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Trip Reports

Trip Reports

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Summary table:

Region# Region name Avg # species Duration (days) Avg # endemics
465 Palau (10 reports)      

Number of trip reports found: 10

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Trip Report Region Start
Month Duration
# of
# of
Palau, Dec-1997 Palau 1/12/1997 12        
Palau Palau   6        
Palau, 24th - 26th June 2004 Palau            
Papua New Guinea, Bismarck & Admiralty Islands, 1st - 29th August 1999 Palau            
Papua New Guinea, April 2nd - 18th 2000 Palau            
Papua New Guinea, June - July 2003 - In search of Birds of Paradise Palau            
Papua New Guinea, 15th June - 6th July 2003 - On the trail of the Birds of Paradise Palau            
Palau and Guam, 24 January - 07 February 2005 Palau   1        
Palau Dec 1997 [archives] Palau 1/12/1997 12        
Palau, Jun-2010 [archives] Palau 1/06/2010 6        

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