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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Indonesia checklist 1606387012804
Indonesia (Asia) checklist 1303107011407
Greater Sundas checklist 100513409005
Sumatra Archipelago checklist 7211905106
Berbak National Park checklist 500000
Bukit Barisan Selatan National Park checklist 303001600
Bukit Tiga Puluh National Park checklist 1000000
Kerinci Seblat National Park checklist 25800500
Sembilang National Park checklist 5500600
Way Kambas National Park checklist 301001500
Zamrud National Park checklist 1100000
Sumatra eastern islands checklist 472002603
Sumatra mainland checklist 4921202700
Sumatra western islands checklist 360101600
Aceh Province checklist 546003104
Asu checklist 1600100
Babi checklist 6600200
Balai checklist 6200200
Bangkaru checklist 1600000
Ujung Batu checklist 6600200
Breueh checklist 8800300
Hinako Islands checklist 6300400
Lasia checklist 5500200
Weh checklist 270001001
Banyak Islands checklist 17600200
Simeulue checklist 20200400
Sumatera Barat Province checklist 537102605
Mentawai Archipelago checklist 25510901
Siberut checklist 18700701
Sipura checklist 15000400
North Pagai checklist 15100500
South Pagai checklist 15100400
Pasumpahan checklist 3200100
Bangka-Belitung Province checklist 424002300
Belitung checklist 291001400
Bangka checklist 368001600
Lepar checklist 240001000
Liat checklist 7900800
Mendanau checklist 8400500
Bengkulu Province checklist 514002607
Mega checklist 1600100
Jambi Province checklist 541003207
Kepulauan Seribu Marine National Park checklist 1600100
Kepulauan Riau Province checklist 444002703
KKPN Kepulauan Natuna Marine National Park checklist 700100
Riau-Lingga Islands checklist 382002305
Riau Islands checklist 376002304
Midai island checklist 4200300
Subi island checklist 14700300
Serasan island checklist 5300400
Airabu island checklist 5000400
Jemaja island checklist 16300400
Mubur island checklist 5100400
Siantan island checklist 5100400
Laut island checklist 340002102
Tambelan Islands checklist 6100300
Badas Islands archipelago checklist 4400300
Tembelan Besar island checklist 4500300
Uwi island checklist 4300300
Mendarik island checklist 1700200
Benua island checklist 4500300
Batam checklist 328001402
Bintan checklist 26700902
Rempang checklist 24900902
Galang checklist 254001003
Bulan checklist 8800902
Combol checklist 8600801
Kundur checklist 289001801
Karimun checklist 272001701
Lingga Islands checklist 274001303
Lingga checklist 256001301
Alut checklist 83001100
Singkep checklist 251001301
Posik checklist 83001100
Serak checklist 1900200
Sebangka checklist 89001101
Senayang checklist 85001100
Kentar checklist 85001000
Lobam checklist 85001100
Cempah checklist 87001100
Bakung checklist 88001101
Selayar checklist 86001100
Temiang checklist 86001001
Mesawak checklist 8600901
Anambas Islands checklist 17100400
Natuna Islands checklist 375002302
Natuna Besar checklist 361002302
Lampung Province checklist 558003404
Krakatau Islands checklist 10600700
Anak Krakatau checklist 8200400
Legundi checklist 7700500
Sebesi checklist 9100500
Tegal checklist 7600500
Riau Province checklist 526003206
Rupat checklist 337001905
Bengkalis checklist 340002105
Padang checklist 5300300
Rangsang checklist 341002005
Tebing Tinggi Island checklist 338002005
Basu checklist 417002606
South Natuna Archipelago checklist 15200400
Sumatera Selatan Province checklist 542003106
Sumatera Utara Province checklist 561003204
Gunung Leuser National Park checklist 25900900
Sibuasi checklist 6200300
Pini checklist 17200401
Tanahbala checklist 16500401
Tanahmasa checklist 16500401
Batumakalele checklist 6400300
Hamutaia checklist 1800100
Imanna checklist 6000400
Makole checklist 1700100
Masa checklist 6200300
Nias checklist 26300800
Samosir island checklist 427001802
Sigata checklist 6000300
Wunga checklist 5800400
Batu Islands checklist 20500900
Enggano checklist 14610400
Musala checklist 10700700
Bawah checklist 6200400
Kalimantan checklist 594104105
Kalimantan Barat Province checklist 484003504
Betung Kerihun National Park checklist 2200400
Danau Sentarum National Park checklist 3300200
Gunung Palung National Park checklist 8700600
Karimata Islands checklist 20400600
Kalimantan Timur & Kalimantan Utara Province checklist 507003405
Kalimantan Timur Province checklist 368002303
Kutai National Park checklist 12400902
Kalimantan Utara Province checklist 9900500
Derawan Islands checklist 14700700
Kakaban checklist 10600600
Maratua Islands checklist 9600300
Kalimantan Selatan Province checklist 415002702
Laut Kecil Islands checklist 4700200
Kalimantan Tengah Province checklist 464003203
Sebangau National Park checklist 6900300
Tanjung Puting National Park checklist 186001601
Java Archipelago checklist 5763003603
Java (main island) checklist 5172403101
Jawa Barat Province checklist 463002203
Gunung Ciremai National Park checklist 6100200
Gunung Gede - Pangrango National Park checklist 20500300
Gunung Halimun - Salak National Park checklist 16100300
Ujung Kulon National Park checklist 3500300
Rakit checklist 5700300
Banten Province checklist 481002402
Deli checklist 10100400
Manuk checklist 1500000
Panaitan checklist 281001000
Panjang checklist 7500700
Sangiang checklist 9200600
Tinjil checklist 10700500
Tunda checklist 7500700
Umang checklist 357001201
Jakarta Raya Province checklist 400002102
Seribu Islands checklist 138001100
Angel checklist 2000300
Ayer checklist 1900200
Big Bira checklist 2000300
Big Lancong checklist 2000300
Big Umbrella checklist 1900200
Boy Scouts checklist 1900200
Cipir checklist 2000300
Edam checklist 2000300
Great Tiger checklist 2600200
Harapan checklist 2500200
Karya checklist 2600200
Kotok checklist 3400200
Lucky Java checklist 4600600
Onrust checklist 3000300
Panggang checklist 2000200
Pantara checklist 1900200
Sebira checklist 1900200
Sepa checklist 1100000
Stingray checklist 4500200
Tidung checklist 3600300
Jawa Tengah Province checklist 430001802
Gunung Merbabu National Park checklist 4700000
Gunung Merapi National Park checklist 4700000
Kepulauan Karimun Jawa Marine National Park checklist 1700000
Karimunjawa Islands checklist 8500300
Nusa Kambangan checklist 9300700
Jawa Timur Province checklist 448002202
Alas Purwo National Park checklist 12900600
Baluran National Park checklist 21100500
Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park checklist 9300100
Meru Betiri National Park checklist 5800200
Genteng checklist 6400300
Masalembu checklist 6200300
Maselembo Besar checklist 4200300
Barung checklist 8600500
Puteran checklist 6900300
Raas checklist 6200300
Raja checklist 6400300
Sapudi checklist 18400300
Kangean Islands checklist 16800300
Kangean Island checklist 15800300
Paliat checklist 6300300
Sepanjang checklist 6000300
Bawean checklist 15800300
Yogyakarta Province checklist 408001802
Madura checklist 22900600
Sulawesi Archipelago checklist 4848603504
Bantimurung Bulusaraung National Park checklist 12500301
Bogani Nani Wartabone National Park checklist 188001001
Bunaken Marine National Park checklist 8100000
Lore Lindu National Park checklist 225001000
Banggai Islands checklist 270101101
Peleng checklist 23500801
Banggai checklist 20100800
Bangkulu checklist 8300400
Bowokan Islands checklist 7500400
Bowokan checklist 7200400
Sulawesi Barat Province checklist 305001200
Gorontalo Province checklist 314001700
Sangihe Islands checklist 252601002
Budike checklist 5500101
Sangir Besar checklist 14600701
Kalama Island checklist 5100101
Karatikang checklist 5000201
Para Island checklist 5000201
Siau checklist 11000400
Tahulandang checklist 7600301
Biaro checklist 5800201
Talisei checklist 9500301
Bangka (Sangihe) checklist 10500301
Salabangka Islands checklist 9000301
Sulawesi Selatan Province checklist 369102001
Pabbiring Islands checklist 7200300
Marasende checklist 4300200
Doangdoangan Besar checklist 4500300
Kalukalukuang checklist 4200200
Tanakeke checklist 7500400
Sabalana Islands checklist 4700300
Tengah Islands checklist 2500200
Selayar Islands checklist 21110801
Selayar Island checklist 16100401
Tambalongang checklist 6000300
Tanahjampea checklist 15810600
Kalao Islands checklist 7700400
Bonerate checklist 9100500
Takabonerate Islands checklist 6900300
Kayuadi checklist 6200300
Bonerate Islands checklist 9800500
Talaud Islands checklist 16620502
Karakelong checklist 13700501
Salebabu checklist 7000401
Kaburuang checklist 6700401
Karakaralong Islands checklist 1800100
Miangas checklist 4700200
Nanusa Islands checklist 4900201
Sulawesi Tenggara Province checklist 332201501
Kepulauan Wakatobi Marine National Park checklist 1600000
Rawa Aopa Watumohai National Park checklist 4800100
Tukangbesi Islands checklist 16600401
Wakatobi checklist 15800400
Wangiwangi Island checklist 15000400
Kambode checklist 6000300
Kampenane checklist 6100300
Timor checklist 6000300
Kaledupa checklist 7500300
Hoga checklist 6500300
Linea Island checklist 6500300
Tomea checklist 7500400
Talondano checklist 8400300
Lineta checklist 6100300
Binongko checklist 6200400
Moromaho checklist 4600201
Cowocowo checklist 2100200
Kentiole checklist 2100200
Langkesi islands checklist 5100300
Runduma checklist 5100300
Anano checklist 2100200
Tobea Islands checklist 8400402
Wowoni checklist 18300601
Muna checklist 20300602
Siumpu checklist 7300400
Batuata checklist 5200300
Kabaena checklist 17300401
Kakabia checklist 2100200
Kalaotoa Islands checklist 10000500
Kalaotoa Island checklist 7600500
Madu checklist 7600401
Karumpa checklist 5600400
Bahulu checklist 8200300
Labengke checklist 8600300
Manui checklist 10200300
Padea Besar checklist 6100300
Buton checklist 24500902
Sulawesi Tengah Province checklist 403002303
Kepulauan Togean Marine National Park checklist 7600101
Timpaus checklist 7400301
Togian Islands checklist 275001001
Unauna checklist 8400400
Batudaka checklist 21000500
Togian checklist 19400600
Talatakoh checklist 9400500
Puah Island checklist 8000400
Sulawesi Utara Province checklist 389902603
Lembeh checklist 15200701
Manado checklist 296001700
Bunaken National Marine Park checklist 14300302
Manadotua checklist 10800302
Tendila checklist 2200100
Sulawesi (Mainland) checklist 3397301801
Lesser Sunda checklist 6337603102
Alor Islands checklist 23800501
Alor checklist 23000501
Buaya checklist 9100300
Kepa checklist 20400500
Pantar checklist 19900501
Pura checklist 9900300
Tereweng checklist 9000300
Pulau Ternate checklist 10200300
Bali Province checklist 396101601
Bali Barat National Park checklist 24800500
Bali (mainland) checklist 394101601
Nusa Penida checklist 22900900
Nusa Lembongan checklist 16700700
Nusa Ceningan checklist 10000400
Flores checklist 357501002
Komodo checklist 25300701
Lombok checklist 26300801
Palu checklist 11500300
Rinca checklist 23800701
Rote checklist 24500502
Sangeang checklist 18300300
Sumba checklist 290901302
Sumbawa checklist 26600700
Savu checklist 16900300
Rai Hawu checklist 13800200
Rai Jua checklist 6400200
Rai Dana checklist 2100100
Solor Islands checklist 22600500
Solor checklist 20500400
Adonara checklist 20600400
Lembata checklist 21200500
Nusa Tenggara Barat Province checklist 336001001
Gunung Rinjani National Park checklist 9800100
Satonda checklist 10700300
Nusa Tenggara Timur Province checklist 4421402202
Komodo National Park checklist 5600100
KKPN Laut Sawu Marine National Park checklist 700000
Laiwangi Wanggameti National Park checklist 4900300
Manupeu Tanadaru National Park checklist 4400200
West Timor checklist 324001102
Besar checklist 10900300
Ende checklist 24900500
Ndana checklist 6600400
Padar checklist 11300400
Semau checklist 19400500
Maluku Islands checklist 6808103507
Laut checklist 9600501
Maluku Province checklist 5553401706
Aketajawe Lolobata National Park checklist 1800000
Manusela National Park checklist 5500100
Morotai checklist 22200901
Rau checklist 8600501
Mayu Islands checklist 5300101
North Loloda archipelago checklist 7700400
Dagasuli checklist 7400300
Doi checklist 7400400
Obi Islands checklist 211101001
Bisa checklist 14900301
Gomumu checklist 7000301
Obilatu checklist 7100501
Tapat checklist 6700301
Tobalai checklist 7000401
Obi Island checklist 20510801
Pisang (North Maluku) checklist 5300201
Seram Laut checklist 2500000
Sermata islands checklist 14900200
Sermata checklist 12200200
Coconut checklist 6200200
Luang checklist 6800200
Sula archipelago checklist 21830501
Lifamatola checklist 8000401
Mangole checklist 17400401
Seho checklist 9100401
Sulabesi checklist 15500401
Taliabu checklist 21100501
Tanimbar Islands checklist 21880500
Fordata checklist 12000300
Larat checklist 15400300
Maru checklist 11900300
Molu checklist 11800300
Selaru checklist 14600300
Selu checklist 12200300
Seira checklist 12400300
Wotap checklist 12000300
Wuliaru checklist 14200300
Yamdena checklist 20800400
Tifore checklist 5000101
Watubela islands checklist 9600200
Kasiui checklist 6300200
Tioor checklist 6300200
Aru Islands checklist 23500301
Baun checklist 18700301
Enu checklist 17200301
Kobroor checklist 20900301
Kola checklist 21100301
Maikoor checklist 20700301
Penambulai checklist 18800301
Trangan checklist 20800301
Wamar checklist 19900301
Warilau checklist 19100301
Wokam checklist 21700301
Workai checklist 19000301
Babar Islands checklist 16700300
Babar checklist 15500200
Dai checklist 5600200
Daweloor checklist 5400200
Dawera checklist 5300200
Masela checklist 6000200
Wetan checklist 9700200
Barat Daya Islands checklist 27840500
Damar islands checklist 17010300
Maopora checklist 7000200
Romang islands checklist 17100300
Wetar checklist 23330500
Kisar checklist 5800000
Banda islands checklist 11000302
Ay checklist 6000201
Banana checklist 2500200
Banda Naira checklist 6500201
Big Banda checklist 6500201
Crab checklist 2500200
Hatta checklist 6500201
Manuk checklist 2300100
Manukang checklist 2400200
Nailaka checklist 3600200
Run checklist 6300201
Banda Sea checklist 6000100
Nila checklist 4900100
Serua checklist 4500100
Teun checklist 5300100
Buru checklist 244100900
Ambelau checklist 7100300
Seram checklist 278100806
Ambon checklist 21900603
Buano checklist 12510601
Haruku checklist 16000501
Kelang checklist 15100301
Manipa checklist 7700301
Saparua checklist 15800401
Gorong islands checklist 11200200
Gorong checklist 6400200
Manawoka checklist 6300200
Panjang checklist 6200200
Kai islands checklist 20200504
Big kai checklist 16100202
Small kai checklist 18600405
Kaitanimbar checklist 12600202
Tayandu Islands checklist 10200300
Kaimeer checklist 5600100
Kur checklist 6500100
Manggur checklist 5700100
Taam checklist 6500200
Tayandu checklist 6500200
Walir checklist 6500200
Leti Islands checklist 17600300
Lakor checklist 9700300
Leti checklist 12800300
Moa checklist 15600300
Lucipara Islands checklist 4000200
Penyu Islands checklist 4900100
Geser checklist 2600200
Gunungapi checklist 5100100
Lusaolate checklist 6600300
Nusa Laut checklist 7700402
Pombo checklist 4500200
Tual checklist 8700201
Tujuh Islands checklist 6900301
Maluku Utara Province checklist 370701901
Widi Islands checklist 8800401
Bacan checklist 20600800
Kasiruta checklist 17100600
Kayoa checklist 9100500
Latalata checklist 6900400
Mandioli checklist 15800500
Taneti checklist 6900400
Batjan checklist 19700701
Gebe Umera checklist 10800200
Yu checklist 5300100
Halmahera checklist 313401601
Hasil checklist 7300401
Makian checklist 8100501
Mare checklist 8100501
Moti checklist 8800501
Sayafi checklist 7200401
Ternate checklist 19100701
Tidore checklist 10200501
Lawin checklist 5700201
Loloda Islands checklist 8800301
Muor checklist 8000301
Sumsum checklist 7900301
Indonesia (Australasia) checklist 7191601903
Fani checklist 3600100
Igin checklist 3600100
Miarin checklist 2100100
Ajoe checklist 4500100
Asia Islands checklist 3600100
Ayu Islands checklist 4800100
Minyahun checklist 15200100
Penemu checklist 9100100
Yar checklist 6100200
Igiem checklist 8800200
Jefman checklist 5700100
Warir checklist 10000200
Biak checklist 19300700
Padaido Islands checklist 7700300
Numfor checklist 13200501
Yapen checklist 20700301
Mios Num checklist 8800401
Kaipuri checklist 10000201
Supiori checklist 3500200
Pulu Manim Island checklist 3200300
Rani checklist 5800100
Bantang checklist 15300100
Auri Islands checklist 7100200
Meos Waar checklist 9300200
Amberpon checklist 27700500
Roon Island checklist 11700201
Meos Angra checklist 8700201
Ajawi checklist 2000100
Manokwari checklist 32700206
Marai checklist 200000
Keboi checklist 100000
Fam archipelago checklist 7700200
Cenderawasih Bay checklist 44100906
Boo Islands checklist 6200300
Kalis archipelago checklist 2300200
Kaimana Regency checklist 14500501
Adi Island checklist 10700400
Aiduma checklist 11900301
Komoran checklist 26000200
Mansuar checklist 18600301
Kumamba archipelago checklist 7600200
Mapia Islands checklist 3200100
Babi checklist 12900200
Daram checklist 5500200
Ketimkerio checklist 13800200
Polee checklist 13500200
Wagmab checklist 11100200
Walib checklist 13500200
Warakaraket checklist 11700200
Kri checklist 2200100
Sariga archipelago checklist 30100401
Moor Islands archipelago checklist 8600200
Gemien checklist 19100200
Nusela archipelago checklist 12100200
Amutu Besar Island checklist 19500300
Senapang Island checklist 8000101
Batanta Island checklist 26700302
Pecan Islands checklist 100000
Misool checklist 23400500
Doom checklist 3600101
Kabra checklist 9900200
Tsiof checklist 10200200
Rombombo Islands checklist 28700500
Salawati checklist 27100301
Sayang checklist 5200100
Sabuda checklist 5200200
Waigeo checklist 31700702
Karas checklist 9700301
Semai checklist 10700301
Gam checklist 20500301
Kawe checklist 14000100
Me checklist 19000200
Uranie checklist 6400100
Wayag checklist 7700100
Yeben checklist 2200100
Kofiau checklist 15200401
Yamna checklist 9500200
Yos Sudarso checklist 28800502
West Papua Province checklist 548101509
Teluk Cendrawasih Marine National Park checklist 400000
Irian Jaya checklist 7141601903
Biak Islands checklist 29500804
Bivak checklist 100000
Raja Ampat archipelago checklist 400101103
Gagi checklist 10800100
Jarsoen checklist 2400100
Boni checklist 14200100
Korwar checklist 4400200
Sagewin checklist 2800100
Saonek checklist 6100101
Sorong checklist 25400201
Papua Province checklist 6484013016
Lorentz National Park checklist 18100207
Cyclops Mountains checklist 100000
Puncak Jaya checklist 4000000
Java Sea checklist 500200
Aris Island checklist 7200200

Indonesia has 405 endemic species: The following species are endemic to the region of Indonesia. You can search the web for site locations and information about them by clicking on the species name. (b) denotes a breeding endemic, and † an extinct species.

Simeulue Serpent-eagle
Nias Serpent-eagle
Mentawai Serpent-eagle
Natuna Serpent-eagle
Bawean Serpent-Eagle
Sulawesi Serpent-Eagle
Sulawesi Goshawk
Spot-tailed Goshawk
Moluccan Goshawk
Small Sparrowhawk
Rufous-necked Sparrowhawk
Vinous-breasted Sparrowhawk
Javan Hawk-Eagle
Sulawesi Hawk-Eagle
Spotted Kestrel
Bruijn's Brush-turkey
Red-billed Brush-turkey
Sula Scrubfowl
Forsten's Scrubfowl
Tanimbar Scrubfowl
Dusky Scrubfowl
Geelvink Scrubfowl
Moluccan Scrubfowl
Chestnut-bellied Partridge
Red-billed Partridge
Green Junglefowl
Hoogerwerf's Pheasant
Salvadori's Pheasant
Bronze-tailed Peacock-Pheasant
Sumba Buttonquail
White-striped Forest-Rail
Sharpe's Rail
Snoring Rail
Bald-faced Rail
Isabelline Waterhen
Invisible Rail
Sulawesi Woodcock
Moluccan Woodcock
Javan Plover
Javanese Lapwing
Silvery Wood-Pigeon
Dusky Cuckoo-Dove
White-faced Cuckoo-Dove
Black Cuckoo-Dove
Barred Dove
Sulawesi Ground-Dove
Wetar Ground-Dove
Grey-cheeked Green-Pigeon
Flores Green-Pigeon
Sumba Green-Pigeon
Timor Green-Pigeon
Sumatran Green-Pigeon
Pink-headed Fruit-Dove
Black-backed Fruit-Dove
Red-naped Fruit-Dove
Red-eared Fruit-Dove
Maroon-chinned Fruit-Dove
Scarlet-breasted Fruit-Dove
Wallace's Fruit-Dove
Blue-capped Fruit-Dove
Grey-headed Fruit-Dove
Carunculated Fruit-Dove
White-bellied Imperial-Pigeon
Grey-headed Imperial-Pigeon
White-eyed Imperial-Pigeon
Elegant Imperial-Pigeon
Spice Imperial-Pigeon
Pink-headed Imperial-Pigeon
Cinnamon-bellied Imperial-Pigeon
Dark-backed Imperial-Pigeon
Timor Imperial-Pigeon
Silver-tipped Imperial-Pigeon
Sombre Pigeon
Long-tailed Mountain-Pigeon
Red-and-blue Lory
Violet-necked Lory
Red Lory
Blue-streaked Lory
Black-winged Lory
Blue-eared Lory
Ornate Lorikeet
Olive-headed Lorikeet
Yellow-and-green Lorikeet
Iris Lorikeet
Chattering Lory
Purple-naped Lory
Blue-fronted Lorikeet
Yellow-crested Cockatoo
Salmon-crested Cockatoo
White Cockatoo
Tanimbar Cockatoo
Geelvink Pygmy-Parrot
Salvadori's Fig-Parrot
Yellow-breasted Racquet-tail
Golden-mantled Racquet-tail
Buru Racquet-tail
Black-lored Parrot
Moluccan King-Parrot
Olive-shouldered Parrot
Sulawesi Hanging-Parrot
Moluccan Hanging-Parrot
Sangihe Hanging-Parrot
Red-billed Hanging-Parrot
Yellow-throated Hanging-Parrot
Wallace's Hanging-Parrot
Sulawesi Hawk-Cuckoo
Moluccan Cuckoo
Green-cheeked Bronze-Cuckoo
Pied Bronze-Cuckoo
Black-billed Koel
Yellow-billed Malkoha
Sumatran Ground-Cuckoo
Goliath Coucal
Kai Coucal
Biak Coucal
Javan Coucal
Bay Coucal
Minahassa Masked-Owl
Taliabu Masked-Owl
Sulawesi Owl
Sulawesi Scops-Owl
Javan Scops-Owl
Simeulue Scops-Owl
Flores Scops-Owl
Beccari's Scops-Owl
Enggano Scops-Owl
Mentawai Scops-Owl
Wallace's Scops-Owl
Javan Owlet
Sumba Boobook
Ochre-bellied Boobook
Speckled Boobook
Short-tailed Frogmouth
Javan Frogmouth
Long-whiskered Owlet-Nightjar
Satanic Eared-Nightjar
Sulawesi Nightjar
Salvadori's Nightjar
Moluccan Swiftlet
Volcano Swiftlet
Blue-tailed Trogon
Cerulean Kingfisher
Sulawesi Dwarf Kingfisher
Lilac-marked Kingfisher
Black-billed Kingfisher
Javan Kingfisher
Blue-and-white Kingfisher
Lazuli Kingfisher
Sombre Kingfisher
Talaud Kingfisher
Cinnamon-banded Kingfisher
White-rumped Kingfisher
Green-backed Kingfisher
Scaly Kingfisher
Kofiau Paradise-Kingfisher
Biak Paradise-Kingfisher
Numfor Paradise-Kingfisher
Purple-bearded Bee-eater
Purple-winged Roller
Purple Roller
Sulawesi Hornbill
Knobbed Hornbill
Sumba Hornbill
Brown-throated Barbet
Black-banded Barbet
Flame-fronted Barbet
Sulawesi Woodpecker
Ashy Woodpecker
Schneider's Pitta
Ivory-breasted Pitta
Sula Pitta
Elegant Pitta
Vogelkop Bowerbird
Golden-fronted Bowerbird
Drab Myzomela
Crimson-hooded Myzomela
Sulawesi Myzomela
Wakolo Myzomela
Banda Myzomela
Red-rumped Myzomela
Scaly-crowned Honeyeater
Olive Honeyeater
Indonesian Honeyeater
White-tufted Honeyeater
Buru Honeyeater
Seram Honeyeater
Yellow-eared Honeyeater
Black-chested Honeyeater
Streaky-breasted Honeyeater
Orange-cheeked Honeyeater
White-streaked Friarbird
Plain Friarbird
Grey Friarbird
Brass's Friarbird
Dusky Friarbird
Black-faced Friarbird
Grey-necked Friarbird
Rufous-sided Honeyeater
Short-bearded Honeyeater
Vogelkop Honeyeater
Arfak Honeyeater
Dark-eared Myza
White-eared Myza
Vogelkop Scrubwren
Plain Gerygone
Golden-bellied Flyrobin
Snow Mountain Robin
Smoky Robin
Blue-masked Leafbird
Olive-flanked Whistler
Maroon-backed Whistler
Island Whistler
Sulphur-bellied Whistler
Vogelkop Whistler
Fawn-breasted Whistler
Bare-throated Whistler
Drab Whistler
Wallacean Whistler
Sunda Treepie
Piping Crow
Banggai Crow
Flores Crow
Long-billed Crow
Brown-headed Crow
Long-tailed Paradigalla
Western Parotia
Wilson's Bird-of-paradise
Arfak Astrapia
Red Bird-of-paradise
Ivory-backed Woodswallow
Olive-brown Oriole
Black-eared Oriole
Grey-collared Oriole
Dusky-brown Oriole
Wetar Figbird
Timor Figbird
Sunda Cuckooshrike
Slaty Cuckooshrike
Wallacean Cuckooshrike
Moluccan Cuckooshrike
Buru Cuckooshrike
Cerulean Cuckooshrike
Pied Cuckooshrike
White-rumped Cuckooshrike
Halmahera Cuckooshrike
Pygmy Cuckooshrike
Sumba Cicadabird
Sula Cicadabird
Kai Cicadabird
Sulawesi Cicadabird
Pale Cicadabird
White-rumped Triller
White-shouldered Triller
Rufous-bellied Triller
White-browed Triller
Flores Minivet
Sunda Minivet
Rufous-tailed Fantail
White-bellied Fantail
Brown-capped Fantail
Cinnamon-tailed Fantail
Rusty-bellied Fantail
Tawny-backed Fantail
Streaky-breasted Fantail
Long-tailed Fantail
Sumatran Drongo
Sulawesi Drongo
Wallacean Drongo
Cerulean Paradise-Flycatcher
White-naped Monarch
Loetoe Monarch
Black-bibbed Monarch
Flores Monarch
White-tipped Monarch
Black-tipped Monarch
Black-chinned Monarch
White-tailed Monarch
Black-backed Monarch
Biak Monarch
Biak Flycatcher
Dark-grey Flycatcher
Shiny Whistling-Thrush
Slaty-backed Thrush
Moluccan Thrush
Chestnut-backed Thrush
Orange-banded Thrush
Fawn-breasted Thrush
Sulawesi Thrush
Great Shortwing
Streaky-breasted Jungle-Flycatcher
Russet-backed Jungle-Flycatcher
Henna-tailed Jungle-Flycatcher
Sumba Brown Flycatcher
Rufous-throated Flycatcher
Cinnamon-chested Flycatcher
Damar Flycatcher
Sumba Flycatcher
Lompobattang Flycatcher
Black-banded Flycatcher
Matinan Flycatcher
Blue-fronted Flycatcher
Timor Blue-Flycatcher
Rueck's Blue-Flycatcher
Sulawesi Blue-Flycatcher
Sunda Robin
Sunda Forktail
Sumatran Cochoa
Javan Cochoa
White-bellied Bushchat
Tanimbar Starling
Moluccan Starling
Long-tailed Starling
Black-winged Starling
Bali Myna
Pale-bellied Myna
Sulawesi Myna
Helmeted Myna
Long-crested Myna
White-necked Myna
Bare-eyed Myna
Fiery-browed Myna
Finch-billed Myna
Pygmy Tit
Cream-striped Bulbul
Spot-necked Bulbul
Blue-wattled Bulbul
Orange-spotted Bulbul
Golden Bulbul
Sunda Bulbul
Enggano White-eye
Javan White-eye
Lemon-bellied White-eye
Pearl-bellied White-eye
Golden-bellied White-eye
Pale-bellied White-eye
Lemon-throated White-eye
Yellow-spectacled White-eye
Black-crowned White-eye
Creamy-throated White-eye
Biak White-eye
Buru Yellow White-eye
Ambon Yellow White-eye
Bicolored White-eye
Rufous-throated White-eye
Javan Grey-throated White-eye
Streaky-headed White-eye
Yellow-browed White-eye
Grey-hooded White-eye
Crested White-eye
Thick-billed White-eye
Spot-breasted White-eye
Javan Tesia
Russet-capped Tesia
Timor Stubtail
Tanimbar Bush-Warbler
Javan Bush-Warbler
Timor Bush-Warbler
Chestnut-backed Bush-Warbler
Buff-banded Grassbird
Bar-winged Prinia
Olive-backed Tailorbird
Sulawesi Leaf-Warbler
Timor Leaf-Warbler
Sunda Warbler
Sulawesi Babbler
Vanderbilt's Babbler
Black-browed Babbler
Rusty-breasted Wren-Babbler
White-breasted Babbler
White-bibbed Babbler
Crescent-chested Babbler
Grey-cheeked Tit-Babbler
Sunda Laughingthrush
Rufous-fronted Laughingthrush
Javan Fulvetta
Spotted Crocias
Golden-rumped Flowerpecker
Yellow-sided Flowerpecker
Crimson-crowned Flowerpecker
Flame-breasted Flowerpecker
Ashy Flowerpecker
Black-fronted Flowerpecker
Red-chested Flowerpecker
Grey-sided Flowerpecker
Blood-breasted Flowerpecker
Scarlet-headed Flowerpecker
Apricot-breasted Sunbird
Flame-breasted Sunbird
Elegant Sunbird
White-flanked Sunbird
Tricolored Parrotfinch
Javan Munia
Black-faced Munia
White-capped Munia
Five-colored Munia
Pale-headed Munia
Grey-banded Munia
Black-breasted Munia
Java Sparrow
Timor Sparrow


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