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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Turkey checklist 51400nullnull4
Turkey (Asia) checklist 47700nullnull4
Aegean Region checklist 38900nullnull5
Afyon checklist 31200nullnull1
Aydin checklist 34200nullnull3
Denizli checklist 32300nullnull1
Izmir checklist 34600nullnull5
Kütahya checklist 27100nullnull2
Mugla checklist 35300nullnull5
Manisa checklist 27900nullnull1
Usak checklist 22700nullnull1
Black Sea Region checklist 40400nullnull4
Amasya checklist 27400nullnull0
Artvin checklist 29600nullnull1
Bayburt checklist 25600nullnull1
Bolu checklist 304001302
Bartin checklist 29900nullnull0
Çorum checklist 25700nullnull0
Düzce checklist 20800nullnull0
Giresun checklist 256001201
Gümüshane checklist 262001001
Karabük checklist 14000nullnull0
Kastamonu checklist 277001101
Ordu checklist 25800nullnull1
Rize checklist 33400nullnull2
Sinop checklist 291001000
Samsun checklist 34500nullnull2
Trabzon checklist 33400nullnull2
Tokat checklist 24000nullnull0
Zonguldak checklist 32300nullnull1
Central Anatolian Region checklist 40700nullnull4
Aksaray checklist 30600nullnull1
Ankara checklist 36100nullnull4
Çankiri checklist 23000nullnull0
Eskisehir checklist 30800nullnull2
Kirsehir checklist 26900nullnull1
Kirikkale checklist 24300nullnull0
Konya checklist 354001401
Karaman checklist 30700nullnull0
Kayseri checklist 349001303
Nigde checklist 33200nullnull2
Nevsehir checklist 29900nullnull1
Sivas checklist 294001101
Yozgat checklist 31800nullnull1
Eastern Anatolian Region checklist 40200nullnull1
Agri checklist 29100nullnull1
Ardahan checklist 20700nullnull0
Bingöl checklist 22000nullnull0
Bitlis checklist 29900nullnull0
Elazig checklist 247001200
Erzurum checklist 30800nullnull1
Erzincan checklist 24800nullnull1
Hakkari checklist 267001400
Igdir checklist 31400nullnull0
Kars checklist 36600nullnull1
Malatya checklist 29500nullnull0
Mus checklist 26000nullnull0
Tunceli checklist 21300nullnull0
Van checklist 34000nullnull0
Marmara Region checklist 40000nullnull5
Bilecik checklist 253001001
Balikesir checklist 33300nullnull2
Bursa checklist 34500nullnull3
Çanakkale checklist 33000nullnull4
Edirne checklist 32700nullnull1
Istanbul checklist 35400nullnull4
Kocaeli checklist 31300nullnull3
Kirklareli checklist 32400nullnull3
Sakarya checklist 29300nullnull2
Tekirdag checklist 25600nullnull2
Yalova checklist 27600nullnull2
Mediterranean Region checklist 42300nullnull6
Adana checklist 37100nullnull4
Antalya checklist 37200nullnull5
Burdur checklist 30400nullnull1
Hatay checklist 36000nullnull5
Mersin checklist 38000nullnull5
Isparta checklist 295001300
Kahramanmaras checklist 28000nullnull1
Osmaniye checklist 23500nullnull1
Southeastern Anatolian Region checklist 38100nullnull4
Adiyaman checklist 28600nullnull0
Batman checklist 23800nullnull1
Diyarbakir checklist 29900nullnull1
Gaziantep checklist 35000nullnull1
Kilis checklist 4800nullnull0
Mardin checklist 20800nullnull1
Siirt checklist 208001101
Sirnak checklist 25300nullnull1
Sanliurfa checklist 34600nullnull4


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