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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
New Zealand checklist 3686512nullnull36
Arthur's Pass National Park checklist 6300nullnull18
Kahurangi National Park checklist 5900nullnull15
Mount Aspiring National Park checklist 6100nullnull16
Tongariro National Park checklist 6900nullnull23
Whanganui National Park checklist 2600nullnull6
New Zealand (mainland) checklist 361378nullnull39
South Island checklist 3150144636
Canterbury checklist 25500nullnull28
Aoraki Mount Cook National Park checklist 5900nullnull19
Kaikoura District checklist 16707nullnull24
Kaikoura Pelagic checklist 58001000
Hurunui District checklist 16705nullnull26
Waimakariri District checklist 1680117424
Christchurch City checklist 19203nullnull26
Selwyn District checklist 19202nullnull26
Ashburton District checklist 15901nullnull25
Timaru District checklist 16401nullnull25
Mackenzie District checklist 13301nullnull23
Waimate District checklist 15901nullnull25
Waitaki District checklist 14800nullnull22
Otago checklist 24500nullnull29
Waitaki District checklist 15704nullnull26
Central Otago District checklist 14800nullnull25
Queenstown-Lakes District checklist 15101nullnull26
Dunedin City checklist 18406nullnull28
Clutha District checklist 17105nullnull27
Southland checklist 24700nullnull25
Fiordland National Park checklist 11300nullnull18
Rakiura National Park checklist 10200nullnull14
Southland District checklist 22307nullnull26
Anchor Island checklist 5600705
Resolution Island checklist 5600nullnull3
Gore District checklist 13300nullnull20
Invercargill City checklist 17704nullnull22
West Coast checklist 20401nullnull18
Paparoa National Park checklist 7000nullnull14
Westland / Tai Poutini National Park checklist 7600nullnull16
Buller District checklist 16503nullnull20
Grey District checklist 15602nullnull21
Westland District checklist 16606nullnull23
Marlborough District checklist 21602nullnull25
Marlborough District checklist 19506nullnull27
Nelson City checklist 23401nullnull26
Nelson City checklist 17001nullnull26
Tasman District checklist 15900nullnull27
Abel Tasman National Park checklist 9000nullnull18
Nelson Lakes National Park checklist 7100nullnull17
Tasman District checklist 15803nullnull27
Stewart Island checklist 16600nullnull18
Stewart Island checklist 13000nullnull16
Ulva Island checklist 12300nullnull14
Codfish Island checklist 800011010
North Island checklist 3261039641
Auckland checklist 24703nullnull33
Rodney District checklist 20704nullnull32
Tiritiri-Matangi Island checklist 12200nullnull17
North Shore City checklist 10201nullnull30
Waitakere City checklist 18603nullnull33
Auckland City checklist 23406nullnull35
Great Barrier Island checklist 115009118
Little Barrier Island checklist 11500nullnull12
Mokohinau Islands checklist 8600nullnull7
Manukau City checklist 19001nullnull32
Papakura District checklist 7700nullnull25
Franklin District checklist 20801nullnull33
Miranda Shorebird Center checklist 124009017
Bay of Plenty checklist 21206nullnull28
Taupo District (Bay of Plenty) checklist 13701nullnull23
Western Bay of Plenty District checklist 19304nullnull31
Tauranga City checklist 10702nullnull27
Rotorua District checklist 16301nullnull33
Whakatane District checklist 17504nullnull28
Kawerau District checklist 4100nullnull19
Opotiki District checklist 16801nullnull26
Hawke's Bay checklist 22103nullnull28
Taupo District (Hawke's Bay) checklist 4600nullnull17
Wairoa District checklist 17102nullnull27
Hastings District checklist 18102nullnull32
Napier City checklist 17403nullnull31
Central Hawke's Bay District checklist 16201nullnull26
Rangitikei District checklist 9000nullnull24
Manawatu-Wanganui checklist 21006nullnull30
Waitomo District (Manawatu-Wanganui) checklist 6601nullnull23
Taupo District (Manawatu-Wanganui) checklist 4000nullnull12
Stratford District checklist 6200nullnull23
Ruapehu District checklist 15101nullnull28
Wanganui District checklist 16702nullnull30
Rangitikei District checklist 16101nullnull27
Manawatu District checklist 17501nullnull30
Palmerston North City checklist 14900nullnull30
Tararua District (Manawatu-Wanganui) checklist 16700nullnull31
Horowhenua District checklist 19502nullnull30
Northland checklist 23902nullnull29
Far North District checklist 21506nullnull33
Three Kings Islands checklist 7600nullnull7
Whangarei District checklist 19303nullnull31
Poor Knights Islands checklist 6200nullnull4
Kaipara District checklist 18105nullnull31
Taranaki checklist 20602nullnull27
Egmont National Park checklist 4800nullnull17
New Plymouth District checklist 16201nullnull28
Stratford District checklist 14101nullnull27
South Taranaki District checklist 16202nullnull29
Waikato checklist 2480125533
Franklin District checklist 20202nullnull33
Thames-Coromandel District checklist 18006nullnull29
Aldermen Islands checklist 4500103
Hauraki District checklist 20101nullnull31
Waikato District (Waikato) checklist 19101nullnull32
Matamata-Piako District checklist 13801nullnull29
Hamilton City checklist 14601nullnull29
Waipa District checklist 15300nullnull33
Otorohanga District checklist 16101nullnull27
South Waikato District checklist 14000nullnull27
Waitomo District checklist 15902nullnull27
Taupo District (Waikato) checklist 14702nullnull30
Rotorua District checklist 15801nullnull31
Wellington checklist 20804nullnull27
Tararua District (Wellington) checklist 41000014
Kapiti Coast District checklist 18703nullnull31
Kapiti Island checklist 11900nullnull17
Porirua City checklist 17703nullnull29
Upper Hutt City checklist 16001nullnull30
Lower Hutt City checklist 12104nullnull26
Wellington City checklist 17804nullnull32
Masterton District checklist 17001nullnull30
Carterton District checklist 16102nullnull29
South Wairarapa District checklist 17703nullnull29
Gisborne District checklist 19206nullnull24
Gisborne District checklist 17201nullnull27
New Zealand Islands checklist 23517441415
Snares Islands checklist 13500nullnull6
Kermadec Islands checklist 12400908
Raoul Island checklist 9400nullnull9
Macauley Island checklist 6400nullnull2
Cheeseman Island checklist 3200nullnull0
Curtis Island checklist 5800nullnull2
L'Esperance Island checklist 3200nullnull0
Chatham Islands checklist 1740125414
Chatham Island (main) checklist 15300nullnull14
Pitt Island checklist 9000nullnull13
Mangere Island checklist 7900nullnull7
Bounty Islands checklist 5500801
Antipodes Islands checklist 7700904
Auckland Islands checklist 12000nullnull8
Campbell Islands checklist 10701nullnull5

New Zealand has 79 endemic species: The following species are endemic to the region of New Zealand. You can search the web for site locations and information about them by clicking on the species name. (b) denotes a breeding endemic, and † an extinct species.

Fiordland Penguin (b)
Snares Penguin (b)
Chatham Islands Petrel (b)
Cook's Petrel (b)
Pycroft's Petrel (b)
Magenta Petrel (b)
Parkinson's Petrel (b)
Westland Petrel (b)
Buller's Shearwater (b)
Hutton's Shearwater (b)
White-fronted Tern (b)
Long-tailed Koel (b)
Brown Kiwi
Little Spotted Kiwi
Great Spotted Kiwi
New Zealand Grebe
Yellow-eyed Penguin
Campbell Island Shag
Rough-faced Shag
Bronze Shag
Chatham Islands Shag
Auckland Islands Shag
Bounty Islands Shag
Spotted Shag
Pitt Island Shag
Black-backed Bittern
Paradise Shelduck
Blue Duck
Brown Teal
Flightless Teal
New Zealand Scaup
Auckland Islands Merganser
New Zealand Falcon
New Zealand Quail
Dieffenbach's Rail
Chatham Islands Rail
Auckland Islands Rail
Chatham Islands Snipe
Subantarctic Snipe
Red-breasted Plover
Shore Plover
South Island Oystercatcher
Variable Oystercatcher
Chatham Islands Oystercatcher
Black Stilt
Red-billed Gull
Black-billed Gull
Black-fronted Tern
New Zealand Pigeon
New Zealand Kaka
Antipodes Parakeet
Yellow-fronted Parakeet
Laughing Owl
Bush Wren
South Island Wren
Stephens Island Wren
New Zealand Bellbird
Grey Gerygone
Chatham Islands Gerygone
New Zealand Robin
Chatham Islands Robin
New Zealand Fernbird
Chatham Islands Fernbird


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