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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Soviet Union checklist 864422nullnull1
Russian Federation checklist 781216nullnull1
Russia (Europe) checklist 52601nullnull1
Southern Federal District checklist 38102nullnull1
Astrakhanskaya oblast checklist 28604nullnull1
Adygeya, Republic of checklist 25303nullnull0
Caucasus mountains checklist 20400nullnull0
Republic of Chechnya checklist 25003nullnull0
Ichkeria checklist 100nullnull0
Dagestan, Republic of checklist 31503nullnull1
Ingushetia, Republic of checklist 23303nullnull0
Kabardino-Balkaria, Republic of checklist 23803nullnull0
Prielbrus'e National Park checklist 3300nullnull0
Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Republic checklist 23903nullnull0
Krasnodarsky krai checklist 31604nullnull1
Sochinsky National Park checklist 8000nullnull0
Kalmykia, Republic of checklist 28904nullnull1
North Osetia, Republic of checklist 23603nullnull0
Alania National Park checklist 300nullnull0
Rostovskaya oblast checklist 27603nullnull1
Stavropolsky krai checklist 29803nullnull0
Volgogradskaya oblast checklist 25103nullnull0
Central Federal District checklist 35005nullnull0
Belgorodskaya oblast checklist 21602nullnull0
Bryanskaya oblast checklist 23302nullnull0
Ivanovskaya oblast checklist 21401nullnull0
Kaluzhskaya oblast checklist 21900nullnull0
Ugra National Park checklist 6200nullnull0
Kurskaya oblast checklist 21201nullnull0
Kostromskaya oblast checklist 21701nullnull0
Lipetskaya oblast checklist 22101nullnull0
Moscow checklist 23900nullnull0
Moskovskaya oblast checklist 29801nullnull0
Losiny Ostrov National Park checklist 13200nullnull0
Orlovskaya oblast checklist 21301nullnull0
Ryazanskaya oblast checklist 22301nullnull0
Meschersky National Park checklist 100nullnull0
Smolenskaya oblast checklist 22600nullnull0
Smolenskoye Poozer'e / Smolemsk Lakeland National Park checklist 700nullnull0
Tambovskaya oblast checklist 22301nullnull0
Tulskaya oblast checklist 22801nullnull0
Tverskaya oblast checklist 28800nullnull0
Vladimirskaya oblast checklist 21801nullnull0
Meschera National Park checklist 600nullnull0
Voronezhskaya oblast checklist 22703nullnull0
Yaroslavskaya oblast checklist 23300nullnull0
Plescheevo Ozero National Park checklist 3600nullnull0
Northwestern Federal District checklist 37402nullnull0
Arkhangelskaya oblast checklist 27601nullnull0
Franz-Joseph Island checklist 3300nullnull0
Nowaja Semlja checklist 6500nullnull0
Karelia, Republic of checklist 28500nullnull1
Paanayarvi National Park checklist 2500nullnull0
Kaliningradskaya oblast checklist 25600nullnull0
Kurshskaya Kosa National Park checklist 12700nullnull0
Komi, Republic of checklist 24801nullnull0
Leningradskaya oblast checklist 27100nullnull0
Murmanskaya oblast checklist 26000nullnull0
Iolga National Park checklist 8900nullnull0
Kola Peninsula checklist 25800nullnull0
Novgorodskaya oblast checklist 22300nullnull0
Valdaisky National Park checklist 4500nullnull0
Nenetsky Oblast checklist 21001nullnull0
Pskovskaya oblast checklist 24300nullnull0
Sebezshsky National Park checklist 2600nullnull0
Saint-Petersburg checklist 25300nullnull0
Vologodskaya oblast checklist 22801nullnull0
Russky Sever National Park checklist 5200nullnull0
Russia (Asia) checklist 73618nullnull0
Volga Federal District checklist 35802nullnull0
Bashkortostan, Republic of checklist 27502nullnull0
Chuvashia, Republic of checklist 25202nullnull0
Komi-Permyatsky Oblast checklist 19501nullnull0
Kirovskaya oblast checklist 22401nullnull0
Mari El, Republic of checklist 22901nullnull0
Mary Chodra National Park checklist 400nullnull0
Mordovia, Republic of checklist 21601nullnull0
Nizhegorodskaya oblast checklist 23201nullnull0
Orenburgskaya oblast checklist 28402nullnull0
Permskaya oblast checklist 24301nullnull0
Penzenskaya oblast checklist 21602nullnull0
Samarskaya oblast checklist 23803nullnull0
Samarskaya Luka National Park checklist 3000nullnull0
Saratovskaya oblast checklist 24203nullnull0
Tatarstan, Republic of checklist 24103nullnull0
Udmurtia, Republic of checklist 22401nullnull0
Nechkinsky National Park checklist 400nullnull0
Ulyanovskaya oblast checklist 23702nullnull0
Urals Federal District checklist 37501nullnull0
Chelyabinskaya oblast checklist 26003nullnull0
Taganai National Park checklist 1700nullnull0
Kurganskaya oblast checklist 25202nullnull0
Sverdlovskaya oblast checklist 26203nullnull0
Chusovskoi National Park checklist 1900nullnull0
Tumenskaya oblast checklist 34701nullnull0
Khanty-Mansiysky Oblast checklist 24001nullnull0
Yamalo-Nenetsky Oblast checklist 23800nullnull0
Siberia checklist 63400nullnull1
Central Siberia checklist 39600nullnull0
Siberian Federal District checklist 50705nullnull1
Zabaykal'skiy kray checklist 32901nullnull0
Aginsky Buryatsky Oblast checklist 25702nullnull0
Chitinskaya oblast checklist 32901nullnull0
Altaisky krai checklist 33403nullnull0
Altay, Republic of checklist 37002nullnull1
Buryata, Republic of checklist 37704nullnull0
Evenksky Oblast checklist 21903nullnull0
Irkutskaya oblast checklist 37506nullnull0
Kemerovskaya oblast checklist 27904nullnull0
Khakasia, Republic of checklist 31702nullnull0
Krasnoyarsky krai checklist 37405nullnull0
Novosibirskaya oblast checklist 30702nullnull0
Omskaya oblast checklist 27902nullnull0
Taimyrsky Oblast checklist 17801nullnull0
Severnaya Zemlia checklist 3600nullnull0
Tomskaya oblast checklist 25802nullnull0
Tyva, Republic of checklist 34803nullnull0
Ust-Ordynsky Oblast checklist 23802nullnull0
Far Eastern Federal District checklist 63701nullnull0
Amurskaya Oblast checklist 39805nullnull0
Chukotka checklist 28202nullnull0
Jewish Oblast checklist 27503nullnull0
Kamchatka checklist 35305nullnull0
Commander Islands checklist 14302nullnull0
Bering Island checklist 10700nullnull0
Medny Island checklist 8300nullnull0
Khabarovsky krai checklist 38003nullnull0
Koryaksky checklist 31803nullnull0
Magadanskaya oblast checklist 24002nullnull0
Primorskiy Kray checklist 44803nullnull0
Sakha, Republic of checklist 30502nullnull0
Sakhalinskaya oblast checklist 41200nullnull0
Sakhalin Island checklist 41400nullnull0
Kuril Islands checklist 29502nullnull0
Yakutia checklist 15700nullnull0
Wrangel checklist 9700nullnull0
New Siberian Islands checklist 6600nullnull0

Russian Federation has 18 endemic species: The following species are endemic to the region of Russian Federation. You can search the web for site locations and information about them by clicking on the species name. (b) denotes a breeding endemic, and † an extinct species.

Red-breasted Goose (b)
Baikal Teal (b)
Steller's Sea-Eagle (b)
Little Curlew (b)
Grey-tailed Tattler (b)
Great Knot (b)
Long-toed Stint (b)
Sharp-tailed Sandpiper (b)
Curlew Sandpiper (b)
Spoonbill Sandpiper (b)
Dusky Thrush (b)
Rufous-tailed Robin (b)
Siberian Chiffchaff (b)
White-winged Lark (b)
Black Lark (b)
Siberian Accentor (b)
Pallas's Cormorant
Siberian Grouse


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