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Scientific nameStatus
Icadyptesfossil genus (extinct)
Icadyptes salasifossil species (extinct)
Inkayacufossil genus (extinct)
Inkayacu paracasensisfossil species (extinct)
Kaiikafossil genus (extinct)
Kaiika maxwellifossil species (extinct)
Kairukufossil genus (extinct)
Kairuku grebneffifossil species (extinct)
Kairuku waitakifossil species (extinct)
Waimanufossil genus (extinct)
Waimanu manneringifossil species (extinct)
Waimanu tuatahifossil species (extinct)
Perudyptesfossil genus (extinct)
Perudyptes devriesifossil species (extinct)
Aprosdokitosfossil genus (extinct)
Aprosdokitos mikroterofossil species (extinct)
Kumimanufossil genus (extinct)
Kumimanu biceaefossil species (extinct)
Kupoupoufossil genus (extinct)
Kupoupou stilwellifossil species (extinct)
Muriwaimanufossil genus (extinct)
Muriwaimanu tuatahifossil species (extinct)
Sequiwaimanufossil genus (extinct)
Sequiwaimanu rosieaefossil species (extinct)

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