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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Puerto Rico checklist 385150nullnull42
Carolina checklist 28600nullnull34
Ceiba checklist 21900nullnull25
Carolina checklist 21600nullnull26
Culebra checklist 189003012
Canóvanas checklist 21300nullnull26
Fajardo checklist 22500nullnull28
Luquillo checklist 22500nullnull26
Loíza checklist 23100nullnull25
Río Grande checklist 22900nullnull27
Trujillo Alto checklist 20800nullnull24
Vieques checklist 19000nullnull8
Arecibo checklist 31000nullnull35
Arecibo checklist 26500nullnull28
Barceloneta checklist 23800nullnull25
Camuy checklist 23700nullnull24
Ciales checklist 23400nullnull23
Dorado checklist 22900nullnull28
Florida checklist 21500nullnull23
Hatillo checklist 213004023
Manatí checklist 24000nullnull26
Quebradillas checklist 21100nullnull23
Toa Alta checklist 21200nullnull23
Vega Alta checklist 21500nullnull24
Vega Baja checklist 214004023
Bayamon checklist 25010nullnull31
Bayamón checklist 22210nullnull27
Cataño checklist 22100nullnull26
Guaynabo checklist 21900nullnull30
Toa Baja checklist 22500nullnull26
Guayama checklist 27500nullnull28
Aibonito checklist 20900nullnull21
Barranquitas checklist 20800nullnull20
Cidra checklist 20700nullnull24
Comerío checklist 20500nullnull22
Coamo checklist 20900nullnull20
Cayey checklist 21100nullnull21
Corozal checklist 20800nullnull21
Guayama checklist 222008025
Juana Díaz checklist 210005022
Morovis checklist 22500nullnull22
Naranjito checklist 20400nullnull20
Orocovis checklist 24300nullnull23
Salinas checklist 22400nullnull25
Santa Isabel checklist 210006022
Villalba checklist 20900nullnull21
Humacao checklist 24200nullnull30
Aguas Buenas checklist 20400nullnull24
Arroyo checklist 21200nullnull26
Caguas checklist 21000nullnull24
Gurabo checklist 20500nullnull23
Humacao checklist 21500nullnull22
Juncos checklist 20400nullnull21
Las Piedras checklist 20200nullnull19
Maunabo checklist 207005024
Naguabo checklist 21400nullnull25
Patillas checklist 21700nullnull24
San Lorenzo checklist 20200nullnull19
Yabucoa checklist 210005024
Mayagüez checklist 32700nullnull36
Aguada checklist 21600nullnull26
Aguadilla checklist 23500nullnull26
Añasco checklist 21300nullnull24
Cabo Rojo checklist 280009026
Hormigueros checklist 20200nullnull21
Isabela checklist 220003024
Las Marías checklist 20300nullnull19
Moca checklist 21800nullnull27
Mayagüez checklist 26900nullnull32
Isla de Mona checklist 211005017
Rincón checklist 23100nullnull26
San Germán checklist 22500nullnull26
San Sebastián checklist 20900nullnull22
Ponce checklist 29700nullnull30
Adjuntas checklist 20700nullnull22
Guánica checklist 225006023
Guayanilla checklist 210007023
Jayuya checklist 21500nullnull22
Lajas checklist 25100nullnull25
Lares checklist 20600nullnull23
Maricao checklist 21200nullnull22
Peñuelas checklist 214008023
Ponce checklist 24400nullnull28
Sabana Grande checklist 20800nullnull22
Utuado checklist 21500nullnull24
Yauco checklist 21200nullnull23
San Juan checklist 26110nullnull34
San Juan checklist 26110nullnull33

Puerto Rico (US) has 12 endemic species: The following species are endemic to the region of Puerto Rico (US). You can search the web for site locations and information about them by clicking on the species name. (b) denotes a breeding endemic, and † an extinct species.

Puerto Rican Woodpecker
Puerto Rican Tody
Puerto Rican Lizard-Cuckoo
Puerto Rican Parrot
Green Mango
Puerto Rican Emerald
Puerto Rican Nightjar
Puerto Rican Flycatcher
Puerto Rican Vireo
Elfin-woods Warbler
Puerto Rican Tanager
Yellow-shouldered Blackbird


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