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Scientific nameStatus
Miroliafossil genus (extinct)
Mirolia mascalidrisfossil species (extinct)
Mirolia parvulafossil species (extinct)
Mirolia dubiafossil species (extinct)
Mirolia brevirostratafossil species (extinct)
Nuntiusfossil genus (extinct)
Nuntius solitariusfossil species (extinct)
Elorius paludicolafull species
Paractitisfossil genus (extinct)
Paractitis bardifossil species (extinct)
Totanusfossil genus (extinct)
Totanus edwardsifossil species (extinct)
Totanus minorfossil species (extinct)
Totanus teruelensisfossil species (extinct)
Totanus grivensisfull species
Totanus lartetianusfull species
Totanus majorifull species
Totanus praecursorfull species
Totanus scarabelliifull species
Eloriusfossil genus (extinct)
Tringinae sp.species group
Scolopacidae sp.species group
Scolopacidae sp.species group
Scolopax rusticola x Vanellus vanellushybrid
Calidris pugnax x Vanellus coronatushybrid

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