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Trip Reports

Trip Reports

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Summary table:

Region# Region name Avg # species Duration (days) Avg # endemics
481 Polynesia (FR) (8 reports)      

Number of trip reports found: 8

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Trip Report Region Start
Month Duration
# of
# of
Trip Report: French Polynesia and Cook Islands French Polynesia   6        
Seabirding trip through Southeastern Polynesia [archives] French Polynesia   10        
Tahiti and Moorea, Society Islands, Polynesia French Polynesia            
Tahiti and Moorea, Society Islands, Polynesia French Polynesia   11        
Tahiti airport and Bora Bora in French Polynesia French Polynesia            
Bora Bora. 1/96 French Polynesia            
Southeast French Polynesia and the Pitcairn Group French Polynesia 1/09/2005 9        
Southeastern Polynesia (from Tahiti to Easter Island), Oct-Nov 2003 French Polynesia 1/10/2003 10        

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