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Scientific nameStatus
Cerorhinca monoceratafull species
Cerorhinca dubiafossil species (extinct)
Cerorhinca minorfossil species (extinct)
Cerorhinca dubisfossil species (extinct)
Cerorhinca reaifossil species (extinct)
Fratercula (Lunda)genus (synonym)
Fratercula (Mormon)genus (synonym)
Fratercula arcticafull species
Fratercula arctica arcticanominal subspecies
Fratercula arctica grabaesubspecies
Fratercula arctica naumannisubspecies
Fratercula arctica naumanni (glacialis)junior synonym (invalid)
Fratercula corniculatafull species
Fratercula cirrhatafull species
Fratercula dowifossil species (extinct)
Ptychoramphus aleuticusfull species
Ptychoramphus aleuticus aleuticusnominal subspecies
Ptychoramphus aleuticus australissubspecies
Ptychoramphus tenuisfossil species (extinct)
Aethia (Cyclorrhynchus)genus (synonym)
Aethia psittaculafull species

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