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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Former Yugoslavia checklist 45100nullnull6
Serbia, Kosovo and Montenegro (former) checklist 40400nullnull2
Serbia and Kosovo checklist 37900nullnull2
Serbia checklist 37000nullnull2
Đerdap National Park checklist 10400nullnull0
Fruška Gora National Park checklist 12500nullnull0
Kopaonik National Park checklist 4900nullnull0
Beograd checklist 27700nullnull2
Macva checklist 21800nullnull1
Kolubara checklist 23700nullnull1
Podunavlje checklist 21800nullnull1
Branicevo checklist 24100nullnull1
Šumadija checklist 20900nullnull1
Pomoravlje checklist 21400nullnull1
Bor checklist 24500nullnull1
Zajecar checklist 23700nullnull1
Zlatibor checklist 23000nullnull1
Tara National Park checklist 9700nullnull0
Moravica checklist 21000nullnull1
Raška checklist 25500nullnull1
Rasina checklist 22300nullnull1
Nišava checklist 23600nullnull1
Toplica checklist 20000nullnull1
Pirot checklist 280001001
Jablanica checklist 23400nullnull1
Pcinja checklist 23600nullnull1
Vojvodina checklist 30400nullnull1
South Bačka checklist 26700nullnull1
South Banat checklist 27300nullnull1
North Bačka checklist 22100nullnull1
North Banat checklist 24300nullnull1
Central Banat checklist 26300nullnull1
Srem checklist 24300nullnull1
West Bačka checklist 23000nullnull1
Kosovo checklist 27200nullnull0
Pristina checklist 24100nullnull1
Mitrovica checklist 19700nullnull1
Gjilan checklist 20700601
Pecki checklist 18700nullnull1
Prizren checklist 21200nullnull1
Ðakovica checklist 18800501
Ferizaj checklist 20800501
Montenegro checklist 352001601
Andrijevica checklist 17000400
Bar checklist 25600nullnull0
Berane checklist 17300500
Bijelo Polje checklist 16600600
Budva checklist 24300nullnull1
Cetinje checklist 23900nullnull0
Danilovgrad checklist 21000500
Herceg-Novi checklist 22600nullnull0
Kolasin checklist 19500nullnull0
Kotor checklist 24100nullnull0
Mojkovac checklist 16500nullnull0
Niksic checklist 22000nullnull0
Plav checklist 19700nullnull0
Pljevlja checklist 17200500
Pluzine checklist 17800nullnull0
Podgorica (former municipality) (former) checklist 26900nullnull0
Skadarsko jezero National Park checklist 100nullnull0
Rozaj checklist 16600500
Savnik checklist 17400500
Tivat checklist 24300nullnull0
Ulcinj checklist 27900nullnull0
Zabljak checklist 18900nullnull0

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