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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Greece checklist 46800nullnull7
Pindus National Park checklist 13100nullnull0
National Park of Tzoumerka, Peristeri, Arachthos Gorge & Acheloos Valley checklist 4900nullnull0
North Greece checklist 39000nullnull5
Central Macedonia checklist 36100nullnull3
Axios National Park checklist 28100nullnull2
Kerkini Lake National Park checklist 28900nullnull1
Lake Volvi and Koroneia National Park checklist 23700nullnull0
Imathia checklist 28700nullnull1
Mount Olympus National Park checklist 12500nullnull0
Khalkidiki checklist 28100nullnull1
Kilkis checklist 275001002
Mount Athos checklist 20100nullnull1
Pieria checklist 30000nullnull1
Pella checklist 27600nullnull1
Serrai checklist 32500nullnull2
Thessaloniki checklist 33500nullnull3
Eastern Macedonia and Thrace checklist 37600nullnull4
Dadia-Lefkimi-Soufli Forest National Park checklist 19800nullnull1
East Macedonia and Thrace National Park checklist 31200nullnull2
Evros Delta National Park checklist 26800nullnull1
Drama checklist 268001102
Rodopi Mountain Range National Park checklist 14600nullnull0
Evros checklist 32900nullnull3
Kavala checklist 30900nullnull1
Rodopi checklist 33300nullnull1
Xanthi checklist 32100nullnull2
Western Macedonia checklist 29900nullnull1
Prespes National Park checklist 24900nullnull0
Florina checklist 27800nullnull1
Grevena checklist 20900701
Kastoria checklist 26300nullnull1
Kozani checklist 23600701
Thessaly checklist 30400nullnull2
Karditsa checklist 21700nullnull1
Larisa checklist 26200801
Magnesia checklist 27300nullnull1
Trikala checklist 24000nullnull1
Central Greece checklist 38300nullnull3
Central Greece checklist 34900nullnull3
Mount Oeta National Park checklist 9600nullnull0
Mount Parnassus National Park checklist 8000nullnull0
Boeotia checklist 26200nullnull1
Evritania checklist 21100501
Euboea checklist 26900701
Fokis checklist 24200nullnull1
Fthiotis checklist 29400nullnull1
Epirus checklist 31200nullnull1
Amvrakikos Wetlands National Park checklist 18500nullnull0
Vikos-Aoös National Park checklist 11300nullnull0
Arta checklist 26700nullnull1
Ioannina checklist 25800nullnull1
Preveza checklist 25400nullnull1
Thesprotia checklist 26100801
Ionian Islands checklist 324001003
Mount Ainos National Park checklist 4500nullnull0
Kefallinia checklist 19300nullnull1
Levkas checklist 21000601
Zakynthos checklist 17300nullnull1
Corfu checklist 30600701
Peloponnese checklist 30200nullnull2
Arcadia checklist 24800nullnull1
Argolis checklist 25700nullnull1
Corinth checklist 22600nullnull1
Laconia checklist 23100nullnull2
Messinia checklist 26300nullnull1
Western Greece checklist 312001101
Kotychi and Strofylia Wetlands National Park checklist 19600nullnull0
Mesolongi National Park checklist 22700nullnull0
Oreinon Ogkon Chelmou - Vouraikou checklist 11800nullnull1
Aitolia and Akarnania checklist 29300901
Achaea checklist 27400nullnull1
Ilia checklist 25900nullnull1
Attica checklist 33300nullnull3
Attica checklist 33300nullnull3
Attica checklist 32000nullnull3
Cape Sounion National Park checklist 4800nullnull0
Mount Parnitha National Park checklist 10400nullnull0
Schinias National Park checklist 22400nullnull1
Aegean Islands and Crete checklist 37200nullnull3
Northern Aegean checklist 35300nullnull3
Khios checklist 19600nullnull1
Samos checklist 23800nullnull2
Lesbos checklist 34100nullnull2
Southern Aegean checklist 31200nullnull3
Cyclades checklist 27300nullnull2
Dodecanese checklist 26800nullnull1
Rhodes checklist 28000nullnull1
Crete checklist 36500nullnull2
Samaria Gorge National Park checklist 9100nullnull0
Heraklion checklist 23100nullnull1
Khania checklist 23700nullnull2
Lasithi checklist 24500nullnull2
Rethymnon checklist 21500nullnull1


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