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Scientific nameStatus
Clangula hyemalisfull species
Clangula matraensisfossil species (extinct)
Somateria (Arctonetta)genus (synonym)
Somateria mollissimafull species
Somateria mollissima [mollissima or borealis]subspecies group (or species)
Somateria mollissima mollissimanominal subspecies
Somateria mollissima borealissubspecies
Somateria mollissima borealis (borealis)nominal suspecies (sensu stricto)
Somateria mollissima borealis (islandica)junior synonym (or subspecies)
Somateria mollissima faeroeensissubspecies
Somateria mollissima v-nigrumsubspecies (candidate for split)
Somateria mollissima sedentariasubspecies
Somateria mollissima dresserisubspecies
Somateria [mollissima x v-nigrum]subspecies integrade
Somateria spectabilisfull species
Somateria fischerifull species
Somateria [spectabilis or mollissima]species group
Somateria [mollissima x spectabilis]hybrid
Somateria [fischeri x spectabilis]hybrid
Polysticta stellerifull species
Melanitta (Oidemia)genus (synonym)

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