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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
South Australia checklist 47440nullnull15
Belair National Park checklist 11400nullnull6
Canunda National Park checklist 7500nullnull4
Coffin Bay National Park checklist 11300nullnull4
Coorong National Park checklist 22900nullnull8
Flinders Chase National Park checklist 13000nullnull7
Gawler Ranges National Park checklist 10000nullnull2
Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park checklist 16500nullnull6
Innes National Park checklist 13700nullnull5
Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park checklist 4600nullnull0
Anangu Pitjantjatjara checklist 17600nullnull2
Lake Gairdner National Park checklist 100nullnull0
Lincoln National Park checklist 14100nullnull5
Malkumba-Coongie Lakes National Park checklist 13700nullnull1
Mount Remarkable National Park checklist 11500nullnull4
Murray River National Park checklist 15000nullnull5
Naracoorte Caves National Park checklist 6000nullnull3
Onkaparinga River National Park checklist 11200nullnull7
Vulkathunha-Gammon Ranges National Park checklist 9000nullnull0
Unincorporated South Australia checklist 38200nullnull12
Coober Pedy checklist 15500nullnull4
Roxby Downs checklist 17700nullnull6
Unincorp. Far North checklist 29200nullnull8
Unincorp. Flinders Ranges checklist 27100nullnull9
Unincorp. Lincoln checklist 26300nullnull11
Unincorp. Pirie checklist 24600nullnull9
Unincorp. Riverland checklist 26600nullnull10
Unincorp. West Coast checklist 25400nullnull8
Unincorp. Western checklist 29400nullnull11
Unincorp. Whyalla checklist 27900nullnull10
Unincorp. Yorke checklist 18100nullnull7
Unincorp. Murray Mallee checklist 25400nullnull9
Witjira National Park checklist 12200nullnull2
Maralinga Tjarutja checklist 16300nullnull2
Flinders Ranges checklist 24700nullnull9
Ceduna checklist 24000nullnull7
Orroroo/Carrieton checklist 24000nullnull8
Port Augusta checklist 27500nullnull8
Mount Remarkable (DC) checklist 28500nullnull11
Peterborough checklist 24100nullnull9
Whyalla checklist 27900nullnull9
Wudinna checklist 21400nullnull8
Kimba checklist 22600nullnull8
Port Pirie City and Dists checklist 27600nullnull11
Port Pirie C Dists - City checklist 26100nullnull10
Port Pirie C Dists Bal checklist 27500nullnull11
Northern Areas checklist 25300nullnull10
Streaky Bay checklist 25000nullnull9
Elliston checklist 25700nullnull7
Barunga West checklist 28600nullnull11
Franklin Harbour checklist 26700nullnull8
Cleve checklist 24900nullnull8
Goyder checklist 27900nullnull12
Copper Coast checklist 26800nullnull9
Renmark Paringa checklist 24800nullnull10
Renmark Paringa - Paringa checklist 24500nullnull11
Renmark Paringa - Renmark checklist 24100nullnull9
Clare and Gilbert Valleys checklist 27400nullnull11
Berri and Barmera checklist 25300nullnull9
Berri & Barmera - Barmera checklist 24500nullnull10
Berri & Barmera - Berri checklist 25000nullnull9
Wakefield checklist 30900nullnull11
Tumby Bay checklist 23500nullnull8
Light checklist 27700nullnull12
Barossa checklist 27900nullnull11
Barossa - Angaston checklist 26700nullnull12
Barossa - Barossa checklist 27800nullnull12
Barossa - Tanunda checklist 26100nullnull11
Mallala checklist 30800nullnull11
Yorke Peninsula checklist 30500nullnull10
Yorke Peninsula - North checklist 29600nullnull10
Yorke Peninsula - South checklist 27600nullnull10
Loxton Waikerie checklist 27400nullnull10
Loxton Waikerie - East checklist 26600nullnull10
Loxton Waikerie - West checklist 26500nullnull9
Mid Murray checklist 29600nullnull12
Gawler checklist 26200nullnull12
Playford checklist 28200nullnull11
Playford - Hills checklist 26600nullnull12
Playford - East Central checklist 26000nullnull12
Playford - West Central checklist 25900nullnull12
Playford - Elizabeth checklist 26000nullnull12
Playford - West checklist 27700nullnull11
Port Lincoln checklist 22900nullnull7
Lower Eyre Peninsula checklist 25900nullnull7
Karoonda East Murray checklist 27200nullnull11
Adelaide Hills checklist 29000nullnull12
Adelaide Hills - North checklist 27900nullnull13
Adelaide Hills-Bal checklist 27000nullnull11
Adelaide Hills -Ranges checklist 27800nullnull12
Adelaide Hills --Central checklist 26700nullnull11
Tea Tree Gully checklist 26900nullnull12
Tea Tree Gully - Hills checklist 26500nullnull12
Tea Tree Gully - Central checklist 26000nullnull12
Tea Tree Gully - North checklist 26000nullnull11
Tea Tree Gully - South checklist 26000nullnull11
Salisbury checklist 31000nullnull11
Salisbury - Central checklist 26100nullnull11
Salisbury - Inner North checklist 25800nullnull11
Salisbury - North-East checklist 26500nullnull12
Salisbury - South-East checklist 25900nullnull12
Salisbury Bal checklist 30800nullnull11
Port Adelaide Enfield checklist 30200nullnull10
Port Adel. Enfield - Coast checklist 29600nullnull11
Port Adel. Enfield - East checklist 26000nullnull11
Port Adel. Enfield - Park checklist 29500nullnull10
Port Adel. Enfield - Port checklist 29900nullnull11
Port Adelaide Enfield - Inner checklist 25900nullnull11
Campbelltown checklist 26500nullnull12
Campbelltown - East checklist 26400nullnull12
Campbelltown - West checklist 25900nullnull10
Burnside checklist 26900nullnull11
Burnside - South-West checklist 26800nullnull11
Burnside - North-East checklist 26300nullnull11
Norwood Payneham St Peters checklist 26300nullnull11
Norwood Payneham & St Peters - East checklist 26000nullnull11
Norwood Payneham & St Peters - West checklist 26200nullnull11
Walkerville checklist 25900nullnull11
Adelaide checklist 27600nullnull11
Prospect checklist 26000nullnull11
West Torrens checklist 26900nullnull11
West Torrens - East checklist 26200nullnull11
West Torrens - West checklist 26800nullnull11
Charles Sturt checklist 27100nullnull11
Charles Sturt - Coastal checklist 26800nullnull11
Charles Sturt - Inner East checklist 25900nullnull11
Charles Sturt - Inner West checklist 26000nullnull11
Charles Sturt - North-East checklist 26200nullnull11
Mount Barker checklist 28000nullnull11
Mount Barker - Central checklist 26900nullnull11
Mount Barker Bal checklist 27700nullnull11
Unley checklist 26400nullnull11
Unley - East checklist 26400nullnull11
Unley - West checklist 26000nullnull11
Mitcham checklist 27200nullnull10
Mitcham - West checklist 26100nullnull11
Mitcham - Hills checklist 27000nullnull10
Mitcham - North-East checklist 26800nullnull11
Holdfast Bay checklist 27000nullnull11
Holdfast Bay - North checklist 26800nullnull11
Holdfast Bay - South checklist 25900nullnull11
Marion checklist 29800nullnull10
Marion - South checklist 28800nullnull11
Marion - Central checklist 26700nullnull10
Marion - North checklist 26100nullnull11
Onkaparinga checklist 30800nullnull10
Onkaparinga - Hackham checklist 25800nullnull10
Onkaparinga - Hills checklist 26700nullnull11
Onkaparinga - Morphett checklist 25200nullnull9
Onkaparinga - North Coast checklist 26500nullnull9
Onkaparinga - Reservoir checklist 26100nullnull11
Onkaparinga - South Coast checklist 29500nullnull9
Onkaparinga - Woodcroft checklist 26500nullnull11
Murray Bridge checklist 28000nullnull11
Southern Mallee checklist 27300nullnull10
Alexandrina checklist 32000nullnull11
Alexandrina - Coastal checklist 30200nullnull9
Alexandrina- Strathalbyn checklist 28500nullnull11
Victor Harbor checklist 29500nullnull10
Yankalilla checklist 29600nullnull10
The Coorong checklist 33100nullnull10
Kangaroo Island checklist 30610nullnull3
Tatiara checklist 28300nullnull9
Kingston checklist 31200nullnull11
Naracoorte Lucindale checklist 28700nullnull11
Robe checklist 30100nullnull9
Wattle Range checklist 31000nullnull10
Wattle Range - West checklist 29800nullnull9
Wattle Range - East checklist 27000nullnull10
Mount Gambier checklist 25400nullnull10
Grant checklist 32300nullnull10
Kangaroo Island checklist 30310nullnull2

South Australia (AU) has 2 endemic species: The following species are endemic to the region of South Australia (AU). You can search the web for site locations and information about them by clicking on the species name. (b) denotes a breeding endemic, and † an extinct species.

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