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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Spy Hill-Ellice Crown Pasture checklist 10500nullnull1
Saskatchewan checklist 40400nullnull8
Old Wives Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 13400nullnull4
Opuntia Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 3300nullnull1
Monet Crown Pasture checklist 11900nullnull4
Battle River-Cutknife Crown Pasture checklist 1300nullnull0
Big Stick Crown Pasture checklist 5600nullnull2
Auvernge-Wise Creek Crown Pasture checklist 3700nullnull0
Bitter Lake Crown Pasture checklist 4600nullnull1
Matador Provincial Pasture checklist 17400nullnull4
Millie Provincial Pasture checklist 9700nullnull1
Danielson Provincial Park checklist 12700nullnull3
Fort Carlton Provincial Park checklist 3900nullnull0
Buffalo Pound Provincial Park checklist 22100nullnull4
Meadow Lake Provincial Park checklist 18300nullnull2
Grasslands Protected Area checklist 1400nullnull0
D. Gerbrandt Recreation Site checklist 12700nullnull3
Elbow Harbour Recreation Site checklist 5900nullnull3
Scentgrass Lake Game Preserve checklist 12000nullnull2
E. B. Campbell Game Preserve checklist 13200nullnull3
Saskatchewan Watershed Authority checklist 19000nullnull5
Estevan checklist 28200nullnull8
Coalfields Crown Pasture checklist 8000nullnull4
Tecumseh Crown Pasture checklist 7400nullnull3
Cannington Manor Provincial Park checklist 5000nullnull2
Moose Mountain Provincial Park checklist 19100nullnull4
Souris Recreation Site checklist 1700nullnull0
Roche Percee Recreation Site checklist 14500nullnull4
Weyburn checklist 28100nullnull8
Lomond #3 Crown Pasture checklist 2700nullnull1
Lomond #1 Crown Pasture checklist 1400nullnull0
Brokenshell #1 Crown Pasture checklist 6700nullnull1
Caledonia-Elmsthorpe Crown Pasture checklist 3600nullnull1
Wellington Crown Pasture checklist 6900nullnull2
Laurier Crown Pasture checklist 5100nullnull2
Midale Provincial Pasture checklist 400nullnull0
Osage Wildlife Refuge checklist 200nullnull0
Assiniboia checklist 25900818
Excel Crown Pasture checklist 9100nullnull3
Meyronne Provincial Pasture checklist 1900nullnull0
Mankota Provincial Pasture checklist 5800nullnull0
Maple Creek checklist 30400nullnull8
Val Marie Reservoir Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 1800nullnull0
Cypress Hills Provincial Park checklist 23200nullnull6
Val Marie Crown Pasture checklist 6100nullnull4
Reno #2 Crown Pasture checklist 900nullnull0
Govenlock Crown Pasture checklist 9200nullnull3
Battle Creek Crown Pasture checklist 5300nullnull0
Nashlyn Crown Pasture checklist 7900nullnull0
Masefield Crown Pasture checklist 2100nullnull0
Lone Tree Crown Pasture checklist 100nullnull0
Dixon Provincial Pasture checklist 3600nullnull2
Arena Provincial Pasture checklist 4900nullnull1
Cypress Lake Recreation Site checklist 13800nullnull4
Prairie National Wildlife Area - Unit Number 24 checklist 3000nullnull0
Melville checklist 29500nullnull8
Crooked Lake Provincial Park checklist 9600nullnull1
Broadview Recreation Site checklist 3700nullnull0
Saltcoats Game Preserve checklist 10600nullnull4
Regina checklist 35600nullnull8
Strawberry Lake Provincial Pasture checklist 11500nullnull1
Hidden Valley Wildlife Refuge checklist 8700nullnull3
Katepwa Point Provincial Park checklist 6900nullnull2
Rowan's Ravine Provincial Park checklist 11900nullnull1
Last Mountain House Provincial Park checklist 2100nullnull1
Echo Valley Provincial Park checklist 8900nullnull1
Arm River Recreation Site checklist 5100nullnull1
White Butte Trails Recreation Site checklist 9100nullnull2
Wascana Valley Natural Area Recreation Site checklist 8800nullnull3
Valley Centre Recreation Site checklist 300nullnull0
Condie Nature Refuge Recreation Site checklist 22000nullnull5
Valeport Recreation Site checklist 15900nullnull3
Regina Beach Recreation Site checklist 300nullnull0
Wascana Game Preserve checklist 29300nullnull6
Kendal Game Preserve checklist 1000nullnull0
Boggy Creek Game Preserve checklist 10900nullnull3
Indian Head Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 2400nullnull1
Wascana Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 25000nullnull5
Moose Jaw checklist 31900nullnull7
Shamrock Crown Pasture checklist 12200nullnull3
Elbow Crown Pasture checklist 5800nullnull0
Coteau Crown Pasture checklist 100nullnull0
Grainland Provincial Pasture checklist 1600nullnull0
Beechy Provincial Pasture checklist 5100nullnull0
Valjean Provincial Pasture checklist 4200nullnull1
Old Wives Provincial Pasture checklist 900nullnull0
Isle Of Bays Wildlife Refuge checklist 13200nullnull4
Nisku Wildlife Refuge checklist 11700nullnull3
Douglas Provincial Park checklist 17800nullnull4
Besant Midden Protected Area checklist 100nullnull0
Matador Grasslands Protected Area checklist 6600nullnull2
Riverhurst Ferry Recreation Site checklist 1000nullnull0
Besant Recreation Site checklist 12200nullnull4
Swift Current checklist 28200nullnull8
Webb National Wildlife Area checklist 15500nullnull3
Duncairn Reservoir Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 5300nullnull1
Newcombe Crown Pasture checklist 700nullnull0
Swift Current-Webb Crown Pasture checklist 2400nullnull3
Fairview Crown Pasture checklist 900nullnull0
Saskatchewan Landing Provincial Park checklist 20400nullnull6
Mclaren Lake Game Preserve checklist 4300nullnull2
Great Sand Hills Representative Area Ecological Reserve checklist 11900nullnull5
Prairie National Wildlife Area - Unit Number 20 checklist 1900nullnull0
Prairie National Wildlife Area - Unit Number 23 checklist 1600nullnull0
Prairie National Wildlife Area - Unit Number 25 checklist 100nullnull0
Yorkton checklist 28500nullnull8
Upper Rousay Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 3400nullnull0
Insinger Provincial Pasture checklist 4200nullnull0
Calder Togo Provincial Pasture checklist 3500nullnull0
Good Spirit Provincial Pasture checklist 9400nullnull1
Duck Mountain Provincial Park checklist 21300nullnull4
Good Spirit Lake Provincial Park checklist 17000nullnull3
Upper Rousay Lake Game Preserve checklist 3500nullnull0
Patterson Lake Game Preserve checklist 1900nullnull0
Wynyard checklist 27900nullnull7
Quill Lakes (Ramsar Site) checklist 16600nullnull3
Mount Hope-Prairie Rose Crown Pasture checklist 4900nullnull0
Foam Lake Crown Pasture checklist 9300nullnull0
Touchwood Hills Post Provincial Park checklist 5700nullnull0
Saskatoon checklist 34100nullnull7
Bradwell National Wildlife Area checklist 900nullnull0
Stalwart National Wildlife Area checklist 2700nullnull0
Last Mountain Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 22500nullnull4
Last Mountain Lake (Ramsar Site) checklist 26100nullnull6
Last Mountain Lake National Wildlife Area checklist 19100nullnull3
Park Crown Pasture checklist 2300nullnull1
Wreford Crown Pasture checklist 2900nullnull1
Wolverine Crown Pasture checklist 100nullnull0
Rudy Rosedale Crown Pasture checklist 2900nullnull1
Dundurn #1 And #2 Crown Pasture checklist 9300nullnull2
Nokomis Crown Pasture checklist 4800nullnull3
Blackstrap Provincial Park checklist 20700nullnull4
Sutherland Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 17400nullnull6
Battleford checklist 28900nullnull7
Montrose Crown Pasture checklist 5300nullnull1
Mcdonald Creek Provincial Pasture checklist 4400nullnull0
Pike Lake Provincial Park checklist 21800nullnull5
Coldwell Park Recreation Site checklist 8000nullnull2
Crystal Beach Lake Game Preserve checklist 8500nullnull5
Outlook Game Preserve checklist 3000nullnull1
Prairie National Wildlife Area - Unit Number 13 checklist 200nullnull0
Kindersley checklist 25700nullnull7
Hillsburgh Crown Pasture checklist 1400nullnull0
Progress Crown Pasture checklist 1700nullnull0
Kindersley-Elma Crown Pasture checklist 11200nullnull3
Oakdale Crown Pasture checklist 100nullnull0
Mariposa Crown Pasture checklist 4500nullnull0
Grill Lake Provincial Pasture checklist 3800nullnull0
Antelope Park Provincial Pasture checklist 1700nullnull0
Macklin Game Preserve checklist 4900nullnull2
Melfort checklist 27700nullnull7
Brockelbank Hill Protected Area checklist 4700nullnull0
Greenwater Lake Provincial Park checklist 16400nullnull3
Greenbush River Representative Area Ecological Reserve checklist 600nullnull1
Little Armit River Representative Area Ecological Reserve checklist 4300nullnull0
Overflowing River Recreation Site checklist 2400nullnull0
Woody River Recreation Site checklist 7000nullnull1
Pepaw Lake Recreation Site checklist 900nullnull0
Charron Lake Game Preserve checklist 3800nullnull1
Prince Albert checklist 28800nullnull7
Basin And Middle Lakes Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 12400nullnull2
Lenore Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 9100nullnull2
St. Denis National Wildlife Area checklist 100nullnull0
Rosthern-St. Julien Provincial Pasture checklist 100nullnull0
Wingard Provincial Pasture checklist 100nullnull0
Kloppenburg Wildlife Refuge checklist 700nullnull0
Christopher Lake Protected Area checklist 2600nullnull0
Macdowall Bog Protected Area checklist 9500nullnull0
Candle Lake Provincial Park checklist 12000nullnull0
Saskatchewan River Forks Recreation Site checklist 800nullnull0
Heritage Lake Recreation Site checklist 300nullnull0
Nisbet Trails Recreation Site checklist 300nullnull0
Sturgeon River Recreation Site checklist 500nullnull0
Candle Lake Game Preserve checklist 14500nullnull0
Great Blue Heron Provincial Park checklist 16000nullnull1
North Battleford checklist 28500nullnull8
Prince Albert National Park checklist 23800nullnull6
Redberry Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 17700nullnull3
Meeting Lake Crown Pasture checklist 1900nullnull0
Cookson Provincial Pasture checklist 500nullnull0
Hatherleigh Provincial Pasture checklist 1800nullnull0
Petrofka Recreation Site checklist 2300nullnull0
Borden Bridge Recreation Site checklist 2200nullnull0
Chitek Lake Recreation Site checklist 2000nullnull0
Radisson Lake Game Preserve checklist 16300nullnull2
Lloydminster checklist 25700nullnull5
Murray Lake Migratory Bird Sanctuary checklist 1300nullnull1
Makwa Lake Provincial Park checklist 3400nullnull0
The Battlefords Provincial Park checklist 7100nullnull0
Bronson Forest Recreation Site checklist 3700nullnull0
Saint Cyr Hills Trails Recreation Site checklist 500nullnull0
La Ronge checklist 26400nullnull6
Primrose Lake Wildlife Refuge checklist 200nullnull0
Rock Island Wildlife Refuge checklist 1200nullnull0
Clarence-Steepbank Lakes Provincial Park checklist 4500nullnull0
Athabasca Sand Dunes Provincial Park checklist 2900nullnull0
Narrow Hills Provincial Park checklist 10600nullnull0
Lac La Ronge Provincial Park checklist 13800nullnull0
Elaine Lake Recreation Site checklist 1300nullnull0
Lac La Plonge Recreation Site checklist 100nullnull0
Big Sandy Lake Recreation Site checklist 600nullnull0
Whiteswan Lake (Whelan Bay) Recreation Site checklist 2400nullnull0
Reindeer Lake (Norvil Olson) Recreation Site checklist 100nullnull0
Mackay Lake Recreation Site checklist 700nullnull0
Camp 10 Lake Recreation Site checklist 700nullnull0
Wollaston Lake (Hidden Bay) Recreation Site checklist 1500nullnull0
Gordon Lake Recreation Site checklist 300nullnull0
Amisk Lake Recreation Site checklist 4000nullnull0
Beatty Lake Recreation Site checklist 1500nullnull0
East Trout-Nipekamew Lakes Recreation Site checklist 200nullnull0
Hanson Lake Recreation Site checklist 700nullnull0
Weyakwin Lake (Ramsey Bay) Recreation Site checklist 100nullnull0
Little Amyot Lake Recreation Site checklist 800nullnull0
Whiteswan Lakes Game Preserve checklist 2500nullnull0
Pink Lake Representative Area Ecological Reserve checklist 4900nullnull0
Misaw Lake Special Management Area checklist 5700nullnull0
Grasslands National Park checklist 21900nullnull7


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