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Trip Reports

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Summary table:

Region# Region name Avg # species Duration (days) Avg # endemics
221 Germany (72 reports)   10 days
(7-14, n=2)

Number of trip reports found: 71

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Trip Report Region Start
Month Duration
# of
# of
Helgoland 1995 [archives] Germany 4/10/1995 10 7 -1    
Berlin Jun/Jul98 [archives] Germany 27/07/1998 7 14 -1    
Greater Peterborough Ornithological Group Trip Report Germany            
Rügen Island 1999 Germany   6        
Germany May97 Germany   5        
Bingen 1996 Germany   5        
Germany Jun97 Germany   6        
Frankfurt Germany   1        
Denmark, N Germany and Sweden Apr98 Germany   4        
Eastern Germany Jul95 Germany   7        
Eastern Germany Jul96 Germany   7        
Helgoland Mar2002 [archives] Germany              
Rügen du 21 au 24 octobre 2004 [archives] Germany            
Müritz national park [archives] Germany   5      
Oderdalen, pinsen 2001 [archives] Germany   6      
Germany 2002 [archives] Germany   2      
Tyskland 2004 [archives] Germany            
Tyskland 2004 [archives] Germany          
Le lac de Constance [archives] Germany   2        
Germany Germany   8        
Schleswig Holstein, Germany, August 2002 Germany            
Nordostungarn Oktober 2004 Germany            
Vögel der Nordseeküste auf den Inseln Neuwerk und Helgoland, 30. April – 8. Mai 2004 Germany            
Sonderaktionen für Vogelfreunde auf Helgoland Germany            
Rothalsgänse im Winter am Schwarzen Meer - ein Phänomen von Dauer? Germany            
September im Donaudelta: Umsteigen aufs Wasser… Germany            
Unteres Odertal/Müritz Germany            
Helgoland Germany            
Zwillbrocker Venn, NRW [archives] Germany            
Birding-Reiseberichte, aus DEUTSCHLAND Germany            
Gülper See, Havelländ. Luch Germany            
Oude Rijnstrangen - Niederrhein bei Zevenaar Germany            
Karwendel, Walchgau Germany            
Germany Trip Report Germany            
Bavaria Germany Trip Report (Long) Germany            
Germany - Bavaria, Das Werdenfelser Land, 5/97 Germany            
Germany in June and July Germany            
Germany, June and July 97 Germany            
A report from small river valley at Schlaubetal Germany            
Lake Rietzer See Germany            
Naturpark Nuthe Nieplitz Germany            
Rügen Germany 1/10/2004 10        
Müritz and Odertal Germany 1/05/2004 5      
Rügen [archives] Germany 1/10/2004 10        
Germany May 2010 Germany            
Notes (brief) on a Family Holiday to German Alps - Alpine Accentor [archives] Germany            
Netherlands, Belgium and Germany May 2010 Germany            
Bavarian Alps, Jul-2008 Germany 1/07/2008 7        
North Eifel, Jul-2007 Germany 1/07/2007 7        
Vadehavet, Aug-2009 Germany 1/08/2009 8        
Brandenburger, Oct-2008 Germany 1/10/2008 10        
Erlebnis Nordsee mit Sylt und Helgoland 20. – 29. August 2010 [archives] Germany              
Berlin and Brandenburg, Jun-2010 Germany 1/06/2010 6        
France, Germany and the Netherlands, Feb-2007 Germany 1/02/2007 2        
Northeast Germany, Apr-2010 Germany 1/04/2010 4        
Tha Bavarian Alps, May-Jun 2008 Germany 1/05/2008 5        
Rügen, Oct-2004 Germany 1/10/2004 10        
Fehmarm and Helgoland (Schleswig-Holstein, Germany), Apr-May 2010 Germany 1/04/2010 4        
North Sea Coast of Schleswig-Holstein, Oct-2007 Germany 1/10/2007 10        
Usedom - especially in the Surroundings of Heringsdorf and Zinnowitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Dec-2010 Germany 1/12/2010 12        
Havelland, Biebrza, Bialowieza, Dojdily, Apr-May 2009 [archives] Germany 1/04/2009 4        
Eastern Germany, Oct-2010 [archives] Germany 1/10/2010 10        
Nordfriesland (D) and West Jutland (DK), Mar-2008 [archives] Germany 1/03/2008 3        
Black Forest, Bavaria, Alps (Germany), Salzburg vicinity (Austria), May-2008 Germany 1/05/2008 5        
Berlin, Oct-2009 [archives] Germany 1/10/2009 10        
Germany, Oct-2005 [archives] Germany 1/10/2005 10        
Berlin, Apr-2007 [archives] Germany 1/04/2007 4        
Waghausel Wetlands, Jul-2008 [archives] Germany 1/07/2008 7        
North of Germany -The Luebeck area, Jan-Dec 2008 [archives] Germany 1/01/2008 1        
Havelland, Biebrza, Bialowieza, Dojdily, Apr-May 2009 [archives] Germany 1/04/2009 4        
Fehmarn, Lubeck and Kiel areas, May-2010 [archives] Germany 1/05/2010 5        

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