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Scientific nameStatus
Changchengornisfossil genus (extinct)
Changchengornis hengdaoziensisfossil species (extinct)
Confuciusornisfossil genus (extinct)
Confuciusornis chuongzhousfossil species (extinct)
Confuciusornis duifossil species (extinct)
Confuciusornis feducciaifossil species (extinct)
Confuciusornis jianchangensisfossil species (extinct)
Confuciusornis meidusfossil species (extinct)
Confuciusornis sanctusfossil species (extinct)
Confuciusornis suniaefossil species (extinct)
Eoconfuciusornisfossil genus (extinct)
Eoconfuciusornis zhengifossil species (extinct)
Jibeiniafossil genus (extinct)
Jibeinia luanherafossil species (extinct)
Jinzhouornisfossil genus (extinct)
Jinzhouornis yixianensisfossil species (extinct)
Jinzhouornis zhangjiyingiafossil species (extinct)
Yangavisfossil genus (extinct)
Yangavis confuciifossil species (extinct)

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