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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
French Polynesia checklist 142301nullnull14
Marquesas checklist 78100nullnull8
Northern Marquesas checklist 6000nullnull7
Eiao checklist 500nullnull0
Hatutu checklist 4700nullnull3
Motu Iti checklist 4000nullnull3
Motu One checklist 100nullnull0
Nuku Hiva checklist 5900nullnull7
Ua Huka checklist 5100nullnull6
Ua Pou checklist 5000nullnull6
Southern Marquesas checklist 5900nullnull7
Fatu Hiva checklist 2700nullnull2
Fatu Huku checklist 4200nullnull3
Hiva Oa checklist 5500nullnull7
Moho Tani checklist 1701nullnull0
Tahuata checklist 5200nullnull6
Society Islands checklist 8790nullnull8
Polynesia Windward Islands checklist 7730nullnull12
Maiao checklist 4000nullnull3
Mehetia checklist 3900nullnull2
Moorea checklist 6400nullnull11
Tahiti checklist 6800nullnull11
Tetiaroa checklist 4700nullnull8
Polynesia Leeward Islands checklist 7100nullnull12
Bora Bora checklist 6101nullnull10
Huahine checklist 5500nullnull10
Maupiti checklist 4300nullnull3
Manuae checklist 3900nullnull3
Motu One checklist 3900nullnull3
Mopelia checklist 4000nullnull3
Raiatea checklist 5200nullnull8
Tahaa checklist 4900nullnull7
Tupai checklist 4300nullnull5
Tuamotu and Gambier Islands checklist 90101nullnull4
Tuamotu Islands checklist 81101nullnull4
Disappointment Islands checklist 3700nullnull2
Puka-Puka checklist 3600nullnull2
Napuka checklist 3500nullnull2
Tepoto North checklist 3500nullnull2
Duke of Gloucester Islands checklist 3200nullnull2
Hereheretue checklist 3100nullnull2
Anuanuraro checklist 3200nullnull2
Anuanurunga checklist 2200nullnull0
Nukutepipi checklist 2200nullnull0
Far East Tuamotu Group checklist 3900nullnull2
Fangatau checklist 3300nullnull2
Fakahina checklist 3300nullnull2
Tatakoto checklist 3400nullnull2
Akiaki checklist 3400nullnull2
Vahitahi checklist 3300nullnull2
Nukutavake checklist 3600nullnull2
Vairaatea checklist 3400nullnull2
Pinaki checklist 3500nullnull2
Reao checklist 3200nullnull2
Pukarua checklist 3400nullnull2
Vanavana checklist 3500nullnull2
Tureia checklist 3500nullnull2
Tematangi checklist 3200nullnull2
Moruroa checklist 2200nullnull0
Fangataufa checklist 2200nullnull0
Hao Group checklist 4100nullnull2
Rekareka checklist 3800nullnull2
Tauere checklist 3800nullnull2
Amanu checklist 3800nullnull2
Hao checklist 4000nullnull2
Paraoa checklist 3900nullnull2
Nengonengo checklist 3700nullnull2
Manuhangi checklist 3900nullnull2
Ahunui checklist 3800nullnull2
Hikueru Group checklist 4000nullnull2
Tekokota checklist 3700nullnull2
Hikueru checklist 3700nullnull2
Reitoru checklist 4000nullnull2
Marokau checklist 3800nullnull2
Ravahere checklist 3600nullnull2
King George Islands checklist 4200nullnull2
Ahe checklist 3800nullnull2
Manihi checklist 3800nullnull2
Takaroa checklist 3900nullnull2
Takapoto checklist 4100nullnull2
Tikei checklist 3800nullnull2
Palliser Islands checklist 5901nullnull5
Fakarava checklist 4800nullnull2
Niau checklist 4400nullnull2
Toau checklist 4300nullnull2
Arutua checklist 4300nullnull2
Apataki checklist 4300nullnull2
Kaukura checklist 4200nullnull2
Mataiva checklist 4100nullnull2
Tikehau checklist 4800nullnull2
Rangiroa checklist 5301nullnull5
Makatea checklist 4601nullnull3
Raeffsky Islands checklist 4500nullnull2
Anaa checklist 4000nullnull2
Faaite checklist 4100nullnull2
Tahanea checklist 4400nullnull2
Motutunga checklist 4000nullnull2
Takume checklist 3200nullnull0
Raroia checklist 4200nullnull2
Taenga checklist 4000nullnull2
Nihiru checklist 2700nullnull0
Makemo checklist 4100nullnull2
Katiu checklist 4200nullnull2
Tuanake checklist 4200nullnull2
Hiti checklist 4200nullnull2
Tepoto South checklist 4100nullnull2
Marutea Nord checklist 2700nullnull0
Haraiki checklist 4100nullnull2
Aratika checklist 4100nullnull2
Kauehi checklist 4100nullnull2
Taiaro checklist 4000nullnull2
Raraka checklist 4200nullnull2
Acteon Group checklist 4000nullnull2
Matureivavao checklist 3700nullnull2
Tenararo checklist 4000nullnull2
Tenarunga checklist 3700nullnull2
Vahanga checklist 3700nullnull2
Maria Est checklist 4000nullnull2
Marutea Sud checklist 4000nullnull2
Morane checklist 3500nullnull0
Gambier Islands checklist 5200nullnull3
Mangareva checklist 4600nullnull3
Gambier (commune) checklist 5200nullnull3
Akamaru checklist 3800nullnull2
Angakauitai checklist 2900nullnull0
Aukena checklist 3800nullnull2
Kamaka checklist 2600nullnull0
Kouaku checklist 2600nullnull0
Makaroa checklist 2700nullnull0
Manui checklist 2800nullnull0
Mekiro checklist 2600nullnull0
Taravai checklist 3800nullnull2
Totengengie checklist 200nullnull0
Gaioio checklist 2600nullnull0
Motu Teiku checklist 2900nullnull0
Tauna checklist 2600nullnull0
Tekava checklist 2600nullnull0
Tenoko checklist 2900nullnull0
Temoe checklist 2600nullnull0
Austral Islands checklist 6030nullnull4
Tupua'i Islands checklist 4410nullnull3
Îles Maria checklist 2400nullnull0
Rimatara checklist 3400nullnull2
Rurutu checklist 3400nullnull3
Tubuai Island checklist 3720nullnull1
Ra'ivavae checklist 3300nullnull1
Bass Islands checklist 3100nullnull0
Rapa Iti checklist 3100nullnull0
Marotiri island checklist 2400nullnull0
Clipperton Island checklist 15100nullnull0

Polynesia (FR) has 31 endemic species: The following species are endemic to the region of Polynesia (FR). You can search the web for site locations and information about them by clicking on the species name. (b) denotes a breeding endemic, and † an extinct species.

Tahiti Petrel (b)
Tahiti Rail
Tuamotu Sandpiper
Polynesian Ground-Dove
Marquesan Ground-Dove
Rapa Fruit-Dove
Grey-green Fruit-Dove
Atoll Fruit-Dove
Makatea Fruit-Dove
Red-moustached Fruit-Dove
White-capped Fruit-Dove
Polynesian Imperial-Pigeon
Marquesan Imperial-Pigeon
Kuhl's Lorikeet
Blue Lorikeet
Ultramarine Lorikeet
Black-fronted Parakeet
Raiatea Parakeet
Tahiti Swiftlet
Marquesan Swiftlet
Tahiti Kingfisher
Marquesan Kingfisher
Tuamotu Kingfisher
Tahiti Monarch
Iphis Monarch
Marquesan Monarch
Fatuhiva Monarch
Tahiti Reed-Warbler
Marquesan Reed-Warbler
Tuamotu Reed-Warbler
Rimatara Reed-Warbler


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