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Scientific nameStatus
Boutersemafossil genus (extinct)
Morsoravisfossil genus (extinct)
Morsoravis sedilisfossil species (extinct)
Sarjeantopodusfossil genus (extinct)
Sarjeantopodus semipalmatusfossil species (extinct)
Cherevychnavisfossil genus (extinct)
Cherevychnavis umanskaefossil species (extinct)
Chionoidesfossil genus (extinct)
Chionoides australiensisfossil species (extinct)
Hakawaifossil genus (extinct)
Hakawai melvilleifossil species (extinct)
Neilusfossil genus (extinct)
Neilus sansomaefossil species (extinct)
Ocyplanusfossil genus (extinct)
Ocyplanus proesesfossil species (extinct)
Sternalarafossil genus (extinct)
Sternalara milneedwardsifossil species (extinct)
Sternalara minutafossil species (extinct)
Charadriiformes sp.species group
Burhinus (Oedicnemus)genus (synonym)
Burhinus [oedicnemus or indicus]species group (or species)
Burhinus oedicnemusfull species (or nominal subsp)
Burhinus oedicnemus oedicnemusnominal subspecies
Burhinus oedicnemus saharaesubspecies

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