortis Tourmaline Sunangel2 photos
33. Aglaiocercus kingii Long-tailed Sylph2 photos
34. Aglaiocercus coelestis Violet-tailed Sylph1 photo
35. Chaetocercus mulsant White-bellied Woodstar2 photos
36. Megaceryle torquata Ringed Kingfisher1 photo
37. Semnornis ramphastinus Toucan Barbet1 photo
38. Melanerpes cactorum White-fronted Woodpecker1 photo
39. Colaptes melanochloros Green-barred Woodpecker1 photo
40. Colaptes campestris Campo Flicker1 photo
41. Myiotriccus ornatus Ornate Flycatcher1 photo
42. Myiophobus flavicans Flavescent Flycatcher1 photo
43. Nephelomyias pulcher Handsome Flycatcher1 photo
44. Pyrrhomyias cinnamomeus Cinnamon Flycatcher1 photo
45. Contopus fumigatus Smoke-colored Pewee1 photo
46. Xolmis salinarum Salinas Monjita2 photos
47. Agriornis montanus Black-billed Shrike-Tyrant1 photo
48. Pipreola riefferii Green-and-black Fruiteater1 photo
49. Machaeropterus deliciosus Club-winged Manakin2 photos
50. Geositta cunicularia Common Miner1 photo
51. Geositta cunicularia hellmayri Common Miner (hellmayri)1 photo
52. Cinclodes fuscus Bar-winged Cinclodes1 photo
53. Cinclodes comechingonus Cordoba Cinclodes3 photos
54. Cinclodes olrogi Olrog's Cinclodes2 photos
55. Cinclodes atacamensis White-winged Cinclodes1 photo
56. Cinclodes atacamensis schocolatinus White-winged Cinclodes (schocolatinus)1 photo
57. Leptasthenura fuliginiceps Brown-capped Tit-Spinetail1 photo
58. Leptasthenura platensis Tufted Tit-Spinetail1 photo
59. Cranioleuca erythrops Red-faced Spinetail1 photo
60. Asthenes sclateri Cordoba Canastero2 photos
61. Asthenes punensis Puna Canastero2 photos
62. Coryphistera alaudina Lark-like Brushrunner1 photo
63. Dendroma rufa Buff-fronted Foliage-gleaner1 photo
64. Lepidocolaptes angustirostris Narrow-billed Woodcreeper1 photo
65. Grallaria ruficapilla Chestnut-crowned Antpitta2 photos
66. Grallaria milleri Brown-banded Antpitta1 photo
67. Turdus chiguanco Chiguanco Thrush1 photo
68. Turdus rufiventris Rufous-bellied Thrush1 photo
69. Progne elegans Elegant Martin1 photo
70. Zonotrichia capensis Rufous-collared Sparrow1 photo
71. Ammodramus humeralis Grassland Sparrow1 photo
72. Atlapetes gutturalis Yellow-throated Brush-Finch1 photo
73. Atlapetes tricolor Tricolored Brush-Finch1 photo
74. Myioborus ornatus Golden-fronted Redstart1 photo
75. Myioborus ornatus chrysops Golden-fronted Redstart (chrysops)1 photo
76. Habia cristata Crested Ant-Tanager1 photo
77. Bangsia aureocincta Gold-ringed Tanager1 photo
78. Anisognathus flavinucha Bolivian Mountain-tanager1 photo
79. Anisognathus notabilis Black-chinned Mountain-Tanager1 photo
80. Chlorophonia pyrrhophrys Chestnut-breasted Chlorophonia2 photos
81. Ixothraupis rufigula Rufous-throated Tanager1 photo
82. Oreothraupis arremonops Tanager Finch1 photo
83. Saltatricula multicolor Many-colored Chaco-Finch1 photo
84. Coryphospingus cucullatus Red-crested Finch1 photo
85. Geospizopsis unicolor Plumbeous Sierra-Finch1 photo
86. Geospizopsis unicolor cyanea Plumbeous Sierra-Finch (cyanea)1 photo
87. Geospizopsis plebejus Ash-breasted Sierra-Finch1 photo
88. Geospizopsis plebejus naroskyi Ash-breasted Sierra-Finch (naroskyi)1 photo
89. Rhopospina carbonaria Carbonated Sierra-Finch2 photos
90. Lophospingus pusillus Black-crested Finch1 photo
91. Diuca diuca Common Diuca-Finch1 photo
92. Poospiza ornata Cinnamon Warbling-Finch2 photos
93. Embernagra platensis Great Pampa-Finch1 photo
94. Saltator aurantiirostris Golden-billed Saltator1 photo
95. Leistes loyca Long-tailed Meadowlark1 photo
96. Leistes loyca obscurus Long-tailed Meadowlark (obscurus)1 photo
97. Agelaioides badius Bay-winged Cowbird1 photo
98. Molothrus rufoaxillaris Screaming Cowbird1 photo
99. Molothrus bonariensis Shiny Cowbird1 photo

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