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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Libya checklist 354001601
Al Wahat checklist 23500900
Benghazi checklist 19800nullnull0
Al Butnan checklist 14700700
Darnah checklist 16000700
Ghat checklist 6200400
Al Jufrah checklist 7400nullnull0
Al Jabal al Gharbi checklist 16900501
Al Jabal al Akhdar checklist 15200nullnull0
Al Jifarah checklist 18200nullnull0
Al Kufrah checklist 6800nullnull0
Al Marj checklist 15600700
Al Marqab checklist 19400700
Misratah checklist 17100nullnull0
Murzuq checklist 7000nullnull0
An Nuqat al Khams checklist 18200700
Nalut checklist 11200401
Sabha checklist 6300400
Surt checklist 13000600
Tripoli checklist 17900nullnull1
Wadi al Hayat checklist 6300400
Wadi ash Shati' checklist 6700300
Ajdabiya checklist 23400900
Az Zawiyah checklist 18700701
Benghazi checklist 15500600
Al Butnan checklist 15300800
Bani Walid checklist 13200400
Darnah checklist 15900800
Ghadamis checklist 7200301
Gharyan checklist 12900400
Ghat checklist 6700400
Al Hizam al Akhdar checklist 19300nullnull0
Al Jabal al Akhdar checklist 15900nullnull0
Al Jifarah checklist 16900500
Al Jufrah checklist 8300nullnull1
Al Kufrah checklist 10400500
Al Marqab checklist 19500700
Misratah checklist 16100nullnull0
Al Marj checklist 17000700
Murzuq checklist 7300500
Mizdah checklist 9200400
Nalut checklist 11400400
An Nuqat al Khams checklist 18400nullnull0
Al Qubbah checklist 15400800
Sabha checklist 6500400
Ash Shati' checklist 7200nullnull0
Surt checklist 15300700
Sabratah Surman checklist 17000700
Tarabulus checklist 18200nullnull0
Tarhunah-Masallatah checklist 17000500
Tajura' wa an Nawahi al Arba` checklist 16600700
Al Wahah checklist 8800600
Wadi al Hayat checklist 6400400
Yafran-Jadu checklist 16500500
Az Zawiyah checklist 17900701


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