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Scientific nameStatus
Avisaurusfossil genus (extinct)
Avisaurus archibaldifossil species (extinct)
Avisaurus gloriaefossil species (extinct)
Avisaurus sp.fossil species (extinct)
Bauxitornisfossil genus (extinct)
Bauxitornis mindszentyaefossil species (extinct)
Enantiophoenixfossil genus (extinct)
Enantiophoenix electrophylafossil species (extinct)
Halimornisfossil genus (extinct)
Halimornis thompsonifossil species (extinct)
Halimornis thompsonaefossil species (extinct)
Intiornisfossil genus (extinct)
Intiornis inexpectatusfossil species (extinct)
Lectavisfossil genus (extinct)
Lectavis bretincolafossil species (extinct)
Nanantiusfossil genus (extinct)
Nanantius eosfossil species (extinct)
Nequerornisfossil genus (extinct)
Nequerornis volansfossil species (extinct)
Soroavisaurusfossil genus (extinct)
Soroavisaurus australisfossil species (extinct)
Yungavolucrisfossil genus (extinct)
Yungavolucris brevipedalisfossil species (extinct)
Gettyiafossil genus (extinct)
Gettyia gloriaefossil species (extinct)

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