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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
New Caledonia checklist 21622016013
Recifs d'Entrecasteaux checklist 4500300
Huon Group checklist 3900200
North Huon checklist 1300100
Fabre checklist 1000000
Leleizour checklist 600000
Atoll de la Surprise checklist 1800100
Surprise checklist 1800100
Atoll Pelotas checklist 700000
Atoll du Portail checklist 700000
Recif du Merite checklist 600000
Récif Guilbert checklist 600000
Grande-Terre (including islets) checklist 209170nullnull13
Grande-Terre (main island) checklist 19610nullnull12
North Province checklist 146001109
North Province (mainland) checklist 138001009
Eastern Lagoon checklist 11000nullnull8
Northwestern Lagoon checklist 13300706
Bélep checklist 7700400
Récif de Cook checklist 800100
Pott checklist 6700300
Art checklist 6800300
Dau Ac checklist 6700300
Poum checklist 13100706
Poum Islands checklist 12900706
Pia checklist 2700400
Taanlo checklist 2700400
Yandé checklist 7800400
Baaba checklist 8000400
Yenghebane checklist 8000400
Balabio checklist 7800400
Néba Isle checklist 7800400
Ilot Mouac checklist 2800400
Pam checklist 11900606
Récif Thaavaam checklist 3900500
Cocotier Islet checklist 3600400
Tanle checklist 800100
Ouanne Islet checklist 3400400
Carrey Islet checklist 3400400
Ti’Ambouenne Islet checklist 900100
Boh Islands checklist 11900606
Pouébo checklist 9100nullnull6
Ouégoa checklist 9100nullnull6
Koumac checklist 11400nullnull7
Koumac Islands checklist 10800nullnull6
Devert checklist 800100
Kendec checklist 800100
Yan’dagouet Islet checklist 3500400
Double Islet checklist 4000400
Oahimboa checklist 900100
Pouh Islet checklist 1000100
de la Table checklist 800100
Tangadiou checklist 900100
Goenghu checklist 8200nullnull6
Kaala-Gomen checklist 9100nullnull6
Hienghène checklist 11100nullnull6
Hienghene Islands checklist 2400300
Hienga checklist 2400300
Hienjou Island checklist 2400300
Hienghene checklist 2400300
Hiengou checklist 2400300
La Poule checklist 800100
Tiguit checklist 2400300
Vao checklist 2400300
Touho checklist 11500nullnull6
Touho Islands checklist 11500nullnull6
Ouao Islet checklist 800100
Atit Islet checklist 800100
Voh checklist 9000nullnull6
Pingiane island checklist 8200nullnull6
Poindimié checklist 10700nullnull6
Poindimie Islands checklist 2800400
Koné checklist 127001006
Koné Islands checklist 11500605
Ponérihouen checklist 10700nullnull6
Ponerihouen Islands checklist 11000nullnull6
Pouembout checklist 126001006
Koniene checklist 11800606
Houaïlou checklist 10900nullnull8
Houailou Islands checklist 11410nullnull8
Neni checklist 2400300
Toverou checklist 2400300
Poya (south part) checklist 8800nullnull6
Contrariété Islet checklist 900100
Kouaoua checklist 8900nullnull6
Canala checklist 10700nullnull6
Nani checklist 2600300
South Province checklist 16100nullnull13
South Province (mainland) checklist 15100nullnull12
Southern Lagoon checklist 14100nullnull11
Poya (north part) checklist 127001007
Poya Islands checklist 11800606
Didot checklist 2800400
Grimault island checklist 7900400
Hiye checklist 11800606
Bourail checklist 10900nullnull9
Verte checklist 1900nullnull0
Sarraméa checklist 9200nullnull7
Farino checklist 10000nullnull11
Moindou checklist 13500nullnull10
Moindou Islands checklist 129001009
Kundogi Islands checklist 2900400
La Foa checklist 1350010012
La Foa Islands checklist 132001009
Lebris island checklist 11800606
Isie island checklist 3100400
Konduyo checklist 800100
Ouano checklist 8600nullnull6
Ras checklist 8200nullnull6
Mara checklist 131001009
Thio checklist 11300806
Thio Islands checklist 7700300
Nemu checklist 7700300
Tupeti checklist 5300nullnull0
Kinde checklist 800100
Menyuru Islet checklist 2500400
Pa Wéré Islet checklist 800100
Mamere Islands checklist 800100
Boulouparis checklist 122008010
Bouloupari Islands checklist 7900300
Saint Phalle South Islet checklist 2700300
Saint Phalle North Islet checklist 800100
Testard checklist 2600300
Daussey checklist 2600300
Parseval checklist 7800300
Puen checklist 7800300
Lepredour checklist 7800300
Layrle checklist 2700300
Verte checklist 2700300
Ducos checklist 7800300
Geoffroy checklist 2600300
Ténia Islet checklist 3100nullnull0
Hugon checklist 5400nullnull0
Petit Tenia checklist 7700300
Païta checklist 9900nullnull9
Païta Islands checklist 12400606
Page checklist 8100400
Mathieu island checklist 11700605
Ndukue island checklist 12000606
Abu island checklist 3100400
Moro checklist 3100400
Goldfield Island checklist 3800nullnull0
Ange checklist 3100400
To Ndu checklist 12000606
Mba Islet checklist 3200400
Mbo checklist 3100400
Mbkué Islet checklist 800100
Tioré Islet West checklist 3300nullnull0
Tioré Islet East checklist 800100
Yaté checklist 12800nullnull11
Yaté Islands checklist 3000300
Nie checklist 2900400
Ndie Islet checklist 3000300
Nou checklist 2800300
Neaa checklist 2800300
Réserve intégrale Yves Merlet checklist 2800300
Amere checklist 2800300
Kie island checklist 2800300
Nouare checklist 2800300
Rocher Letendi checklist 800100
Dumbéa checklist 10100nullnull10
Dumbea Islands checklist 8400nullnull6
Ile aux Chevres checklist 900100
Freycinet checklist 800100
Nouméa checklist 14400nullnull11
Noumea Islands checklist 13000nullnull7
Sainte-Marie checklist 8100400
Canard Islet checklist 12200606
Uere island checklist 8200402
Maître Islet checklist 4100nullnull1
Goéland Islet checklist 1100100
Larégnére Islet checklist 3300nullnull0
Signal Islet checklist 5000nullnull0
Séche Croissant Islet checklist 1000100
Mont-Dore checklist 13500nullnull8
Le Mont-Dore Islands checklist 13000nullnull7
Porc Epics Islet checklist 2000102
Bailly Islet checklist 3000400
Nde island checklist 11900606
Charon Islet checklist 7900400
Casy checklist 11900606
Tareti Islet checklist 800100
Montravel island checklist 2900400
Ouen checklist 8400nullnull0
Ugo Island checklist 2800400
Atire Islet checklist 1000100
Redika Islet checklist 3200400
Uo Islet checklist 3100400
Amédée Islet checklist 5400nullnull2
Kaé Islet checklist 800100
Koko Islet & Cay checklist 1200000
Le Quatre Bancs du Nord checklist 1200100
South coast group checklist 3200nullnull0
Nge checklist 800100
Noé Isle checklist 2800400
Puemba Islet checklist 2800400
Mato Islet checklist 2900400
Uua checklist 2800400
Leroue Islet checklist 2800400
Uaterembi checklist 1400100
N’do Islet checklist 2800400
Uatio Islet checklist 3100400
Ua Islet checklist 2800400
Gi checklist 2700300
Kouaré Islet checklist 3100nullnull0
Nda checklist 2700300
Tere checklist 700000
L'Île-des-Pins checklist 122005010
Gie checklist 3100300
Na Na checklist 3100300
Caanawa island checklist 3100300
Nuu powa checklist 3100300
Menore island checklist 3100300
Kuumo island checklist 8000300
Isle of Pines checklist 123005010
Tore checklist 8000300
Moro checklist 3100300
Kutomo checklist 7600300
Bayonnaise checklist 3200300
Adventure checklist 8000300
Brosse checklist 7400300
Ana checklist 3100300
Nokanhui checklist 3200nullnull0
Ami checklist 3200nullnull0
Géréonière checklist 700000
Kunubutr checklist 700000
Lorette checklist 700000
Yuepe checklist 700000
Mwareya checklist 700000
Du Ana checklist 1000000
Du Ami checklist 700000
Koé checklist 5200nullnull0
Neulka Reef checklist 6200nullnull1
Loyalty Islands checklist 15230nullnull7
Ouvéa checklist 10500nullnull4
Recifs de l'Astrolabe checklist 700000
Unyee checklist 7600300
Atoll Beautemps-Beaupré checklist 5900nullnull0
Beautemps-Beaupré Island checklist 5900nullnull0
Ouvéa checklist 9700nullnull4
Mouli checklist 8100300
Faiava checklist 8200400
Ognat checklist 800000
Recif Petrie checklist 3100300
Longue checklist 2900300
Ronde Islands checklist 2900300
Lifou checklist 12500nullnull6
Recif Jouan checklist 700000
Lifu checklist 12500nullnull6
Tiga checklist 4500300
Vauvilliers checklist 3100300
Oua checklist 1200000
Léliogat checklist 7900300
Maré checklist 10300405
Maré checklist 10100405
Dudun checklist 7500300
Walpole checklist 4200300
Chesterfield Group checklist 7300400
Anchorage Islet #1 checklist 2900200
Anchorage Islet #2 checklist 2800300
Anchorage Islet #3 checklist 3100200
Anchorage Islet #4 checklist 1100100
Anchorage Islet #5 checklist 900100
Anchorage North Island checklist 2700200
Anchorage South Island checklist 2900200
Avon North Islet checklist 2800200
Avon South Islet checklist 1200000
Bampton Islet checklist 1400100
Long Islet checklist 6000400
Loop Island checklist 3200200
Passage Island checklist 2800300
Passage Island Cay #1 checklist 2700200
Passage Island Cay #2 checklist 900000
Passage Island Cay #3 checklist 2700200
Passage Island Cay #4 checklist 600000
Observatory Cay checklist 3100300

New Caledonia (FR) has 22 endemic species: The following species are endemic to the region of New Caledonia (FR). You can search the web for site locations and information about them by clicking on the species name. (b) denotes a breeding endemic, and † an extinct species.

White-bellied Goshawk
New Caledonian Rail
Cloven-feathered Dove
New Caledonian Imperial-Pigeon
New Caledonian Lorikeet
Horned Parakeet
New Caledonian Owlet-Nightjar
New Caledonian Myzomela
New Caledonian Friarbird
Crow Honeyeater
Barred Honeyeater
Yellow-bellied Robin
New Caledonian Whistler
New Caledonian Crow
New Caledonian Cuckooshrike
Striated Starling
Large Lifou White-eye
Green-backed White-eye
Small Lifou White-eye
New Caledonian Grassbird
Red-throated Parrotfinch


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