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Scientific nameStatus
Ruwenzorornis (Gallirex)genus (synonym)
Ruwenzorornis johnstonifull species
Ruwenzorornis johnstoni johnstoninominal subspecies
Ruwenzorornis johnstoni bredoisubspecies
Ruwenzorornis johnstoni kivuensissubspecies
Tauraco (Proturacus)genus (synonym)
Tauraco (Opaethus)genus (synonym)
Tauraco (Schizorhis)genus (synonym)
Tauraco (Spelectos)genus (synonym)
Tauraco (Turacus)genus (synonym)
Tauraco [persa, corythaix, livingstonii or schalowi]species group (or species)
Tauraco persafull species
Tauraco persa [persa or zenkeri]subspecies group (or species)
Tauraco persa persanominal subspecies
Tauraco persa zenkerisubspecies
Tauraco persa buffonisubspecies
Tauraco schuettiifull species
Tauraco schuettii schuettiinominal subspecies
Tauraco schuettii schuettii (schuettii)nominal suspecies (sensu stricto)
Tauraco schuettii schuettii (sharpei)subspecies integrade
Tauraco schuettii schuettii (finschi)subspecies integrade
Tauraco schuettii eminisubspecies
Tauraco schalowifull species (or subspecies)

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