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Scientific nameStatus
Arenicolumbafossil genus (extinct)
Arenicolumba prattaefossil species (extinct)
Dysmoropeliafossil genus (extinct)
Dysmoropelia dekarchiskosfossil species (extinct)
Gerandiafossil genus (extinct)
Gerandia calcariafossil species (extinct)
Natunaornisfossil genus (extinct)
Natunaornis gigourafossil species (extinct)
Nesoenasfossil genus (extinct)
Homopeliagenus (synonym)
Nesoenas cicurfossil species (extinct)
Nesoenas rodericanusfossil species (extinct)
Nesoenas rodericanafull species
Rupephapsfossil genus (extinct)
Rupephaps taketakefossil species (extinct)
Bountyphaps obsoletafossil species (extinct)
Bountyphapsfossil genus (extinct)
Lithophapsfossil genus (extinct)
Lithophaps ulnarisfull species
Columbidae sp.species group
Streptopelia senegalensis x Turtur chalcospiloshybrid
Columba livia x Geopelia placidahybrid
Columba livia x Leucosarcia melanoleucahybrid
Patagioenas subvinacea x Columbina talpacotihybrid
Oena capensis x Streptopelia senegalensishybrid

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