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Number of species. This table provides the number of species found in this region, based on the Howard and Moore (2003, rev. 2008) taxonomy. To view the full species list, click on the name of a region.
Region name Number of species endemics breeding endemics globally threatened extinct introduced
Massachusetts checklist 50400nullnull7
Cape Cod National Seashore checklist 39200nullnull6
Boston Harbor Islands Conservation Easement checklist 20000nullnull4
Saugus Iron Works National Historic Site checklist 11500nullnull3
Minute Man National Historical Park checklist 20300nullnull4
Longfellow House - Washington's Headquarters National Historic Site checklist 1700nullnull2
Frederick Law Olmsted National Historic Site checklist 1400nullnull1
Salem Maritime National Historic Site checklist 9500nullnull3
Adams National Historical Park checklist 1300nullnull2
New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park checklist 2200nullnull2
Boston National Historical Park checklist 7300nullnull2
Springfield Armory National Historic Site checklist 1200nullnull2
Lowell National Historical Park checklist 4800nullnull2
Oxbow National Wildlife Refuge checklist 19100nullnull4
Connecticut River Greenway State Park checklist 3800nullnull1
Hiram H Fox State Wildlife Management Area checklist 11000nullnull2
Monomoy National Wildlife Refuge checklist 34100nullnull5
Mashpee National Wildlife Refuge checklist 20600nullnull4
1750 House Conservation Area CR checklist 6100nullnull3
Cole Neck Road Conservation Area CR checklist 3200nullnull1
Jehu Pond Conservation Area checklist 6400nullnull1
Massachusetts Division of State Parks and Recreation Easement 261-410 checklist 200nullnull0
McCoy Tree Farm Conservation Area CR checklist 4700nullnull0
Minot Acres Conservation Area CR checklist 1700nullnull1
Valley Farm Conservation Area CR checklist 1300nullnull0
Woodbriar Conservation Area CR checklist 3600nullnull1
Chalet State Wildlife Management Area checklist 5000nullnull2
Bashbish Falls State Park checklist 7500nullnull0
Stafford Hill State Wildlife Management Area checklist 2700nullnull0
Mount Everett State Park checklist 15000nullnull4
Mount Greylock State Park checklist 16300nullnull3
Hubbard Brook State Wildlife Management Area checklist 4400nullnull0
Demarest Lloyd State Park checklist 19300nullnull4
Birchfield Farm Conservation Area CR checklist 100nullnull0
Great Woods Conservation Area CR checklist 200nullnull0
Watson State Conservation Area checklist 2900nullnull1
Nomans Land Island National Wildlife Refuge checklist 14300nullnull1
Parker River National Wildlife Refuge checklist 37000nullnull4
Thacher Island National Wildlife Refuge checklist 4300nullnull1
Cave Hill Conservation Area CR checklist 6200nullnull0
Grace A Robson State Conservation Area checklist 300nullnull0
Krug Sugarbush State Park checklist 6300nullnull0
Brickyard Brook Conservation Area checklist 1300nullnull0
J.A. Skinner State Park checklist 1800nullnull0
Mineral Hills Conservation Area CR checklist 10400nullnull0
Pomeroy Meadows Conservation Area CR checklist 2000nullnull1
Great Meadows National Wildlife Refuge checklist 27100nullnull4
Assabet River National Wildlife Refuge checklist 18700nullnull4
Flagg Swamp State Wildlife Management Area checklist 100nullnull0
Townsend Hill State Wildlife Management Area checklist 9400nullnull0
Adams Street Conservation Area CR checklist 1900nullnull0
Caouette-Simeone Conservation Area CR checklist 1500nullnull0
Nantucket National Wildlife Refuge checklist 5800nullnull1
Houghtons State Conservation Area checklist 10200nullnull3
Lincoln Street Conservation Area checklist 1700nullnull0
Ponkapoag State Conservation Area checklist 17800nullnull3
Harlow/Cook State Conservation Area checklist 5000nullnull0
Maple Springs State Wildlife Management Area checklist 5300nullnull1
Little Conservation Area CR checklist 4700nullnull2
Poor Meadow Brook Confluence Conservation Area checklist 300nullnull0
Westgate Conservation Area CR checklist 3400nullnull0
Moose Brook State Conservation Area checklist 5700nullnull0
Muddy Brook State Wildlife Management Area checklist 700nullnull0
Meadow Brook Uplands Conservation Area CR checklist 3200nullnull0
Thousand Acre Swamp Conservation Area CR checklist 900nullnull0


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