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Contributing bird photos and recordings to Avibase

People can contribute bird photos and sound recordings to Avibase by joining the Avibase Flickr group or submitting sound recordings to Xeno-Canto.

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List of species and subspecies for Flickr member 99990394@N08. Please note that the taxonomic names used here may differ from the tags used (e.g. synonyms). If you think that some of your photos are missing, please check that they are correctly tagged in Flickr (making sure that the scientific name is a single tag, enclosed by quotes, e.g. "Parus major"). If you change or add tags to your photos after they have been indexed, you may need to request a re-indexing of your photostream, which you can do on this page. Also note that new photos may not appear for a period of up to 48h.

Scientific nameCommon namePhotos indexed
1. Egretta rufescens Reddish Egret2 photos
2. Cochlearius cochlearius Boat-billed Heron1 photo
3. Jabiru mycteria Jabiru1 photo
4. Coragyps atratus Black Vulture1 photo
5. Ortalis vetula Plain Chachalaca1 photo
6. Chamaepetes unicolor Black Guan2 photos
7. Odontophorus guttatus Spotted Wood-Quail4 photos
8. Aramides cajaneus Grey-necked Wood-Rail2 photos
9. Numenius americanus Long-billed Curlew1 photo
10. Actitis macularius Spotted Sandpiper1 photo
11. Tringa incana Wandering Tattler1 photo
12. Calidris alba Sanderling1 photo
13. Calidris melanotos Pectoral Sandpiper1 photo
14. Calidris himantopus Stilt Sandpiper2 photos
15. Calidris subruficollis Buff-breasted Sandpiper1 photo
16. Burhinus bistriatus Double-striped Thick-knee1 photo
17. Haematopus palliatus American Oystercatcher1 photo
18. Chlidonias niger Black Tern1 photo
19. Coccyzus erythropthalmus Black-billed Cuckoo2 photos
20. Megascops cooperi Pacific Screech-Owl4 photos
21. Glaucidium brasilianum Ferruginous Pygmy-Owl4 photos
22. Pseudoscops clamator Striped Owl2 photos
23. Steatornis caripensis Oilbird1 photo
24. Nyctibius griseus Common Potoo2 photos
25. Nyctidromus albicollis Pauraque2 photos
26. Phaethornis longirostris Long-billed Hermit2 photos
27. Doryfera ludovicae Green-fronted Lancebill2 photos
28. Campylopterus hemileucurus Violet Sabrewing2 photos
29. Lophornis helenae Black-crested Coquette2 photos
30. Discosura conversii Green Thorntail1 photo
31. Polyerata amabilis Blue-chested Hummingbird2 photos
32. Saucerottia edward Snowy-breasted Hummingbird2 photos
33. Eupherusa eximia Stripe-tailed Hummingbird2 photos
34. Microchera cupreiceps Coppery-headed Emerald3 photos
35. Chalybura urochrysia Bronze-tailed Plumeleteer2 photos
36. Lampornis hemileucus White-bellied Mountain-gem5 photos
37. Lampornis castaneoventris White-throated Mountain-gem3 photos
38. Lampornis calolaemus Purple-throated Mountain-gem2 photos
39. Calliphlox bryantae Magenta-throated Woodstar4 photos
40. Selasphorus flammula Volcano Hummingbird3 photos
41. Selasphorus scintilla Scintillant Hummingbird4 photos
42. Pharomachrus mocinno Resplendent Quetzal5 photos
43. Trogon bairdii Baird's Trogon1 photo
44. Trogon melanocephalus Black-headed Trogon3 photos
45. Electron carinatum Keel-billed Motmot1 photo
46. Malacoptila panamensis White-whiskered Puffbird2 photos
47. Eubucco bourcierii Red-headed Barbet3 photos
48. Pteroglossus torquatus Collared Aracari1 photo
49. Pteroglossus frantzii Fiery-billed Aracari2 photos
50. Picumnus olivaceus Olivaceous Piculet1 photo
51. Melanerpes formicivorus Acorn Woodpecker3 photos
52. Melanerpes chrysauchen Golden-naped Woodpecker3 photos
53. Colaptes rubiginosus Golden-olive Woodpecker1 photo
54. Campephilus guatemalensis Pale-billed Woodpecker3 photos
55. Camptostoma imberbe Northern Beardless-Tyrannulet1 photo
56. Myiopagis viridicata Greenish Elaenia1 photo
57. Lophotriccus pileatus Scale-crested Pygmy-Tyrant1 photo
58. Onychorhynchus coronatus Amazonian Royal-Flycatcher1 photo
59. Terenotriccus erythrurus Ruddy-tailed Flycatcher1 photo
60. Empidonax flavescens Yellowish Flycatcher1 photo
61. Myiarchus nuttingi Nutting's Flycatcher1 photo
62. Pachyramphus versicolor Barred Becard7 photos
63. Procnias tricarunculatus Three-wattled Bellbird3 photos
64. Schiffornis veraepacis Brown Schiffornis1 photo
65. Manacus candei White-collared Manakin1 photo
66. Manacus aurantiacus Orange-collared Manakin4 photos
67. Chiroxiphia linearis Long-tailed Manakin2 photos
68. Lepidothrix coronata Blue-crowned Manakin1 photo
69. Hafferia zeledoni Zeledon's Antbird1 photo
70. Cranioleuca erythrops Red-faced Spinetail2 photos
71. Dendrocincla homochroa Ruddy Woodcreeper1 photo
72. Dendrocolaptes sanctithomae Northern Barred-Woodcreeper1 photo
73. Xiphorhynchus flavigaster Ivory-billed Woodcreeper1 photo
74. Campylorhamphus pusillus Brown-billed Scythebill4 photos
75. Hylopezus perspicillatus Streak-chested Antpitta7 photos
76. Calocitta formosa White-throated Magpie-Jay1 photo
77. Ptiliogonys caudatus Long-tailed Silky-flycatcher1 photo
78. Phainoptila melanoxantha Black-and-yellow Silky-flycatcher1 photo
79. Catharus mexicanus Black-headed Nightingale-Thrush1 photo
80. Turdus nigrescens Sooty Thrush4 photos
81. Turdus plebejus American Mountain Thrush1 photo
82. Cistothorus platensis Grass Wren1 photo
83. Thryorchilus browni Timberline Wren1 photo
84. Microcerculus philomela Northern Nightingale-Wren1 photo
85. Junco vulcani Volcano Junco2 photos
86. Arremonops rufivirgatus Olive Sparrow2 photos
87. Arremon crassirostris Sooty-faced Finch1 photo
88. Oreothlypis gutturalis Flame-throated Warbler2 photos
89. Setophaga virens Black-throated Green Warbler1 photo
90. Mniotilta varia Black-and-white Warbler1 photo
91. Coereba flaveola Bananaquit1 photo
92. Chlorospingus pileatus Sooty-capped Bush-Tanager1 photo
93. Piranga bidentata Flame-colored Tanager3 photos
94. Euphonia laniirostris Thick-billed Euphonia1 photo
95. Euphonia anneae Tawny-capped Euphonia1 photo
96. Tangara lavinia Rufous-winged Tanager5 photos
97. Tangara dowii Spangle-cheeked Tanager2 photos
98. Cyanerpes lucidus Shining Honeycreeper1 photo
99. Sporophila minuta Ruddy-breasted Seedeater1 photo
100. Passerina ciris Painted Bunting2 photos
101. Psarocolius wagleri Chestnut-headed Oropendola2 photos
102. Dolichonyx oryzivorus Bobolink1 photo

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