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Scientific nameStatus
Eurotrochilusfossil genus (extinct)
Eurotrochilus inexpectatusfossil species (extinct)
Eurotrochilus noniewiczifossil species (extinct)
Trochilidae sp.species group
Ptochoptera iolaimadoubtful taxon
Augasma cyaneoberyllinadoubtful taxon
Augasma smaragdineadoubtful taxon
Augasma chlorophanadoubtful taxon
Neolesbiagenus (invalid)
Eucephala caeruleolavatadoubtful taxon
Eucephala chlorocephaladoubtful taxon
Hylocharis leucotis x Selasphorus platycercushybrid
Amazilia cyaneotinctahybrid
Thaumatias lerdihybrid
Saucerottia florenceaehybrid
Amazilia beryllina x Eugenes fulgenshybrid
Amazilia violiceps x Eugenes fulgenshybrid
Cyanomyia salvinihybrid
Archilochus alexandri x Lampornis clemenciaehybrid
Calypte anna x Lampornis clemenciaehybrid
Calypte costae x Lampornis clemenciaehybrid
Heliangelus amethysticollis x Heliodoxa leadbeaterihybrid
Heliangelus clarisse x Heliodoxa leadbeaterihybrid
Aglaiocercus kingii x Thalurania sp.hybrid
Chlorostilbon minutushybrid

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