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Scientific nameStatus
Tachyeres (Micropterus)genus (synonym)
Tachyeres [pteneres or leucocephalus]species group (or species)
Tachyeres pteneresfull species (or nominal subsp)
Tachyeres pteneres ssp. nov.new subspecies (unconfirmed)
Tachyeres leucocephalusfull species
Tachyeres brachypterusfull species
Tachyeres patachonicusfull species
Tachyeres [brachypterus x pteneres]hybrid
Lophonetta specularioidesfull species
Lophonetta specularioides specularioidesnominal subspecies
Lophonetta specularioides alticolasubspecies
Speculanas specularisfull species
Amazonetta brasiliensisfull species
Amazonetta brasiliensis brasiliensisnominal subspecies
Amazonetta brasiliensis brasiliensis (brasiliensis)nominal suspecies (sensu stricto)
Amazonetta brasiliensis brasiliensis (obscurus)junior synonym (or subspecies)
Amazonetta brasiliensis ipecutirisubspecies
Spatula punafull species (or subspecies)
Spatula [versicolor or puna]species group (or species)
Spatula versicolorfull species (or nominal subsp)

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