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Trip Reports

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Summary table:

Region# Region name Avg # species Duration (days) Avg # endemics
58 Oregon (US) (30 reports)      

Number of trip reports found: 30

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Trip Report Region Start
Month Duration
# of
# of
BC-02-97 Oregon   2        
April 1996 - Birding by Train (+ California) - Trip Report Oregon            
September  1998 - (part of Multi-State Trip Report) Oregon            
Avian Adventures Tour reports from Oregon Oregon   5        
Avian Adventures Tour reports, bird list for Oregon Oregon            
Newport, Oregon, to Yaquina Head and offshore 22 miles Oregon            
Oregon Oregon            
Oregon Oregon            
Oregon Oregon            
Oregon Oregon            
Oregon ABA Convention and Storm-Chasing Trip On-line Oregon            
Oregon and Northern Ca. Trip Report Oregon            
Upper Klamath Refuge, Oregon, USA, Sep 31-Oct 2 Oregon            
Oregron trip report - update Oregon            
Oregon trip report -Reply Oregon            
Oregon trip report Oregon            
Oregon-Washington trip report Oregon            
SE Oregon (mostly) Oregon            
Oregon - SE (mostly), 8/97 Oregon            
Trip Report--Oregon Cascades (long) Oregon            
Oregon Cascades, 8/97 Oregon            
Oregon - north coast, July 20-27 Oregon            
Trip Report:Oregon Coast & Bristle-thighed Curlew Oregon            
Trip Report-N.Oregon Coast and BTC Oregon            
Oregon - N. Coast and BTCurlew, 5/98 Oregon            
Oregon 2006 Oregon            
Oregon 2006 Checklist Oregon            
Oregon: Birds and the Shakespeare Festival with Wingsbirds Tours [archives] Oregon            
Oregon in Spring with Wingsbirds Tours [archives] Oregon            
Trip report: Oregon 2010 Oregon              

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