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Scientific nameStatus
Manuherikia douglasifossil species (extinct)
Afrocygnusfossil genus (extinct)
Aldabranasfossil genus (extinct)
Anaberniculafossil genus (extinct)
Anabernicula gracilentafossil species (extinct)
Anabernicula minusculafossil species (extinct)
Anabernicula oregonensisfossil species (extinct)
Anabernicula robustafossil species (extinct)
Anabernicula minisculafossil species (extinct)
Anatalavisfossil genus (extinct)
Anatalavis oxfordifossil species (extinct)
Anatalavis rexfossil species (extinct)
Anserobrantafossil genus (extinct)
Australotadornafossil genus (extinct)
Australotadorna alecwilsonifossil species (extinct)
Balcanasfossil genus (extinct)
Centrornisfossil genus (extinct)
Centrornis majorifossil species (extinct)
Chelychelynechenfossil genus (extinct)
Chelychelynechen quassusfossil species (extinct)
Chendytesfossil genus (extinct)
Chendytes lawifossil species (extinct)
Chendytes millerifossil species (extinct)
Cnemiornisfossil genus (extinct)
Cnemiornis calcitransfossil species (extinct)

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