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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
North Macedonia checklist 32400nullnull1
Galichica National Park checklist 13900nullnull0
Pelister National Park checklist 9300nullnull0
Eastern checklist 23900nullnull0
Berovo checklist 22500nullnull0
Cešinovo-Obleševo checklist 19600nullnull0
Delcevo checklist 19500nullnull0
Karbinci checklist 19900nullnull0
Kocani checklist 19400nullnull0
Lozovo checklist 20200nullnull0
Makedonska Kamenica checklist 18100nullnull0
Pehcevo checklist 19200nullnull0
Probištip checklist 19800nullnull0
Štip checklist 20500nullnull0
Sveti Nikole checklist 20500nullnull0
Vinitsa checklist 19800nullnull0
Zrnovci checklist 18300nullnull0
Northeastern checklist 21800nullnull0
Kratovo checklist 19700nullnull0
Kriva Palanka checklist 18500nullnull0
Kumanovo checklist 20400nullnull0
Lipkovo checklist 19800nullnull0
Rankovce checklist 18800nullnull0
Staro Nagoricane checklist 19500nullnull0
Pelagonia checklist 28100nullnull0
Bitola checklist 23200nullnull0
Demir Hisar checklist 20600nullnull0
Dolneni checklist 20700nullnull0
Krivogaštani checklist 19400nullnull0
Kruševo checklist 20000nullnull0
Mogila checklist 20400nullnull0
Novatsi checklist 22300nullnull0
Prilep checklist 22400nullnull0
Resen checklist 27000nullnull0
Polog checklist 21800nullnull0
Bogovinje checklist 17800nullnull0
Brvenica checklist 18600nullnull0
Gostivar checklist 19000nullnull0
Jegunovtse checklist 18700nullnull0
Mavrovo and Rostuša checklist 19200nullnull0
Tearce checklist 18400nullnull0
Tetovo checklist 18600nullnull0
Vrapcište checklist 17500nullnull0
želino checklist 18800nullnull0
Skopje checklist 26400nullnull0
Aerodrom checklist 18500nullnull0
Aracinovo checklist 18600nullnull0
Butel checklist 18500nullnull0
Cair checklist 19000nullnull0
Centar checklist 18000nullnull0
Cucer Sandevo checklist 22000nullnull0
Gazi Baba checklist 24000nullnull0
Gjorce Petrov checklist 18300nullnull0
Ilinden checklist 19000nullnull0
Karpoš checklist 19000nullnull0
Kisela Voda checklist 18600nullnull0
Petrovec checklist 21700nullnull0
Saraj checklist 21200nullnull0
Sopište checklist 19200nullnull0
Studenicani checklist 19400nullnull0
Šuto Orizari checklist 21000nullnull0
Zelenikovo checklist 19100nullnull0
Southeastern checklist 26200nullnull0
Bogdanci checklist 20700nullnull0
Bosilovo checklist 22300nullnull0
Gevgelija checklist 21900nullnull0
Dojran checklist 22700nullnull0
Konce checklist 21400nullnull0
Novo Selo checklist 22200nullnull0
Radoviš checklist 20600nullnull0
Strumitsa checklist 21700nullnull0
Valandovo checklist 22000nullnull0
Vasilevo checklist 21500nullnull0
Southwestern checklist 26100nullnull0
Centar župa checklist 17800nullnull0
Debar checklist 18300nullnull0
Debartsa checklist 20000nullnull0
Kičevo checklist 19900nullnull0
Kičevo checklist 17400nullnull0
Drugovo checklist 19600nullnull0
Oslomej checklist 17600nullnull0
Vraneštica checklist 18000nullnull0
Zajas checklist 18000nullnull0
Makedonski Brod checklist 20300nullnull0
Ohrid checklist 23200nullnull0
Plasnica checklist 17900nullnull0
Struga checklist 20000nullnull0
Vevcani checklist 18200nullnull0
Vardar checklist 25300nullnull0
Caška checklist 20700nullnull0
Demir Kapija checklist 21600nullnull0
Gradsko checklist 20500nullnull0
Kavadartsi checklist 21900nullnull0
Negotino checklist 20700nullnull0
Rosoman checklist 20200nullnull0
Veles checklist 21900nullnull0


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