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Using this page, you can customize Bird Links to the World with your own preferences, which will be stored on your own computer (using cookies) if you decide to use them. Please note that you may need to refresh (or reload) the page immediately after you change your options in order for them to take effect.

The browsing options are available to speed up the page download time by hiding non-essential components of the page, such as non-clickable maps. A broken link is a link that has not worked for at least 7 days. You can hide links that are considered broken, but be aware that this is sometimes only a temporary condition and that the link may become available again (in which case they will be displayed again after they have been successfully used at least once). Page caching allows for faster downloads because pages are stored on your computer for future use. However, you will not always see the latest content. If the date displayed at the bottom of the page is not the current day, you may want to 'refresh' or 'reload' the page to see the latest content. Finally, you can decide whether you want the search engine to remember your options between search requests.

To clear your options, simply click 'clear all options' and then 'save changes'


hide non-clickable maps from the country pages
hide the full URL of each link
hide the long description of each link
open external links in the same window

Broken Links:

show all links (default)
hide links that have not worked for more than 6 months
hide links that have not worked for more than 3 months
hide links that have not worked for more than 1 month
hide links that have not worked for more than 1 week
hide all links that returned an error the last time they were used (not recommended)

Page caching:

allow page caching
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do not remember my search options among requests (default)
remember my last search options among requests
remember my search options from previous sessions

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