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Scientific nameStatus
Headonornisfossil genus (extinct)
Headonornis hantoniensisfossil species (extinct)
Presbyornisfossil genus (extinct)
Presbyornis isonifossil species (extinct)
Presbyornis mongoliensisfossil species (extinct)
Presbyornis pervetusfossil species (extinct)
Presbyornis recurvirostrisfossil species (extinct)
Presbyornis recurvirostrusfossil species (extinct)
Telmabatesfossil genus (extinct)
Telmabates antiquusfossil species (extinct)
Telmabates howardaefossil species (extinct)
Teviornisfossil genus (extinct)
Teviornis gobiensisfossil species (extinct)
Zhylgaia aestifluafossil species (extinct)
Wilarufossil genus (extinct)
Wilaru tedfordifossil species (extinct)
Wilaru prideauxifossil species (extinct)

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