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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Sweden checklist 526002501
Färnebofjärden National Park checklist 200000
Tiveden National Park checklist 100000
Stockholm city and county checklist 337001200
Stockholm checklist 335001200
Tyresta National Park checklist 13400100
East Central Sweden checklist 410001701
Östergötland checklist 337001401
Örebro checklist 336001100
Närke checklist 330001001
Södermanland checklist 374001301
Uppsala checklist 330001400
Västmanland checklist 314001000
South Sweden checklist 445002001
Blekinge checklist 363001401
Skåne checklist 437002001
Dalby Söderskog National Park checklist 6800001
Söderåsen National Park checklist 6900000
Stenshuvud National Park checklist 14400101
North Central Sweden checklist 402001801
Gävleborg checklist 363001701
Hamra National Park checklist 4700000
Hälsingland checklist 342001501
Gästrikland checklist 318001301
Dalarna checklist 327001101
Fulufjället National Park checklist 12000100
Töfsingdalen National Park checklist 400000
Värmland checklist 345001301
Central Norrland checklist 338001401
Jämtland checklist 285001101
Sånfjället National Park checklist 2400000
Härjedalen checklist 24700901
Jämtland checklist 276001101
Västernorrland checklist 328001301
Skuleskogen National Park checklist 6900000
Medelpad checklist 298001101
Ångermanland checklist 314001201
Upper Norrland checklist 389001501
Norrbotten checklist 342001501
Abisko National Park checklist 12100500
Haparanda Skärgård National Park checklist 13100300
Muddus National Park checklist 6800100
Padjelanta National Park checklist 5600200
Sarek National Park checklist 5000200
Stora Sjöfallet National Park checklist 5700200
Vadvetjåkka National Park checklist 900000
Pite lappmark checklist 23300901
Lule lappmark checklist 255001200
Torne lappmark checklist 24400800
Norrbotten checklist 311001401
Västerbotten checklist 370001301
Björnlandet National Park checklist 2500000
Åsele lappmark checklist 23200900
Lycksele lappmark checklist 28100901
Västerbotten checklist 344001201
Småland with Islands checklist 479002401
Småland (mainland) checklist 444002001
Gotland checklist 421001801
Gotska Sandön National Park checklist 12000100
Jönköping checklist 300001100
Store Mosse National Park checklist 13600200
Kalmar (incl. Öland Island) checklist 437002200
Kalmar checklist 25200500
Öland checklist 433002201
Ottenby Bird Observatory checklist 382001901
Kronoberg checklist 291001000
West Sweden checklist 428001901
Halland checklist 397001801
Västra Götaland checklist 400001901
Kosterhavets nationalpark National Park checklist 13100300
Tresticklan National Park checklist 300000
Dalsland checklist 29600901
Bohuslän checklist 359001401
Västergötland checklist 379001901
Västmanland checklist 330001001
Uppland checklist 397001701


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