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Scientific nameStatus
Chroicocephalus maculipennis (White-winged)color morph
Chroicocephalus maculipennis (Dark-winged)color morph
Gaviotafossil genus (extinct)
Gaviota niobrarafossil species (extinct)
Laricolafossil genus (extinct)
Laricola desnoyersiifossil species (extinct)
Laricola elegansfossil species (extinct)
Laricola intermediafossil species (extinct)
Laricola robustafossil species (extinct)
Laricola totanoidesfossil species (extinct)
Feducciavisfossil genus (extinct)
Feducciavis loftinifossil species (extinct)
Pseudosternafossil genus (extinct)
Pseudosterna degenerfossil species (extinct)
Pseudosterna papeanafossil species (extinct)
Larinae sp.species group
Sterninae sp.species group
Laridae sp.species group
Larinae hybridhybrid
Sterninae hybridhybrid
Larus glaucescens [hybrid]hybrid
Anous (Micranous)genus (synonym)
Anous (Procelsterna)genus (synonym)
Anous stolidusfull species

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